Crock Pot Teriyaki Boston Butt

Crock Pot Teriyaki Boston Butt

I think I shall rename this post and call it: Don’t – stuff you shouldn’t do when trying to make a blog post.

1. Don’t make a blog post about butt.

Why? Because well, there are entirely too many jokes to be made about a big butt. Case in point: Fat on your butt. There’s a bone in your butt. Juicy butt. Rub your butt with honey. Make sure it’s big enough to fit your butt in. A little butt rub makes everything better. I’ll stop while I am ahead.Continue reading

Laundry Detergent Notes

You’ve probably read this post about making homemade powder laundry detergent and this one about making your own liquid version but I’ve got a few more things to add. I’ve been making my own now for several months and I’ve come to a few conclusions. 1. I love it!!!! 2. I’ve changed it a bit. So, today let’s chat a little about laundry detergent and see if you would like to make some changes too. I’ve only been using the powder version because I like that it takes up so little space. I don’t really have much space to spare here……Annie takes up most of it and what’s left is Dottie’s. Sometimes I think Barry and I should just move out on the porch.Continue reading

8 Week T-Tapp Challenge

Some of you might remember when I wrote the post about working out at home. It’s a great way to save money – keeping your gym membership money in your pocket or putting it toward paying off debt. I told you in that post that I had been doing the T-Tapp DVD…I’m still doing it. And now, I’ve gotten Barry doing it too!

I want to get you guys into T-Tapp too! Why? Well, because I think it’s a great workout. Today I’m starting an 8-week series so that you guys can go along with me. I’ll talk a little bit about exercising with T-Tapp, getting your kids involved with T-Tapp, Barry will talk about men and T-Tapp, and I will discuss a little about our diet.

Don’t worry – no real crazy diets here…because after all, the first three letters of diet are D-I-E.Continue reading

Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Sorry for the low quality cell phone photo! I had taken the camera with me. :-)

I think I enjoy Fix and Forget Friday as much as you guys do. It seems these days my schedule is totally full. It’s nice to have a meal in the crock pot so that I know when I get home dinner is ready to go… long as I have remembered to turn the crock pot on. In my defense, that only happened ONCE. And maybe it wasn’t even my fault. Maybe the cord somehow wiggled itself out of the outlet. It could happen. Today we’re making Chicken Enchilada Casserole. Yum! Barry gave this a 9 out of 10…..and that’s impressive ladies. Usually I only get an 8. Barry saves his 10 for Tiramisu and Berryhill Baja Grill in Texas.Continue reading

How To Make Money Doing What You Know – Taking Custom Orders

VT headband made by Mom

There is something that you do better than someone else. What is it? Did you know that people are willing to pay for what you do well? It could be goods or services. You know what I can’t do? Sew. Man, when I try to sew, bad things happen. BAD THINGS, man.  Something or someone gets bloody. It’s usually me. My mom on the other hand is a master sewer. She can take anything and make it come to life. It’s amazing! My house is full of things she’s made. Annie’s closet and bedroom are full of stuff mom has made. She’s got talent. She didn’t pass any along to me in the area of sewing.Continue reading