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Pat-In-The-Pan Pie Crust

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I hate making pie crust. I hate rolling it out and keeping it from sticking…and I hate trying to get it rolled even and trying to make it into a circle. I just hate all that. Blech. If I come across a recipe that calls for TWO pie crusts, I just skip it. If that makes me lazy…well, then so be it. :-)

But this pie crust, I make it ALL. THE. TIME. It’s so easy. I’ve been making it for almost 10 years now. It’s my go-to recipe for a single-crust pie. You just mix it up, pat it in the pie dish, and you’re all set. It’s a pie-crust miracle. Thank you, Betty Crocker!

Pat-In-The-Pan Pie Crust

For our first installment of Cooking Through Stacy’s Stash, I thought I would choose my favorite cookbook ever. My mom bought this for me when I got married. It’s the Betty Crocker Cookbook – Bridal Edition. I’ve used it SO much. It’s one of the best wedding gifts I got…and probably one of the few that I actually remember. Good job, Mama!

Mom knew I loved it lots, so she got one for my sister too and all my cousins when they got married. Smart thinking. So, if you’re needing a wedding gift any time in the future, this is an excellent option.

They don’t make this particular version anymore – it’s got a new cover. Does that make me old? For the record, I’m 31…I think.  Sometimes I forget how old I am and have to ask Barry. Does that happen to anyone else?

Pat-In-The-Pan Pie Crust

So, how are we making over this recipe? Easy! The original recipe calls for all-purpose unbleached flour, salt, vegetable oil, and water. Since we only use whole wheat flour around here, and I kicked out vegetable oil a long time ago, I just switched these ingredients out for whole wheat pastry flour (the equivalent of soft white wheat berries, ground) and melted coconut oil.

Pat-in-The-Pan Pie Crust

It still turns out great every time – and I think it’s even better with the wheat crust. If you are having a hard time finding whole wheat pastry flour, check your local Amish store or bulk food store.

I used refined coconut oil, but if you wanted to use virgin coconut oil, it would give it a slight coconutty flavor. And by the way, coconutty is not a word – but it totally should be. I need to write my own dictionary.

Pat-In-The-Pan Pie Crust

Mix up the dough, pat it out in the pan, and flute the edges. I am not very talented at fluting the edges (or fluting the flute for that matter), so I always do the pinch method.  Now you can pour in the filling or bake it first – whatever your recipe calls for.

Pat-in-the-Pan Pie Crust

I used this particular crust to make Custard Pie from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures for my Mother-in-Law. I like buttering her up. 😉 I caught Barry eating just the pie crust…so that’s high praise in my book.






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  1. My sister gave me that cookbook when I got married over 11 years ago and it’s one of my favorites, too (that and one of my mom’s old Good Housekeeping ones that was printed before I was born – and I am 42!)

    Thanks for sharing – I hadn’t used this recipe form there but will try it soon!

    • One of the best cookbooks made because it includes staple recipes that every bride should learn how to make. It’s a winner! :-)

  2. I have the old Betty Crocker cookbook, the one with the red checked front and I use it regularly. It has a section of substitutions in the back that really comes in handy. I also got that as a wedding gift, 45 years ago and it has a number of stained and dog eared pages.

    • I have the old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that’s the equivalent I think. :-) It was my Grandmothers and she gave it to me. I look at it every day in my kitchen.

  3. I totally agree with your first paragraph. I don’t like making pie crust either and whenever I see a recipe with two crusts I skip it too. I don’t think it makes us lazy it just makes sense! I don’t have time to make pie crusts and certainly don’t need the stress of it when it sticks and doesn’t cooperate etc. Thanks for the recipe. I have been using a pizza crust recipe that only requires patting in the pan and it makes it so much quicker and simpler than rolling out as well. I’m all for simple and quick, healthy recipes!

  4. Hi love the pie crust remedy. Never make pies anymore cause I refuse to buy the store bought ones and hate to roll out a crust! Now I have no excuse anymore thanks. Looked at the custard pie recipe but it has sugar. Do you sub stevia or some other sugar in your pie?

  5. I grew up with a grandma who made at least a dozen pies for the week every Saturday morning. I rarely have trouble with pie crust sticking except for days when it’s 90 plus degrees and the humidity is over 80%. Grandma’s tricks include a marble rolling pin (so much quicker and easier than wood) that sat in the freezer or the fridge while we got the crust together and using regular flour (not pastry) to cover the counter.

    I don’t bake pies as often as when I was little but I also fall back on the “you’re five so do it the easy way” method of rolling the crust between two pieces of wax paper. Works like a charm, never sticks, and if you fold and reuse the wax paper it gets better from the fat and flour it picks up.

  6. Yum! I too hate rolling out dough for crust! I have this really great rolling pin that just doesn’t like me!
    And just so you know, I’m 30 and I forget all the time too! I have to ask my husband…what’s funny though is that he remembers my age but he has to ask me how old he is! )

  7. Stacy: Love your blob: Where can I get coconut oil? Walmart here doesn’t sell it. (small town). Thanks.

    • I always order mine online because I live in a small town too. :-) You can get it from Vitacost or from Tropical Traditions. I like both. I usually wait for TT to offer free shipping. :-)

      • Stacy,

        I used to order coconut oil from vitacost and tropical traditions also, then I found a cheaper source :) Now I order coconut oil from They have an extra virgin qai coconut oil that is very good and I cannot tell the difference between tropical traditions and theirs. I’m very sensitive to oils that are rancid or of poor quality and have never had any issues. It comes in a 7# jug and I figure it’s about a gallon, (at least that’s what I tell myself because the conversion is a nightmare!)

        I called and spoke directly to the company and was satisfied that this was a good product before I ever ordered. I like it so much I tell my patients about it :)

  8. I’ve been making a pat-in-the-pan pie crust recipe for so many years that I don’t even know if I remember how to roll one out 😉 I haven’t used this particular recipe but I will the next time its pie making day! I may even try the “flutting” thing!! Thanks Stacey :)

  9. AmberDawn says:

    My life may be forever changed… 😉 I also hate making pie crust, but we love pie, especially my hubby. Cutting in shortening; try not to overmix; refrigerate; roll out into awkward, non-circular shape; try to get it into pan without it cracking, then having to piece it all back together (especially since we only use whole wheat flour too)….. ACK!!! Makes me twitch just thinking about it! I ran and grabbed my ol’ Betty Crocker binder cookbook, and this recipe is in there!! WHY haven’t I tried this before??! I’m all excited now. What pie shall I make first?? 😉 Thank you!

  10. So glad for this. I can barely unroll a store bought pie crust much less roll my own! I can’t wait to try it. I also forget my age, I’m 27 (or at least that’s what I’m going with lately). I think it’s the kids that do that, they drain your brain.

  11. I got that recipe for pie crust from my mother in law and I could roll it between two sheets of wax paper. It’s a little tricky, but you can make that second crust that way. Also, you cannot toughen that crust by handling it. I am going to try it with the healthier ingredients.

  12. Who knew Betty Crocker had this recipe?! :) I have a cookbook I love – “Cooking from Quilting Country” – full of old Mennonite and Amish recipes, and she has a pat-in-pan pie crust recipe in there that I’ve been using! :) One trick to add: no need to mix the crust in a separate container – just mix it all up in the pie pan, then pat it out.

  13. I used to feel the same way – and did the same things, lol (2 pie crusts? meh, I didn’t want apple pie that badly…). Then I went off the deep end and found a pie crust recipe I liked so much it converted me. But I prefer *making* this kind. Thanks for the healthy alternatives!

  14. Stacy,

    Thank you…..Thank you…..I have been wanting to make pies for a long time… family loves them, but I didn’t want the hassle :-)……

    I also forget my age and now I just ask my 10 yr old daughter or my husband (who is very good with numbers too :-) )



  15. confession…Most of my pies don’t have crusts (cause I just plain give up). The few that do are made with oats kind of like a cracker crust. I will have to try this, looks pretty simple……but I don’t know….. I think my family would go into shock :)~ Thank you

  16. Can I just say… Thank you for spelling coconutty with two t’s. Says the girl who still spells it “cancelled,” ala old-fashioned and correct spelling rules.
    For the record, my husband thinks I’m 29, and he also thinks that my birthdays don’t count, so asking him how old I am is an exercise in personal vanity LOL
    By the way, I don’t often make pie anything (oh, on topic now, are we?), but if you are making something that calls for a “top” crust, you might consider pinching little bits of the dough into leaf and or fruit (if it’s a fruit pie) shapes–I have found on the rare occasion that a top crust would be nice and I don’t feel like rolling it out in a gallon zip-lock baggie (which works amazingly well, and can be refrigerated before/after rolling, all that good stuff), I can usually build a little design and it looks just as nice if not better! Don’t worry, I’m not trying to convert you–I know better!

  17. Susan GinIA says:

    My husband once got so frustrated while rolling out a pie crust that he threw it! Last crust he ever made. I never mind getting older, except for one year I freaked out that I was turning 37 because it sounded so old; weird, I know. It took my husband two days to tell me I was only going to be 36. (I think he was doubting his math because I was so convinced.) Anyway, I was so relieved! And the next year I didn’t give 37 a second thought. To the best of my knowledge I turned 47 last month.

  18. So happy for this recipe! Maybe I’ll actually start making pies, now, because I too just cannot be bothered with the whole process. Thanks!

  19. I was wondering what kind of whole wheat pastry flour you use? I don’t have a bulk foods store near me or an Amish co-op. I have checked all the grocery stores in my area and even the health foods store. I guess I may just have to order it, but I wasn’t sure of a good brand. I can’t wait to try out this recipe.

    • We don’t have it at our local grocery either. There is not a name on the bag of flour, so I’m not sure of the brand. But I have read that Bob’s Red Mill gets good results. You might try buying from Vitacost and don’t forget to use your $10 coupon! :-)

  20. I am not a huge fan of pie crust but I LOOOOVE streusel topping! Next time I find a double-crust recipe I will try this at the bottom and streusel on top.

  21. Can I use regular whole wheat flour? Speaking of which, do you use WW flour in place of white in any recipe? I have only subbed for part of the flour in my recipes.

    • I’ve never had much success with whole wheat flour – everything seems dry as dust. I do use White Wheat Flour and it works great. You can use it 100% for white flour. I like the King Arthur brand best.

  22. My friend just recommended this kind to me! What do you do if you make a quiche or apple pie or something with a top layer? Most of the time I need both a bottom and top layer.

  23. My mom gave me a Betty Crocker cookbook before I got married. It’s been a gift that keeps giving. There are pages falling out and stained with use, but it’s still the cookbook I use the most. Betty taught me a lot about cooking! :)

  24. I feel so alone…I like rolling out pie crusts….. I use the wax paper trick. But I have an Amish pat-in-pan recipe that I use, too. My grandmother baked a pie everyday until she was in her 80s. Yes, we always had pie at Grandma Hassler’s house. Custard is my favorite. Would it be overkill if I had quiche and custard pie for supper tomorrow?? ‘Cause now I’m feelin’ the need to make some PIE! And you ladies are not old…. I will be reaching the 1/2 century milestone this year, and I”m like, “SWEET! I Made it!!! With most of my sanity intact… well, some… maybe a little bit????” LOL

  25. Can’t wait to try this recipe. My hubby loves apple pie and I RARELY make one. The only thing I do pie crust for regularly is Chicken Pot Pie which we had yesterday (and today). I have switched to the whole wheat pastry flour for most everything. Still need to try the sucanat. Love your blog and all that I learn.

  26. Reba Heizer says:

    I used white flour and cut the coconut oil in without melting it! Very nice flaky crust!
    Still prefer a rolled crust as far as presentation goes so next time I’m going to try the same recipe and roll it out.
    Thanks for all of your great ideas!

  27. Pie…mmmmmmm. Slobber slobber.

  28. Rebecca Turner says:

    Is this a 1/3 cup of hot just melted oil, or room temp? Would it help to throw this in the fridge before you cook it to firm up the oil-creating a flakier crust?

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