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Chocolate Peanut Butter

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Holy cow. I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND. I made chocolate peanut butter. Yes, it’s true. Let me tell you something else… far, I haven’t shared it with anyone. No one. Not even Annie. If you make it, you won’t share it either. You’ll hide it in a deep dark corner of the fridge so that you alone can find it. I’m just warning you. I’m also warning you that if you have no self restraint, this is NOT the recipe to make. I’ll just be honest…….I dropped a little bit of this on the counter when I was scooping it into the jar. I tried to get it up with my finger……there was still some left. I licked the counter. Yes, it’s true. I, Stacy, licked the peanut butter off the counter. Is there a 12 step program for that?

The idea and original recipe for this came from Smitten Kitchen – a rocking awesome website. Man, she churns out some good stuff….especially her Sally Lunn Bread. I tweaked it a little bit to fit our new eating style. You’ll need raw peanuts (look at your bulk food store), cocoa powder, powdered sugar, salt, and oil. I used carob powder instead of cocoa powder – sucanat instead of white powdered sugar – and coconut oil.“Unlike cocoa powder and chocolate, carob is caffeine-free. Carob also contains three times as much calcium as cocoa powder.”

We’re using raw peanuts so we can roast them and get a nice, rounded out flavor – or something like that. Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Spread the nuts out in a single layer on a cookie sheet and bake them for 10 minutes, stirring them occasionally. Smitten Kitchen says you can use regular nuts and just roast them for 5 minutes to deepen the flavor. Please stir them…..otherwise, you might burn your peanuts. Or so I hear from OTHER PEOPLE.

While my nuts were toasting (chestnuts roasting on an open fire!), I made my powdered sugar. I stuck 1 cup of Sucanat down in my blender and whizzed away. It took less than 1 minute.

You know why they call it powdered sugar? Because it’s powdery…..and it will poof right into your face if you’re not careful. Or so I hear from OTHER PEOPLE.  See? Homemade powdered sugar. Viola!

Your nuts should look like this…..more or less. Mine were a little, ummmmm dark.

Pour them into your food processor and start it up! Beware – it’s loud. Really loud. At first, it sounds like a hail storm. Annie was giving me some weird looks. I had to hold her for a bit. She didn’t like it. She much prefers the sound of my stand mixer. It will take a while… won’t think it’s going to work.

Occasionally you’ll need to stop it and scrape down the sides. The peanuts will climb the walls.

Eventually you’re looking for a peanut butter-like consistency. See? Magic! I would like to have a new food processor. A Kitchen Aid one. I’m just sayin’.

Right into the processor, pour your sugar, cocoa powder, salt, and oil. Put the lid back on (very important step) and process again. You’re looking to get it all combined. You might have to add additional oil. The recipe called for 3 tablespoons but I ended up adding more like 5. 

It should look something like this. Hello beautiful. If you need to add more oil, that’s fine. You need to get it to the consistency you like. Like I said, I used 5 tablespoons of coconut oil. Smitten Kitchen only used 3.

I have no idea how this happened. Oh wait. Yes, I do. I had to taste it. I would hate for it to be bad and feed it to someone. Actually, it’s terrible. I’ll just eat it myself and save my family the misery of choking it down.

Mine fit perfectly in a pint-sized mason jar. I store it in the fridge….but I’m not telling exactly where. Now, here’s a tip – depending on how much oil you use, it can get hard in the fridge. Almost any homemade peanut butter will get hard in there. If you want it to be spreadable right out of the fridge, you need to add more oil – be warned though – it might affect the taste. When I know I want some, I’ll get it out of the fridge to soften a bit……thirty minutes or an hour. I usually know in advance when I’m going to want a snack.  Or you can just chip it out of there with a jackhammer….that works too. Anything to get some of the deliciousness in your mouth. Oh baby.There’s definitely going to be more peanut butter making going on around here.

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  1. I made some homemade almond butter last year. It was so good. I’ll have to try this out. Brady loves Nutella, but it doesn’t come in organic..yet anyway.

  2. I can’t eat peanuts but this looks delicious I might have to try with soy nuts.

  3. YUM! And, I love Smitten Kitchen – her stuff always looks so gorgeous!!

  4. That looks yummy! Could a person used powdered sugar instead?

  5. I am definetly going to try this!!! If I wanted to just make regular peanut butter would I leave out the carob powder?

  6. Thanks, Stacy! Sounds yummy . . .

  7. Looks similar to Nutella, love that stuff but it’s not that healthy! Great recipe, want to try it one of these days! :) Thanks for linking it up at Healthy 2day Wednesdays!

  8. What are you trying to do to me, Stacy? 😉 Chocolate and peanut butter are my weakness, ya know!

  9. I see a few comments about Nutella. I’ve tried making it and my husband still prefers the store-bought version. Have you tried making this recipe with hazelnuts instead of peanuts (to make “nutella”)? I might give it a go. Hubby doesn’t like peanut butter (he can’t figure out how I can possibly choke it down, actually!)Chocolate peanut butter might go over better, but perfecting a nutella recipe would totally make my day. :)

    • I haven’t tried it with hazelnuts…….it makes Budget Stacy scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :-) Peanuts are cheaper. If you try it, please let me know how it goes.

      • Ha ha! I know, even buying Nutella makes me cringe (and making it homemade isn’t much cheaper – just healthier). BUT we only eat it on Sundays with a special swiss bread that I make. It takes us about 3 months to get through a jar of Nutella. So that’s about $10 at Costco (two jars in a pack) every 6 months. So that’s not too bad. 😉

  10. great post :) can you store it in the cabinet since all of the ingredients are shelf stable?

    • I’ve always read that homemade peanut butter should be stored in the fridge so that it lasts longer….I keep mine in there when we’re not using it. But if I know I might use it a few times a day (cough!) then I just leave it out so it’s not hard. :-)

  11. I make homemade peanut butter by just blending the peanuts (no additional oil, salt or anything). We like it from the roasted peanuts too. I’ve always left mine out on the shelf (and the other containers downstairs in the pantry) and even after a month (don’t think it lasts around here much longer than that – maybe two) it’s still good.
    This recipe sounds delicious & I’m so happy to hear about making XXX sucanat! Yay! I didn’t know you could do that! :)

    • You’re making me slobber. I haven’t had peanut butter (I’m out of town) in two solid days. I’m having withdrawals.

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