The Switch to Natural Soap

The Switch to Natural Soap

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When we started this switch to real food I had no idea that it would also leak into other areas of our life. Slowly the switch to real food became the switch to trying to live more natural. And now, that includes a switch to real soap. Already we’re using castile soap a lot and we love it, but I suddenly knew I wanted to switch to natural soap for our bodies as well.

Why? My friend Anna posted something on Twitter about how children’s soaps are full of parabens. That was a total wake-up call. Do you mean I’m rubbing Annie all over with something that might give her CANCER?! I got mad. Really mad. I threw them out. I switched Annie to California Baby bubble bath and got a price shock…it’s expensive. But, I only use a bit each time and I know it’s something she enjoys – and I want her to enjoy it safely (and as I write this, she’s sitting at the table with a pair of scissors, ha!).

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Barry had already been using a natural soap for his shaving needs. I bought it every year at a local craft festival. THEN, the business that sold that soap moved to our town and I did the happy dance. Thistle Ridge Soap has become my go-to for homemade soap.

I’m very aware that I could make my own soap. I’m also very aware that I’m crunched for time and I don’t know that I have the time to add something like that to my list – I’m already making several other things and I don’t want to get “natural mama burnout.” And thus, I buy my soap and support a local business person – I’m happy.

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Is it cheaper than store soap? Nope. I pay about $30 for 7 bars of natural soap – but they last a long time….and what price can you put on your peace of mind? Annie has been using the Oatmeal scent and she hasn’t had any breakouts like she did with the other soap I was using. I love that natural soap comes in so many scents – I like variety…except in husbands. I just want one husband. Amen.

So, other than the fact that it’s more natural, what do I like best about our new soap? It only takes one bar to do everything in the shower. One. I use a bar of natural soap to wash my body, my face, my hair, and I also use it for shaving. I’ve gotten rid of tons of other silly stuff that was in there, making it easy to clean…and I’m also not as likely to turn over 42 bottles of stuff when I turn around.

I was contacted by Spunky Suds and asked if I wanted to review some of their soaps. Of course I said yes…because even though I use Thistle Ridge, I still like to try new things and I wanted you guys who don’t live here to have another option for homemade soaps. And plus, I like getting stuff in the mail – who doesn’t? It’s my goal in life to get more mail than Barry. Ha!

They arrived in a simple waxed bag…and it was full. :-D  I received one large soap, five mini soaps, three sample soaps, and a sample of peppermint body butter. Barry started using it immediately, but I finished up my bar of lady soap first.  It is really great soap! The scents are so nice and refreshing – both manly scents and lady scents…and there were even some gender-neutral scents. For some reason, Barry doesn’t like using my flowery stuff. Go figure.

It lathers GREAT and I feel squeaky clean when I’m done. I’m not sure about you guys, but I don’t care for lotion-type soaps, because I feel like I can never wash them off. I like feeling clean when I get out of the bathtub. It’s really working great for washing our hair and I also used it to shave with and got excellent results.

I’ve really been enjoying the body butter – the peppermint scent is not too strong and I can smell it off and on during the day – I like that…it’s WAY better than smelling like soured milk and peepee. I had never used body butter before, so the oiliness of it was a little weird at first…but it soaks in quickly and it makes my legs REALLY smooth. I told her that I felt like a glistening super model. Ha! That’s funny isn’t it?

Ashley Haynes lives in the Inland Northwest, is a stay at home wife and homeschooling mother of 5.  Her and her husband enjoy small scale farming with cows, 1 horse, chickens, and more.  Ashley loves to bake and provide nutritional meals for her family.  She likes being active and enjoys hobbies such as riding horses, 4-wheeling and snowmobiling just to name a few.  God is first in her life and she strives to please Him in all she does.

In 2009 Ashley started researching soapmaking.  It was 2010 before she became brave enough to try her first batch of soap.  Not wanting to spend a bunch of money to get set up with all the right the equipment, (in case it turned out to be something she didn’t enjoy) her first batch of soap was made in a sheetrock mud pan, was not blended correctly and not a great color.  But regardless, she fell in love with the process!   Ashley is passionate about providing natural, healthy and fun soaps for everyone! Visit Spunky Suds to learn more!

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  • Sharon

    I’d like to try out this soap packet! We love homemade soap too!

  • Marie

    I am trying to make the switch and have begun with castile for handwashing and dish washing, but my husband uses lever 2000 in the shower because his dermatologist recommends it for his skin issues and is hard to convince otherwise. I love natural soaps and prefer them and hope to convert hubbie some day!

  • Yolanda

    I love this post! I wish I lived next door to you and could show you how easy making soap is. It’s NOT easy when you first start, because it’s something NEW, but after you are really familiar with the process, you can make it while you are making dinner, really. It’s that steep learning curve that gets in the way initially. I make a shampoo bar that has become very popular amongst my friends. My husband uses it, and it has cured his dandruff. A lady uses it that had terrible scalp trouble and her hair was unmanageable until she started with the shampoo bar. She used to wait until her scalp was a mess and then go to the doctor and get a Rx for $50 special shampoo. Now, there’s no need! An elderly man that uses it, whose scalp was SO dry… he is very bald on top, but has actually grown a little bit of hair back there after the dryness improved. I use it, followed by a vinegar rinse, and no conditioner. Love the stuff. Anyway, I am happy that you are using natural soaps. I blogged about making soap and the entry is kind of long, but in your spare time with your extra energy ;), you might want to read it. Maybe if you read it from time to time, it would be “yours” and you could try some soap making someday. Here it is plus one other along the same vein:

    • Stacy

      :-) I just do so many other things that I’m not willing to add that to my plate right now – and I like supporting local businesses…but it’s nice to know that it’s not hard once you get started! (PS – I love kefir too! lol)

    • Veronica

      I’m interested to make my own, but am a bit put off by the mention of lard — is that in most soap? I’m new to this & just curious :)

      • Stacy

        No, lard isn’t in all of them…but you do need a fat or oil. :-) Olive oil and coconut oil are very popular.

      • Veronica

        Oh yes– I’d expect to have to have coconut oil or something similar :) Thanks for helping!

        • Stacy


  • Yolanda

    p.s. The vinegar rinse I mentioned is a little splash of vinegar in a cup of warm water, poured over my head after I rinse out the soap. Then I rinse out the vinegar rinse. Just didn’t want anyone to think I pour straight vinegar over my hair!

  • Anne @ Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy

    I use Trader Joe’s oatmeal honey soap, but I’m always interested in trying other kinds!

  • Rachel H.

    I try to use as much home-made stuff as I can. I am not currently using natural soap but would love to get back into using it! TY!

  • Angie Peterson

    I’ve started using castile soap in the shower (the bar kind) and really like it. It lasts forever! Do you still use the California Baby? They have recently changed some of their ingredients and I know it is causing a big fuss among users. You may want to check into it if you do.

    • Stacy

      :-) Yes, I still use it…but I have the older stuff, so I’m not worried. When it’s gone, I’m going to try to make my own.

  • carol mattaliano

    I would love to win Spunky Suds samples : )

  • carol mattaliano

    I love homemade soap!! I can never find the same person twice at the farmer’s market in Johnson City to buy the soap from. I was wondering if you had a recipe to make your own bar soap that doesn’t involve using lye. With such a dangerous chemical, it seems to defeat the purpose of making a natural soap. I tried kits from the craft store but do not like the results.

    • Stacy

      Carol, the only recipes that I’ve seen all involve lye. Since lye has been around for ages and ages I don’t mind using it. Here is what Ashley from Spunky Suds says: lye is used to make all soap, (it is used in a fomula with oils, water and lye). Saponifiaction is the process of making soap that involves a reaction between lye (sodium hydroxide) and fat (oils). However, lye is not in the end product. Once soap is saponified, there is no lye remaining, which is why it must cure for several weeks before using it. The end product of all natural soap is natural glycerin!

      • carol mattaliano

        Thank you Stacy!!

  • MamaJenn

    Sounds awesome! I’m trying to look into more natural soaps, too! All my kids have sensitive skin, so this would be great for them! :)

  • Becca C

    I have a friend who makes soap, and I’ve purchased from her, so yes, I use and love natural soap! Bring it on!

  • Tiffany

    I don’t use natural soap… yet!

    • Stacy

      :-) You have to start somewhere!

  • Lisa @Granola Catholic

    I love homemade soap, I have a neighbor who makes it for the farmer’s markets around here but like you I always love to try new ones. I too just use the homemade soap for washing everything in the shower. p.s. I have trained the rest of the family to do the same. (including dh and ds -age 7)you know how hard it is to get some people to change.

    • Stacy

      I know!!! All the scents are just so tempting. :-) Have you tried a coffee scent??

      • Lisa @Granola Catholic

        I love Coffee scent. I recently bought some for my husband for Christmas. That and some merlot and hops soap. The soap maker uses up the by products of a person who makes wine beer chocolate and coffee. I thought they smelled very manly.

        • Stacy

          Well, let’s be honest here. Who wouldn’t love going around all day smelling like chocolate?

  • Gina

    I have purchased and used natural soaps occasionally, both as gifts and for my family. I love the variety of fragrances available…however, I am not completely convinced about how long the soaps last. This giveaway would be a wondeful opportunity to try again.
    Thanks, Stacy!

    • Stacy

      Mine seem to last a long time…unless Barry is helping me use a bar. :-) And when I use them for my hair and body, they go a little faster. Annie has been using the same bar of soap for over a month, but she only takes 3 baths per week.

  • Kathy

    would love to try and get this prize!

    • Stacy

      Thanks for entering!

  • Kelli

    I don’t use natural soap yet but have used and liked Dr Bronner’s liquid castile in the past. I may get some again but will probably have to dilute it so the kids don’t waste it. They like the liquid version though so they can squirt it on their adorable cotton bath poufs from Etsy. I’ve boxed up all of my regular stuff and plan to Freecycle it. I’ll probably have to leave the Dove and Ivory for DH since he will fight change.

    • Stacy

      Sometimes we have to help the hubby along. :-) Good call!

  • Becky

    Great post!! I really enjoy your blog and I’m learning a lot of great things from it. You have a great writing style too. You keep things very funny and lighthearted but at the same time, you provide a lot of valuable information. I’m slowly trying to transition to more natural ways to do a lot of things. Diet was first and we have a pretty good handle on that now so I’m trying to move towards household cleaners, soaps, going paperless, etc. Your blog is soooo much help! Thanks for all the great info!

    • Stacy

      That’s great Becky! I have a few recipes for things like that on here too. Hope they’re helpful!

  • Scott

    Nice post! Soap is a tremendously beneficial change to make. Our skin is our largest organ, so smothering it with potentially toxic chemicals every day definitely does it no good.

    I agree that it’s good to support local when you can. We’ve bought some here and there from farmer’s markets and the like. But for a family of 6 paying $3 and upwards for a bar is just too expensive. We discovered Cal Ben Pure Soap, a company out of California. They make a pure organic soap that you can buy in bulk – basically 100 bars turns out to be a bit over $1 a bar. It’s awesome soap, especially for the price. We’ve been using it for over two years and it never disappoints. Plus, make the move to soft water and a bar can last over 2 weeks!

    • Stacy

      That’s a fabulous deal Scott! :-) Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Melissa

    Sounds good! Trying to figure out where and how to start the switch to more natural living. Made my own yogurt yesterday! Love it!

    • Stacy

      Homemade yogurt is amazing! :-) Let me know if I can help you with any of your switches.

  • Kate

    I have been considering making my own soap, but this may be a good alternative.

    • Stacy

      At least it’s a good alternative until you learn!

  • Megan

    I have been trying to switch over everything in our house to be more natural including soaps.

    • Stacy

      We’re making the same switches. :-)

  • Dee

    Would you be able to ship these soaps to Canada? I would love to try them. The natural soap I’ve tried in the past was expensive and dissappeared quickly. These soaps sound amazing!

    • Stacy

      Ashley says: I sure can, but I know shipping is a little more…probably around $13, depending on how big/what the order is.

  • Rebekah

    I have used castille soap before, but I have not used natural bar soap before.

    • Stacy

      We love castile soap!

  • Tami

    I have a bar of natural soap, and love it. I’d love to have more! :)
    I’m sure they would be great for my daughter who has problems with eczema sometimes.

    • Stacy

      Yes! I know the oatmeal soap has really helped with Annie’s skin issues.

  • Amanda

    I have been wanting to switch and after reading this article I plan on doing it now!

    • Stacy

      Good luck!

  • Kara

    I love to read your posts since we seem to be on the same path; Dave Ramsey, whole foods, water kefir/kombucha, natural cleaning products, and now soap. We have been using up our manufactured soaps but have been slowly using hand made soaps. I can certainly “feel” the difference or “intention” of the products. Love it!

    • Stacy

      Yes, I had to phase out my old soaps too. :-) I just couldn’t throw them away and I felt guilty giving them to someone else. LOL

  • Dedriann

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! I am in the process of making the switch and it is always nice to have someone to learn from! I have even tried going the no shampoo route. Still looking for what works for the family!

    • Stacy

      :-) Thanks Dedriann! I love the lathering of the soap in my hair…so I would miss that. :-)

  • Michelle N

    I would love to try this soap. I am raising a grandson who was diagnosed with autism in 2008 & we are trying to go natural with all that we can.

    • Stacy

      Michelle, I think switching to natural soap would be great for him! :-) Good luck!

  • Daryl

    I use castile soap, both liquid and bar, for my shower and hair. Using it as a shampoo makes my hair feel much thicker, but a little harder to comb. I would like to say I make it myself, but alas, it was purchased. I have taken the 1st tiny step toward making my own soap…. I bought a large bottle of olive oil, although that was 6 months ago. :) Making soap is something I have wanted to do for years, but still have not done it. (I wonder if procrastination could be considered a craft.) I am currently using a bar of pine tar soap which I love. I used to get it years ago from an older couple that made it right on their farm in Windsor, Va. The lady (wish I could remember her name) told me she used it for everything, including laundry, dishes, and shampoo. Being frugal like I am, I do not let the water run while I am in the shower. I turn it on, get wet, then turn it off until time to rinse. Hence my discovery that less water on my body makes the soap last longer, and really gets me more squeaky clean. I just do not feel clean unless I am squeaky, including my hair. I always do a squeak test on my hair to determine if I am really through washing it. (After rinsing out the soap, just grab some hair, near the scalp, between your thumb and index finger. Slide your fingers along the hair, away from your scalp. If it feels squeaky and slippery, I say it is clean.)

    • Stacy

      I say it’s clean too! :-) And that’s great about your shower…I’ve not made it that far yet. My shower is my daily relaxing and unwinding time….and I just love that hot water.

  • Leigh Ann @ Intentional By Grace

    I noticed that you used up what you had before starting on your samples. Are you one of THOSE people? Because I am. I could never start a new bar of soup before finishing my old one….can’t do it. Just cannot do it.

    And yes, I use natural soaps. Bars. Not lotiony kind.

    • Stacy

      Yeah…it’s a disease I have. I had to finish the other bar. Or it would have kept me awake at night.