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Soap Scum Removal From the Bathtub

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Dear Friends, I think I have lied to you. On numerous occasions I have told you that Barry and I don’t use credit cards. That is a false statement. I have led you to believe that I think credit cards are useless, but that is a falsehood. There is a GREAT use for credit cards – and I use ours on a regular basis. It’s true. I confess. I think credit cards are great…in the bathtub.

Occasionally Barry and I get “fake” credit cards in the mail. I’m not entirely sure what prompts these. Does Gordon’s Jewelers feel like Barry needs to buy me some jewelry? And if so, how did they get our address? And if so, why hasn’t Barry heeded that nudge? I’m not sure. Maybe Gordon’s Jewelers just knew that my bathtub was starting to get a bit of buildup. I’m sure that’s it. So, instead of throwing those little jewels away, I confiscate them for future use in the bathroom. Any plastic type of card will work…but something about cleaning soap scum with a credit card just gives me a HUGE amount of satisfaction.

Credit cards are the exact right thickness that they bend just a little bit, enough to get in the curve of the tub at the bottom. If you get soap scum buildup like I do down in that spot, you can use your credit card to just scrape it off. It doesn’t take much effort at all – and you can see that it really gets most of it off. I scrape all over the tub, anywhere I have buildup, and it comes off very easily. Soap scum is very nasty and hard to deal with – but I’ve conquered it with credit. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, in order to get the goop all the way off, I just sprinkle some baking soda on a wet cleaning rag and scrub around the tub with that and then rinse off. Viola! Clean tub. Soap scum no longer scares me.

For a long time I banned bar soap in this house because I hated cleaning the soap scum, but no more! Now I have a quick and easy solution. Bar soap is our favorite anyway – bath gel just sounds weird and I have a sneaking suspicion that it was making Barry feel less manly.

For in-between maintenance, I use the after-shower spray from the Simply Clean eBook  and it works great! I also get soap scum off pretty easily but scrubbing it with Borax or just plain baking soda…but I think the credit card method is easier – and I won’t lie, it makes me giggle. Take THAT Gordon’s Jewelers!

*I have absolutely nothing against Gordon’s Jewelers. My beef is with the leeching, blood-sucking credit card industry. Thank you.

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  1. Wha ha ha ha ha ha. This is great.

  2. That is extremely interesting. We also get those pesky fake credit card in the mail all the time, and I love your idea of using them to clean soap scum. I can see where that leaves you with a smile on your face! :)

    Also, because of your blogs, I am starting to use borax and white vinegar a lot in my own household! You are right…they clean just about anything and it’s safe to use also!! What a genius idea!!

    • I love embracing the way of life of my mother and grandmother. It was a much easier lifestyle back then. :-)

  3. LOVE THIS POST!! You rock Stacy.. Dave would be proud! LOL!

  4. Yolanda says:


  5. That’s a great tip. Credit cards also make great guitar picks, too :) :) Yes, there is an actual tutorial out there on how to make them. IN fact, maybe it was on your site? Can’t remember 😉 :) :) I’m going to take a look at that after-shower spray. My dad loves to buy this shower spray in the store. I don’t…because I don’t know what all goes into making it. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  6. I have used cards like this to scrape stuff off the floor and burnt on to pans, but I never once thought of using it in the bath tub. Brilliant! I will have to do that next time!

  7. Lisa Lewey-Shields says:

    Great ideas !!!!! Love them all…..

    I have one to add…. I leave one in my winter pocket and when it is just a little frost or a thin layer of ice , it does an awesome job of scraping off the frost from your windshields….. clean and quick ! Thin enough to carry in a pocket and it also bends and curves with the corners of the windshield. Add you always have it handy. :)

  8. Pretty darn good idea there!

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