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10 Frugal and Practical Ideas for Christmas Stocking Fillers for Children and Adults

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I’m a fun gift giver…..when someone gets a gift from me, they know it probably won’t require batteries or dusting. Stockings are my favorite part of Annie’s Christmas gift. I KNOW I have more fun stuffing it than she does opening it. Who doesn’t get excited to find a light up toothbrush at Target for $1.07? I wish someone would put a light up toothbrush in MY stocking. The best part is, when the batteries run out in the toothbrush you can just give it to the dog for a chew toy. At least that’s what Christy from The Simple Homemaker does. More bang for your buck!

If you struggle over what to put in Christmas stockings, today I’ve got you covered! Head on over to Homemakers Challenge where I share 10 frugal ideas for stocking stuffers for children AND adults…..beware, I do say the word “underwear” on multiple occasions. Hey – by now you know if I’m writing it, there is humor involved.

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  • Erin@TheHumbledHomemaker

    Great ideas, Stacy! It’s nice not to have “junk” in the stockings. I actually always liked getting underwear and socks….one less thing to buy myself!

    • Stacy

      I know, right? I don’t mind at all to show off my underwear. LOL Not when I’m wearing them though. LOL

  • Thankfully Thrifty

    Heading over to read! I LOVE stocking stuffers!

    • Stacy

      Me too!

  • Christy, The Simple Homemaker

    Stuffing the stocking is more fun than filling the big empty space under the tree! Definitely agree! Heading over!

    • Stacy

      Hmmmm. I feel like we’ve already had this very strange discussion about toothbrushes and dog toys. 😉

      • Christy, The Simple Homemaker

        It is strangely reminiscent of a recent chat we shared. Ha ha. I don’t actually give my dog toothbrushes…although he did snag one once. Toothbrush chew toy brushes his teeth as he chews–bonus!

        • Stacy

          Suuuuuuuure. :-)

  • Barb @ A Life in Balance

    LOL – I love the puns, especially the “holy” one.

    Great ideas, too. Who wouldn’t want to have lots of chapstick around their house all year long? Maybe those of us with 5 year old girls who will eat the chapstick? Just saying. :)

    • Stacy

      Yep….my 2 1/2 year old eats it too. We have to keep it HIGH so she can’t get to it. :-)