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MyPoints and Inbox Dollars

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I love referring you guys to programs that help you make a little extra cash here and there. MyPoints and Inbox Dollars are two of those types of programs. I realize there are tons of companies out there trying to sell you on something, saying they will pay you to do yadda-yadda…..and it turns out that yadda-yadda is something illegal or you have to spend fifty zillion dollars in order to qualify. I wouldn’t refer you to something I wasn’t doing myself. I think there are tons of programs like this that you can join, but these two are my favorites and the easiest to do. And trust me, these days I need easy. I don’t have tons of extra time to jump through hoops……I’m not very talented with hoops – hula or basketball (my sister says AMEN!).
So, let’s start with MyPoints.. This is a program that gives you POINTS (betcha didn’t see that one coming) for doing certain things. For example, if you sign up through MyPoints and make certain purchases (things you were already going to do) then you’ll get points for that purchase. You’ll visit the MyPoints website and make your purchases through them in order for the purchase to be counted. You can take surveys, play online games and read emails. For a list of everything that qualifies, you can go HERE. I’m not a big game player, so for me I earn points only through emails. That’s it. They send me emails, I open them and I get credits for doing that. It takes longer to earn points, but that’s okay with me. It’s taking me very little time and I’ll get paid for it later. Cool. And I’ll just be honest. I don’t read the emails…..that’s not a requirement. You just have to open them and click on the link that says “Claim your points” that’s located at the bottom. Most of them are for stuff like credit cards and life insurance so I’m not interested… insurance is covered and credit cards are the devil. Don’t play around with the devil in disguise. If you are the type of person who is easily swayed by advertisements, then you don’t want to do the email option…..because you’ll end up with tons of stuff arriving at your door. If however, you are like me and good at saying NO, then this is a GREAT option for you!  The amount of emails that you’ll get daily will vary. Sometimes I get one…..sometimes I get fifteen. But I just look at it as extra cash baby. Show me the money! (Name that movie.)
Sometimes I take surveys through MyPoints which let me get extra points into my account. The surveys are emailed to me, I take them and badda-bing the points are credited. Sometimes I don’t qualify for the survey, but they’ll still give you a few points for trying……I guess the stay-at-home mom from Southwest Virginia who makes her own bread doesn’t really fit their mold all the time. Surprise. It will take you a while to rack up points, but when you do you’re able to redeem them for gift cards that you buy on the MyPoints website. I’m currently saving up to buy someone a rocking awesome birthday present. That’s how I roll. If you’d like to join MyPoints, I can send you a referral email. Yes, I do get points for you joining….but then you can refer your friends and you’ll get points from them! It’s just sharing the love. You can email me HERE and I’ll get you all set up! To learn more about MyPoints, you can read their FAQs here.
Inbox Dollars is another program that I like. It basically works the same. They send you emails and you get paid to “read” them. You will get around 1-3 per day. Check your Spam filter occasionally to make sure you’re getting all of them. I say “read” loosely because I don’t really do that…..once again, you’re going to get the credit card devil offers and someone telling you to buy a burial plot. I open the email, click on the button at the bottom and I get points for those. They also offer surveys. I take them if I have the time, but most of the time I pass on those. Just like MyPoints, you can buy things through the site and get credit for that……or you can play games. Here are all the ways to earn. At Inbox Dollars you also get points for printing and using coupons. Yes, USING. You print your coupons there and once you redeem at the store, you’ll get points for that. It will take a while for it to show, so don’t run home and look. Just another way to save while you use coupons. You must have a minimum balance of $30 to request a check. Yep, check. You’re not required to buy a gift card – they will send you a cash payment. WOOT!
If you’d also like to join Inbox Dollars, I can send you a referral to it as well. Yep, I get points again…..but you can get points by referring too.  Just click here to sign up through me (and benefit us both!).If you’re going to sign up for both, you can just send me one email… yourself some time for reading about burial plots.


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  1. Swagbucks works pretty much the same as all the above. They don’t send emails but you can take surveys on your own or print and use coupons, play games, take advantage of offers…stuff like that. If anyone wants a referral to that I can help :)

    Thanks for the post. Love all of them :)

  2. Interesting way to get blessed! thanks

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