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My Trim Healthy Mama Notebook

My Trim Healthy Mama Notebook

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Please see this update on my journey with Trim Healthy Mama.

When I wrote my post about Trim Healthy Mama there was a lot of interest in my Trim Healthy Mama notebook. You wanted to know what was in it. And I am happy to answer that. Now, if you start asking me questions about what’s in my drawers, I might have to draw the line…nah, probably not. Unless DRAWERS means pants to you, then yes – I draw the line there.

I’m a nerd…I like charts and printed things. I like page protectors and things lined up all nice and pretty. It’s how I function – and it’s how I don’t lose my mind. So, this is a look at my notebook…and you can customize it for yourself.

First off, Barry made me this nice pretty cover. It’s different than the one you saw in the original post because I updated my notebook with a better binder and more pages. He made a nice pretty PDF so you can print one off for you if you so desire. :-) CLICK FOR THM COVER PAGE.

THM Notebook

My book consists of four main sections: S Recipes, E Recipes, FP Recipes, and Index. Each of those sections is a printable for you if you so desire. I made them so you could easily print and start your notebook. Just click on the link and print. Booya.

What do I have behind each section? Recipes and information. I have lists of what foods are good for each fuel source. Where did I find those lists? First, they’re in the book…but I printed these directly from the Facebook THM files. You can go there and find all sorts of things to print for your book. These files will eventually be updated and moved to the THM website.

I also have some printed recipes for each fuel source. As I try or create a new recipe, I print it off and put it where it belongs…so I don’t have to wig out when the internet is down and I don’t have a recipe printed. I like paper.

My THM Notebook

In my THM notebook I mostly have snack recipes. I need them to be quick and easy to find. This is my LARGE binder that houses favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and homemade staples – I didn’t want my snacks and THM info getting lost in there.

If you don’t have a Favorite Recipes binder, make one. It’s a life saver for those times when I need something and the power is out…or the internet is down – tell me I’m not the only one who has freaked out when the power was out and I needed something online? Don’t lie.

My THM Notebook

Where do my recipes come from? Some of them are from the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page where people post things they’ve created. I try them and if we like them, they go into my notebook…in a page protector – because I’m a nerd AND a messy cook.

Some of them I’ve created myself and you can look forward to seeing those in the future. :-)

Some of them are from my Pinterest page.  I spend massive quantities of time on Pinterest. Also, some of them are directly from the Trim Healthy Mama Pinterest boards. Great ideas there and good notes in the comments.

My THM Notebook

In the very back I have an Index. In this section is a list of the different recipe sections in the book and what recipes are included in those sections with page numbers. I also found this on the Facebook page, however there is a great index in the back of the book that you could copy and put in your notebook if you so desire.

When we try a recipe from the book, if it’s something we just LOVE LOVE LOVE (hello Skinny Chocolate and Cottage Blueberry Porridge!), then I type it up on my computer, print it out and put it in the corresponding section. Yes, I realize that’s OCD…but I like having them in that format when I’m cooking and meal planning.

My THM Notebook

Speaking of OCD, I had to get my book bound so that it would lay flat. :-) This might be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had…it ranks right up there with Chicken Fajitas. I can use it so much easier now!!!

This was done at Office Depot in 30 minutes and it only cost, wait for it…………$3.73!!!! Do it. You know you want to.

Also, you’ll see my nice, lovely tabs – idea courtesy of Gwen’s Quick Start Guide. I’m organized. Can you tell? Just don’t look in my closet. Thank you.

My THM Notebook

On the back of my binder I have this stevia conversion chart from NuNaturals. It’s the stevia that I use – it’s an extract. If you don’t use this particular type of stevia, it’s still a handy chart to have because it gives you a starting point for how much stevia to use. If you’d like a handy printable, just CLICK HERE…I made you a PDF. Because I’m cool like that.

On the very last page of my notebook is also a Truvia Conversion Chart that I printed. I don’t buy Truvia because it’s expensive and I try to avoid additional additives here and there…I easily make my own Truvia using this awesome recipe from Healthy Indulgences.

So, there is my notebook, with 6 printables for you guys. :-) And because I love you, I’ll also link a few recipes below so that you can have a starting point for your snacks. Booya.

Change your life, become a Trim Healthy Mama.

S Snack Recipes:

E Snack Recipes

FP Snack Recipes:

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  1. What an awesome thing for you to do!! I am just starting on my THM journey so these will be so very helpful!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. Shayna Boyce says:

    You rock, plain and simple. Thank you!

  3. Samantha Seymour says:

    Ohhh YAY! I just got the THM book and am still reading through it and have been thinking I will need to make a notebook :) This is great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. ♥ this! Thanks for the printables! I have a THM 3 ring binder complete with page protectors, but these printables will make it pretty and more functional.

  5. Missy Jones Shaffer says:

    Stacy I just LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE YOU! Thank you so much for making this new journey in my families life so much easier and doable!! I have a notebook started, but after today my notebook is going to be “Stacyfied” and looking good! :0)

  6. I love this! I have so many recipes printed out already, just needed someone to nudge me to get them organized. Thanks for that nudge! I’m sending my teenage son out to buy notebooks and page protectors today. (Bonus, he gets his “new driver” fix in and I get my supplies to start my notebooks! Win, win!) I guess I’m OCD too, if things aren’t orderly it makes me crazy!!

  7. Wow! Thanks for all the great info! I LOVE the idea about getting the book bound. Just got it last week and am starting to read through it. This Mama needs to get 30 pounds trimmer!!!

  8. Stacy, you are so awesome!!! :)
    Thanks for sharing all this great info with the rest of us!
    I really need to purchase Trim Healthy Mama soon, very soon!
    I continue to see it posted all over the blog spectrum & now that you’ve shared your notebook ideas I am ready to take the leap & start living a healthier lifestyle.
    I am also an organize freak when it comes to the kitchen!
    I am a homeschool mama & binders & page protectors are my best friends! Lol!! 😉
    So glad you posted that Stevia conversion chart. I just started using stevia & wasn’t really sure about how to use it in my recipes to replace the sugar.
    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    God bless you & your family. :)

  9. I like paper recipes too :) My favorite recipes I print out or write out by hand. Sometimes I just don’t want to turn on my computer to find what to make for dinner!

  10. Awesome! Thanks so much! I like to be organized but I also like someone else to do it for me. Ha ha ha!

  11. Melissa M says:

    Thanks Stacy! I just finished painting my new sunroom office (it’s yellow… and off the kitchen… goodbye sunroom playroom… ) once it has it’s storage cart from IKEA I am going to whip up myself a THM notebook! I like to be organized, but I’m too disorganized to get my self fully organized. I never would have done this (might have thought about it) had you not made it so simple for me! Now I can’t wait!

  12. Love your NB!! (And I love having frequently used books spiral-bound at the office store.)
    I’ve been drinking their Good Girls’ Moonshine for the last week. I’m finally getting my water in!!

  13. Jan Jones says:

    I just found this post on Pinterest. I made a recipe binder too, because I bought the book as an ebook. Ever tried to hilight an ebook? Well, it probably can be done but I am not very computer savvy, so I needed a hard copy to go in the kitchen. I did not think about printing out recipes from the internet, but that makes perfect sense. I am sure over time my book will evolve into the recipes I love most, but for now, it is just the chapters in the book with the recipes. I also used page protectors in a binder because of the messiness issue. Thank you for this post. I t was very helpful.

  14. I just came across your blog. I’m unfamiliar with your S, E, and FP designations. To what do they refer and where can I find more information about them?

  15. Yellow is my favorite!!! :-) I’m glad I can help you embrace organization. lol

  16. No problem – that’s what I’m here for. I’m a organizational junkie. :-)

  17. And for those times, I just reach for my notebooks!

  18. Take the leap! WOOOOOOO!!! 😉

  19. You can do it! I’ll be your cheerleader!

  20. So, how did he do? :-)

    • He did great, went to Sam’s and got two big notebooks and the economy sized pack of sheet protectors. I’ve already put most of it together, just have to print out more of the recipes I have on Plan to Eat. I love this, it will be so much easier to cook my THM meals!

  21. I think we should get Stacyfied added to the dictionary.

  22. Yay!!! Thanks for being such a great help for me along this journey. :-)

  23. Yay! Providence. :-)

  24. Booya.

  25. You’re most welcome!

  26. Yay!!!! Make that boy some brownies!

  27. My inner organizing nerd is freaking out right now {in a good way…}. Binders *AND* page protectors! Yes! Haha… Seriously, though, I am pinning this for future use…

  28. Awesome gal you are! (Yoda lingo.) I really love the notebook. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Sarah B. Criddle says:

    Oh my goodness! This is fantastic!!!!!! Wonderful & thank you so very much for sharing!!!!!! Blessings!!!

  30. Momof5boys says:

    Thank you for all of this great info! Can’t wait to start after I have my baby! So glad there is a light at the end of the pregnancy weight loss tunnel!

  31. Danielle says:

    You are a girl after my own heart! I’m starting my THM notebook today. :)

  32. Wooohooo!!!! Organization is fun!

  33. YEAH! Kick it!

  34. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK you so much for sharing!

  35. THANK YOU! I’ve only been at this about a week and I have already been thinking I need a special notebook!! I am also glad to hear that the Facebook info sheets everyone raves about are going to be available on the website! I don’t facebook, so this is great. Thanks too for the great recipes. I need to try a few more E things, and I’m looking forward to a few more! I’m just satisfied knowing I am already doing better without sugar!

  36. Courtney says:


  37. Thanks!

  38. Veggie Wonder says:

    Thank you for the link love Stacy! Glad you enjoyed the mocha pudding! -xoxo, Veggie W.

  39. It’s a family favorite here!

  40. Great resource! Thank you for sharing!

  41. jfashian says:

    I would seriously pay you to duplicate your binders and send them to me pre-made. I NEED and love your organization, but TIME…that is the trouble. Cooking 3 scratch meals a day for 7, plus schooling and LIFE = no time to type, print and put these together…

  42. :-) I can’t really do that because of copyright laws…and it wouldn’t be smart – only you know what recipes you like! It’s easy now that you can print the pages here – just bring them out, punch, and you’re all set! Now print a recipe any time you see it and pluck it into your notebook. Easy peasy!

  43. Lexie Robinson says:

    Looks awesome! Thank you so much!

  44. You are most welcome!

  45. Michelle says:

    I’ve been preparing to make a THM notebook and just haven’t put it together yet. Thanks for sharing some of your pages with us. I love your cover and plan to use it. I also want to make a mini-notebook to keep by my blender for smoothies and THM puddings, etc.

  46. Cathy Compeau says:

    I would love for you to share and link up at my weekly TGIF Link Party if you haven’t already this week. Your favorite posts, most popular, recent or new! The party is open every Thursday night and closes Wednesday’s at midnight. Followed by (Not SO) Wordless Wednesday!

    I would be honored if you join us and follow to stay connected Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs, Cathy

  47. Thanks for the invite!

  48. :-) Yum…smoothies are my new fave!

  49. homemaidsimple says:

    I love using notebooks for quick references for everything from cleaning to recipes! Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday

  50. I hope you don’t mind I linked this post on my blog and used the photo of your notebook cover. I appreciate all of your work and for sharing it with all of us. Thank you. Here is a link to the post in case you want to check it out.

    • Thank you for the attribution! :-) I appreciate it…and when you start up your THM posts, I hope you’ll come link them up on Tuesday! :-)

  51. I’m a brand new THMer but I have a question. Do you have additional sections behind your S, E and FP that seperates each into breakfast, meal, snack, etc? I am seriously thinking that I am adding that to my notebook, just to help me find the type of recipe I am looking for even faster. I printed out your forms and some from the fb page and I am putting my notebook together now. I also added a beverage section.

  52. No….I just keep snacks in my THM binder. Meals and breakfasts go in my big Favorite Recipes binder. :-)

  53. Jacqueline Snell says:

    Stacy you are so great! Thanks for all your hard work:-)

  54. Becky Salter says:

    I love you. And yes, I know that’s a little weird. But I hope you know it’s not meant in a creepy stalker way, but more as a You’re amazingly awesome way. Thanks for putting this together. Printing now. Heading to Office Depot tomorrow.

  55. This is awesome! I just got my book last week, and I’ve started my own OCD binders, it’s good to know I’m not the only one out there, cause my current friends are not OCD organized like me. love, love, love,

  56. Christine Salinas says:

    Stacy, I love this cover and the whole idea for the notebook. I wanted to let you know that I tried to download the cover but the bottom measuring tape is missing and only has the shadow. I love the cover so I hope you will get it fixed and re-upload. :)

    • Hmmmm. Nothing to fix? It works fine when I pull it up and print. Not sure what to tell ya.

      • Christine Salinas says:

        Stacy, so you will find this interesting. When I open the file with google chrome without downloading, it seriously takes off one of the measuring tapes and leaves the shadow. I took it a step further and downloaded l it (just one extra button) and it is complete. Very weird because there should not be any way for chrome to have the ability to separate an image like that. Creepy. Anyway. Got it. Thank you!!!

  57. Can you make a duplicate binder like yours and sell it to me? Please! It would be so helpful!!! I’m in MN…you can mail it and I’ll use paypal! I’m a newly pregnant mommy of 5 and not energized enough to do it myself!!

  58. Carolyn Knight McManus says:

    How do you prepare your THM book for the binding combs? The fellow at Office Deport said I had to cut the spine off the book. I really don’t want to mess my book up.

  59. Stacy, thank you so much for leaving up these free resources even if you are no longer on THM. You are amazingly talented, and your thm-friendly recipes keep me coming to your site and enjoying all your wisdom, tips, and humor. Blessings.

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