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Crock Pot Southwest Chicken and Rice Chowder

Crock Pot Southwest Chicken and Rice Chowder

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By Contributing Writer, Jessica Smartt

The first time I ate Southwest Chicken Chowder, I’m pretty sure I cried because it was so wonderful.

I’m not usually this dramatic about my dinner, but at the time, I was three days post-partum with my second son, exhausted, weepy, and starving. And this yummy chowder was a gift from my friend, Kate, who knows that bringing dinner to a new mom is about #3 on the list of “Nicest Things You Can Do for Anyone.”

I have made this many times since then. I don’t always shed tears of joy eating it, but almost. I love that this dish is yummy and allergy-friendly, as we manage multiple food allergies. It’s perfect for rainy days, cold days, hot days, basically any day you need dinner. Which here, is every day. We do not skip dinner.

I tweaked Kate’s recipe to work for a crock pot, and it works great! Just don’t forget the toppings! Especially avocado. I recently realized not everyone likes avocado. It was quite shocking. One final note – you may want to peek on this now and then to see if it needs more broth.

Crock Pot Southwest Chicken and Rice Chowder

Crock Pot Southwest Chicken and Rice Chowder
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About Jessica Smartt

Jessica Smartt is a former teacher who lives in beautiful North Carolina. She blogs at where she pokes fun at the everyday challenges of motherhood, shares all her amazing allergy-friendly recipes, and rejoices that God still loves her no matter what phobia she has recently developed. She is blessed beyond belief with two Smartt little boys and a husband who can fix anything.


  1. Marsha 'Nana' Baker says:

    This sounds mouth-watering! And I haven’t even had breakfast yet. =) Thanks so much for sharing. Printing to make soon.

  2. Becca Carroll says:

    OMGosh yuuuuuuum!

  3. I love crock-pot recipes. This looks great :)

  4. Crockin’ right now! Smells great!

  5. Its_Gwen says:

    Beautiful! This would be a VERY easy crossover for maintenance or kiddos, just by switching up toppings.

  6. This is in my crock right now and smells aaammmaaazzzzing!!! I made chicken on the grill the other night, and as I was cleaning up dinner, I threw the rest of the chicken breasts from the package into a freezer bag with the rest of the ingredients, except for the beans, and put it in the freezer. This morning I pulled the bag out, defrosted it in a bowl of water for a few minutes until I could empty the bag out into the crock pot. Super easy, and no cleanup this morning! Can’t wait for dinner time – love easy meals like this!!

  7. I made this for a church potluck today, thinking I would feel deprived because it was the only thing “on plan” that I could have ….it was awesome! I think it’s going to have a weekly place in my menu…Yum! Thanks for all you’re hard work!

  8. Hi – I have just found your blog and this recipe, it sounds delicious! One question – do you know if this could be done as a freezer meal? ie. assemble it all & then defrost & make in crock pot? Thanks in advance!

  9. Lily Crisp says:

    I live in NC too. What part are you in? We’re in the Triad area, High Point. Your recipe sounds so good.

  10. Chanelle says:

    Everything is in my crockpot to have for dinner! I had to make a few adjustments so I could use what I had on-hand, but I’m excited to try it out tonight…yay! :)

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