100 Days of Meal Plans – Whole Foods Style (for FREE)

100 Days of Meal Plans – Whole Foods Style (for FREE)

So, I have this thing I like do to do in my spare time…it’s called – planning meals. Yeah, okay. Stop your laughing. Some people knit. Some people sew. Some people play sports. I read cookbooks and dream up meal plans. I’m a wild and crazy girl.

You already know how much I love Plan to Eat. But what you don’t know is that planning meals is one of the highlights of my week. I also enjoy making beds, ironing clothes, and de-boogering my children. Gosh…I AM a weirdo.

But something I’ve learned is that not everyone enjoys de-boogering their children with a Nose Frida – and not everyone enjoys making their bed daily – and some people don’t even own an iron (THE HORROR!). And the most crazy thing of all is….some of you hate making meal plans! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Cue the freaky scary movie music! What is wrong with you people!? (more…)

Groovebook – 100 Pictures for $2.99/month

Groovebook – 100 Pictures for $2.99/month

I just wanted to write a quick little post (Ha ha! When have I ever written a “quick little post?” I’m too long winded for that.) about this new app that I found and LOVE. I don’t think many people know about it, so I wanted to tell you guys.

I have this problem – I take lots of photos, but I always forget to get them printed…or I’m too busy to spend time getting them printed. And then my pictures in the frames around the house are two, three, four, OKAY TEN years old. Or my mom says, “Hey…can I get some new pictures? Annie is still in diapers in these.” Oops.  (more…)

Make YOUR Decision – Experts Don’t Agree

Make YOUR Decision – Experts Don’t Agree

I’m just about sick of all of us tearing each other down based on decisions that are INDIVIDUAL. When did we decide that chewing someone up and spitting them out was okay? What are we teaching our children about speaking to others in love? I’ll tell ya – jack squat if we continue on this path.

Nothing in life that you want to do is going to be agreeable to everyone. Nothing. Well, except you probably won’t find anyone saying that kale is bad for you. (Insert millions of links where random people say kale is bad.)

For every decision or topic that you find someone saying it’s “good” you’ll find equally as many saying it’s “bad.” So, what’s a feller to do? (more…)

That Time I Freaked Out About Instagram – An Apology

That Time I Freaked Out About Instagram – An Apology

I was never really a huge fan of social media…until I started using Instagram. And buddy, did I hop on that bandwagon like a bandit. I started asking everyone and their brother to follow me. I was posting every couple hours, talking to you guys, and loving every single minute.

Then I started talking with my BFF about it…and pondering and dwelling on it. Can I just tell you, when I think too hard about something, it usually gets me into trouble. I took a look at my follow list – because I was a public board and anyone could follow me.

I noticed that a bunch of “weirdos” were following me. Now, before you get offended, hear me out. I mean people with “fake” profiles…men who only posted “strange” photos. Wait, what? You mean it’s possible that some crazy person is seeing all these pictures I post of my KIDS?!

I freaked out.

Something you should note about me, I freak out FIRST and think LATER. Yeah, I know that’s a bad habit…but it’s something I just do – and Barry married me even though he knew that was my tendency.  (more…)

Use Sam’s Club “Click-and-Pull” to Save Your Budget!

Use Sam’s Club “Click-and-Pull” to Save Your Budget!

“Honey, let’s stop by Sam’s Club. I need to pick up some toilet paper and milk.” Two hours later, you leave Sam’s Club with a buggy (grocery cart for you non-country folk) full of stuff that you didn’t need and wasn’t on your list. Am, I right? If you’re laughing right now, I’m talking to YOU. ;-)

Today, I am speaking to you guys who cannot pass the free samples without buying what they are offering. If you’re laughing right now, I’m talking to you.

Today, I am speaking to those of you who buy something that’s on display, even though it’s not on your list, because the price was too good to pass up. If you’re laughing right now, I’m talking to you.

Today, I am speaking to those of you who are tighter than Dick’s hat band and never go over budget. If you’re  not grinning right now, I’m totally not talking to you. You don’t need this post. Pass “Go” and collect $200.


I’ve always been pretty tight – I don’t like to spend money very often…but even I fall prey to the free samples sometimes. Would I like a free processed dino shaped chicken nugget?! ABSOLUTELY! SIGN ME UP! And I almost always leave Sam’s with something that wasn’t on my list. Oh! This is a new product! I must try it! GET THOU IN MY BUGGY!

I wish someone had told me about Sam’s Club Click-and-Pull a loooooooooooooooong time ago. It’s actually now known as “Club Pickup” but if you’re like me, once you hear something called one thing, you’ll always call it that thing. Creature of habit —-> me.


Here’s the gist of it: you order online after you create an account. You specify a time to pick it up. You go to Sam’s and tell them you’re here for pick-up. They bring it to you. You pay. THE END! How awesome is that?! Let me hear a woot! Woot!


-You only buy what’s on your list so you are so much more likely to stick to your budget.

-You save time because you’re not running around the store. We usually go right after church and I’m able to avoid the crazy lines because I just go right to the service desk.

-You don’t pay online, so you can make sure your order is correct before committing to pay.

-You can even get cold and frozen items! They keep your order in the cooler until you arrive.


-Only someone with a card can pick up your order.

-You can’t get certain items, like meat. They will do produce for you, but if you’re OCD like I am, you have to pick your own produce…so I just save those items for times when I do have the ability to shop.

-You miss the free samples…aka the Sam’s Free Buffet.


So really, this is a great way to save your budget if you’re always going over in a big-box store. I’m sure other stores offer this same service, so make sure to check around.

I’m usually out within 5-10 minutes which is so nice! Barry just drives around the parking lot, slowly, while waiting for me. Otherwise, people get testy if he just waits in the pick-up line. Don’t mess with people after church on Sunday, y’all. It can get serious. ;-)

Now, I just need Sam’s to deliver everything for free right to my door – kinda like Vitacost. We can hope.