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Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

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I like to dip my food. I always have. I always will. There is just something super fun about dipping food into something and then trying to get it into my mouth without dribbling it all over myself…and for the record, I always get it all over myself.

I eat peanut butter every day. Every. Day. Seriously – I cannot tell you the last time I had a day without it…I even asked for it on my food tray at the hospital with Andy. I like it with my bananas, I like it with my pancakes, and sometimes you’ll even find me putting it on a biscuit.

So, when I saw this recipe for fruit dip, I knew I would remake it and add peanut butter. It’s just how life rolls. Fruit was meant to be eaten with peanut butter. Chocolate was meant to be eaten with peanut butter. Spoons were made for peanut butter. Fact.

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

As we continue on with Cooking Through Stacy’s Stash, we come to this cookbook…and it’s very special to me. It’s just a little cookbook, bound with metal rings so you can turn the pages. Very simple. This cookbook was given to me when my Mamaw died – it was in her stash.

It’s a little book compiled of all the favorite recipes from the ladies at her church. And man, there are some hum dingers in there. My variation of Pumpkin Chip Cookies came from this book.

I love looking through it and seeing all the old timey recipes like homemade beef jerky, skillet apples and potato salad dressing. Yummo! Church ladies can cook! Bless their hearts.

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

I chose the recipe for fruit dip because I knew it was something quick and easy – and again, I like to dip my food – so it called to me. However, it’s chock full of sugar. Fruit already has enough sugar in it, so I wanted to cut back on that…and keep Annie from crawling up the walls after lunch. Would you like some sugar with your sugar? Geesh. Church ladies can cook, but they also love their sugar, Suga. Bless their hearts.

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

In our effort to cut back on sugar consumption, I replaced the sugar in this recipe with stevia…and I cut WAY back on it. This puppy called for a whole cup of sugar!

So, what have we learned from this so far? When at church potlucks, suspect there is SUGAR IN IT (whatever IT might be).

I added natural peanut butter as well. Because fruit and peanut butter are meant to be together. True love.

If you don’t have stevia, or don’t use it, then you’ll use the equivalent of about two tablespoons of sweetener. I enjoy using stevia – my favorite brand is Sweet Leaf and I buy it from Vitacost.

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

This is a GREAT recipe to make with your kids. And while making it, explain that sticking your tongue in the beaters while they’re still mixing is a big no-no. Also, fingers are a big no-no. I have never stuck my fingers into moving beaters. *Cough*

My tweaks turned out great! We LOVE it!!! It’s definitely going into my Favorite Recipes binder.

Do you eat peanut butter every day too? Come on – confess.

PB Fruit Dip


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  1. Mmm! I love peanut butter. I am attempting to make my own peanut butter this week 😀 And sheesh, a whole cup of sugar? That’s nuts!!

    I am going to try this dip out with my homemade peanut butter :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh yum! Annie is just adorable, and the PB dip looks fabtabulous!

    No, we don’t eat PB every day, because…sniff sniff…I think my baby is sensitive to peanuts. :( Whaaaa! But before that suspicion, it was pretty much a daily thing.

  3. Oh man, can church ladies cook!!! As the president of our local UMW, I loved seeing that little shout out to the Methodist ladies :)I love our monthly meetings because I know we are going to be getting some good grub!

  4. We eat a lot if peanut butter too. I often give my three boys “peanut butter popsicles” which is just peanut butter on a spoon!

  5. Annie is so cute! Taking after her mama I see with loving to be in the kitchen! :)
    I also wonder how honey would taste in place of the sweetner… Honey and peanut butter usually go together…

  6. Thanks for a remake of my favorite dip. Yes, peanut butter gets eaten every day in this house. We have 6 children and I buy 2 80 oz. tubs at a time of the good stuff! Here’s hoping the price will go down as I have heard the south had a good crop last year!

  7. Oh my! I love peanut butter too. I have all the ingredients and am trying this today. Thank you, Stacy. You always deliver.

  8. Judy Holbrook says:

    What a treat! I can’t wait to try this. It looks very diabetic friendly. Thanks!

  9. Yum! Yum! Yum!
    I love peanut butter too! My kids would love this with their apples. I have peanut butter banana bread on my list of things to make this week.

  10. Do you prefer powdered stevia over liquid? If you use both, what works better when? I haven’t used it yet and it’s on my list to order soon. :-)

  11. When we don’t have peanut butter I’m like, There’s nothing to eat!!! Oh wait, the whole fridge is full, minus the pb-shaped hole.
    This recipe sounds fantastic. I’m in.


    Try this one…it is a favorite at our house. :)

  13. I love me some peanut butter :) I make a dip like this but usually use strained or Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese (or both if I have them, but I rarely buy cream cheese so it’s usually just yogurt). I’ve used stevia and honey and like it both ways.

  14. Couldn’t help but notice Christy, The Simple Homemaker made the comment about being sensitive to peanuts…it is a very unfortunate thing. I used to eat peanut butter on most everything…didn’t think there was life without peanut butter, until my allergy showed its ugly head. My doctor told me that even a half a peanut could kill me the next time I ate it. I have been peanut and peanut butter free for about a year. My yearning for peanut butter is tremendous. This very day, my sister and brother-in-law came to visit and brought me a product I knew nothing about. It is called WOWBUTTER…it tastes just like peanut butter but with NO peanuts! I am so anxious to try it in recipes now…and speaking of Methodist women…I was told that the no-bake cookies (containing peanut butter) were Methodist preacher cookies…always a favorite of mine and served at the UMW that I attended as a younger woman.

  15. Ooooh my I’m not a fun of dips but gal!!! this looks like i’ll be sitting on a cloud with wings just floating away =).

  16. LUUUUV peanut butter! BUT, my son can not have gluten and dairy, and we haven’t had luck with dairy free cream cheese being palatable. Wondering though with the other ingredients maybe he would like it–am going to try. Wish me luck!

  17. I love peanut butter! I didn’t realize how much my 2-year-old loved it until she came to me with a spoon and a jar of pb asking for help to get it open! We will scoop up pb on spoons and then sit at the counter and eat it together. Thank you for a fun recipe!

  18. Janet McCollom says:

    I, too, eat PB daily with an apple. My daughter mixes PB and plain Greek yogurt together to eat with fruit(equal parts, no sugar), very tasty!

    • Oh dear. I have not yet mixed Greek yogurt with peanut butter and ate it…you can be sure I’ll be remedying that!

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