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Homemade Static Guard

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I hate static electricity. Nothing will scare the snot of you faster than shocking yourself on the door handle after you put your clothes on. Or have you ever leaned over to kiss your honey and you both get the shock of a lifetime? And I’m not talking about the spark of love here. I try to always keep Static Guard on hand. And during the winter I use it religiously. The last time I used it, Barry said “Honey, I bet you could make your own.” Challenge accepted! Here’s a funny story – when Barry’s sister was getting married, his mom was a little frazzled so she accidently reached for the Static Guard instead of her deodorant……..FEEL THE BURN! She had to take another shower – and we’re still laughing at her today. Lesson – don’t put your Static Guard and deodorant together.

All you need for this is water, a spray bottle and fabric softener. One bottle of fabric softener can really be stretched out. See this post about saving money on fabric softener and this one about dryer sheets . I just love how Downy smells… smells way better than Static Guard – it smells like a cross between deodorant and medicine. Weird.

First, label the container. Don’t surprise yourself or a member of your family later….I try to label everything. I also try to make lists for everything. If I don’t write it down, I don’t remember. It’s called Mom-Nesia. This is a perfume bottle that I kept when it was empty. You could also use a spray bottle from the store – they’re with the cleaning stuff and also near the travel section in the toiletries.

You’ll use 1 tablespoon of fabric softener to 1 cup of water. This was an 8 ounce bottle, so I just put one tablespoon in. I know that technically makes less than one cup of water….but who cares. This isn’t an exact science. Just an almost-sorta kind of science.

Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Leave a little space. Don’t be like me and fill it to the stop, then screw on the lid and have a big mess when it runs over.  Shake it up a little bit. Be gentle. We don’t want it bubbly, we just want it to incorporate.

I was a little concerned that the tint was blue. I didn’t want to turn my clothing blue when I sprayed it……so I got a white napkin and saturated it with the stuff. As you can see, it is still white and it dried white. I should be a scientist or something.

Verdict? It works great! I had static on Sunday, so I took off my jacket and gave it a little mist…..viola! I didn’t have static for the rest of the day – and I smelled Downy fresh. I like it much better than regular Static Guard. When you use it, you don’t need to wet your clothes down…..just give them a little mist. I tried a little mist on Annie’s hair because she looked like Bill Nye The Science Guy, but it didn’t work. Oh well.
I’ve read that you can also rub your clothes with a wire hanger to get rid of static electricity. I haven’t tried it…..I don’t keep many wire hangers – reminds me of that crazy movie. “NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Barry and I actually watched that on our honeymoon. We didn’t mean to – it was on television and we just couldn’t turn the channel……kinda like a car accident.
You can also rub your clothing down with a dryer sheet to get rid of electricity. This one works well….it also works great for hair. Keep a few used dryer sheets in your car for those times when your skirt sticks to your legs and tightly forms around your butt.
To avoid getting static electricity, apply lotion before getting ready…..if you have time for that. I’m lucky to get my clothes on…….correctly.

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  1. Thanks for the tip!! I live overseas and I am pretty sure there’s no Static Guard over here, so I may have to make my own.
    Is this stuff safe to use on delicate fabrics, such as silk? I have borrowed a very expensive dress from a friend, which I guess got all staticky when she stored it, and I can’t risk ruining it. Thanks!

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