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Iced Coffee Latte

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Iced Coffee Latte

Has Stacy lost her mind? It’s February for Pete’s sake (I would really like to meet this Pete character) – why is she posting an ICED latte?? Well, I’ll tell you. When you feel about coffee like I do, there is no time of year that’s wrong for coffee of any type: iced, hot, frozen, lukewarm, etc. I’ll drink it. If it’s coffee – it’s for me.

When I first made these, I was very surprised. I didn’t think I would love them as much as I did…I couldn’t stop thinking about them. Even Barry, who likes his coffee hot and black, liked these. And that’s a win in my book for sure. I’ve made them for myself a few times since this first time (mostly while Barry was at work so I didn’t have to share) – I just like them more every time I make them.

I’m posting this recipe for lattes because I want you to learn to make them at home and keep your money – quit giving it to Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. If you visit these places daily, you’re shelling out a lot of cash. Keep your cash and make your latte at home. *This post is NOT sponsored by Starbucks*

Iced Lattes

This week in Cooking Through Stacy’s Stash we’re tackling another one of my eCookbooks: Easy Homemade. Easy Homemade is by Mandi Ehman of Life Your Way. It’s a MUST HAVE if you’re wanting to move to a “scratch” kitchen. This book is full of kitchen staples that you can make yourself at home: drinks, dressings, ketchup, salsa, sauces, pantry staples, icings, stocks, snacks, and MORE. I have never seen a resource this good with all these staple recipes in ONE spot.

The book is so pretty. I love the layout. It’s easy to read with good explanations of things and pretty pictures. I need pretty pictures in my cookbooks…otherwise, they’re a bust for me. I love everything about this book – I love that I can customize the recipes to our diet. Easy Homemade should be in every homemaker’s kitchen. And at only $3.99 you can’t beat it.

Iced Lattes

Mandi graciously offered to let me give y’all her Iced Latte recipe – and it’s the I recently discovered the phrase…it’s probably SO 2012, but I don’t care…I like it and you’re likely to see me say it a lot.

The only thing I customized in this recipe was use to stevia instead of sugar. Also, I did not use ice. I just used cold milk and cold coffee – if it was August, I might use ice. Nah…I hate ice. Stevia was fabulous in this, but you can use whatever sweetener you like.

Iced Lattes

This recipe calls to use a French Press but Mandi also says you can use a mason jar if you don’t have one. I <3 mason jars.  I used my French Press and fresh ground coffee.

It’s really a great recipe and I think you’ll be making it today. You’re likely already on the way to your kitchen, aren’t you? I love giving you recipes that you can make immediately – because that’s how I roll. I love coffee. And mason jars.

Buy Easy.Homemade for only $3.99.

** I am an affiliate for Easy.Homemade. Mostly because it rocks…okay, only because it rocks.**

Iced Lattes


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  1. Do you have a link for using a mason jar like a French press?

  2. Linda in Mass says:

    I love Honey Dew Donuts Iced Mocha Madness. I make it at home. I just brew a pot of coffee and add a packet or 2 of Hot Chocolate Mix to the hot brewed coffee. I let it cool and add ice. To add flavors, I use a caramel creamer and enjoy. I get the creamer usually for less than $1 per bottle with coupons and of course the hot chocolate I get for free or for .50 per box.

  3. You are awesome. I love the comment that if you are a mom, leave it sitting until you remember it again. Haha. So true. I need more recipes with that in the instructions. The other day I started to make lunch. Pb&J. I put 3 pieces of bread on plate (full sandwich for me and half for her) But I got a phone call and instead of finishing lunch I saw that the dishwasher needed to be loaded. A few minutes later, I remembered what I had been doing. I glanced over to see my 2 yr old eating her bread sandwich. :( mommy fail.

    • LOL Oh mercy, that made me laugh. Girl, that’s not too bad. You could have forgotten it so long that the bread got stale. 😉

      • Or wondered who left the bread out… Done that. Love this coffee idea. Any coffee idea. I have told the nurses in the hospital that my blood type for a transfusion would be coffee.

  4. Hi Stacy!
    I found your blog through Pinterest and signed up about 2 weeks ago. I loved the book on budgeting, by the way. I don’t even like coffee but I clicked on your link today because I love reading what you write. You make me laugh every time which is a great way to start my mornings. I want to start T-tapping, I just have to get the guts to ask my hubby since we are on a budget and all. :-) Anyway, I think you are the and I wanted to tell you so!

    • Woot! Woot! :-) Try before you buy and tell him how much you love it. It would be a good late Valentine gift. 😉

  5. Good Morning Stacy! I, like you, ADORE my Iced Coffee! I have 5 kiddos and help my amazing Husband operate a service company. I drink A LOT of coffee. HaHa. I wanted to share how I make mine in bigger quantities…I put 1 1/2 C. of coffee grounds into a big plastic bowl, and add 1 Quart of cold water. I use my fork to give her a little stir, then add 1 more Quart of cold water. I typically do this before bed, so it’s ready to strain first thing in the morning. Since I use a bowl, I use cheesecloth (but have been known to use a pillowcase that has been cut in half)to strain the liquid into another bowl, then pour into my glass milk jugs (using a funnel). I know the amount of coffee used might seem like a lot, however I like my coffee strong and I like to pour in a splash of a flavored creamer and some milk. My local grocer has large cans of the store brand coffee for $5.00/can, so I am saving quite a bit of moo-lah making it in bulk (which truthfully I was kind of forced into because we relocated to a small ski town that won’t allow Starbucks to build. It was a sad day for me. And then I realized I could do this AND save a ton of money!Duh!). Hope this is helpful! PS, I appreciate your sense of humor tremendously. Reading your daily emails are part of my morning “Momma Time” routine. And yes, I read while sipping on a mason jar of Iced Coffee. (Smile.)

    • A mason jar of coffee…girl, we’re kindred spirits. Thanks for sharing your bulk coffee making!

      • I know this is so totally opposed to the saving money thing, but there are these neat little sippy lids that go on a mason jar–then you screw on the ring and ta-da! Take it with you! They are expensive ($10), but you only need one, since the kids have their own sippy cups…Got mine in a cafe in Boston, it’s called a cuppow (and BPA free!).

        • :-) That’s funny – I have those saved in my Amazon Wish List for saving up Swagbucks. 😉 Brandy, my friend, turned me on to them. I think they’re very frugal! Better than something with bpa, right?

  6. I’m trying out stevia but it has a somewhat bitter taste that my family are rejecting
    I too am crinkling up my eyes when I taste it in my precious one coffee a day, have you got a brand that works well? What’s it called? And I wonder if I can get it in New Zealand (where -can I just say- its still stinking’ hot summertime!!! But for iced coffee who needs an excuse?!?!)
    Thanks :)

    • It’s always a good time for coffee. 😉 We use Sweet Leaf and NuNaturals stevia. Other brands are yucky. Those are the ones that we’ve found are the best for our tastes. Good luck!

  7. I recently learned a tip that works well with iced latte’s. If you make coffee, freeze some in ice cube trays – that way when you use ice for your iced coffee drinks, they won’t get watered down :)

    Thanks for the recipe!

  8. My husband and I share a lobe of coffee. I seriously have this on my counter right now. Simplest ice coffee I have heard of. Hard to wait though. Maybe I will make a cup of coffee while I wait 😉

  9. so wait…you just put coffee stuff (can you tell i don’t drink or make coffee) and cold water in a jar and let it sit? you don’t have to brew coffee? and what kind of coffee stuff do you use: instant? regular? coffee-maker kind?

    and i suppose you can add hershey’s to this when you add the cream to make it mocha?
    thank you
    (sorry about all the questions…)

    • Yes, it could easily be made into a mocha with chocolate syrup at the VERY end. Not instant coffee – coffee grounds..because you’re going to strain them out. It’s technically “brewing” while it sits…just not a hot brew. Instant coffee would just dissolve. :-) You should drink coffee more often – it’s lovely stuff. I have some brewing right now.

  10. Stacy, did you publish recipe for granola i thought you did but i can’t find it can you send it to me.

    thanks, i love your blog…or whatever….caryle:)

  11. Not the wrong time of year here, Stacy. Its hot and humid and iced latte sounds perfect right now…

  12. Stacy – Hope you don’t mind my asking, but I have some questions about the stevia. I’ve never used it, but would like to give it a try it as a natural alternative to sugar. (I avoid chemical sweeteners for obvious reasons.) So, I wonder if all brands of stevia are equally safe? I have recently been given a bag of Pure Via but don’t really know anything about it. Can it also be used in baked goods?

  13. HAHAHA! You crack me up! I love the sprinkled in everywhere. I had a client send me an email sometime last year telling me I am “DA BOMB DOT COM.” I laughed so hard I had to explain to the ladies 1/2 a block away at the other end of our office what I was laughing about.

    I also love the coffee idea… If only I could keep my 3yo out of it that long. He LOVES his “copfee.” Well, mine that he constantly steals anyway. He won’t drink it if I make him his own cup. Go figure.

    • Mama’s is always better. Just like the food on your plate – even if it’s the SAME thing that’s on his/her plate. 😉 Yeah…the same thing happens here. lol

  14. Sarah Rhodes says:

    You crack me up! I love reading your blog, seeing your instagram photos, the whole nine yards. :)

  15. :-) Thanks Mamalotsoftots!

  16. Michael Ann Rentz says:

    ooooh! I usually use this recipe (, but this is a great option, too! Thanks! I drink this nearly every day! Your option would free up some room in my fridge.

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