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Baked Oatmeal Revised

Baked Oatmeal Revised

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Overnight Baked Oatmeal. This is deliciousness on a plate. A real food recipe that requires very little hands on time!

Without a doubt, one of the most popular recipes on this site is my Baked Oatmeal….and rightly so. It’s deliciousness on a plate. It makes your taste buds sing. It makes your kids scream OATMEAL! It makes your dog beg. It makes you…well, it makes you regular. What more can you ask for in a breakfast food? Nothing I tell ya!

Well, I wanted to update my old recipe because of the quick oats and sugar issue. I only buy rolled oats in bulk now (they go through less processing) and I don’t use brown sugar anymore.

So, I played around in the kitchen a bit….okay, so I played around in the kitchen a lot. Let me just tell you, I made about 123,981,273 flops with this one. Why mess with something that’s already good? Well, to make it better. Except, my better was a long time coming.

Overnight Baked Oatmeal. This is deliciousness on a plate. A real food recipe that requires very little hands on time!
First, I wanted to use kefir instead of milk… I tried that. I let my oaks soak overnight and then I baked it the next day. BOMB! Gag attack. It tasted like kefir oats on a plate….but we ate it, because we’re troopers. But, we didn’t really feel happy about it.

I tried again, letting the kefir and oats soak in the fridge overnight so it wouldn’t ferment any more. BOMB! Good night. Kefir oats. No thanks. Bye, bye kefir. I’ll save you for cornbread.

Why am I soaking overnight? Well, because rolled oats take a long time to soak up liquid – unlike the quick oats that only take about 5 minutes. Fixing them with the liquid before I go to bed means they’ll be ready in the morning without waiting. I’m not a waiter. I’m an eater.

Overnight Baked Oatmeal. This is deliciousness on a plate. A real food recipe that requires very little hands on time!

I switched to whole milk instead of kefir. I fixed my oats and milk and put them in a bowl, covered the bowl, and stuck it in the fridge. The next day, I did my thang and made the oatmeal.

It didn’t taste like kefir. SCORE! But something wasn’t quite right….it was good, but sorta weird. Oh wait. I forgot the baking powder. DUH. I tried it again the next week, remembering the baking powder and using milk instead of kefir…..and oh my word. It was finally RIGHT! Woohoo!!!!!!

Overnight Baked Oatmeal. This is deliciousness on a plate. A real food recipe that requires very little hands on time!

As you can see, after sitting overnight the oats have soaked up all the liquid. Yummy!

Overnight Baked Oatmeal. This is deliciousness on a plate. A real food recipe that requires very little hands on time!

This is such a delicious dish. It gets nice and warm inside, crispy on the outside edges. It’s happiness on a plate. Add some maple syrup and your family will kiss your feet.

I made some raisin sauce for pancakes and used the extra on top of oatmeal. Very tasty. Oh, and I also updated my granola bar recipe to reflect the new ingredients I use.

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Overnight Baked Oatmeal. This is deliciousness on a plate. A real food recipe that requires very little hands on time!

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  1. Definitely going to have to try this, Stacy! I make baked oatmeal almost every week, and I’ve been using your idea to make it in muffin pans lately. That is such a genius idea! We eat the oatmeal “muffins” almost every Sunday on our way to church. :-)

  2. Yum! I can’t wait to try this!

  3. This revision looks super yummy! (But so did the original!) Too bad I am the only one in my house who likes oatmeal! I’ll keep trying w/ EB…and I’m hoping Mags will like this! Thanks for sharing! You are the woman for testing it over and over so much! And it sounds like Barry and Annie ARE troopers!

  4. Can’t wait to try the baked Oatmeal!!!!!

  5. Has anyone had success with using almond milk in place of the regular milk? I will try my hand at this and see what I come up with. Thanks for all the great recipes and tips!

  6. Stacy, do you soak overnight with just the milk, or do you put the eggs in there, too? I dd just the milk, and mine came out with a tiny bit of an egg base like you described in your original recipe. Is there any reason not to put all of the ingredients in the night before and then just pop it in the oven in the morning?

    • I usually just do the milk without an egg base…the only time I get that is when I’m in a hurry and don’t soak at all. Hmmm. Don’t see any reason why you can’t soak it all – if you try it, give me a holler and let me know. :-) My only concern is that it would get too thick overnight….

  7. I was hoping to try this, but I don’t have sucanat. Do u think I could use honey instead? Or would agave nectar be better? How much should I use? Just found your site today, and I’m in love!

    • :-) Any time I say sucanat you can substitute brown or white sugar. Good luck! :-)
      I think the liquid of the honey or agave might mess with the texture. Let me know if you have any more questions. :-)

  8. Did you try this recipe using cooked oatmeal? I usually make a large batch and then each morning heat up a portion, as I’m the only oatmeal eater. I’m wondering if I can portion out my cooked oats and go from there.

  9. I actually mixed everything but the powder together the night before to make for a simple morning, it was too late that night. It was good, but next time I am decreasing the amount of sugar, because I grew up with a very slightly sweet version we sprinkled honey over top.

  10. We are allergic to eggs. Can we sub with flax (1T flax to 3T water= 1 egg) mixture?

  11. Do you know if this can be done in the microwave? My oven died and I don’t know when we can get it fixed! I feel like I lost a limb……

    • I would highly doubt it…because the oven makes it nice and crispy. I’m not sure the middle would get done.

  12. This is my current favorite E breakfast, just so you know. :)

  13. I made these this week and forgot to add in the truvia. They were still delicious and we ate them right up!! Thanks :)

    • We like them sweet – good to know they also work that way in case I forget! I could always sprinkle some on top with fruit. :-)

  14. Heather says:

    I’m so excited to try your THM revision! Your original recipe was absolutely the favorite Saturday morning breakfast in our house and i’m sure the update will be as well :) Thanks for all the work you put into each recipe and your blog as a whole!

  15. I just wondered how do you make your own truvia? I am new to the whole foods way of eating & love reading your blog with your awesome & yummy recipes. Thanks so much for sharing with us! :)

  16. I use egg whites – either in the carton or from the actual egg. It says that in the second recipe…so, I’m not sure what you mean by “egg substitute?”

    • Oh, sorry, Stacy. I was replying to Cathy’s comment about the flax/water egg sub, since we’re dealing with an egg allergy here. We used 3 T flax and 9 T water for a double recipe and it turned out. Well, at least I think it did. One of my girls ate so much so fast that the rest of us barely got to taste any. 😉

  17. That’s great news!!! :-)

  18. Kristin Shawver Forsyth says:

    Hey Stacy! I was just curious as to how much cocoa powder you would put into the THM recipe to make it chocolate baked oatmeal. It sounds like a good change from the usual baked oatmeal (which I eat almost everyday :) ). Thank you so much!

    • I’ve only done it a couple times…hmmmmm, I can’t remember. I’d probably start with 3 tablespoons and see how that worked.

  19. Jessica from SimplyHealthyHome says:

    I so have to try this. Since starting THM, we have been eating oatmeal a lot! :) Always looking to change it up!

  20. Linda Phillips says:

    Where do you get your oats in bulk? I’ve been looking where I can find many of the THM items in bulk. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I can buy them in bulk at my local Amish store. I also buy in bulk online and from Tropical Traditions when they have free shipping. :-)

  21. These were amazing! LOVED them! I made a double batch of the THM version and put half in the 8×8 and half in the muffin cups to freeze for later :) The kiddos slicked them up too. I can’t wait to send hubby to work with a couple of them. Thanks again!

  22. Wonderful recipe! I loved it. I hate mushy oatmeal and this came out so perfect.

  23. So happy to find this recipe! For some reason I didn’t know oats were on plan – that makes my life so much easier. I can’t wait to look around your blog. THANK YOU for sharing it with the rest of us.

    I’m sure I’ll be a frequent flyer here. :)

    • Yeah! OATS ROCK! We eat a lot of them around here. Oat flour is a good E too. :-)

      • Jennifer says:

        What is an “E”? A friend just introduced me to your blog and I keep seeing “E”, “S” & “FP”. I understand GF and SF but not these others and can’t seem to find where you explain it.

  24. Is there something I could use in place of the applesauce in the THM friendly recipe?

    • The applesauce keeps it nice and moist. You could use yogurt? But you might taste the tart.

      • I might just have to go on and pick up some applesauce next time I am at the store. I have a hard time keeping it in the house as my youngest son LOVES it and will eat it like it is going out of style.

        • I keep it in the freezer. :-) Pumpkin and pureed butternut work too.

          • Oh, crumb! I just mixed it up for tomorrow morning, and then realized I don’t have any applesauce! I do have a supply of pumpkin, though. Guess I’ll use that. My husband is so excited!

          • Yes, pumpkin works – so does pureed butternut. Or you can just leave it out. :-) I just like it better with the extra moistness.

          • Going to mix mine up and make it with 0% greek for tomorrow morning. I forgot to get applesauce. HAHA

          • You might be able to taste a wee bit of the wanginess in the yogurt…but it should be great nonetheless! :-)

  25. AmandaEspinoza says:

    love seeing the same plate! :) will try this when we get grains back!

  26. Michael Ann Rentz says:

    Stacy, I made this for dinner tonight and topped it with some cooked
    apple! Oh my word! Amazing stuff! I do have a question for you
    though: For THM purposes should I add a protein alongside this, or does
    it have enough protein on its own to blunt the carbs?

  27. Megan Lois Martino says:

    Can I do a double batch Stacy and re-heat on a future date? (Say make it on a Monday and then eat it on Wednesday again?) Will it hold up well?

  28. I have a child with an almond allergy. What should I use instead?

  29. I’m new to your blog, but I like what I see! :) Can I convince you somehow to try using kefir in your baked oatmeal again? I know you soak yours…but…on a whim one day I decided to try making baked oatmeal (my recipe is similar to yours) with kefir instead of milk. Thought it might be healthier, somehow. So I used that and baking soda instead of baking powder. I don’t soak mine overnight, though. And I do use regular (organic) rolled oats. It has an amazing, yummy, oh my flavor with kefir. (I also make my own kefir.) I don’t know how or why, but my kids definitely are not fans of the milk version anymore. Me either! Try?

    • :-) We eat this on a weekly basis, but we just don’t like the kefir in it. All of us can taste the slightly sour taste, so we just use almond milk. I keep our kefir for smoothies and other things. :-)

  30. So, would I be wrong to assume this recipe would be ok to double? I like to batch cook. Wonder how things would go if frozen (after cooking and cooling) in serving sizes? I have issues with my neck/arms/hands and a difficult time cooking. Also, would you think this would do well cooking in a slow cooker? Pre-soak or not before cooking in slow cooker? Thanks for all you do, Stacy. You are rubies!!!

    • Yes – it does work well in the crock…and I will actually have something coming out about that very soon. I do soak it overnight.
      And yes, it doubles GREAT! It also keeps well in the fridge and even freezes well. It’s a great versatile recipe.

  31. Christina F. says:

    Hi Stacy. First off I love your blog! Im not sure if this question has already been asked but could I use steel cut oats in place of the rolled oats? Thanks :)

  32. I made the overnight oatmeal last night with the Steal Oats. I added a cup of Almond milk to the cup of milk. Tasted great!! I have major texture issues and can NOT eat mush! I was able to pick this up with my hands and eat it while I was making lunches and coffee for the day. Thanks!!

  33. Christine Mayfield says:

    Wow this is great! My husband told me to make more! 4 out of 5 kids think it tastes great too. Thanks so much!

  34. Kate Farrow says:

    Just made this for breakfast & used chocolate soy milk. The chocolate is a nice subtle flavor that works well with the nuttiness of the oats & the coconut flavor from the oil. May be difficult to put the leftovers in the fridge….. Thank you for this simple & yummy recipe!!!

  35. You mentioned in the post that you added the Baking Powder when you soaked, but didn’t say that in the recipe directions? So yes or no?

    • I’ve done it both ways….it doesn’t really matter. Baking powder is usually double acting, so the heat activates it in the oven. :-)

  36. Melanie says:

    I’m new to THM and have just been looking around for interesting recipes…do you happen to know how your Truvia compares with the THM Stevia they have out now? This sounds great by the way!

  37. Shirley T says:

    I made this this morning and it was very dry. I used steel cut oats. I am wondering if I should have added more milk. I used 2 C oats and 1 C almond milk like the recipe calls for.

  38. I didn’t make the oatmeal, however is on my list to make. I just wanted to thank you for all of the time that you take to post all of your healthy recipes and ways of saving money. I’m so busy working that free time is something that I rarely have. I’m trying to loose weight and cook healthy meals for my husband and my elen year old grandaughter that we’re raising. Being able to find true, fast, and heathy meals on your web sight really makes my life so much easier. The money saving tips as well. May the lord bless yu for all that you do to help others!!

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