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Healthy Snack Options

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How silly is this – when I first started this journey I though “Oh my gosh! What am I gonna eat for snacks?! AHHHH! I’m going to STARVE!” Well, I haven’t starved yet……and we’re eating pretty well around here. It was suggested that I should write a post about good, healthy snacks that won’t break your budget. If you try to run to the store and buy a bunch of organic snack foods, it will eat a hole in your grocery budget really fast – sorta like that mouse who ate all my decorative corn (stupid mouse). We snack a lot around the Myers house. Especially Annie….okay, so who am I kidding? I’m a snack-a-holic. Annie talks now, so I can’t keep blaming stuff on her. Bummer. One of our favorite snacks is granola bars – which are a LOT better than the version at the store. They are so good; you won’t even know they’re good for you. And they’re really easy to make. I like easy stuff….if it’s terribly complicated, I’m probably not going to do it.

Sometimes I’ll make muffins for breakfast and use the leftovers for snacks for the week….or snacks for a few days, depending on how good they are. I’m LOVING this Banana Flax Muffin right now. Muffins and sweet breads (with whole wheat flour and natural sugars) are a great snack option! Plus, if you’re making them for breakfast then you might as well make enough for snacks. We’re bread lovers anyway. Annie always wants “jelly bread” for her snack and with whole grain bread; I don’t mind giving it to her. Let’s be honest – there isn’t much that tastes better than fresh bread with a pat of butter. Ooo la la!

I’ve always loved cereal – but not with milk. I’m not a milk lover. If I’m going to eat cereal, I eat it with homemade vanilla yogurt  or just eat it plain. Cereal isn’t something we’ve cut out of our diet. I switched to organic cereals instead (I know they aren’t genetically modified). I wait for coupons and then buy them so I don’t have to pay full price. Make sure you follow Deal Seeking Mom so that you can get a heads up on organic coupons which she posts on Thursdays. We eat a lot of cereal for snacks. I might whip up a batch of granola instead of cereal to eat with yogurt – it makes a great snack. My favorite way to eat yogurt and granola is by splitting a banana open (like for a banana split), pouring yogurt in the middle and then sprinkling with granola. YUMMO!

We eat a TON of fruit around here. It makes a great snack, plus if you buy it in season it’s very reasonable. I always keep fruit around the house, even if it’s in the freezer. I like having the option there. Annie would rather have fruit than most other things. Occasionally I whip up a smoothie for us to snack on or I make a batch of smoothie base to keep in the fridge all week. Smoothies are quick and easy….and very filling. I’m just going to be honest about veggies though – while they make a great snack, I’m not a veggie snacker. I am not going to go to the fridge, pick up some broccoli and eat it. I’m just not. It’s not how I roll. I like my veggies cooked unless it’s a salad – and salads aren’t really a snack food. But, if that’s how you roll, veggies are a good option. Watch the store salad dressing though; it’s usually full of high fructose corn syrup.

We snack on nuts……a lot. Annie loves nuts. I have to chop most of them into smaller pieces for her though – because I’m an over-paranoid mama. I try to buy nuts on sale whenever I can find them. I keep them in the freezer so they don’t go rancid so fast. Nuts are great paired with dry fruit. Don’t overdo it on dried fruit though. While a little bit is okay, it’s still full of sugar so you don’t want to inhale it. I like buying organic raisins for Annie to eat in the car……just make sure you check your rear end often to insure there aren’t any on your butt. Been there, done that. And cheese. Real cheese. I’m not talking about “cheese product.” What does that even mean? No wait – I don’t want to know. We love just eating some plain cheese – not fat free because I’m not into the whole rubber cheese movement.So, that’s what we snack on. And we’ve not starved yet.
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  1. Love the post! Your approach is similar to ours. I’ve tried doing veggies as a snack, but honestly, I just never think of it!

  2. Once again, love your blog! :) I’m currently eating homemade granola “cereal” (Tammy’s granola bars gone wrong) with homemade strawberry yogurt. It’s really, really yummy!! I gaurantee that only my 1 yr old will try it. He eats anything as long as it is NOT a vegetable!!

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