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Thred Up Review…Thumbs Up? Or Thumbs Down? {Online Thrifting}

Thred Up Review…Thumbs Up? Or Thumbs Down? {Online Thrifting}

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Stitch Fix: Budget Buster or Worthwhile Investment?

So, I heard about Thred Up the first time from my friend Angela at The Grocery Shrink. After that, I started seeing everyone talk about it. And of course, because I have some type of Ornery Disease, I didn’t want to check it out. Because if everyone else is doing it, I don’t want to. I want to swim upstream…but not naked.

See, here’s the problem – my clothes didn’t fit. After baby #3, I was up 10 pounds and wider around the hips…and also around the ummmm, yeah. Those.

I will be the first to tell you, I’m okay with my weight gain. It’s not bad weight and I’m still in a healthy range. I’m able to eat what I want and not worry so much about the number on the scale. I’m  at a weight that’s easy to maintain (finally). I do still exercise in an attempt to lose some body fat, but that usually means you gain weight (muscle).

So, nothing in my closet was fitting well – and I didn’t really want to wear yoga pants to Sunday School. I knew I needed some better fitting clothes, but I didn’t have the time or desire to go out thrifting for clothes. I had already had some bad experiences ordering things online so I wasn’t excited about it. And plus, I don’t like buying new clothes if I can help it. I like buying used. It’s in my blood. (Some of you aren’t like that, and that’s cool – I’ll have you covered later on.) (more…)

I Don’t Buy Clothes Online…CONVERT (Thrift Stores)

I Don’t Buy Clothes Online…CONVERT (Thrift Stores)

Before I had kids, I was the thrift store/yard sale queen. I could clothe Barry and myself very inexpensively. I could also decorate our home for cents on the dollar. I loved thrifting. LOVED IT. But then…I had kids.

I love my children – So. Much. But the idea of packing them all up into the car to run to the thrift store and pick out/try on clothing is enough to make me want to join a nudist colony.

I have a friend who goes to Target several times a week – picks up lots of things to try on – takes them back home to do so – and returns most of it when she doesn’t like it…because she has kids. And taking multiple kids into a dressing room is a recipe for disaster. STOP LICKING THE DOOR!

I had some bad experiences with buying clothing online…mostly shoes. I would order the size that should have fit, but it would end up being too small or too big…and then I would have to PAY to return it. Ain’t nobody got money for that. So, it put a bad taste in my mouth and I just didn’t feel like buying clothes online. Thrifting is cheaper, right? (more…)

5 Meals That Make The Best Leftovers

5 Meals That Make The Best Leftovers


Post by Contributing Author, Vanessa from Bible Beer and Babies

We are a leftover-loving family. Leftovers stretch to fill lunch boxes at the office and dinner plates on busy weeknights. If you’re at all like me, though, you’ve found yourself — on many an occasion — staring into a sea of tupperware bins of food with dread over having to choke them down in their reheated forms. Sadly, I’ve thrown out my fair share of sad-looking clumps of once-yummy food, because I simply couldn’t stomach it. Because if we’re completely honest, not all leftovers are created equal. Some are just a reheated hot mess. Right? Right. But there are some meals out there which are not only palatable, but actually shine brighter that second (or third) day around.

Here are some recipes you’re sure to enjoy the first night, but may fight over the next. Let’s be civil, though, people.

1. Bacon-Wrapped Pulled Pork

Easy. Tasty. Versatile. And amazing. I mean, obviously. It’s pork wrapped in bacon and slow-cooked. While some recipes call for fancy salt and extras, I prefer my own two-ingredient method: pork. bacon. Okay, sometimes I add some minced garlic between the two, but even without it gets rave reviews. Just wrap it up (I weave to help the bacon stay put) and cook on low in your slow cooker for 6-8 hours. Move the whole roast to the oven and broil for 5-10 minutes to crisp up, while you prep any sides. Then shred and enjoy. I told you it was easy.

Plus, this meat is amazing for the entire remaining week — if it lasts that long. You can heat it up for some barbecue sandwiches or pulled pork tacos, but my go-to is a simple (and cold) pulled pork sandwich on a hoagie bun. Sometimes I dress it up with some spicy ranch dressing, but there’s something beautifully simple and delicious about pork, bacon and bread. (more…)

Fear Not the Pressure Cooker! {Pressure Cooker tutorial video}

Fear Not the Pressure Cooker! {Pressure Cooker tutorial video}

I just love making videos for you. :-) I’ve had the desire to do more, but I hadn’t been able to make it work. I was worried people would be aggravated if they heard my kids in the background, but then I realized there is NEVER going to be a good time as long as I’m a mom. Life happens. So, I’m going to make videos anyway, even in my messy, mommy glory. You might hear my kids sometimes. Sometimes I might have spit up on my shoulder. Sometimes a telemarketer might call during the middle of a video (like this one). Who cares?! It’s the real-life Stacy Myers kitchen. Like it or lump it. 😉

I’ve talked to some of you about your fear of pressure cookers and exploding chickens. There really is no need for this fear! So, I wanted to show you my pressure cookers and give you a little overview. I will be doing more videos using my cookers – one using each pot so that you can get a feel for how they work.  (more…)

How to Cook with Cast Iron {Giveaway}

How to Cook with Cast Iron {Giveaway}
Some of the items in this post were provided to me by Mighty Nest.

In my younger cooking days, I was scared to death of cast iron. It reminded me of Laura Ingalls and cooking over an open fire on the wagon train. My mom never used cast iron, she used her stainless skillet mostly. So, I didn’t have any experience with it. And things we don’t have experience with can make us nervous, kinda like ice skating, walking over hot coals, or getting a tattoo.

I bought my first iron skillet to make cornbread. And the heavens opened up and sang the hallelujah chorus. I’m not lying when I say I think my eyes rolled back in my head with that first bite. Victory!!!!

Cast iron has been around a long time…which should let you know that it’s pretty stinkin’ reliable and long lasting. Except when applying that logic, we can get in trouble. Aluminum anyone? Saccharin? Please pass the MSG. Ahem.

But anyways, I’m not going to tell you what types of pans are best and safest to cook with. Because as sure as one person says “This is GREAT!” Another person will tell you that it “causes your toe nails to fall out, hair to turn gray, and  buttitis.” I feel like cast iron is pretty safe. Unless you drop it on your foot. Then it can be pretty unhealthy. *SMC is not held responsible for any broken feet due to dropping of iron skillets.* (more…)