Frugal Stocking Stuffers for Young Children

Frugal Stocking Stuffers for Young Children

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Stockings are my FAVORITE part of gift giving! There is just something about filling a sock (albeit huge) with little random things that I know the recipient enjoys. It’s not a Rolex or a Wii…it’s only a little pair of $1 mittens, but hey – they’re useful and they’re fun to pull out of a sock.

As far back as I can remember, getting a stocking on Christmas from my mom was my favorite gift. She still does this for us (but now it’s usually a brown grocery bag because the things are larger) and I STILL LOVE IT! Now Barry and I give stockings to each other – and I hope it never gets old.

Maybe now I like it so much because gosh, it’s a sock that I don’t have to wash and it’s not black on the bottom from running around in the yard without any shoes on.

So this week I thought I would share with you some frugal little, fun things I put in stockings – you can have fun with one and not break your budget…or your piggy bank. Today I’ll cover small children, tomorrow babies, Thursday is Mommies and Saturday Barry will tackle Daddies. So, get to work and fill those stockings!

I think this is the EASIET age when it comes to Christmas stockings. I actually had to cut myself off this year because I was about to fill two stockings – and I was feeding my inner child. Oops.

First, when it comes to stockings, I don’t buy things at “big stores.” I purchase stocking stuffers at: Dollar Tree, consignment stores, Ross, and the $1 section at Target. This helps me stay on budget and still have fun.

Frugal Stocking Stuffers for Young Children:

-Pens and paper.

Annie thinks I hung the moon when I give her a notepad and pen. She’s finally at the age when I can give her a pen and not worry about self-tatooing. It is not, however, a good idea to take a bath while she has a pen or she might just color the TV. *cough* Found these for $1 each.

-Mittens or gloves.

Kids grow so fast you almost have to get them a new pair of gloves every year. You can find great deals on small gloves at Ross ($1-5). Get a fun pattern for brownie points.

-Card games

Annie and I have a lot of fun playing with cards. She needs a new set each year because they become very well “loved.” And plus, then I know that the match for “orange” is the one with the corner chewed off – the challenge is gone for me.  I found these for $.50 each.


Kids all over the world are groaning right now. They don’t want you to listen to me. But really, socks are great fillers for stockings…if you get a pair in their favorite cartoon, they might just get excited. Easy to find at Target for $1.

-Play jewelry

I like getting dress up jewelry for Annie. This doesn’t apply for boys…but you might consider getting them a little watch from the dollar store. As you can see, this is a clearance set from Easter; cost = $.50. It pays to shop all year for gifts.


Somehow Annie manages to maim and injure her sunglasses. Watch out for these after summer to get them for CHEAP, as in less than $1.  I know I’m not much help for right now. Sorry.


We try to limit Annie’s sugar intake – we try to do the same for ourselves. So, instead of getting her candy bars and such, we like to buy her little boxes of raisins. Yes, I know they’re still sugar – but at least it also includes fruit. Throw in some yogurt raisins to win the Mommy of the Year Award. Watch for grocery store sales ($1-3)


Annie loves having a cup – her very own cup…no sharing. Make it fun and drinking your milk goes to another level. I found this cute one at Ross for $1.49.

-Hair bows/Caps

I have this bad habit – I misplace hair bows all the time. Annie helps me by hiding them in obscure places like under the bed and television. Therefore, we need replacements often. For a boy, a nice cap is a good stand-in. Cost = $1-3 and Ross is where it’s AT.

-Markers, Pencils, and Crayons

I don’t buy these at Christmas. I buy these when school starts. For real, dawg. You could fill your entire stocking with school sales. Think in advance. Think like the boy scouts. $.25-1 in cost.

-Band Aids

What is UP with kids and Band Aids? Annie thinks she needs at least one a day – and they bring hours of enjoyment, so I just go with it. I hate wearing Band Aids, for the record. Watch for sales at CVS, Rite Aid, etc. to get these on a good sale.


I’m not talking your normal toothbrushes here…I’m talking Mack Daddy toothbrushes, like the cool ones I found at Target for $.97 that LIGHT UP. Want your kid to brush their teeth? Get them a kickin’ toothbrush. Booya.

So, there you go. My ideas for kids. I know you guys have some great ideas to add so just leave them in the comments and let us all stock up…stock up, stockings. Get it? HA!

And just because we love you, Barry and I want to bless one of you for Christmas. We’re giving away a $100 Target gift card. You’ve blessed us this year and we want to return the favor. Thank you for reading SMC and for making this blog a joy to us.

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  • Teri W

    Band aids!!! My kidlet’s love them and I would have never even thought to give them those in their stockings! Raisin either!! Your tips… my socks… blast off! :)

    • Stacy

      You’re funny! :-)

  • Amanda

    Thank you for all of the great stocking ideas! In past years, chapstick has always been a hit – for both my son and daughter! Why not? :)

    • Stacy

      Chapstick is a great idea! :-) Annie loves having her own.

  • Sarah Gunn

    We did the Target $1 too. I <3 Target. Socks, chapstick, lotion, toys, paper and pencil.

    • Stacy

      Target is my fave!

  • Sarah Gunn

    Oh and necklaces…I think we did Hello Kitty this year, from the $1 aisle at target :)

  • stacey r

    Where do we enter the giveaway??

    • Stacy

      Using the rafflecopter widget at the bottom of my post. :-)

  • June

    I cannot find the widget/form either to enter the giveaway. Could you please enter me in your drawing? Thanks! Love your stocking stuffer ideas for the kiddies! Just what I needed to finish the grandkids stockings!

    • Stacy

      Sorry that it’s being ornery. You’re all set. :-)

  • Cheeryshirley

    Hi Stacy & Barry! We have sooo enjoyed your blog! Thanks for the give-away! Very generous! We are pursuing cash envelopes and Dave Ramsey…Is there any suggestions for taking the course online (with DVD’s that we can re-review? Thanks so much for this stocking stuffer post…great ideas! I, too, love the anticipation and surprise of first peeking into a stocking! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    • Stacy

      Here is our best advice – stick with it. Make it a habit…that will take WEEKS. And when you get discouraged, take a look at how far you’ve come. :-) Or just holler at us – we’re good at encouraging!

  • Katy Nelson

    I always find cute SS at Michael’s Dollar Spot :)

    • Stacy

      I wish we had a Michael’s closer. :-(

  • Rebecca

    After checking daily at several different locations, your widget magically showed up for the Target card!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

    • Stacy

      Dude – I wish I knew what was wrong with that silly widget. I don’t think I’m going to use Rafflecopter anymore since it’s giving y’all a fit. I’m glad you finally got entered!!

  • kathy

    I can’t seem to enter. It keeps saying it is loading but nothing changes. ={

    • Stacy

      Whew! Rafflecopter is giving me a fit. I’ll enter you myself. :-) And then I won’t use it again.

  • Linda

    Stacy you are a hoot! Love your sense of humor. Those are very good suggestions. And FYI I had NO trouble with the Rafflecopter – worked easy-peasy for me. :)

    • Stacy

      I’m SO glad. I was beginning to hate that little widget. ;-)

  • April

    I like to put in some cheap DVDs. Black Friday sales had some for $1.97 at walmart. Thanks for all the great ideas for dads stocking.

    • Stacy

      I have a few DVDs I got for free for Annie and Andy! Great addition. :-)

  • Laurel McKinney

    My kids used to like getting the little compressed washcloths from the dollar store. They magically turn into a full sized washcloth when placed in water. Another favorite is Pez. Twenty year ago I bought 4 Pez dispensers and we are still using them. We laugh when we see who got the goofy elf or the scary Santa Pez in their stocking this year. Of course Pez refills are a must!
    P.S. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the eucalyptus oil link!!!

    • Stacy

      :-) That’s a good link, huh? And Annie likes those washcloths too!

  • Gina Torrey

    These tips have sure come in handy, Stacy! And rafflecopter worked for me…today, anyway LOL :) Thanks so much :)

    • Stacy

      :-) I’m so glad! I think I’m kicking that widget to the curb. lol