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Spaghetti Squash Deluxe + New Sugar-Free Link-Up

Spaghetti Squash Deluxe + New Sugar-Free Link-Up

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I’m gonna keep this short and sweet – because I’m announcing a new weekly event around here, and I don’t want to make you read all day long to get to it. I just want to give you another fabulous recipe so you can feed your belly.

Our family has been trying a new “grain free” thing to see how it goes for us…so, in lieu of that, I’ve been using a lot of spaghetti squash in place of pasta for most recipes. It’s turned out great, and I don’t miss pasta AT ALL. Plus, making pasta from a squash is pretty funny and it makes me giggle with excitement. I’m easily amused.

Spaghetti Squash Deluxe

I got this cookbook when I was a junior in high school. I bought it from my Home-Ec teacher, Mrs. Cole. It’s full of yummy goodness – but most of it is also full of processed ingredients. However, I’ve become quite good at switching out those processed things for homemade things…and now that I’ve said that, my next dish will probably taste like dog food.

Spaghetti Squash Deluxe

I chose this recipe for Macaroni and Cheese Deluxe because I was in a cheesy kind of mood…which is a lot. I omitted the macaroni and used spaghetti squash…and changed up the cheese a little bit. And added Parmesan, because I love Parmesan. Dear Ruth Black, thanks for submitting this recipe…it is very tasty – I hope you are not offended by my changes.

Spaghetti Squash Deluxe

I won’t go into specifics on the squash right now, because I’ve already done that. For this recipe, you need one medium squash, cooked and shredded. You can fix it in the crock or fix it in the oven – I chose oven for this one.

Spaghetti Squash Deluxe

When your squash is done, you just mix everything all together and bake it. I love recipes like this that don’t require 15 steps or waiting in between mixing or other stuff like that…most of the time, if a recipe calls for that, I just move on to something else. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Spaghetti Squash Deluxe

Pour this into an 8 inch square baking dish and sprinkle the top with Parmesan. I like cheese…have I ever mentioned that? Is there really such a thing as too much cheese? Answer – yes…regularity is highly under-rated.

Just bake until it’s golden on top and set – about 45 minutes. I really, really, really like this dish. In fact, I ate about half the pan myself. Yes, it was divided in to two meals…but I ain’t proud. This is good stuff – and I should eat it before it grows mold…right? Preach it. And is that yellow dot on my cabinet bothering anyone else except ME???

**See recipe at bottom**

Spaghetti Squash Deluxe

Now, as you know I used to have a Trim Healthy Tuesday link up. I have decided to go for a broader topic: I present to you…Centsibly Sugar and Grain Free Link-Up. If you have a grain free or sugar free recipe, I would be tickled if you would link up here. I hope this will be a great resource for everyone looking to kill the sugar-monster that taunts you. I will post the rules below.

Just because you’re not a blogger doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this link up – you’ll be able to scroll through all the entries and hopefully add some GREAT recipes to your line-up. I can’t wait! I wish we could start today…but I figured I had better give you a heads up. Now, you can prepare. I will be featuring the top post (voted by your clicks) and my top 3 picks. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! I think I need some cheese.


Guidelines for Linked Posts:

  • Accepted post topics will be: Grain-free and sugar-free recipes, kitchen tips for living grain-/sugar-free, weekly menus, informational grain-free/sugar-free posts, or ‘how to’ articles.
  • Nutrition information for your recipe is helpful, but not mandatory.
  • You MAY post recipes that you’ve tweaked to make sugar-free/grain-free, but nothing verbatim from another website. If using another person’s recipe, please include where the original recipe came from and include a link. Use only your photos unless you have permission to use another’s.
  • Please link your post back to Stacy Makes Cents.  DO NOT LINK TO THE HOMEPAGE – instead link directly to the Centsibly Sugar-Free post to which you are linking up.
  • Please post no more than 3 links each week.
  • Do not post the same link more than one time.
  • You may include recipes with honey and maple syrup but please note that stevia, xylitol, and erythritol (Swerve) are preferred. When using honey/maple syrup, please give alternative substitutions if possible.
  • No giveaways or advertising-only type posts are allowed. You may post about items you like and you may include affiliate links, but the post MUST be related to the sugar-free/grain-free lifestyle. Example – posting about a kitchen tool that you like is acceptable when telling how it can help with living sugar-free/grain-free. Posting about a cookbook just so you can sell it is NOT acceptable.
  • Any post that does not meet the guidelines outlined above will be considered Spam and will be deleted without notification.

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  1. Looks intriguing! I’ll bet it was yummy! Say..have you ever tried Andean Dream pasta? Made with quinoa and NO corn (they have different varieties, so I get the no-corn one). It is probably the best pasta I have ever had – no, seriously! I believe they have macaroni, too. Sometime, try that.

  2. Kimberly @ A Time to Freeze says:

    Looks great! I’ve been inspired to try spaghetti squash ever since I saw your how-to post on preparing it. Still haven’t actually tried it yet but I’ll be pinning this. I’m getting closer! :) Almost bought one at Sprouts yesterday but chickened out. I will laugh at myself later I’m sure.

  3. This looks so yummy!
    I can’t wait to try it! I just bought my 1st spaghetti squash yesterday. I was inspired by all your post using it in place of pasta that I thought we need to try it. We are big pasta lovers here. I have been slowly changing our family over to a whole foods way of eating. Your blog has gave me lots of great meal ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Angela Keen says:

    Hi Stacey I love your blog and the recipes always sound so yummy! But I would love to see nutritional information for the recipes. It would really help me in tracking my food since I use weight watchers.

    • Angela, You can use a program like My Fitness Pal to do that if you need too. Honestly, I don’t have the time…and we don’t focus on numbers, just foods. Also, nutritional information can vary so greatly from one brand to another. :-( I’m sorry I’m not much help.

  5. Sounds exciting. Are you still going to be labeling your recipes according to THM (E, S…)?

    • No – I found that I was alienating a lot of friends and other bloggers who didn’t do THM.

      • I was wondering if you might post on the THM facebook page the THM labels? Or somewhere else? I direct THM newbies here for easy recipes that are plainly labeled. Some sites you have to search and search.

      • Cassandra says:

        I think maybe putting it on the bottom of the recipe would be nice still! Even if you don’t put it in the title. I know you don’t like the THM way anymore but you gained a lot of followers because of it, so it’d be nice to still help us out :)

  6. Stacy, I don’t see the link-up tool… is it on another page?

    • :-) No. I am just announcing it today. You must have missed this part toward the bottom: I can’t wait! I wish we could start today…but I figured I had better give you a heads up. Now, you can prepare.

  7. AmandaEspinoza says:

    For some reason it shows the Link-up party but not the linky widget???

    • That’s because I just announced it – I didn’t start it yet. :-)
      You might have missed this part: I can’t wait! I wish we could start today…but I figured I had better give you a heads up. Now, you can prepare.

  8. I do have to say, this just *might* redeem spaghetti squash for me.

  9. Stacy!!! I’m old and I don’t know what link up means. My husband is diabetic and I am so interested to read about your newest weekly event. I read your posts every day and have really wanted to try the THM way of eating, but, to be honest, I think I’m too old to jump into the almond flour thing, etc. Maybe I’m too scared to jump (it happens when you get old.) I want to thank you for encouraging your readers to take interest in their health. A good Christian cares for all of God’s creation, rather than just on him(her)self. I am also encourated by the way you raise your children. It was so refreshing to hear how you handle halloween. We didn’t allow our children to “celebrate” halloween – and that was a very long time ago. Anyway, I’m excited about the sugar free thing – I hope it’s an easy thing to link up. You’re an amazing mom and wife; and an inspiration to your readers.

  10. I’ve been on a spaghetti squash kick and this looks WONDERFUL!

  11. Hi Stacy, does this mean that all your already labeled THM recipes will become “unlabeled”? And your entire FB is gone?.. I am sure you are excited about the changes… but I am not so sure.. I am glad you introduced this recipe as a way to ease us into the change.. nice tactic:)… Will your 100 Frugal Christmas gifts be found here on your blog?

  12. Looks good :) Can you taste the cottage cheese ??

  13. Melanie Robinson says:

    This looks so good. I think I might could even get my family to try this. I also love how you take your cookbook collection and modify. I use to collect cookbooks and have quiet a few. I need to try my hand at this!

  14. I have the CRAZIEST obsession with spaghetti squash. It’s kind of sick actually, LOL! I eat about 20 pounds over the course of 2-3 days!!!!

  15. This was so good!! My oldest said it actually beat out his old favorite squash recipe. I did add half a teaspoon more salt and sprinkled paprika on top for color….then added it to my cookbook. Thanks!!

  16. Oh my goodness this looks good! I’m a new fan and would love for you to come share this idea on my From the Farm Blog Hop this week:


    Fresh Eggs Daily

  17. Oh Stacy – I am sooo disappointed that you are not continuing the THM Tuesdays link up. I really looked forward to that every week. Having the S and E info on the recipes saved so much time and kept me on path. Is Gwen still going to host the THM Tuesday? If not, do you know of anyone else who is?

  18. Just made this and it has the WOW factor

  19. Food Done Light says:

    What a wonderful casserole. I like the cottage cheese it in. It will bring some protein to the dish. Thanks for sharing on Thursdays Treasures. This is a feature.

  20. Lisa @ Flour Me With Love says:

    This looks amazing! We have been swapping out pasta for spaghetti squash too and I’m always looking for new recipes. I can’t wait to try this…thank you :)

  21. This recipe has really piqued my interest! This is the second time I’ve come back to it…and just printed it out. I tried spaghetti squash MANY years ago, when nobody really knew what to do with it; just basically put pasta sauce on it. I wasn’t too impressed! But this? This looks delicious. Will definitely be making this very soon. Thanks!

  22. TeamWhitehead06 says:

    Your blog has been one of the few that I have stuck with as I simplify my life… and I think it may be because you say things like “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I am sure it helps that you talk about Godly topics that are relevent to me… but the wit and humor are what keep me coming back!

  23. I am going to try adding about 3/4 C. lightly sauteed sweet onion as onion is essential to mac & cheese where I come from. I’ll report the results.

  24. Thanks, Stacy! I have been uninspired to use our spaghetti squash this year for some reason. This recipe has hit the spot! I was wondering how many cups or #’s of squash you thought this might be? Mine are huge. I will guess for now as I want to make it for dinner today.

  25. I made this recipe for a GF chemo patient and she RAVED!!! And, I have another healthy eating friend who absolutely loved it. I didn’t save the link so I have been searching for a couple of weeks and was SO glad I found this. I do think I will saute some onion to add, and maybe some bacon as well :) Thanks for the great recipe. I think I might get my pasta hating father to actually eat this!

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