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Frugal Stocking Stuffers for Young Children

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Stockings are my FAVORITE part of gift giving! There is just something about filling a sock (albeit huge) with little random things that I know the recipient enjoys. It’s not a Rolex or a Wii…it’s only a little pair of $1 mittens, but hey – they’re useful and they’re fun to pull out of a sock.

As far back as I can remember, getting a stocking on Christmas from my mom was my favorite gift. She still does this for us (but now it’s usually a brown grocery bag because the things are larger) and I STILL LOVE IT! Now Barry and I give stockings to each other – and I hope it never gets old.

Maybe now I like it so much because gosh, it’s a sock that I don’t have to wash and it’s not black on the bottom from running around in the yard without any shoes on.

So this week I thought I would share with you some frugal little, fun things I put in stockings – you can have fun with one and not break your budget…or your piggy bank. Today I’ll cover small children, tomorrow babies, Thursday is Mommies and Saturday Barry will tackle Daddies. So, get to work and fill those stockings!

I think this is the EASIET age when it comes to Christmas stockings. I actually had to cut myself off this year because I was about to fill two stockings – and I was feeding my inner child. Oops.

First, when it comes to stockings, I don’t buy things at “big stores.” I purchase stocking stuffers at: Dollar Tree, consignment stores, Ross, and the $1 section at Target. This helps me stay on budget and still have fun.

Frugal Stocking Stuffers for Young Children:

Pens and paper.

Annie thinks I hung the moon when I give her a notepad and pen. She’s finally at the age when I can give her a pen and not worry about self-tatooing. It is not, however, a good idea to take a bath while she has a pen or she might just color the TV. *cough* Found these for $1 each.

Mittens or gloves.

Kids grow so fast you almost have to get them a new pair of gloves every year. You can find great deals on small gloves at Ross ($1-5). Get a fun pattern for brownie points.

Card games

Annie and I have a lot of fun playing with cards. She needs a new set each year because they become very well “loved.” And plus, then I know that the match for “orange” is the one with the corner chewed off – the challenge is gone for me.  I found these for $.50 each.


Kids all over the world are groaning right now. They don’t want you to listen to me. But really, socks are great fillers for stockings…if you get a pair in their favorite cartoon, they might just get excited. Easy to find at Target for $1.

Play jewelry

I like getting dress up jewelry for Annie. This doesn’t apply for boys…but you might consider getting them a little watch from the dollar store. As you can see, this is a clearance set from Easter; cost = $.50. It pays to shop all year for gifts.


Somehow Annie manages to maim and injure her sunglasses. Watch out for these after summer to get them for CHEAP, as in less than $1.  I know I’m not much help for right now. Sorry.


We try to limit Annie’s sugar intake – we try to do the same for ourselves. So, instead of getting her candy bars and such, we like to buy her little boxes of raisins. Yes, I know they’re still sugar – but at least it also includes fruit. Throw in some yogurt raisins to win the Mommy of the Year Award. Watch for grocery store sales ($1-3)


Annie loves having a cup – her very own cup…no sharing. Make it fun and drinking your milk goes to another level. I found this cute one at Ross for $1.49.

Hair bows/Caps

I have this bad habit – I misplace hair bows all the time. Annie helps me by hiding them in obscure places like under the bed and television. Therefore, we need replacements often. For a boy, a nice cap is a good stand-in. Cost = $1-3 and Ross is where it’s AT.

Markers, Pencils, and Crayons

I don’t buy these at Christmas. I buy these when school starts. For real, dawg. You could fill your entire stocking with school sales. Think in advance. Think like the boy scouts. $.25-1 in cost.

Band Aids

What is UP with kids and Band Aids? Annie thinks she needs at least one a day – and they bring hours of enjoyment, so I just go with it. I hate wearing Band Aids, for the record. Watch for sales at CVS, Rite Aid, etc. to get these on a good sale.


I’m not talking your normal toothbrushes here…I’m talking Mack Daddy toothbrushes, like the cool ones I found at Target for $.97 that LIGHT UP. Want your kid to brush their teeth? Get them a kickin’ toothbrush. Booya.

So, there you go. My ideas for kids. I know you guys have some great ideas to add so just leave them in the comments and let us all stock up…stock up, stockings. Get it? HA!

And just because we love you, Barry and I want to bless one of you for Christmas. We’re giving away a $100 Target gift card. You’ve blessed us this year and we want to return the favor. Thank you for reading SMC and for making this blog a joy to us.

Enter using Rafflectoper below – no hoops to jump through this time. :-) Just enter with your email address so I can contact you. Giveaway ends on December 8th at midnight EST.
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  1. Those are all great ideas. I must admit that I am not very good at stockings. Yogurt raisins are a wonderful alternative to candy!

  2. Great tips!! Haha love the raisins idea 😉 I can’t wait to do stockings for our twins next year :) And awesome giveaway!! 😀

  3. Great ideas ! I find myself looking through those $ bins all the time at Target ( or anywhere they have them ) Sometimes I’m very surprised at what I find in there !

  4. I’m like you…I shop year round for stocking stuffers! It’s the only way to go! If you shop the twice-a-year Bath and Body Works sale, you can get the pocket anti-bac and the little holders for them really cheap! I like to put those in stockings too!

  5. Great ideas for the stockings! I have three girls, 10, 15, 17. I started following several blogs and fb pages during the summer and requested free samples that they suggested.. I now have a bag full of hair products, personal care products and just little items like lotions, gift cards, nail polish and candy that I was able to get free or at a very low cost from those CVS extra bucks rewards!

  6. I love the Target dollar bins! I also love doing stockings for my kids. :) My Mom made one for my sisters and I every year and when we got older she started a very fun tradition. She hid our stocking the night before Christmas and we had to find our stockings before we were allowed to wake my parents up. 😉 It was so much fun looking for our stockings and my Mom was really good at finding hard places to hide them. 😉
    I am really looking forward to your tips for stockings for babies and adults! :)

  7. Stockings were always my favorite as well. Now I need to find stockings for our family; the dog is the only one w a stocking right now!;)

  8. It is very Little House on the Prairie of me, but I love to give an orange (or a Clementine), nuts, and a peppermint stick in addition to a few small toys like the ones you’ve mentioned. The orange is a great toe-filler. :) Packs of cocoa (perish the un-poorganic thought) are also a big hit in my house.

    • :-) I mention fruit in tomorrow’s post…it’s a great one! Gotta fill those toes somehow. And plus, I like Little House on the Prairie. :-)

  9. Heather K says:

    Great stocking stuffer ideas, and thank you to you and Barry for having the giveaway! I would also add to the list some inexpensive flashlights because our girls love getting their own flashlights & then they don’t have to “borrow” the good flashlight from Daddy… it brings them hours of joy!

    • I’m trying to find one for Annie’s stocking….so far, I haven’t lucked up on a cheapo one yet.

      • I saw some at the Dollar tree at the checkout. They were on the bottom shelf in a round container. They were metallic blue, purple, pink, etc. I snagged a couple of those because my girls love playing hide and seek in the house at night.

      • Heather K says:

        if you don’t mind spending more than 1 dollar, Walmart has some really cool ones that are both a flashlight and a glow stick… they have 3 or 4 functions and come in several colors and I think they also have a whistle. They’re in the camping department

      • Heather K says:

        I think they are about 3.66 but that’s from memory I know they’re under 4 bucks

  10. Cynthia Combest says:

    I loved all your suggestions, and I am going to use some. Thank you!!!!

  11. Rosann Brecher says:

    Just an old fashion addition to your stocking ideas. An orange or two. Tropical fruit was rare and prized in colonial days so oranges were given at Christmas. (They take up a good space at the toe too! )

  12. I love stockings too! I just include similar items to what I would put in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. Everyone loves little trinkets – no matter where you live in the world! :)

  13. I also buy all year long, not only for my grandchildren but for adults as well, so that I don’t forget what I have bought I keep a list of what I have and for whom. Michael’s craft store also has a section of $1.00 items. They have really great coloring books, note pads, pens and pencils. With 11 grandchildren, I love the $1.00 bins.

  14. LOVE these suggestions! It always kills me to see various ads for “stocking stuffers” that cost as much as the presents I put under the tree. I’m looking forward to the rest of the posts in this series!

  15. Angela Spicer says:

    Great ideas. Thank you!

  16. Such great ideas…especially for my toddler girls! Thanks for the tips!

  17. Glow sticks (from $1 store) are always popular here. :) Other than that your stocking stuffers (boy version) look the same as ours!

  18. These are great ideas! I like to do a chocolate orange in my kids stockings!

  19. melissa alder says:

    my kids are 11,10 and 7 and they all like to read so i try to find cheap books. i found some at a yard sale that look almost new and i’m giving those as a gift to my ten year old. as far as cheap ideas for stockings i have always found crayons and coloring books to be the big hit for me when they were younger. my boys are older and now they are wanting more expensive things. i will do chapsticks and gloves and small flashlights this year.probably any other boyish things i can find thats cheap.i am also gonna try to do more healthy snacks instead of so much chocolate. i use to really splurge on the candy cause they didn’t get it much during the year. i think its time for a change though. thank you for all the good ideas :)

  20. The thing wont load for me to enter the contest. Please help!!

  21. Linda Miller says:

    I like to tuck in a ball, new doll dress or a cuddly stuffed animal.

  22. Your stocking list and ours look similiar. My girls LOVE bath toys and the bath crayons/markers/paints – since I don’t love the mess of the bath crayons/markers/paints, the girls only get them in their stockings (plus AVON usually puts the body paint rollers on sale for $1 in November! BONUS!!).

    I am excited to see the Daddies list! Husband is always the one I have difficulty with – their “toys” are so EXPENSIVE! LOL!!

  23. i also add the little kid sparkly fingernail polish and Chapstick for my four year old. Both of my girls, the other is two, also get a kiddie hair brush. I normally get these for a dollar at Fred’s.

  24. Carol Pool says:

    When I was a child,we had real stockings,You know the sheer kind that women wore on their legs with garters to hold them up when they would get all dressed up to go to town,LOL.Let me tell you there was nothing more exciting that to wake up Christmas Morning at my Granny’s house and see those stockings filled with Apples,Oranges,Bananas,Grapefruits,Walnuts,Pecans,and all the other kinds of nuts you could find along with homemade Fudge,Divinity,Brownies and of course store bought candy.We always seemed to also have a Book of Lifesavers that was stuck in the stocking with all kinds of little toys like a slinky,a paddle & ball,or a set of jacks and other small toys.That stocking might have started out only being like 3 feet long,but by the time all that stuff got put into them they were stretched a good 6 feet,LOL.I Loved being a kid and seeing the excitement on my Granny’s face Christmas Morning when she would get up extra early to make sure that she didn’t miss seeing the happiness and excitement that we had when seeing her stockings stretched with so many goodies stuffed in those stockings for us.My Granny has been gone for 15 years now but these are memories that I hold so dear to me,so even if someone can’t afford the fancy stockings that the stores sell,you can still give wonderful memories to your kids by doing something like my Granny did for us.If your child has a favorite sweater that they have outgrown then you can take that sweater and turn it into their stocking,or if it’s a pair of jeans that they loved and have outgrown,then cut them into a stocking and sew it up and put their name on it and make it something that they can use and have beautiful memories of their childhood.It doesn’t have to do with the cost but it’s the memories that these items create for a child that are so special.
    Thanks for this story that has helped me to reflect on such wonderful childhood memories,and may your Family have a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Blessed New Year!

  25. Krys Davis says:

    I carry on the tradition of my mom and put an apple and an orange in the very bottom of the stocking to fill that awkward space perfectly. As much as my kids love fruit, they actually get excited over it!!!

  26. linda St. laurent says:

    Stockings are soo fun. I love filling my kids with special treats. My 21 year always get special shampoos and conditioners, its fun, and if you play your cards right, the gifts can last well into the year.

    Thank you for the give away, and the awesome blog.

  27. Stockings are my favorite part too! I just love the memory of waking up when it was still dark out, my room lit by the candle in the window, and dumping out my stocking to look through all the goodies!
    My mom still fills stockings for each of us adult children :) Every year she buys us an ornament that she packs in our stocking too! Chocolate coins and fruit are a staple too…and a chocolate orange!

  28. Jennifer Spring says:

    This is my first year as a single mom trying to make a fun filled christmas for my 3 kiddos on a budget (when I was married we were lucky enough to not need a budgeted life style). I love the ideas here and I think I can make it just as enjoyable for my kiddos with some of these ideas – thanks Stacy!

  29. Awesome ideas!

    Now, I have teenagers, so I am sadly well past my kids being enthralled with crayons and paper (although, I kept a coloring book and crayons when I was in college…stress relief from 12 hrs. of literature classes comes in all forms… ahem), but here is what I do: hair stuff (my 13 yr. old is a dancer, so, we live and die by these things), Mike & Ike candy, good pens and mechanical pencils (they love them for school), socks, panty hose, nail polish, purse size lotion, valve oil (my 15 yr. old plays the tuba, so he uses this a lot), homemade gift certificates for time with mom, votive candles (my daughter loves them), playing cards, book marks (homemade ones with ribbon and beads are fun), merit badge booklets (my son is a scout), hand/foot/body warmers (you can get them by the case at Sam’s.

    Thank you for the chance at the fift card! Hope you and your family havr a Merry Christmas!

  30. The week before Christmas, we put one stocking stuffer in each of our children’s stockings. This is anything from a pencil to an orange to a $1 craft kit from Dollar Tree to card games and so much more!! One year we gave our second oldest son a large beer stein (NOT for drinking beer, but bc he likes large glasses for drinking his pop!) and stuck it IN his stocking!

    For Christmas gifts, and because there are so many of us, we draw “Secret Santa” names. Each child gets the name of a brother, sister, parent or their grandmother (Literally drawn from names on paper put into a hat!), and we set a spending limit of $10 for the gifts. Some are quite frugal and get their recipient 3 or 4 gifts, some buy just one thing they know the person they drew would like. The end result is allowing our children to buy things for others that they have observed is something that the recipient has mentioned needing or wanting.

  31. Great ideas…I hadn’t thought of bandaids before!;)

  32. Great ideas!
    We don’t do Christmas gifts around here. Just stockings. We love to add an orange as a fun treat.

  33. Great tips! Target dollar bins are my fave. They always have something for my two youngest girls. BTW my kids love getting socks!

  34. I agree with “what is UP with kid’s and Band Aids”. My kids are the same way and I usually ask them if their owie is bleeding a lot. If the answer is no than there really isn’t any need for a Band Aid. They still like to have them on unnecessary owies.

  35. I love all of your tips and ideas! We have been really focused this year on getting out of debt all while living on my income while my husband is in seminary. I have really benefitted from your website. And I’m really looking forward to a very fun-filled, yet frugal, Christmas! Thank you!

  36. Anxiously awaiting the baby stocking stuffers! I’m a first time mom with a 6 month old!

  37. Joanne Cannella says:

    I love this site. My kids loved opening their stockings when they first woke up. They still do. They are grown and the girls’ husbands fill their stockings now. My son (single) sleeps at our house Christmas Eve so he can get up early and open his stocking. It’s fun filling them too. I think the hardest to fill are older boys (12-15 or so.) The items to fill are really expensive and I feel that expensive gifts get wrapped and put under the tree. Yeah for video game magazines and comic books.

  38. Our niece loves band aids and socks. Heck even I love a good pair of socks for Christmas 😉

  39. Oh my gosh, Stacy… we do the same type of stocking stuffers too! right down to those darn band-aids, lol. I, too, only shop at the dollar tree for my stockings. I’ve got 4 littles so I can still have fun this way, but not blow my budget. This year, they got band-aids (avengers and neon colored), water colors, markers, cards, and paper pads. Thanks for sharing; now I know I’m not alone in shopping at the dollar spots for my kiddos :)

  40. grannie-to-ten says:

    I loved all of your suggestions. Thank you. If I win the Target gift card, I’m going to bless a missionary family (Pappua New Guini) that has quintuplets, four are home from the hospital, with diapers and wipes. Thank you for the opportunity. Merry Christmas.

  41. Our kids are teenagers, so the ideas for gifts to put in their stockings is getting harder each year. We keep up the tradition and will even when the kids are out of the house. I put little things in my husband’s stocking and he puts something in mine. Oh, and yes, we always include an orange or tangelo in the stocking (an old tradition of my family).

  42. I am looking forward to reading the suggestions for babies stockings!! My little guy is just over a year, so I will be using some of the suggestions above, but will be bookmarking this for next year :) Thanks for the great ideas :)

  43. Please enter me in the giveaway. I ALWAYS put in an ornament, usually from the dollar store, or Michaels has inexpensive cute ones. Santa puts each kids’ name and the year on it. My plan is once they move out they will have some ornaments for their first tree. The kids like to pull them out every year and try to remember something about past Christmases.

    I also started buying an ornament from any vacation, so when the kids take their ornaments my tree won’t be bare!

  44. Are you automatically entered by leaving a comment? I don’t see a Rafflectoper form to fill out anywhere.

    • No, you enter using Rafflecopter. I can see it….people are entering so I know it’s there – and it’s in my html. It’s weird that you can’t see it. What browser are you using?

      • Internet Explorer 8. I think I have entered one other drawing you had and could see it fine. Not sure why I can’t this time. Oh well. Don’t worry about it.

        • I’m sorry it’s not working for you. :-( I can see it just fine, but I don’t know how to fix it since I don’t see the problem. I entered you myself. Merry Christmas! :-)

  45. Stockings are still my favorite too! I do the same stuff you do (plus candy though, that is a hard (sugar)habit to break). Never thought about bandiads, Stacy…you are a genius!

  46. Michael’s was where it was at for me this year! I scoured their clearance aisle and, even though I had to take many things to the front for a price check, it was well worth it!! Many things (stickers, notebooks, etc) rang up as one PENNY! And since they have the policy not to charge customers a penny, I received the penny-items FREE!!!

    I’ve also had success with great Christmas-condition toys (big and small) at garage sales and local Facebook sale pages. Our money has gone so much further this year! In fact, I think we began to so inexpensively “feed our inner child”, too, that I’m thinking about saving some stuff for birthdays!

    • Wow! I didn’t know that policy! Thanks! :-) We don’t have a local Michael’s, so I try to hit it up when I’m out of town.

  47. Any ideas for teenagers, I have all ages and the teen boys are the hardest!
    Thanks for the great ideas for my two middle ones! Looking forward to the one for baby tomorrow!

  48. I don’t see the Rafflecopter form/widget anywhere either. I am using Internet Explorer. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time this has happened, but it doesn’t happen all the time as I’ve entered using Rafflecoptor before (on other websites). :) Any ideas of what to try?

    • Trudi, I’m not sure what’s going on….because I can see it just fine? I’m totally a non-techy person. I entered you myself. Merry Christmas!

  49. Vanessa Arnold says:

    I have not been blessed with little ones, however enjoyed reading this just in case God ever changes his plan for me and my husband. My sister and I now fill our Mom’s stocking to return the favor from childhood! I love Christmas! Another idea for “fillers” is hand knitted items…I love to knit and coin purses are a big hit. Not to mention, salt dough ornaments are fun to make and fun to decorate for stockings, not to mention if you put cinnamon in the dough it smells nice as well! :-)

  50. Love your list. I never thought about bandaids! My kids would go nuts!
    We always do a book of some kind, but I think my kids favorite is playdough which has to be refreshed every other year or so any way.

  51. grannie-to-ten says:

    I loved all of your suggestions. Thank you.

  52. Such an easy entry! Thanks for the giveaway.
    I love giving Altoids mints as a stocking stuffer:)

  53. Also, I always fill with popcorn, that cuts down on using as much candy, tho I have always put orange and some candies. Other kid ideas: small playdough cans (buy in big package, divide and conquer; this is a treat because we made all our normal day playdough homeade); jacks set or other party favor from dollar store ( i say this because some dollar store party favors are too cheap and break, but not jacks or marbles; just choose carefully),fancy straws,bead sets, batteries (for the toys they will get other places), combs/brushes, balls, animal crackers in little boxes,. For teens, since you don’t have a day for them…cute paper clips or other office supplies that will be cool at school, fingernail polish in bright weird colors-ugh!, polish remover, chapsticks or lipsticks, mascara, again bateries to electronics they will get, earphones, cool printed little business cards (VistaPrint has good deals) to share their numbers and screen names, email addresses, dollar store fashion eyeglasses, rubber stamps and ink, crazy bright shoelaces…

  54. Great ideas! :) Thank you!

  55. Linda Las Vegas says:

    I am laughing at the Bandaid comments because it’s true! My supply graduated from the Superman or Cinderella etc. designs for the younger grandkids, to mustaches, pickles, cupcakes, bacon & Jesus for my teen grandkids! They always ‘need’ to check the new designs! Fun @ any age!

  56. Ramie Schulteis says:

    My kids used to love getting their OWN tape! They didn’t even care if it was cheap tape, not Scotch brand! I love stockings!

  57. Franziska says:

    Love those stocking stuffer ideas.And I love to shop at Target, especially the $1 bins. Unfortunately, I can’t see the link to enter for the raffle.

    • I’ve tried to fix it, but I don’t know what to do. :-( I can see it on my phone and computer – so can my husband…and he also sees it at work. Could you try again today?

  58. Band-Aids are a great idea! My son constantly has “owies” and wants them I think a box of them would be gone by the time the day is done.

    • I set a limit of 2 per day for Annie. Some days she forgets though, so they last a bit longer. However, they can’t seem to stay on her body for longer than an hour. LOL

  59. Our Ross (well the one 1+ hr away) is terrible, but Gabe’s on the other hand is awesome!! And our KMart is great too!
    PS I can’t see the Rafflecopter either! And when I was at the library tonight for storyhour, it wouldn’t show up on that screen either or on my phone?!?!?!

    • Rebecca, Barry and I are stumped…we both see it on our computers, our phones, and he can see it at his computer at work? Maybe try again today?
      PS – That’s sad about Ross…it’s my favorite place to find deals. Our K-mart is horrible! lol

  60. I have always used dollar items to fill the kids stockings every year and they love the stuff i put in them. I also love the dollar bins at target for inexpensive gifts for friends and neighbors. I found several things in the dollar bins to make little gift basket type stuff for my friends younger children that hardly cost me anything. Who doesnt love Hello Kitty lol.

  61. Band aids!!! My kidlet’s love them and I would have never even thought to give them those in their stockings! Raisin either!! Your tips… my socks… blast off! :)

  62. Thank you for all of the great stocking ideas! In past years, chapstick has always been a hit – for both my son and daughter! Why not? :)

  63. Sarah Gunn says:

    We did the Target $1 too. I <3 Target. Socks, chapstick, lotion, toys, paper and pencil.

  64. Sarah Gunn says:

    Oh and necklaces…I think we did Hello Kitty this year, from the $1 aisle at target :)

  65. Where do we enter the giveaway??

  66. I cannot find the widget/form either to enter the giveaway. Could you please enter me in your drawing? Thanks! Love your stocking stuffer ideas for the kiddies! Just what I needed to finish the grandkids stockings!

  67. Cheeryshirley says:

    Hi Stacy & Barry! We have sooo enjoyed your blog! Thanks for the give-away! Very generous! We are pursuing cash envelopes and Dave Ramsey…Is there any suggestions for taking the course online (with DVD’s that we can re-review? Thanks so much for this stocking stuffer post…great ideas! I, too, love the anticipation and surprise of first peeking into a stocking! Hugs, Cheeryshirley

    • Here is our best advice – stick with it. Make it a habit…that will take WEEKS. And when you get discouraged, take a look at how far you’ve come. :-) Or just holler at us – we’re good at encouraging!

  68. Katy Nelson says:

    I always find cute SS at Michael’s Dollar Spot :)

  69. After checking daily at several different locations, your widget magically showed up for the Target card!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

    • Dude – I wish I knew what was wrong with that silly widget. I don’t think I’m going to use Rafflecopter anymore since it’s giving y’all a fit. I’m glad you finally got entered!!

  70. I can’t seem to enter. It keeps saying it is loading but nothing changes. ={

  71. Stacy you are a hoot! Love your sense of humor. Those are very good suggestions. And FYI I had NO trouble with the Rafflecopter – worked easy-peasy for me. :)

  72. I like to put in some cheap DVDs. Black Friday sales had some for $1.97 at walmart. Thanks for all the great ideas for dads stocking.

  73. Laurel McKinney says:

    My kids used to like getting the little compressed washcloths from the dollar store. They magically turn into a full sized washcloth when placed in water. Another favorite is Pez. Twenty year ago I bought 4 Pez dispensers and we are still using them. We laugh when we see who got the goofy elf or the scary Santa Pez in their stocking this year. Of course Pez refills are a must!
    P.S. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the eucalyptus oil link!!!

  74. Gina Torrey says:

    These tips have sure come in handy, Stacy! And rafflecopter worked for me…today, anyway LOL :) Thanks so much :)

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