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Pumpkin Syrup

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In past years, I have done a week-long series during the fall focusing on something. I’ve done an Ode to Thanksgiving and the Week of the Candy Corn. I declare this The Week of the Pumpkin! Amen and amen.

Today we’re having Pumpkin Syrup. The rest of the week we’ll see: Pumpkin Granola Bars, Pumpkin Breakfast Parfaits and Pumpkin Soup. If you don’t like pumpkin, I apologize. You might want to seek medical attention though – because that sounds like a serious problem to me. Fall without pumpkin is like green beans without ketchup…like popcorn without salt…like every day without a doughnut.

I found this gem on Vitacost. Farmer’s Market Organic Canned Pumpkin…and it’s good. Guess what? It’s in BPA free cans. Can I get a woot, woot?! I have a dream…that we live in a land where all canned foods are in BPA Free cans. I’m talking to YOU, Hunt’s tomatoes! Do me a favor, please?

This recipe is super easy. You just throw some pumpkin, honey, maple syrup and cinnamon in a saucepan and warm it up. It really can’t get much easier than that…except you don’t want to boil it. And that might throw some of you for a loop. Yeah – I’m talking to you. I know you put stuff in your pan and then wander off to do something else…forgetting that you’re cooking. You come back and find that it’s scorched to the bottom of the pan, don’t ya? Don’t lie to me. Your eye is twitching.

When the mixture is warmed, throw in some butter and vanilla and stir it all up…because really, everything tastes better with butter and vanilla. That’s a fact, Jack.

Serve with pancakes or baked oatmeal

Serve the warm syrup over pancakes or French toast. Around these parts, we like to serve it over Baked Oatmeal…and the Lord saw it and said that it was GOOD.  I said it was good too…and I ate it all. And yes, I do have to slice my bananas in order to eat them. I’m an odd bird.

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  1. Um, green beans without ketchup? Now, the Roanald might agree with you, but the rest of us. . .

  2. Well, there ARE other lands with BPA-free cans – in fact most of the European countries!
    There are some companies in the US that offer BPA-free cans that are legitimately safer; while others promote products (plastic goods, Nalgene, cans, etc.) that say BPA-free, but the BPA has been replaced with something equally toxic and equally cheap. Rather deceptive..
    I love pumpkin, so pumpkin anything is awesome! Very important food for humans AND be sure to give to your dogs. They help the body be rid of parasites/worms and yes, we all have them.
    Haven’t had green beans with ketchup..but it’s probably pretty good. I make a middle eastern dish that is green beans in a tomato sauce and it’s fabulous.

    • I hope the United States gets a clue sometime soon – we also need to label GMO foods. 😉 Green beans with ketchup is delish!

      • I agree. Sad that Prop 37 in CA didn’t pass since foods from every state affect all the others. Good that Washington state recently passed one of theirs as did Vermont. Slowly..

  3. I love everything pumpkin too! This has got to be good because it has some great sweeteners. Do you think it would still be good if you half the amount or only use one of them? We’re trying to cut back on the sweets a little.

    • It would probably be okay – but more like a topping and less like “syrup” since syrup is very sweet by nature. :-)

  4. How does this store? Can you preserve it (like canning?)

    I’ve got 12 pumpkins that need use, so thank you for Pumpkin Week!

  5. baked oatmeal?! you’re a some kind of mad genius lady! I’ll overlook the bit about ketchup and green beans and focus on learning your baked oatmeal recipe.

  6. Pumpkin can be pressure canned in chunks safely. Purée with a stick blender in the jar and you are ready to go.

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