5 Tips on Homeschooling When You’re Sick

5 Tips on Homeschooling When You’re Sick

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You know, sometimes life just throws a bunch of stuff at you when you’re a mom.  It may be that one of the kids keeps you up all night and then you’re both grumpy the next day.  It may be that you burned dinner (never happens around here) and the kids turn their nose up at your last-minute “creation” served as Plan B.  Or maybe, you just wake up one morning feeling like a giant bag of doo-doo.  Unfortunately, the kids won’t let you take a sick day, so how do you cope?  Today, Maxene Denver shares her thoughts via a guest post on some creative ways to homeschool when you’re sick.

Unexpected things might come up from time to time in your life as a mom. You have to be prepared for these tough times. As they always say, “expect the unexpected.” These unexpected things also happen when you’re homeschooling. There will be times when you will be challenged by a sickness. So what do you do when this occurs – when your body simply will not cooperate with you? Here are some ways to continue homeschooling your kids even if you are sick.

1. Watch Educational Videos

This will be the best time to turn your television on and watch those educational videos. Don’t feel guilty about it, because there is something to learn if you’ll choose the programming carefully. Also, don’t forget Netflix, DVDs or Amazon Prime that could be your teaching tools for the day.

2. Storytelling

A good book may save the day when you are too sick to teach your kids. Once you have lost your energy already, you can ask your kid to read aloud the book. It will be much easier for you, because you won’t be reading it aloud for him. If you think you might lose your voice, record yourself while reading a book and just play it for the kids if you can no longer talk.

3. Phone a Friend

If you have joined a homeschooling support group, help is just a phone call away. This is one of the many benefits of having a support group. You can actually ask them if your kids can join in on a day of school with their friends. Just send them over with their workbooks or assignments. And you can take a rest while they’re away or go for a checkup to your doctor.

4. Technology Helps

Since we are in the world of high technology these days, let those toys and computers help you out. There are a lot of educational programs for your gadgets and they are just a click away. And there are free educational programs online which you can download easily. Also, a lot of e-books can be downloaded to your tablets or other gadgets which can help you get through the day. With this, you will still be able to teach your kids something while you’re sick.

5. Let Kids Pitch In

You should not expect little kids to be able to watch over themselves. But you sure can teach them about it and get them involved in your care at the same time. Of course, the older your kids are, the more they can do. Maybe they can bring you a glass of water, play with their brother or sister quietly or just clear the table after a meal. Don’t be afraid to let your kids pitch in, because this is a great time for them to learn valuable lessons about household duties and how to show love and kindness to people.

Okay, it’s your turn.  If you’re a homeschooling mom, how do you get through the sick days?


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