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My Coke Rewards

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A few days ago I picked up some trash in the CVS parking lot. It had gum on it…..chewed gum. I’d like to tell you that I picked it up out of the goodness of my heart – but I don’t want to be a liar. I believe God meant what he said in Revelation 21:8. So, here is the truth. I wanted the points. Coke Points. Some unknowing litterbug had left me a present. Thank you Litterbug! For those of you who haven’t heard about, or aren’t using, My Coke Rewards then this post is for you. Pretty soon you’ll be picking up trash with gum on it and hearing your husband say, “Honey, that was gross.” Yeah, but gross with points.
So, basically My Coke Rewards is a program from Coke where you can compile points that you find on Coke products. Pretty easy stuff. You can get points on just about any Coke product available, both from singles and multipacks. If you get a bottle from the convenience station, you’ll see the points on the lid. That goes the same for 2 liters. However, if you buy a 12+pack then the code is going to be on the inside of the box……so make sure you don’t rip it. Apparently the Litterbug who left me the points was really in a hurry to get into his 12 pack of Coke, because when you open the box to get the cans out that’s where the points are. He/She just ripped into the pack and left the lid…..someone was having a big craving. Pregnant maybe? There are also other various ways to get points which you can see on the website. For example, you can get points by playing McDonald’s Monopoly game. I love that game! I recently won a Smoothie on my coffee cup. Yay me!Each product (there are 13 participating brands) will have a different point value. For example, the little 16 ounce bottles that you buy will be worth 3 points while a 12 pack of cans is worth 10 points. The point values are also listed on the website. I don’t really concern myself too much with that. I just enter codes as I find them.

Start saving your lids from 2 liters when you find them on a really good sale at Kroger. Also, tell your friends and family to save them for you too….unless others in your family are doing it too and then it will just be a dog fight over who gets them. It’s even a good idea to ask at church. A lot of the time if there is a big event, there might be 2 liters or 12 packs involved. I think just about everyone in our family knows to save these for us. Barry’s sister also collects them, so we have to share on his side. Not so with my family. They’re mine! All mine! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ll have to create an account at My Coke Rewards. It’s pretty easy. Each time you have points to enter you can go back there and log in with your information. You are able to get 120 points per week with this program. That equals out to 12 fridge packs….if you’re going through that many at home, you might want to cut back…..unless you enjoy visiting the dentist. Or unless you’re pregnant. Then just drink however many you want – caffeine free of course.

You can enter codes via the website or via text message. Barry does the text message option sometimes if we’re out and about….or if his wife picks up gummy trash and he doesn’t want to take it home. You can go here to read about learning to text them in. I’m just learning how to text my sister, so I don’t want to get all crazy.

How are you supposed to spend these puppies? Well, it’s easy. Once you have enough, you just choose Spend Your Points on the main page and go to town choosing. There are tons of options available! Most people think that the only things you can buy are Coke products….not true. Yes, they are available but you can get lots of other stuff too. We’ve gotten Kmart gift cards, Omaha Steak gift cards, Nike shoes, Chili’s gift cards, etc. The options are endless! You’ll have to let your points collect a little while before you can get something really nice….but it happens quickly if you’re collecting them from various places.

It’s really not costing you anything but time. You’re getting rewarded for buying Coke products. Don’t go out and pay full price for them, but if they’re on a sale then why not benefit twice?If you’re a Pepsi only drinker then this post was totally not for you. Sorry. Please check back tomorrow.
Time is running out for you to enter this contest……you know you want this blender. It’s the best blender of all time! Not to mention two free smoothies. I’m getting shivers just thinking about announcing a winner!

Thanks again to My Blog Spark! To enter, click the button below. As usual, only enter once. You have until tomorrow (11/5) at 8pm to do it! Pass it along to all your friends. Wouldn’t you want a friend with an awesome blender? I would!

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  1. Cynthia Carter says:

    I have been doing the coke rewards almost from the start. I think you will like my story of picking up trash. Keith and I had the dogs with us when we picked up some sandwiches. I was waiting outside with the dogs when I spotted an empty 24 pack box waiting for trash pick up. What did I do? I ripped the code out! I felt like I had hit the jackpot!

  2. Elizabeth R says:

    I do this and I have gotten several magazine subscriptions for free and they’re magazines that I like to read anyway. It’s a pretty neat program especially for Diet Coke addicts like me!

  3. i love the coke rewards. I have gotten 2 Nike gift cards that I used at the outlet mall in Pigeon Forge for kid’s school shoes!

  4. If you go on listia, you can bid for coke rewards for free

  5. RustyCanuck says:

    I have 5 codes from cartons we pick up in the states and can’t use them in Canada. Would love to see these and any future codes get used if anyone is interested. Love the Rev reference although it is unsettling.

  6. Ingrid Lanford says:

    I can’t tell you how many things I’ve gotten free from doing this! My in-laws were Coke-A-holics, and used to keep me supplied with loads and loads of 12-pack codes. Absolutely LOVE, LOVE this rewards program!

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