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My Blog Is My Home

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This is a post that I have not wanted to write. I kept putting it off…but it’s an issue that finally needs to be addressed.

I hate confrontation. Hate it. I usually avoid it if at all possible. But, after seeking the advice from several trusted friends, I have come to realize that if I don’t confront this problem, it will NOT go away. It will only get worse. And that’s not something I can bear.

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The Problem:

Over the past several months, I have been receiving several unkind emails and comments. I’ve posted some things on Facebook, just ideas or little tips, and sometimes they get beat down very harshly. Sometimes I get emails from readers telling me that I’m “annoying” or that I “only post common sense that everyone already knows,” and I’m “not helpful at all.”

I kept telling Barry and my family that these things weren’t bothering me – that with every comment, I got a thicker skin. Well, that’s a lie…and quite frankly, I don’t want to have thick skin. These comments hurt. Every time I get a nasty comment, it’s like a smack in the face.

Why? Because I love y’all. I write for you…to have fun and to teach. It’s hard to take that kind of hate when I don’t feel as though I’ve done anything wrong.

I feel beat down and hurt – and recently I just wanted to quit. But then my awesome friend, Leigh Ann from Intentional by Grace sent me this wonderful article: Don’t Be Ruled By The 1%. And wow…it spoke to me. 99% of my readers are nice – they say nice things to me and they are helpful. I enjoy you – thanks for being my friend.

I will NOT allow the 1% to rule how I feel about my blog any more.

I know this is something that other bloggers are dealing with as well – and I’m speaking out. We are not going to take this treatment any longer!

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The Fix

My blog is my home. Would you come into my home and say something disrespectful to me or to company that I was hosting? I would surely hope not. So, why would you say something nasty on Facebook or via email? Because you can’t see me? Well guess what, I’M REAL.

When you come to my blog, I expect you to treat me and my family with respect. I expect you to treat my guest posters with that same respect. If you don’t, you’re outta here. Plain and simple.

From hence forward, if Barry or I discern a comment to be rude or hurtful, it will be deleted. Immediately. Think about what you say before you write it.

Please don’t take this to mean that we don’t want you to comment! I love your comments and feedback! I thrive on it! :-)  But, please don’t come here to say something mean or nasty just because you’re mad about what I said…or because I hit a nerve.

It is possible to respectfully disagree. If you don’t like what I said, tell me why – but be kind about it. There is no need to be harsh, rude or judgmental.

So, whew. That’s it. I’m glad that’s over with. Let’s have fun now, shall we?

Comment Policy: I love hearing your thoughts and input on what I write. Since I write about what works at my house, what pleases my handsome hubby and darling children; I'm sure we'll disagree sometimes. In those cases, do what's right for you and yours. As with any form of communication, please only post comments that move the discussion in a positive direction.

About Stacy

Stacy is the author of Crock On: A Semi-Whole Foods Slow Cooker Cookbook and Keep Crockin': A Poorganic Slow Cooker Cookbook, and a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom to her three children, Annie (June 2009), Andy (August 2012) and Eli (September 2014). After an “awakening” in March 2011, her family switched to a more natural, whole foods diet. She likes to blog about how to live on less than you make and how to eat good food while doing it. Her passion is teaching others how to save money and she tag teams with her husband in this endeavor. At Stacy Makes Cents you’ll find information on how to save money in the kitchen, how to have fun with your kids, and how to be thrifty in all areas of life. Her passion is teaching others how to live debt free. Make sure to follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and more to keep up with her daily antics.


  1. Dang, girl, how can ANYONE be mean to you?! Lemme sic my kids on them.

  2. Jennifer Stevens says:

    I read your blog almost everyday. I don’t comment but I do enjoy it. I DO have thicker skin. I don’t understand people being rude and nasty. No one forces people to read your blog and they just want to make people’s lives unhappy like their own. Anyway…..keep it up I think you do a wonderful job!!

  3. You’re awesome, don’t let the 1% ruin it, simply delete those folks! THanks for all you do!

  4. Great job Stacy! I don’t like confrontation either. I usually try to take the high road and be the better person, but sometimes, something just needs to be said! It’s sad that people think they can use fb, blogs, or any other “social network” to be rude and disrespectful. I don’t think that’s what Jesus would do, so why do Christians feel they can do it? I’m sorry people have been this way to someone so kind and helpful. Keep up the great work! We love you!!

    • I like to think about the high road being the one that leads to less confrontation – so I’m TOTALLY there. LOL

  5. Thank you for your blog and for sharing your tips. I think it’s sad that everyone can’t be polite. Sometimes people behave badly since the internet is so “faceless”. We do appreciate you and enjoy your posts, so as you say, let’s have some fun!

  6. Stacy,
    Sorry this is happening. I don’t understand why people would rather comment negatively and say your information is not helpful, rather than just un-friend you and NOT read your blog. It’s like they to have something to fuel their fire so it makes getting out of bed worth it everyday. How sad. I think what you are doing is helpful and wonderful. Keep on doing what you do!

  7. Why would any normal human being with a life to live take time out of her day to tell you any of that? Wouldn’t someone who isn’t suffering from serious mental illness just search the web for something else? Eeesh! I, for one, find you very helpful, but if I didn’t, I can’t imagine why I’d bother saying anything about it. So I’d say you’re not only getting a few one percenters, but some actual crazy people with nothing better to do. Dismiss ’em. They’re not even idiots. They’re just irrelevant.

    • Cindy, I should have just come to you for support in the first place – instead of trying to carry it myself. I thought about emailing you several times, but didn’t…..thanks. :-)

  8. Kelly Perry says:

    well said but sorry you had to go there! some people have no manners 😉

    be well, i look forward to your posts.

  9. Well said. Personally, I love your daily duhs! I think they are hysterically funny and true sometimes. I often read them out loud to my family. Keep on keeping on.

  10. Karen Peterson says:

    So sorry to hear about this…the sad thing is that even if you delete it, you will still have to read people saying unkind things and that makes my heart hurt for you and your family. I just don’t understand why people would do this and it is not as if people can’t choose which blog to read. Praying that this article helps people to think before they post. Hugs

  11. Patty Kasiewicz says:

    They say haters always hate.
    I found out too that sometimes those obviously easy tips is the one I went brain dead over and felt silly i did not think of it.Also my daughter in law who is dumb as they come finds any tip helpful.At least she tries. LOL

  12. Veronica says:

    I never understand why people feel the need to attack something they don’t like — just move on (assuming it isn’t something causing harm that needs to be addressed)! They always say it’s lead by jealousy.
    Thanks for all you post. You’ve taught me a lot & I love your tidbits! Keep on!

  13. Stacy…Lay Down the Stacy Law! I look forward to your blog everyday over my cup of hot tea. You have become the daily routine for me! You can’t let these people get you down. You are AWESOME! And Barry ain’t so bad either..:)
    Have a GREAT week!

  14. What in the world makes people think they can be so rude? If they do not like your blog (YOUR home), then leave! No one forces them to read it!

    So what if some of the tips you put out there seem obvious to someone….to someone else that tip could be a revelation! I have been married nearly 41 years and I just learned that you should rinse your fresh berries in a vinegar/water bath when you get them home to stop that nasty mold that they seem to take on as soon as they hit my fridge! To someone else that might seem obvious…but it was new to me. (ha! maybe I read it here?)

    I wonder if those readers who find you annoying enough to actually write you an e-mail have the nearly 7000 FB friends that you do. You must be doing something right!!!

    Like Thumper’s mom said to him in Bambi…”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Or even better…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    Glad you are sticking around…


    • Cindy, you didn’t hear it from me! I didn’t know that EITHER!!! I’ll have to try it! Thanks for passing that along and thanks for the great comment. :)

  15. When I started to read your blog I thought Oh no!! she’s going to stop and my heart sank because I really enjoy your daily thoughts and tips and the way you go about it is so entertaining!!! Please don’t ever stop don’t know you personally but I feel as if you are my friend Love Ya in Christ. Linda

  16. You tell ’em, girl!

  17. Stacy, you are amazing. Thank you for speaking up for bloggers everywhere!

    I don’t understand people who read and comment on a blog they don’t like. If someone thinks your advice isn’t helpful or that you’re annoying, then how foolish of them to waste their time reading your blog and commenting on it!

    People don’t have to agree on everything and there is a lot to learn from disagreements if they are done respectfully and with kindness. Unkind words and hateful messages are a waste of everyone’s energy and time.

  18. Good for you for standing up for yourself! I love your blog and if I don’t agree with something, which is rare, I don’t comment. Plain and simple! People do need to respect you and I’m glad you addressed the issue! keep up the great work!

  19. I have to say that I side with Jennifer on this one! Perhaps people have a bad day and are looking for someone to take it out on and somehow they come across one of your posts and choose you, you then become an unintentional target. I too love your posts and you helpful hints as well as your money saving tips and have begun implementing some of them into my daily life. Just remember that for every person who does not agree there are many more lives in which you are making a difference in. Many more people out there are appreciative for your words than those who despise them. Keep up the great work, don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch :)

  20. Naomibell says:

    Stacy I LOVE your blog. The only thing I have found nasty was the dog poo on your daughters shoe :-) lol Thank you for your encouragement to moms about the reality of mommyhood. Your money blogs really encourage me to persevere (5 kids and a husband in school and no debt!!!!). God has been teaching me lately to speak up for myself, how to set boundaries and be kind. I am on of the 99% that loves you and is praying for you as you bless others. I read your post on how Annie didn’t sleep at all as a baby, so I have been praying Bean will be a wonderful, fabulous, eater and sleeper :-) Philippians 1:3 :-)

    • I could HUG YOU!! Please keep praying that! Because even at 2.5 years old, she’s a bad sleeper. :-)
      And God is teaching me the same lessons….and you’re right, the poo was nasty. I hope I don’t have a repeat. lol

  21. Willie Mitchell says:

    I love your blog! In fact, I believe yours was the first blog I ever began to follow. Keep up the good work, Stacy.

  22. Bless your heart! I really think there are unhappy folks that get a kick out of being mean in places like this and on Facebook. I am sorry to hear you have drawn that kind of treatment. I’ve never met you in person, but I love your blog and I love you. Remember that when people say mean things they are saying something about THEMSELVES… not about you.

  23. Heidi Newman says:

    You go girl! Bout time someone stands up against negativity! If you can’t say something nice… don’t say anything at all is something I try to live by!

  24. Susan Robinson says:

    Stacy, I read your blog everyday. I am 62 years old with no little ones, and I should know everything about running a home BUT! I find you refreshing, loving, and full of info that I either don’t know or have forgotten. Thank you for taking the time to do your blog. Like you said, it’s the 1% that don’t deserve your worry. I’m with hubs—–DELETE!

  25. Patty Eller says:

    Some people just thrive on being ugly and rude and I have no place for them in my life….I appreciate your tips and advice and looooove your sense of humor….life is hard and full of trouble and sorrow so let’s laugh and have a good time wherever and whenever we can! God bless you!

  26. I’ve always had the mindset that people say nasty things to others to make themselves feel better due to their low levels of self esteem, and a general need to feel right and superior. Like Thumpers mama said, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothin’ at all.” It’s ok to agree to disagree, but not bash someone because they don’t think the same way you do. Keep doing what your doing and if some people don’t like it, they have the right not to read, not to subscribe, and to unlike you on Facebook. It’s that simple. There’s no need for rudeness here.

  27. Linda St. Laurent says:

    I am sorry you have to go through this. I think people feel they can say whatever they want on the Internet because no one can see them. Soooo sad. Keep doing what you are doing. Delete the ugliness stand up to the bullies.

  28. I don’t understand how people can be so rude. All you do is post helpful hints on how people can live more frugally and live a debt-free life. I enjoy reading your blog because I’m frugal too and it is so refreshing to find somebody else with a like mind. Sometimes I feel alone in the world because I am so frugal. I don’t talk a lot about it with my in real life friends because they would think I am weird. But as Dave Ramsey says who wants to be normal? Please don’t let the Debbie Downers discourage you from what you are trying to do.

    • You can be weird with me, Kay! :-) After all, my Dave Ramsey bumper sticker says “Debt is Normal. Be Weird.” 😉

  29. i love you, stacy! not that i really know you, but in my head i do. lol i love that you are so devoted to your family and your God. sometimes the things you blog about are not things that interest me. that really doesn’t bother me bc i know this is your blog, not mine. i do feel guilty sometimes when i eat processed junk and i think to myself that stacy would nvr eat this! i think you do an amazing job finding great topics to teach about. some of the daily duhs may just be common sense, but that’s okay too. many times a light bulb goes off and i wonder why i hadn’t thought of that before. keep on keeping on and know that there will always be ppl you cannot please no matter what you do. may God bless you, barry, annie, and baby!

    • Thank you Sherrie! You must know you’ve been a blessing to me from way back! :-) And you DO know me. :-) I’m 100% real here.

  30. I’ve never understood why people do that either. If you don’t like something then why do they keep on with it. Glad you spoke up.

  31. Angel Foskey says:

    Love your blog, Stacy! Don’t let those hateful people get you down. You give great advice and I have changed much of the things we do in our home based on some of your advice and our desire for cleaner (and cheaper) living. You are a great person and if people can’t see that, then they need to hit the road.

  32. Angelia Thomas says:

    Stacy, I appreciate the time you take out of your day to post on your blog and I really appreciate the tips that you’ve shared.

    I only discovered your blog this past week from a friend of mine in Ireland and I really liked your ideas and tips etc.

    I’m glad you’re not quitting. I’m also very glad you took a stand, the world is angry enough without having to deal with it in your own home.

    Thank you for all you do.

    • My home should be a place of refuge…and from now on, that’s what it’s gonna be! :-) Nice to meet you Angelia!

  33. I’m sorry you’ve had those comments and e-mails. I love your blog and find you very helpful! :)

  34. I don’t comment on blogs but I just wanted you to know I love your blog. Don’t worry about the rude people. If they dont’ like something they should either keep quiet or don’t read the blog. Please keep up the great work!


  35. You go girl! I recently have had people telling me that my food is unhealthy, etc. Then don’t FOLLOW me.

  36. Good Morning Stacy!
    I feel your pain and totally support you! You do an AWESOME job and some folks are just negative in life. I remember what you told me, don’t let a few negative overshadow the positive majority…and as someone wise told me, “You do what you do best and let God take care of the rest!” BLOG ON my sister! You ROCK!

  37. The old adage “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” applies to the spoken word and the written, in my opinion. Why in the world someone would feel the need to be rude, nasty or confrontational on any of your posts is beyond me. I do, however, understand your aversion to confrontation and the fact that ugly comments, no matter how they’re delivered, sting the recipient. Please don’t let the Negative Nellies ruin the service (ministry, really) that you provide to so many. I appreciate you!

    • I sometimes wonder if this new generation is even taught that saying….if not, it’s a sad day indeed. Thanks, Karen!! :-) I appreciate you too!

  38. There are people that go from. Log to blog just to stir up trouble. They aren’t usually e en “readers” but just trouble makers. Deleting them and not making a big deal out of it will make them go away. Actually their main goal is to either have you write a post like this, or make your blog go private. Blogs with a good message and positive outlook are always the biggest targets. I think you should just keep your head up high and realize this is what they do and you have the power to delete them! You don’t have unhappy “readers”, we all love you! Those people are not you audience, so don’t worry about convincing them. Keep up the good work!!

  39. stacy,this was shocking to me at first then i said hey this is facebook and their are people out their that dont care if they hurt someones feelings that is why i dont usually talk to to many people,mostly my daughters cause i know how they were raised and they would never be so mean to someone purpusely.i enjoy hearing from you you have very good ideas and helpful.dont let those people get you down hold your head up high and kill them with kindnest.

  40. You go girl! I am so proud of you! And if someone keeps bothering you…just let me know. “I know people”…hee hee….ok, so I don’t….but I will still kick some mean commenter booty!

    • Nikki, thanks for your support! And thanks for listening to me when I’m having a bad day…I appreciate you girl. More than you know.

  41. Stacy, I enjoy your blog!!!!!
    Good for you for speaking up for your home.
    ((and keeping your skin ‘thin’, I have found at when I let myself get ‘tough’ or thick-skinned, it carries over into my spiritual life as well and I don’t hear the Spirit so readily as before. And that is not worth it!!!))
    And it truly baffles me that people will continually read a blog they do not like….. ?????? :)

    • You make an excellent point…I think I’m the same way. I always want to be sensitive to the Spirit, that’s for sure.

  42. Stacy,
    We now live in a world where people think they can do and say any nasty thing on their minds. The social media has alot to do with that because it’s NOT face to face. I feel bad that you are experiencing unkind treatment. I have been reading your blog for just a few months and I know you are much younger than I am, but I enjoy your tips and your humor. Please don’t stop and keep your chin up. The more we put ourselves out there, the more we set ourselves up for ridicule, unfortunately.
    Hang in there! There are many of us who enjoy your blog and would miss it!

    • I think when I started this journey, I didn’t prepare myself for the ridicule….so it’s mostly my fault. But I’m taking the bull by the horns now. Thanks Donna! :-)

  43. carol mattaliano says:

    I look forward to your blog and your posts everyday! You are so refreshing and honest with your readers, I feel like I know you personally. I’m ashamed to say that I know more about you than I do my neighbor! I wish I had your ability to write and to share.

    • :-) You DO know me! I meet readers when I’m out all the time….and I really enjoy it. It’s like I do know each of you!

  44. I am sorry that you have had to deal with ugly comments. I look forward to your tips and reading your blog. I always find something useful here to help me just a bit more! Don’t let the 1% define who you are and remember that God is blessing you daily for helping others and being his steward!! HUGS

  45. Stacy-Good for you to stand up for what’s right. I agree with the post above..if you don’t like a blog, don’t read it! Reading blogs takes time,and for me, my time is precious, and I’m only going to read the ones I enjoy. I have enjoyed your blog posts, and I’m glad you’re pressing on. We’re rooting for you! :) God bless.

  46. Stacy,
    I love your down-to-earth tips and life style. I also love your sense of humor! As for that 1% — I have often heard that people who criticize others do so because they are not happy with themselves. That does not excuse rudeness! Keep on being YOU!

  47. Stacy-

    I am amazed daily at people’s rudeness. As we say, I don’t know you from Adam. Ran across your site one day and was interested in some of your posts. I read them daily, and some are helpful, and some not. I read them just the same. It is not like you call my house and tell me to read it or remind me to read it, so how can you be annoying? I am the one choosing to read your posts. It annoys me that others are reading them and choose to comment hateful things. Seriously? STOP reading, listening, and watching things you do not like people……problem solved.

    For me, I enjoy your posts and will continue to read them whether they are helpful or not and whether I agree or not. Thanks for the work you do and keep your head up! oh, and thanks Cindy for the fruit suggestion. Going to have to try it.

  48. Good morning!!!

    You just keep on keeping on! For some of us who are new at all this the basics are needed. For me I read you every day and even if the info is something i am aware of, there is always a tidbit for me to tuck away for use at some time! For those who don’t like what you write…well “common sense” is…don’t read the blog and stop commenting, pretty simple!

    Have a wonderful day and you have blessed me and my family many times over!

  49. Good idea! I really think that some people just spend their day trolling around and making mean comments on various sites. I like it when people say they will oust them, it makes it alot more pleasant for the rest of us,you aren’t the only one affected by the rudeness. Thank you!

    • It seems as though rudeness is rampant these days. It’s pretty sad. Let’s just kick the rude to the curb, y’all!

  50. oh I am so sorry that some comments have hurt. Some people have a mean streak a mile wide. A few of my favorite bloggers have quit because of nasty comments, but I am glad that you are sticking around!

    • Well, my daddy always said I would argue with a fence post – so I guess my orneriness is paying off now. :-)

  51. If those people don’t like what you have to say they can very easily unsubscribe to your blog or facebook.

    I enjoy reading your tips and recipes. My family is trying to switch to a healthier life style and it’s nice to read your tips and tricks (especially the ones that are a bomb so I don’t try them too) so that I can learn to eat/cook better for may family. I’m slowing switching to more natural cleaners for my house as well.

    So keep posting what you post there are more of us who like it than don’t. The haters should just stay away….

    • Shelly, thank you! I’m glad to know you’re here…and if you need any help in your journey, you just give me a holler okay? :-)

  52. I am somewhat new to social media and the blog world, so I have been totally apalled at the comments that people feel the need to leave on other’s posts, blogs, pins, etc. I mainly frequent blogs and pinterest and I do like to read comments on items/ideas to see how well they have worked out for those that have tried them. Some days comments on pins make me want to just delete my account and crawl back into my non-internet world. I’m sorry you are dealing with cruel people, but know this…,”Are they trying to do anything to help and uplift ANY OTHER PERSON in this world, or bring them down?” YOU are doing a great job.

    Thank you!

    • That’s an excellent question, Wendi…and I’ll remind myself of that the next time it happens. :-) Welcome to Pinterest! Isn’t it awesome??? :-)

  53. Jill Massing says:

    First off I would like to say I’m sorry that you had to be hurt by other people’s ugliness. People may not agree with everything you say but it is obviousness it is all said with love and people should respect that. We live in a society which allows bullies to thrive. Unfortunately I believe we grow up appeasing bullies in school and such and that by the time we are adultswe are almost numb to it…. we all need to.stand up to bullies, and remember that they come in alldifferent forms. By you continuing to be you and staying true to yourself, you are a role model for us all :) God bless.

  54. I’m so sorry that people are posting mean things to you. I enjoy your blog and love your Daily D’uh’s on Facebook even more. I get a lot of helpful tips and things that I’d never thought of. They really are like “d’uh” moments. Why didn’t I think of that? lol. Some people are just haters and maybe they are jealous or have something going on in their life. People forget that bloggers, like celebrities are real people with real feelings and not someone for you to unleash all your pent-up angst on.

  55. I love your blog!!! And clearly people need to be reminded of “common sense” rules if they are rude! Thank you for speaking out.

  56. Stacy- thanks for your honesty. I, for one, love your blog and look forward to the new post everyday. Keep up the good work!! (And just a question about the rude folks out there…… why do they read your blog/facebook if they don’t appreciate you? Sounds to me like they are the ones with the problem!!)

  57. I’ll second Cindy – If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! There’s a difference between constructive criticism and just trashing another’s ideas/thoughts. People need to stop being so hateful. Glad you got this out of your head and into cyberspace. I hope it was cathartic for you! Keep the great ideas – and recipes – coming!

  58. Christine says:

    I am so sorry that you have had these painful things happening. I am a mom, so my first response is a mom response….
    GOOD FOR YOU for overcoming your fear of confrontation! (I have the same fear, BTW.)
    And now for a big (((HUG))).
    A reminder from scripture, “Do not grow weary in doing good…” Galatians 6:9.
    And finally something my mom taught me from a young age, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”
    I appreciate you, your posts, hints, and tips. I LOVE how REAL you are. Have a beautiful day and may you realize how much you mean to so many.

  59. Well said…there’s no need for rudeness! Thanks for sharing your heart! :)

  60. Debra Schramm says:

    I love your blog! I love the biblical application and the great ideas. Even if you post about something that is common sense it is always something I needed to be reminded of. Keep up the good work. If someone doesn’t agree with anything that you say I don’t even know why they subscribe to your blog or facebook.

  61. Stacy- I have been almost obsessed with your blog since I found it a month or 2 ago! I love your posts and Barry’s as well. While there may be things that don’t interest me, or other blogs out there with differing opinions from me, I don’t feel the need to attack the writer! After all, I CHOSE to be on that blog… If I don’t like it I can close it… Simple! :-) Thanks for all your hard work. It’s extra hard when you are dealing with moving and pregnancy too, so thanks for keeping up as well as you do!

    • Thanks, Katie! :-) We really appreciate your kind words and support. Maybe the moving and pregnancy is why I was taking it so hard for a while. :-)

  62. You know I love you!! I’ve learned so much from your blog and from you as a person!! Keep your head held high. Praying for God to strengthen you through these trials and bring you some comfort along the way.

  63. Good grief, I can’t even imagine why you post that might set a person off! It’s not like you’re posting political comments or anything! Seriously, though, when you follow Christ, Satan sneaks up behind you and puts a big old target on your back. The more visual you are in the world, the more surprising and vicious the attacks.
    Stay strong and keep up the good fight. Put on the armor if God, and don’t forget that His grace will cover you AND the blog 😉

    • And thank God for that grace…I have to put it on every day. Thanks Dani! :-) I always appreciate your comments!

  64. Yep…couldn’t have said it better! Way to stand up!! There’s a saying: “You cannot change what you tolerate.” Glad to see you not tolerate the 1%’s behavior!

    Be blessed!

  65. Andrea R. says:

    As someone who has no common sense when it comes to frugality, I sincerely appreciate all of your tips & advice! Your honesty & humor are so refreshing. Thanks so much for all of your hard work on your blog. It has made such a difference in my attitude & budget :)

  66. *what* you post, not why… Silly autocorrect!

  67. Stacy, From my e-mail that I recently sent you, should tell you that you ARE DEFINITELY helping others…beccause I am one of them! I didn’t have time to read all the rest of the comments, but I would like to say this… I feel that it is very evident that you and your family are people of strong faith. I believe it is your wish to touch others and do God’s will. I can honestly say that through your blog that you have in many ways (even in the smallest of ways)strengthened my walk with the Lord. So I remind you of this…. The enemy is always there… And if you are influencing many people in such a way that he feels threatended, then he is going to do his best to make you stop….. to make you quit doing what you are doing…. Scripture says to love our enemies (which is easier said than done…)but when you get one of those mean and hurtful e-mails… Just say to yourself… “I’m not going to let the enemy win!” and then pray for God to touch those people’s hearts, and each time you do that… the enemy is defeated and stripped of any power or influence that he may think he has over you. You are a blessing to SO MANY people… I don’t want you to ever forget or lose sight of that… With love, Shawna

  68. So glad you’ve decided to continue blogging. I have often wondered why these people who make negative comments or disagree with the blog’s concept’s and beliefs still follow and read the blog! I am a christian and wouldn’t even think of following a blog that went against my beliefs, it would just upset me. I think that sometimes they are just looking for ways to “stir up trouble”. Unfortunately, some folks thrive on hurting others. I do the same, on my personal FB page and the business page, all comments that are made to demean or hurt are deleted immediately.
    Blessings to you!

    • I can’t imagine wanting to stir up trouble…but it happens daily. Awesome that you delete it! I’m joining your ranks! :-)

  69. How sad. So sorry this happened to you. Hope you now feel supported, rightly so.

  70. I hate hate hate that some people have been awful to you! I cannot think of anything you have said that would offend someone or deserve a nasty comment! I hope it stops and I’m glad you confronted them about it! You go girl! It’s very rare to find people who just want to be helpful out of the goodness of their heart and you and Barry are two of them :) Bless you and your family:)

    • You hope I confronted them?! BHAHAHAHAHA! Girl, I hate confrontation – I just blabbered to Barry about it. Poor guy. LOL

  71. Kim Russell says:

    Sending hugs your way…………. I may not always reply but I get lots of helpful tips and valuable information from your posts! I am glad that you will continue.
    You are doing good work on this blog Stacey (& Barry) Keep your heads up and know that God will see you through!! Jesus had “vipers” in His life ~ And He did good works too
    Love ya Bunches!! Kim

  72. Stacy, I really enjoy your blog & FB page. Sometimes I learn something and often times I get a good laugh! I do not understand those who bully (you know it’s not just you, I’ve seen it on other sites too). Shame on them. Please don’t let the meanies ruin it for you or the rest of us- We got your back!

  73. Paula Hafner says:

    Where’s the like button? :) I’m sorry this happened to you. Don’t let the few hateful people get you down. Sometimes, people forget that there is a real person behind the other computer. They’ll say things that they would never say in real life. I see similar things happen on other blogs and forums. Usually, they will post as anonymous. There are also people who are just plain hateful and enjoy bullying everyone. They must have a miserable life to want to make everyone else miserable, too. Can you change the settings so that you have to approve comments before they post to your blog?

    • Yes, I have to approve ALL comments…and Barry is going to add a permanent disclaimer with the comment form. :-) It would be nice if people would think about what they write – as if they were talking to that person while sitting at a REAL table.

  74. Jessica Rasnake says:

    I love reading your blog! I look forward to it actually. I know you will teach me something or give me a laugh. I think you are awesome. There’s always a few in the crowd that have to be negative so hold your head high and continue on. You are loved by many!

  75. Hang in there Stacy. There is always a stinker in the wood pile. You are nicer than me, when I get one of “those” comments at my, I don’t warn them, I hit delete so fast, their finger is still on their send button.
    Smile pretty girl, it’s good for the baby to have a laughing Momma.

  76. It continually amazes me that anyone would take the time to write and let someone know how much they dislike/disagree with their site. Who cares? If they don’t like it move on.

    PS Sometimes I wish I could do that (move on) with neighbors that want to share how much they don’t like (my decorating, landscaping, etc.) things at our home. Hmmmph. I didn’t ask them and after all, it is our home, they have one so fix it how they want to.

  77. michelle robinette umbarger says:

    I think it’s terrible that you had to write this. Sorry that some are so cruel and rude. you are appreciated. Thank you for being willing to share your knowledge with others.

  78. Stacy, terribly sorry about the 1%. Now, don’t forget the heave-ho-button taking them off your blog. Helping these people free up their future to read a blog they enjoy rather than “trudge” through yours might be the absolute random act of kindness. I am from KY-country and living in TX-metropolitan. Hearing (loved the vids) down-home charm and common sense is the highlight of my day and keeps me grounded. Thank you. I can’t remember the hops that got me to your site but I am very happy I landed here.

  79. I too am trying to make the switch to eating better and your posts are one of the helps I need in this journey. Keep up the good work!!

    I know several people personally who blog regularly and they sensor all comments before the comments are posted. Unfortunately, those who make it their life mission to bring people down won’t see themselves in what you’ve said. They also seem to feed on eachother’s negative posts. Personally, I would rather not read these kind of posts anymore than you want to, so yes, please delete them. It may result in more negative comments from them because you’re not letting them be heard, but too bad for them. Freedom of speech goes just so far. Hopefully the comments posted here have helped bring you from feeling defeated and down to walking on air.

    • I too moderate comments….because there is SO much Spam! :-) And yes, my downheartedness is OVER. Bye-bye melancholy! Thanks Vikki!

  80. If people can not live by the Golden Rule, they do need to belong in your life/blog. Say a quick prayer for them that their hard hearts be changed and then delete them.

    Your blog is a gift from your heart. People should accept the gift graciously. I enjoy and appreciate your blessings. Thank you.

    • Sharon, that’s a very lovely way to state it…it IS from my heart and my home. :-) Thanks so much for your comment.

  81. Good for you. Thanks for the “offer” of advice and good tips. If something doesn’t apply to me, or I feel I’ve got that item figured out, I simply delete your e-mail. More often than not, I read it anyway, just because it’s rare that there isn’t something that you say that makes me chuckle.

  82. My grandmother always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I’m afraid that we, as a society, have forgotten how to be nice. It’s a shame, really. Kudos to you for ignoring the 1%. God Bless…..

    • You know, until now I didn’t really put two and two together….but I always tell people that my goal is to be more like how things were during my grandmother’s time – with food and other household things. But this really goes with it! Maybe I should be teaching people this concept instead of just expecting them to know it. Thank you Angie!!

  83. Be encouraged! You’re learning to stand up for yourself and not let “the meanies” win! Very nice people get their feelings hurt and sometimes God lets the grumpy ones be rude with us so that we learn to WISE UP! Amen?? I’m learning to be wise too. Much love!

  84. Oh, Stacy, I am so sorry. I am appalled at how rude some people can be these days. I have commented at other sites and some people take my comments totally not the way it was intended. In fact, sometimes I wonder how they came up with that particular comment. I have learned (the hard way) to just let it go because it is not my site and they don’t get it and they won’t get it. I have tried to explain myself in the past and it got nasty! I think it is a great idea to simply delete the comment. In fact, I am beginning to see how many hurting people we have among us and no one seems to notice. I don’t think we need more programs. I think we need better food, more rest, simple fun, hard work with a sense of accomplishment and most of all God in our lives. Thanks for sticking around for the rest of us who love to learn from you.

    • Yes, I’ve seen that happen – and I’ve done it myself. Try to fix it…and it just gets nasty. :-) Thanks for the reminder that I should just leave well enough alone. Great comment!!

  85. Glad to see that you got so many replies already, no, I did not read them all, but I would hope that they are all positive. I never knew that you were getting negative replies, it just never occurred to me to say something negative to you or any other blogger. If there is a blog that does not apply to me or that I didn’t like, I just stop reading and go on….I personally don’t have the time to be nasty to someone because that blog did not fit me. Good Grief!

    I’m so glad that you have friends that will encourage you and know what you going thru! I would hate to have you quite for any other reason than YOU really wanting to.

    I think you do a great job and I enjoy reading your blog!
    Keep up the good work!

    Love ya!

  86. ((((((Stacy))))))) <- virtual hug. That was a hard post to write and I'm sure it took a LOT of prayer and guts to post it. Thank you! :)

    I am appalled at how often I see people post comments on blogs and FB that are just plain mean. My visceral response is "Now, was that necessary?!" But then I have to catch myself too because at times as I'm reading through my FB feed I'll find myself wanting to respond to things that get my goat or where I'm just DYING to show the poster up by my superior wisdom (note sarcasm), and I have to really reign myself in with "Do you really need to say anything at all??" Then I realize how much "self" and "pride" sneak up on us/me – and am reminded again of why Scripture says that God hates pride. For some reason your post and Leigh Ann's post today just kinda go hand-in-hand for me. :)

    I know there's been at least once that I posted a response on your blog where I didn't agree with something and as much as I hope I was gracious and wasn't rude or hurtful, I want to ask your forgiveness if I ever have been! (I don't expect you to remember me :), but I know that unkind things can often "stick").

    • Cheryl, I usually remember the comments and who said them…and I can assure you that it wasn’t you. :-) I don’t mind if people disagree with me – I just want them to do so in a nice way.
      And we all struggle with wanting to say something to others sometimes…but I think, like you said, should we really say anything at all? Probably not. :-)

  87. I am amazed by the comments that some people leave on social media networking. I am an elementary school teacher that still teaches ” if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”. Sometimes I want to reply to people’s comments with: ” Did your momma not teach you to be nice?”
    Thank you for your blog- I really appreciate your helpful tips and recipes!

  88. OOOps meant to say do NOT belong in your life/blog.

  89. Hi Stacy, I just wanted to share my encouragement and support. I LOVE your blog, I have learned so much; in January I made the commitment to move toward a more whole foods diet and your page/blog has helped me so much! I have already tried the various recipes, as well as DIY cleaners around the house :) Sorry you had to deal with rudeness, but you are doing a good thing here and I’m glad you’re doing it!!!

    • Heather, I’m so glad to hear that! :-) I hope you’re doing well on this new journey. Let me know how I can help!!

  90. Wow, I’m just shocked that people do that!!! To me, a blog is like a diary that I’m privileged to read. And I’ve been around the Frugal Block so to say. Started with the Frugal Gazette 14 or so years again and so if I’m learning from you then you must have some original ideas and tips!!! I have a sign up in my kitchen to remind me to “THINK.” That means that before speaking of any person or subject we need to determine: Is it(T)rue?(H)elpful?(I)nspiring? (N)ecessary? (K)ind? What I say or my children say has to meet that criteria(I forget who the author of that acronym was). I hope you see this as encouragement because you’ve become like a wonderful neighbor next door in a world where all the women work outside the home. It’s sometimes isolating to be home all day with children/housework and so getting to visit at your house is a breath of fresh air. I hope you see this as a ministry because it has been that to so many women. And to that 1% that we now know are out there—THINK!

  91. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe people would be so rude! UGH!! So sorry you’ve had such bad experiences. It boggles my mind to think that people would actually take the time to write a nasty email just for the sake of being mean. They obviously have nothing better to do if that’s what they’re spending their time on.

    I’ve only ever had a couple of rude comments…unfortunately they were targeted at my son, so they hurt me deeply. It made me question whether I should be blogging about my family at all, but after talking with my husband, I realized that the couple of rude comments I got were greatly outweighed by all the people who loved my goofy stories. I get so much positive feedback, like you, I decided I’m not going to let the 1% throw me off my game. Now I moderate all my comments, and anything even remotely rude just doesn’t get published.

    It helps me to remember that as bloggers, we are essentially public figures in a way. We’re putting ourselves out there, and like it or not, just like with celebrity bashers, there will be people who will criticize. It’s all part of the package. I was recently on one blog where people were accusing Scarlett Johansson of being FAT. Fat? Really?

    So when I think about the fact that even Scarlett isn’t immune to stupid criticism, it makes me feel better about idiots who might say something nasty about my family.

    Keep on keeping on and doing your thing, girlfriend. You have so much to be proud of…don’t let the haters shake your confidence!

    Wishing you a great week.
    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

    • It’s sad isn’t it? That people feel so much better when they can tear someone else down….and if she’s fat, I’m an elephant! LOL

  92. You GO Girl!!! I’m sorry you have to deal with this. Especially when you are offering something FREE, and giving of your time and talents. I have really appreciated your blog. I have learned lots of things, had confirmation on things, and if it is something I already do or know, I think “glad I’m not the only one”. I live in a townhouse so I am envious of your garden, trying to do my own container thing. :) I do appreciate you and all you try to do for others. Keep on keeping on, and I will be here to support you! Many Blessings to you and yours!

  93. Great idea! You need to delete negative to keep this site helpful and on the positive. You are the control over what you allow to be published. Keep up the good work. I have enjoyed your blog.

  94. Go Stacy! I always hate seeing people leaving nasty comments on people’s blogs. I can see respectfully disagreeing, but people are downright rude! I’m so glad to see you put up this post and describe it like you did. Hopefully this reaches a lot of people because, yes, on the other side of the computer is a real human being whose feelings get hurt by mean remarks. You go girl! Keep up the good attitude and great blogging.

    • I’m always amazed to read what others have written to someone else…and then it started to happen here too. Not cool man, not cool.

  95. I regularly read (and love!) your blog but rarely comment (urgency of time with little ones/lack of free hands to type, etc.) I just wanted to speak up today and say how much I enjoy your posts. You are smart, humorous and sweet and don’t let anyone tell you different! God bless you for your blogging bravery!

  96. some people are just mean, and enjoy posting comments like those. Maybe they haven’t heard – yes, the wheel was invented already; they just don’t understand about reinventing the wheel or in some cases painting the wheel! Who cares how many times you’ve heard it, it may never be needed until that 1 time it resonates. Good for you and deleting the haters! Just unsubscribe them for their own good too or block them!

    There are 2 sites that are dedicated to hating The Pioneer Woman – they are shocked when her fans come to correct something. I’m not the biggest fan of anyone but if I don’t like what I read constantly by someone I’m not interested in them! Then there are those whose whole purpose is to bash Ree, it’s sad it’s their whole claim to fame, and jealous because their professionally trained skills weren’t picked instead of hers. They think she (and many others) are fakes because they claim to have invented a recipe, and honey, we all have recipes like that that our friends rave over!

    Listen to Barry, he’s your best sounding board. If he one day tells you he doesn’t think you should do this anymore because it doesn’t make you happy listen to him. Make restrictions on your posts if you need to or set certain posts to no comments, set up Outlook to feed your emails and set up a rule to search emails for hateful phrases to delete! But telling haters they are not welcome is the best thing to do. Bullies get tired when no one listens….xo

    • I’m in complete shock. Haters of REE?! I can’t believe it!!!! That’s nutso, man.
      No one really invents a new recipe…as the Bible says: there is nothing new under the sun. You just have to make your own spin on things. :-)

  97. Well said, society today has a lot to learn about manners! I will continue to follow and too appreciate all of you hard work!

  98. I love your blog.
    I am sorry there are nasty people out there.
    Delete those nasty posts for those of us who love you!!

  99. Love this Stacy. Hope it helps weed out all the meanies!

  100. May you be blessed and built up at every turn! Praying your family will only receive encouragement and support in all you do. Thanks for sticking with it!

  101. Wow this post made quite the stir! But thank you for writing this! I haven’t had it on my blog yet (thankfully) but I have commented elsewhere and then had my comments ATTACKED. People (women especially) can get SO mean and harsh in person and then this is just compounded by the fact that online you are not face to face. You can say whatever you want with no consequences. But for Christians, this is no excuse! Disagreeing with someone is not the same as attacking them!!

    I’m so sorry that you have received so many negative comments. I don’t mind you annoying in the LEAST and all your posts and insights are VERY welcome!! I love reading here :) Glad you posted this Stacy!

  102. Girl, haters gonna hate. 😉

    Don’t let them get you down. My feeling is your blog, your right to post whatever pleases you. That’s how I view my own page. If someone doesn’t like it, they should click off. (of your site) 😉

  103. Katjo Daniels says:

    I did see a comment recently on you FB that made my eyes BUG! I enjoy your blog so much and miss you on your days off too :] Don’t quit, just delete the trolls!1

  104. Hi Stacy, As a new reader, I just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your blog for the last 2 months! Thought you might like to put something just before the comments section to remind potentially mean commenters about your guidelines. I saw this on “Young House Love” — “We love hearing from ya. We try to keep it light & fun (it’s only decorating), so we’ll nix comments that are snarky/spammy (our moms are reading).” Thanks, Susan

    • Susan, yes! That’s a great idea. We have something like that in the works, but Barry is currently out of town and hasn’t been able to get it fixed yet…he does all my techno work because that’s NOT my strong point. :-)

  105. I love your blog because:
    1. You have a great sense of humor. I always get a smile out of your posts, and frequently bust out laughing.
    2. You’re real. My husband and I have only been on this real food/natural cleaner/etc. journey for about a year, and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Your realness is encouraging to me, and I look forward to your posts.
    3. You take the time to reply to every comment, which shows that you really care about your readers.

    So keep up the good work, and be encouraged today. What you do is very much appreciated.

  106. You go ahead gal!!! do your thing indeed do not let the 1% dictate your life.
    You are young with so much to live for, I know it hurts to hear people say bad things to you just take deep breaths focus on 99% and eventually the 1% will get tired :)

  107. Stacy, rude and ignorant people are everywhere. If they don’t like/agree with what you have to say, that’s fine, but there is not need for the nasty-ness. (sp? is this even a word lol) And just an FYI, all those “little annoying” things that everyone should already know,….I don’t. Now I’ll be the first one to tell you that at work I’m amazing at what I do:) But in the kitchen and around the house. I suck and I’m still learning. Not everyone had a mother or grandmother to show them how things should be done. Let me tell you I have ruined many clothes and many dinners, but I value your advise and look forward to your blogs and daily duhs. Haters are going to hate, so let them hate. You rock my face off and I appreciate you and I know Jason does too because he is not dead yet from my cooking:) Keep up the awesome work!!

  108. Molly Ferguson says:

    Stacy, I’m glad you’re not going to let the negative comments. Life is too short to waste any of it on rude people. Molly

  109. I have found people who do that are just really unhappy. I feel sorry for them. God Bless!


  110. I love your blog. Even some of your more “simple, common sense” posts have come across in just the right way as to inspire new resolve to try harder or to let it go and reshape a priority.

    For example: Getting it all done, I don’t:(I don’t either)
    There it is so revealing and honest and simple. THANK YOU for being that way.

    That statement alone has been one of the most freeing statements I have heard since becoming a mom 8 years ago. I struggle with wanting to do it all but in doing so I know that something will always get missed, if I realize it or not.
    WE will never get it all done!!! And sometimes it is the simple reminder that we are not alone, that there are others out there that have similar struggles that gives us strength.

    I hope that God will do work in the heart of those who treat others with unkind words to help them to grow in love and kindness. I pray blessings for you, your family and your blog. May the words of those who are your true friends echo in your heart and words of those who are unkind be snuffed out like a candle to burn no more!

    Thank you for sharing with us and opening your “home” to us.

  111. Amen and amen. We attend a marriage Bible study taught by our pastor. Over and over again in this study he has emphasized the need to keep your home clean of “bad spirits.” Now he doesn’t mean ethereal, ooga booga, ghosts. He means clean of bad attitudes, personalities and temperaments. Don’t let people into your home who disrespect you or demean you or leave you feeling uncomfortable. Their attitudes and “spirit” will linger in your home and with your family even after that person is gone. That is YOUR home and it is your duty to guard it to ensure it is a place of peace and rest.

    Stacy, I think you are doing the absolutely right thing to extend that principle to your blog. I admire you more than words can say. Keep up the excellent work.

    • It IS my duty to keep my home clean…and I’ve not done such a good job. But I’m steppin’ it up now, buddy!

  112. Social media has given people (bullies) the means to lash out whatever mean/ignorant thing is on their minds while hiding behind their monitors. You really do need thick skin when putting your heart and soul into something, and someone just tears it all down in one comment. You are doing a great service to the people who really care about what you are saying, please don’t let the haters stop you. I would feel exactly the same if it were me. The best comment for them is ‘delete’.

    • I know. I need to take into consideration all the wonderful comments and emails that I get and forget the lousy ones. Thanks Brenda!

  113. I don’t regularly comment on blogs but I do enjoy reading many of them – including yours. Sometimes I come across a blog post which doesn’t particularly interest me – my simple solution – I just don’t read it. I have no idea why people are compelled to be nasty or rude. They must actually choose to follow someone on facebook or read a blog post – if they don’t like it they can simply stop following it. Easy. Some people just thrive on negativity. That being said – I have gotten many good tips and advice from your blog and even when a post hasn’t been helpful to me because we all have different circumstances, I still enjoy your writing and appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Thank you!

  114. For heaven’s sake! If people don’t like what you have to say there is no law saying they must continue to read. For example, I was getting very annoyed reading a fashion blog where the lady would spend thousands of dollars a month on fashionable bags, shoes, and clothes. (Useless crap in my mind!) I finally realized it was her RIGHT to spend thousands of dollars, and while I wouldn’t do it even if I was as wealthy as her, it was still her right. But never did I think of going in and expressing my annoyance. Did it annoy me, yes, would I ever tell her that, no. There was a very simple way to solve the problem. I stopped reading/following her blog! I can’t believe how some people can be so nasty! I think there are people who just enjoy creating drama and one of the best ways is to say unkind things. Just ignore them, delete their posts and don’t even give them the time of day by a return comment. Most likely they will find someone else to go bother, unfortunately. I love your blog….keep up the great work!

  115. I’m not really a blog commenter either but I DO want to encourage you and Barry. Our family was very hard hit in the real estate downturn but we have primarily used your blogs to help us dig out of this and get on track financially. You’ve taught me so many things that have truly been helpful…even the little, seemingly insignificant things add up tremendously. The best thing is that you have taught us the weak points in our attitudes toward money which is providing us a much stronger foundation. We’re very thankful for you!

    • Laurie, I am very blessed to know that we’ve said something to help. If we can ever do anything to help, PLEASE let us know. That’s what we’re here for. :-)

  116. Jennifer S. says:

    I really enjoy your blog and am sorry you are getting some nasty comments. I hate confrontation too so I understand how much you didn’t want to do this post. :) Keep up the good work.

  117. Andrea Nagel says:

    It really helps to put things in perspective when we take the time to remember that people who say or write nasty things are probably hurting inside themselves, and need to hurt others, since it’s all they know how to cope. It makes me feel sorry for them and I try and remember to pray for them. Besides, I like your goofy nature, it makes me giggle. Our home is nothing but silly most of the time.

    • Then it seems we have very similar homes. :-) And you’re very right – that’s usually where their comments stem from.

  118. I’m crying reading the responses to this post, and you know, I don’t cry. ha! Stacy, your 99% is awesome. And someone mentioned not everyone finds these things common sense. I agree. Some of us don’t know that you can make your own salsa, or that it’s okay not to dust, or that you can really sell your house without a realtor, or move yourself, or use your crock pot for so many things, or how to set up a budget, or how to just be real. You’re awesome. You’re amazing. The world needs more Stacy’s! That’s just all I have to say about that.

  119. Norma Perdue says:

    Please don’t let others harsh words stop what you are doing. Alot of the stuff you post may be common sense, but I would never think of it on my own! I see them and I am kicking myself for not thinking of it myself! They are always helpful and I am in awe of you, your common sense, and your dedication to making a difference in my life by giving your time and thoughts. Thanks for all you do!

  120. Stacy, you keep doing exactly what you have been doing. That is what makes us 99% read your blog everyday! While you touch on some things I already know about, I almost always find something new in the way you present it. The haters are going to continue to hate no matter what so that little button comes in mighty handy!!! Keep it up, both of you, cuz WE like it!!!

    • They will always be around, won’t they? So, I better just get rid of them now and be done with it! :-) Thanks Tracy!

  121. Christina says:

    Thank you for not quitting. I’d miss you. =)

  122. Stacy, I just joined. I’m pulling for you! I will respect your home and keep the love flowing!

  123. I just found your blog recently and I have already cooked several of your recipes. Your ideas are very useful. Keep writing!

  124. Beccy Glass says:

    Stacy, I love your site and all your wonderful information! You have a great sense of humor that just cracks me up! Whenever you feel down just reading back over the comments from this post. That will help remind you that God is good all the time and All the time God is good! Hang in there girlfriend! You are doing great things!

  125. ya know, you taught me something even in this post! Why do we give the 1% of ugly, manner-less trolls that invade our lives so much power? I love your approach to life and your humor and so look forward to what shows up in my inbox every day. Toxic people, begone! Hugs, Stacy

  126. I agree that people who don’t like it, don’t need to read the blog. As for those of us who enjoy reading your blog and find it very helpful, please keep posting. :-) Good for you for standing up for yourself and for keeping a positive environment.

  127. don’t let the 1% get you down. remember the 99% that read and enjoy your blog. (and that includes me.)

  128. What ever happened to ” if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”?
    I will never understand why people feel the need to post rude and nasty comments why not just stop reading blogs if you don’t like what is being said??? Having said all of that Stacy you are wonderful I look forward to getting your emails ( I respect your stand on many things). You keep doing what I believe God has called you to do remember, you could be the only Bible some of those people ever read. I love you and your blog! Keep on keeping on sis.

    • I honestly believe this is what God has called Barry and I to do….and we greatly appreciate ALL your support. :-)

  129. Good for you for standing up for yourself and your blog. Like the others, I have found great recipes and helpful advice. Keep up the food work!

  130. First time commenter here – had to chime in – I love your blog! =)
    Some peoples children *shakes head* – they just have to be mean… it makes them feel good to put others down.

  131. Have you read John and Sherry’s take on blog criticism? They blog over at “Young House Love.” They are full-time bloggers with a book coming out and I think, nailed it with this post:

    • Thanks! I’ll check that out. I also like the Jon Acuff article linked in the 1% post that I linked up there. :-)

  132. Laurel McKinney says:

    Way to tell ’em! Love your daily posts. Even if everyone around me is being ugly, I can go to my email and there’s my friend Stacy,ready to brighten my day. Keep up the good work. Like they always told us when we were kids,those mean people are just jealous of you cause you are smart and fun and pretty. So there!

  133. Howdy Stacy!
    I’ve learned lots from you … and for the posts that cover stuff I already know: well, for me, that’s confirmation that I’m doing well with it, and sometimes it even feels like a little pat on my back telling me “Well done!”
    Thanks for sharing with us = I look forward to reading what you have to say :*D

  134. wow, that stinks! keep your head up, because some people are nasty no matter how amazing you are! and you are!

  135. I have never commented before but I HAD to this time.

    I’m in my sixth year of blogging and I had to go to comment moderation because of snarky comments years ago.

    It is beyond me why people feel they have to leave bad comments. What is even more a mystery are the people who kept coming back (can’t they just GO, there are plenty of blogs out there).

    I almost stopped blogging during the first couple of years but other bloggers said they same thing you have realized… it is YOUR home! Since comments are moderated, I’ve only had a couple snarky comments in years, probably because they don’t have an audience. :)

    • Yes, having my comments moderated is very nice….wish I could also moderate Facebook comments. LOL :-) Thanks, Brenda!

  136. I am so sorry that people have been treating you that way. How awful. If someone isn’t interested in what you’re sharing, they shouldn’t be reading your blog. It’s that simple. I’m not sure where all the ugly, insensitive, and rude people have sprung from, but it seems that they are getting worse and worse–from road rage to rude customers in shops. I will say a prayer for you: that you know your importance as a person, as a child of God, and as a blogger whose work we enjoy your sharing. Chin up, gal; se love you. Try to ignore those hateful, moronic trolls and delete their nasty remarks. Blessings!

  137. Keep your chin held high Stacy!! I have gained a lot of knowledge since subscribing to your blog! You should continue to take pride in what you do!

  138. TeresaAngelina says:

    Hello Stacy – well done. I have not at all read the at this writing, 254 comments here (though by the time I hit send, it will likely be in the 300’s) so very likely someone else has said this already. People forget courtesy when they are behind the wheel of a car or behind it seems the screen of a computer. They forget. I do not believe in Karma whatsoever – except when behind the wheel and behind a screen of a computer. God grant that one day their comments will resound in their own ears, and if they still have a heart left (betcha they do), it will remind them of the nastiness elsewhere. You are valued by me and I have never met you. You are loved by those who have. Keep being your wonderful self. :)

  139. I really enjoy reading your posts and ideas! :)

  140. I enjoy all your posts. Thank-you for not quitting.

  141. Karen Miller says:

    After running a service business for 20 years-I have retired-I know just how you feel. But you always have these cowards and inconsiderate people in this world. I always thought how awful their lives have to be and said a prayer(usually) for them. PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM GET TO YOU. If they don’t like your advice they don’t have to read it.
    And is it really necessary to be unkind? I really enjoy reading your information. And my baby is going on 36. I wish you were there 44 years ago.

  142. Stacy,
    I’m an older reader of your blog and I think it is great. I’ve learned so much from you and yes you can teach an old dog new tricks.
    I admire you young bloggers who are trying to do the right things in life and living your lives for the Lord. If you were my daughter I would be very
    proud of you. It seems like so many people in this world are determined to be bullies. I know it hurts but I can tell you are strong and just remember that you are helping so many people and hopefully many young people that might not learn any other way. Maybe the bullies will be ashamed of themselves after reading this very nice blog today.
    Good for you,

  143. Girl…you are loved! Look at all these comments! So sorry you have had to deal with stinkers. I think people are jealous or have too much time on their hands. And I’m a dope…I saw your post on facebook this morning and all I saw was “toothache”. I was super busy, so I came back tonight to read about your toothache. {Sigh~tired mommy brain} This is much worse than a toothache. Thanks for sticking up for bloggers all over. You are a wealth of information and encouragement to all your readers!! Keep your chin up and ignore the negative people. We love ya!

    • LOL That’s a phrase I use a lot – “dread like the toothache.” I hate going to the dentist. :-)

  144. You rock! That’s just how you roll. :) Seriously, you’re one of the few blogs I read. As my grandmother says…aw, heck, I forget what she says, but if you weren’t a blessing, the “bad guys” wouldn’t be trying to knock you down. Stay the course! You’re awesome!

  145. Rebecca says:

    I love reading your blogs. I’m glad your not quitting. Sorry people are so mean. I might not comment on everything I read but because of you I now only clean with vingear. I knew I could clean with it I just didn’t know how much stuff I really could clean with it. I cook at home more and freeze stuff because you taught me. Some of the stuff may be common sense but some of us may not have been told by our parents or grandparents. So thank you.

  146. I must say Stacy that you are one of the most kind and generous bloggers I know! You’ve always been there for me. In fact, I’ll always remember you as one of the first women to reach out to me when I started writing Frugally Sustainable. You have a very special gift and message for our world! NEVER let the 1% rule you. I myself have made a committment to write only for the praise of one! God has given you a passion…continue using it for His glory alone! Many blessings to you my friend :)

    • Awwwwwwwwwww! Thank you, Andrea! And really, I must tell you – you’re my blogging hero. :-) I think you’re AWESOME!

  147. Juanita Lunsford says:

    Stacy, I just discovered your blog this morning and want to say I am soooooooooo happy you’re not going to let the 1% rule you. I haven’t read a lot yet but not only do I like what I have read so far, I LOVE it. Keep up the good work!!!

  148. Just found your blog from reading Lynns Kitchen. I have enjoyed it.
    It is sad that people feel better about themselves by putting others down.
    But they are also knocking those that don’t know something just because it is “common sense” to them. People are raised in many different environments and learn or do not learn different things so everyone doesn’t know everything! Keep up your spirits and let God handle the naysayers!

  149. LaDonna says:

    Keep the faith! Your gift from God is obvious…there are apparently those who can’t handle and don’t know what to do with their feelings except lash out.

  150. You absolutely should delete the mean comments! What is wrong with people? I could never have a blog because of those ugly comments that seem to be inevitable but are uncalled for. That is why I really appreciate those who have a blog. I just sent an email to someone I met and forward your blog to them. I love to read your down to earth comments, recipes, and advice. It is refreshing. Blessings! Oh, one more thing…I believe “common sense” is You will reap what you sow….be it good or bad!

  151. Stacy – I just found your site today and love everything I’ve read. I think a lot of people are afraid to get into blogging because of that exact reason. I agree everyone’s not going to agree, but there is a way to disagree and way to be downright mean. No matter if you have thick skin or not, things like this bother people. We all want to be liked, but I think Joyce Meyer said it best, 10% of people are never going to like you, there is nothing you can do, say or blog that is going to make them. So enjoy the people who do like you, who are enjoying your posts and know how to disagree politely!

    • Oh, I just love Joyce Meyer! :-) And yes, it is possible to disagree without being mean…I’ve had a few comments today that proved that. And I ENJOYED them! Thanks for leaving a comment Crissy! I’m tickled to know you’re enjoying my site.

    • I agree! I hate confrontation, too, but it is part of life. Someone gave me some words of wisdom once about others who are unkind or have a bad opinion of you (wish I could remember who quoted this but it slips my mind) – “What you think of me is none of my business”. Piople have their own reasons for being unkind or disrespectful. It has nothing to do with you. Just keep on doing what you are doing, it’s your gift to share! :)

  152. Also you are the first person who has responded to something I’ve posted in a blog. I appreciate that more than anything, to know I’ve been heard! :-)

    • :-) I figure if y’all can take the time to comment, I can take the time to answer…and I just LOVE interacting with y’all!

  153. Good for you Stacy! You said what needed to be, and you did it beautifully.
    Oh, and I love your posts, don’t let the meanies get you down ’cause you totally rock. :)

  154. Yes, keep up the good work! I love hearing what you have to say.

  155. Jacki V says:

    Hi Stacey,

    I am commenting from Australia and feel really sad that people have to be so cruel. If they don’t like what you say, just leave. I have loved, loved, loved your site – you are truly very quirky and enjoy life and sharing your knowledge and experiences. Please keep up the fantastic work as it all takes your time and I know, the majority love you. Wish more people were like you in the world!!

    Kindest regards


  156. Lindsey says:

    Loving LifeBlogging is such an opportunity. I’m sad to see people abandoning the chance to express, to connect, to build relationships. For me, the love of blogging (and what it means to me) is why I’ve been in the game so long. It’s how I’ve met most of my current friends. It’s how I’ve stayed sane when I was an employee, and how I center myself today as a creator.

  157. Jessica says:

    Good for you Stacy! I don’t understand why anyone would want to be unkind to you. It’s so immature and disrespectful. Especially since you don’t force yourself upon anyone. They can hit that “unlike” button just as easily as they hit the “like” button. No need to create hard feelings if they find that your blog isn’t what they need at that point in their life.

    I think you are thoughtful to read, hilarious, and very inspiring. Keep your chin up!

  158. Wow…lots of comments on this one! Just wanted to let you know that I think you are funny and real and I love that! And you have every right to expect respect when people visit. We are all adults and if we don’t have something nice to say we should keep our trap shut. I mean yes, we can disagree and discuss and no one loves a great debate more than I do, but it doesn’t have to get all nasty and personal in the attack. Glad you addressed it and glad you will be getting rid of it. Life is way too short to be treated poorly in your own home…er, blog!


    • LOL It’s so funny that you said this…because I just got a comment from some random person that included TWO curse words about something they didn’t like about me. LOL So, thanks for this comment – it came at the exact right moment. 😉
      Congratulations on your new little one!!!!

  159. Hi Stacy,

    I recently found your site through a link at The Humbled Homemaker, and have so enjoyed reading several of your posts :). I just finished reading this one and wanted to say that I have read (on other sites) some of those comments you’re talking about . I’m always shocked that some people feel they can say whatever they want, without any regard to someone’s feelings, just because they’re hiding behind a computer screen. I just don’t get it and I always hurt with the person targeted. All that to say, I do think you should remember that the vast majority, the 99%, respect you and enjoy reading your posts… even us newbies here! 😉 Also, I am SO glad I found your “Food is Not Your God” post… it was exactly what I needed to read and I know God led me straight to your blog. I had been feeling discouraged and overwhelmed by all the mixed info and opinions about healthy eating changes I’m trying to make for my family, and you’ve helped and encouraged me. Thank you for that and thank you for the wonderful ministry of your blog! :)

    • Amber, thank you for your nice words! :-) They make me smile. Erin is a good friend of mine, so I’m glad you’re also enjoying her blog – she’s a special one. Thanks for coming here to read and you just let me know if ever need anything.

  160. Heather says:

    Amen sister! You have a gift and others are just trying to tear you down. I just found you and I’m already blessed by your blog! I’m going to share your blog on my FB page so the rest of my friends can be blessed too! :)

  161. I guess I am always amazed that there are people who can be so hateful. No one, my self include is forced to read your blog. I chose to come visit almost every day because I love to hear what you have to share. I am not a blogger, but I enjoy readying and learning from others. No matter where you are in life, there will be those that try to bring you down, rather that be at home, work, school even church. Let the hateful ones take thier marbles and go home. It’s realty that easy.

    I am on your 99% list, and I thank you for sharing.

  162. Diane Knickerbocker says:

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. I’m really glad to have found a blogger that not only has information I can use but is a Christian. Thank you for not being afraid to state your faith in our crumbling world.
    Love in Him ,

  163. Penny. Thompson says:

    I have been reading your blog for a few weeks. Have found it to be very imformative. It is nice to get insight someone else’s family and thoughts.
    I am sorry that you have had unkind readers. I believe

    you did the right thing in your response. Take care and continue doing a great job . The best to you and your family.

  164. Thanks for being courageous to write this. True true this site encourages and inspires many mothers. I just loved the pot spaghetti recipe cant wait to try it. Apparently the accuser of brethren has followers out to kill this ministry. I am writing this from Nairobi. Here we say (Shetani) ashindwe i.e the (satan) is defeated. Keep up the good work and the good Lord encourage you in your inner man.

  165. There’s no excuse for someone not being respectful of another person.I’m sorry it happened but glad you addressed the problem.Keep on inspiring others !! God Bless you !!

    • I keep telling myself that their excuse is that they weren’t taught any better…let’s hope that’s the case. :-) Thanks Jan!!

  166. Hey Stacy!! I really don’t know where to begin or what to really say…I have SOOO enjoyed reading your blog..since DAY 1! And often times I find myself, I went to school with this gal and we never got a chance to know one another and I just love her personality..think of how cool she was back then! 😉 Keep up the good (honest) work here and like you NOT let the 1%ers get you down. You are great and are doing and awesome work for the kingdom!

  167. I just want you to know I think you are super, extra wonderful. I have a phrase I use – “Smile at the haters! It makes them mad!” LOL

  168. I absolutely love your blog and Facebook!!! I’ve been looking at all your old posts and I love it!! I’m part of the 99% I’ve always gone against the grain and dine my own thing and I love how down to earth you are!! I always have fun reading your blogs and trying your recipes out! Keep your head up and get rid of the haters :)

  169. I admit, initially I thought you had a very unique (if I may) sense of humor. Quite possibly since it is so much like mine? But your purpose and dedication for helping others shines through. Thank you! Love your site and looking forward to future posts. Be blessed.

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