Blendtec Review

Blendtec Review

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I’m a frugal living blogger. My job is to give an overall sense of being smart with your money. So, when I had the opportunity to do a review and giveaway of the Blendtec Blender (a $500 appliance), I spent months trying to decide how to approach this topic with you…and here is what I decided:

Just because you are frugal with your money, doesn’t mean you cannot have nice things. Being frugal and being cheap are two different things. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – being frugal is being smart with the resources God has given you…using them wisely. It doesn’t mean you make do with the cheapest version of stuff for your entire life. Sure, that might be something that has to happen for a season…that’s when you’re being smart. But to choose cheap things when you can SAVE FOR QUALITY isn’t usually the better option.

Buying Quality Appliances

We aren’t spendthrifts. We drive used cars. We don’t have cable. We don’t go to the movies. We don’t take lavish vacations…but we like nice appliances. So, how do we make this work with our frugal lifestyle? I’ll tell you:

  1. We research the options and decide what we want.
  2. We become familiar with the prices and start looking around.
  3. We save up the money.
  4. We take our time purchasing an item: we don’t buy immediately.
  5. We watch for sales and look for coupons. We scour Craigslist. We look in the classifieds. We place “wanted” ads. We contact the company and ask about refurbs or scratch-and-dent/open box buys.
  6. When we are ready and have the cash in hand, we purchase the best option within our budget.

Blendtec Review

I knew from months of looking around and researching that I wanted a Blendtec Blender. I talked to friends. I watched videos on You Tube. I made sure it was what I wanted – and then I saved up the money. I had it. I was going to purchase – but we contacted Blendtec about doing a review and GIVEAWAY so I could bless another reader. I love blessing y’all. :-)

Prior, I had a Kitchen Aid blender. While it got the job done, it was very lacking on a few things: it didn’t blend up ice well, it didn’t blend up anything remotely hard, and it would randomly leak out of the bottom…kinda like my 11 month old. When I got my Blendtec, I was in pure heaven – more exciting than getting a car from The Price Is Right.

I can say without a doubt that Blendtec Blenders are the way to go. It hasn’t disappointed me in ANY way. It will blend up anything – even iPhones. Since I’ve already dropped my phone in the toilet, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before I also drop my phone in the blender. I already blended up an entire plastic spoon in there – accidentally. Yes, an ENTIRE PLASTIC SPOON. Does your blender do that?

Blendtec Review

The Blendtec will do anything you can do in your blender and your food processor – plus MORE. It will chop, shred, puree, make smoothies, make ice cream, whisk, and even grind grain. It will chop ice and it will never talk back to you and ask you “why?”

Saving on Blendtec Blenders

So, what are the best ways to get a good deal on a Blendtec? I’ll tell you:

  1. Look on Craigslist and scour yard sales. Yes, this is possible. I’ve had a few friends find them this way and for CHEAP.
  2. Call around to places that carry them and ask for open box buys. We have purchased a few things that were open box buys – who needs the box? (Don’t tell Annie I said that.)
  3. Buy a refurbished Blendtec directly from them. Nothing is wrong with the product – it’s just been fixed if it had an issue. We buy refurbs all the time – my computer is a refurb.
  4. Can’t find it? Save up and purchase it new. Notice I said SAVE UP. Do not buy it on credit.

Blendtec Review

Pros of owning a Blendtec

  1. It does everything in one place. You won’t need a blender, food processor and grain mill. The Blendtec is one appliance that does it all.
  2. It makes life in the kitchen easier. I literally use my Blendtec about 5-10 times a day. I use it to make smoothies, breadcrumbs, butter, chop vegetables, make flour, puree soup, and eat plastic spoons.
  3. It’s the best. It rocks. It’s fun.
  4. It is SO easy to clean! It just swishes clean in the sink or easily wipes down. You don’t have to take the bottom off or take out the blade like with a food processor or most other blenders.

Cons of owning a Blendtec

  1. It’s loud. Really. The first time you use it, you’ll think it’s about to take flight.
  2. It’s expensive. Yes, I know it’s a lot of money – about the cost of a cheap refrigerator. But, does Stacy, the queen of “always order water because it’s free,” think it’s worth the money? Yes I do – and it says a lot that I had already saved the money to purchase one before I got one to review.
  3. Your friends are all jealous and won’t come to visit unless they need to blend.

I have several friends who own a Blendtec and they all agree. It’s worth the money and yes it really is the BEST blender out there. 10 out of 10 smoothies agree.

Blendtec Review

So, let me summarize and then I’ll show you a short video of me making a smoothie so you can see how loud it is, how easy it is to use, and how fast the cleanup is. Then you can ENTER TO WIN a BLENDTEC below. :-)

  1. Blendtec is the best blender on the market.
  2. It’s expensive.
  3. It’s possible to save up and purchase one without credit.
  4. It takes the place of several other appliances.
  5. Do not buy things on credit.
  6. It rocks and I love it.
  7. Do not buy things on credit.

Here is the link for my Freezer Smoothie Packs if you are interested.

Enter below to win a black Factory Conditioned Designer Series Blendtec plus a Twister Jar of your own! Prize is valued at $544. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will run until Thursday, August 15th at midnight EST.

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I was not paid for this Blendtec Review and Giveaway. I was sent the same Blendtec and Twister Jar that I am also giving away. All opinions are my own and I am not an affiliate with Blendtec…and yes, Big Brother made me say it. I think y’all know where I stand. ;-)


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  • melissa

    “….and eat plastic spoons” Made totally laugh out loud.

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      True story.

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    I want to grind flour without having to buy a grinder JUST to grind flour, know what I mean? So, this could be a major money saver. :)

    • Stacy

      You betcha!

  • jennifer

    Love it and love your crockpot recipes! I am saving for one with a timer. Life is hectic. :)

    • Stacy

      I have a timer in my head…but sometimes it forgets that it’s on and it burns stuff. Stinkin’ timer.

  • Sharon Hanners

    Thanks so much for offering this blender to us!!

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      Thanks for entering! And thanks to BLENDTEC!

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    I’ve tried to sign up for the BladeTec give away, when I click on the link it takes me to a sign in page. Do I have to have a Rafflecoper account?

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      No – you should be able to sign in with Facebook or your email address. Could you try a different browser?

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    Awesome Blender!

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    I assume since I didn’t get an email it wasn’t ME, Melissa that won LOL I was soooooooo hoping to win this thing!

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      :-0 Guess not – she already replied.

      • Melissa Warren

        Lol well my cash budget allowed for me to order a Ninja, so I’ll just save up the cash for a Blendtec and pray I find a great deal while I use the Ninja :) congratulations to my namesake :)

        • Stacy

          I like how you think.