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Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning

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I have a few weird fears. One – I’m afraid of wind. Yes, I realize how totally dumb that sounds. But for some reason when high winds are afoot, you might find me under the foot……of the bed. Two – I’m afraid of Boxer breed dogs. Three – I’m afraid of one day tucking my skirt into the back of my pantyhose. I think I’ll stop there……except for this one – I’m afraid of bleach. Seriously. I hate the stuff. I cannot even stand to touch an unopened bottle. For some reason, it gives me the heebie jeebies. But sometimes you really need something to kill germs, i.e. you’re cooking chicken or you’ve got the plague. There are a couple things I use to clean up this type of mess – white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. I thought I would go over peroxide today because I bet there are bunches of you don’t know all the awesome stuff it can do! Oh, and it’s really cheap too. :-) Cheaper than most cleaners you buy.
You need to use 3% hydrogen peroxide – the stronger stuff is dangerous…..but 3% is pretty much all they sell at the drug store, so don’t wig out. It’s near the Band-Aids® because you use it to disinfect wounds – you can also use it to disinfect your house.  Peroxide is better to keep in your house than most cleaners because it’s non-toxic.I admit, that stuff never really bothered me before Annie. But, she’s very nosy……and very curious. I really don’t want her downing a bottle of Clorox, so I feel safer using peroxide. Granted, I’m not going to let her drink it with her crackers, but it is a lot safer. It won’t cause her to grow a third leg from being around it either. You might not know this about it, but peroxide is: antibacterial, antifungal, and it kills mold and mildew. And here’s a plus, because it’s a disinfectant when you’re using it you’re also disinfecting your cleaning rags. Nice! Two for one deal. I love those. It’s almost like a Buy One Get One Free sale.If you start using peroxide, you won’t have to continue buying six different cleaners for your house… can just buy it since it cleans a multitude of surfaces. Here are the “cleaners” I am currently buying: peroxide, white vinegar, borax, baking soda, castile soap, tea tree oil,  Fels Naptha, and Ivory soap. That’s it….and most of those are dirt cheap. I poured my peroxide down into this spray bottle, full strength. Now it’s ready to go! Make sure if you use a see-through bottle like me that you store the bottle in the dark. Peroxide will break down when exposed to light. Since I store mine in a dark cabinet, I don’t mind to use the clear bottle.
I also use white vinegar in a spray bottle, so I made sure to label them both. I’ll use them both for different things, but they both clean the same way. I bought these spray bottles at Sally Hair Supply……because I was tired of the cheap $1 ones. Every time I buy one of those, they drip or quit working. These were $2.29/each and they work great. I consider it a good investment…..a good investment toward the keeping of my sanity.

NOTE: I store my bottles in the dark. Peroxide must be stored in a dark container or in a dark place, otherwise it loses its cleaning power. 

What can you use Hydrogen Peroxide for? For starters, you can use it in the laundry. It serves the same purpose as bleach in your washing machine. Just pop it in the same dispenser you use for bleach. It will take the color out of dark things, so be careful what you use it on. I’ve also read that it will take blood stains out…..and get nastiness out of your carpet. But if you’re worried about it making a place on your carpet, try a small spot in your husband’s closet first to see if it take the color out. Why your husband’s closet? Because he’ll never notice. If you have white diapers, it will also whiten those. I like sunshine best for that, though.If you want to use it to mop your floors, you can mix it with equal parts water and mop away.  I use my spray bottle for quick floor clean ups… those times when I squirt ketchup all over the floor or drop a blob of jelly.
This is my favorite use – hard surfaces. Peroxide will disinfect extremely well. It will clean countertops, mirrors, showers, windows, doorknobs, appliances, cutting boards, trash cans, sinks, and toilets…..and that’s only the beginning. If you need to clean it, you can use peroxide. And, it will even show you that it’s working! Just spray it on like so…….
With peroxide, you don’t immediately wipe away. You need to let it set a bit and work…..see, it’s foaming up. That lets you know it’s killing germs. Bye-bye, chicken nastiness! So, spray your stuff down, eat a cookie, and then wipe away.One last gem of information – it’s great to clean things when you’re sick……or if you need to get rid of germiness. If you’ve been sick, soak your toothbrush in peroxide. The same goes with thermometers. Also, you can disinfect the sponges and cloths you clean with by soaking them in peroxide…..but you’re really doing that if you’re using peroxide with them to clean anyway.

Now, just watch for peroxide to be on a really cheap sale and stock up! CVS won’t know what hit them. :-)

See THIS LINK for Hydrogen Peroxide uses and clarification of methods.

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  1. Lynda H. says:

    My son has always had nose bleeds since he was a baby. I’ve always used peroxide to clean the blood off of sheets, pillow cases, clothes, etc. It’s great for getting the blood out. I’ve never had trouble with it taking the color out. Thanks for all your tips for cleaning.

  2. Denise Kline says:

    Thank you for the great tips! I didn’t know that you can clean with Hydrogen Peroxide!

  3. Good insight on peroxide, but I have to ask why in the world are you afraid of boxers? They are the sweetest and biggest babies of all!

  4. Renee Coe says:

    When I worked the floor as a nurse, I used it to get blood out of my white uniforms.( Back in them old days when nurses wore white dresses!) It was cheap and it worked!

  5. Has anyone seen the new 3d htc evo? It is really nice!



  7. Angela Tuell says:

    I like the spray bottle idea – thanks!!! Wondering if I am the only one that had a strange childhood obsession with pouring hydrogen peroxide on my cuts to watch them get foamy. I didn’t even care that it hurt because I thought it looked so cool 😉

    • :-) I think it’s cool too. Just make sure it’s a solid bottle or that you store it in the dark. Oh, and I still think it’s cool to watch it foam. Ha, ha!

  8. I love peroxide for cleaning grooves that are hard to scrub, like around the sink drain or base of a faucet. It bubbles the gunk out so you can wipe it away!

  9. I found a spray nozzle from another bottle that fit the top of my dark brown hydrogen peroxide bottle.

  10. I came to offer my 2 cents but Karen beat me! Oh well, I will just say this hydrogen peroxide tip has become one of my all time favorites! Thanks Stacy!

  11. I learned this as a child and forgot it somewhere in between growing up and growing old. Anyway, I remember, as a child, watching my dad scrape his tongue (I know it’s gross but stay with me…) with a spoon and a spritz of hydrogen peroxide. He would also gargle with a tiny bit of HP instead of using mouthwash. Thanks for the reminder. I am going to pick up a new spray bottle and get to scrubbing!

  12. I am glad to know I am not the only one who hates bleach. I can’t stand the smell of it and am not convinced it is safe to use especially around kids. I hate that the daycare my daughter goes to has to bleach due to licensing rules, wish they could use peroxide instead. :( thank you for posting this info, didnt know how to mix for cleaning or whether to use full strength, very helpful!

  13. Just p/u a SPRAY botttle of HP @ the local Wally World! Who would have thunk!!

  14. I always used to put HP on my cuts to see them foam – I didn’t realize that would work on my counters too. It totally did! (On a related note, my kitchen is really gross, apparently. I’ll definitely have to do this more often. The foaming is cool, but knowing why it’s doing that grosses me out. Note to self: Clean more thoroughly!)

  15. This is great as I cannot use vinegar! I am so happy for this website.. I am having so much trouble adjusting to my chemical sensitivities & need simple solutions like this..
    thank you :-)

  16. Carolyn Stephens says:

    There are lots of comments and I don’t have time to read them all but a cursory glance didn’t reveal one that suggests using an opaque spray bottle, not a clear one. H2O2 comes in dark bottles for a reason. It degrades in light. Dark opaque bottles can be found at places like Sally Beauty Supply.

    • That’s been covered. :-) I used a clear bottle but I always kept it in the dark cabinet. Thanks for commenting!

  17. Cat barf! After wiping up the *ahem* material, spray the carpet or tile with hydrogen peroxide and wipe with a paper towel. Cleans and disinfects at the same time. Since I’m frugal I rarely use paper towels—only for cleaning up after my 2 cats.

  18. Grace Cuff says:

    I Love Those Spray Bottles Too Stacy!

  19. Oh Stacy!! I miss you! :(

  20. jeanene2u says:

    Just leave the peroxide in its original bottle…just screw on a pump..No need to replace bottle!!

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