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Healthy Fats

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Okay y’all. Let me get something out of the way. I am NOT a doctor (except for Annie’s boo-boos). But, I do have an opinion. And of course, my opinion is right…..everyone thinks their opinion is right – it is my opinion that I am right. Right? That being said, I have done a lot of research lately in the area of healthy eating and I’ve come to a conclusion…….there are a million different opinions and trying to read them will make your head explode and you might end up yelling obscenities at your computer. My research has centered around a healthy diet based on the foods that God put on earth for us to enjoy….and eating them in their most natural state. Because of that, I’ve been able to filter out a lot of the junk that I read….and yes, there are tons of junky opinions out there. It’s my opinion that they are junk. These are the fats that I am feeding my family. And I feel confident that they are the best out there. It is my opinion that I am right – right?PS – Take a look at the food pyramid. Does it make sense to you? We should eat tons of bread….more bread than vegetables? Uhhhhhh. Okay. I love bread, but even that doesn’t make sense to me.
Oh glorious butter. Real butter will have this listed on the ingredients label – cream and salt. That’s it. If it has something else, it’s not real butter. Put it back on the shelf. Thank you. I have switched to using all butter – no margarine. Margarine is linked to cancer and all sorts of other crap. No thanks. Real butter just tastes good. And eggs fried in butter (insert eggs link)? Man oh man. They are tasty! You can put butter on anything and make it good. Butter on a waffle? Hello baby! God created cream, God created the cow, God created sea salt. Amen. Did God create margarine on the eighth day? Uh, no. That is my opinion and I’m sticking to it…actually it’s not sticking. It’s butter, so it’s slick.
This is my new favorite oil – coconut oil. Man, it makes some MEAN popcorn. I’m slobbering. I make my kettle corn now using coconut oil and Sucanat. You can get refined or unrefined coconut oil. If it’s unrefined it tastes like…..coconuts. Shocking, right? The refined version is tasteless. It is solid at room temperature unless it’s warm in your kitchen – then it’s liquidy. It’s great for frying. Coconut oil and butter are high in saturated fat. OH NO!!!!!! Run away! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Okay, just kidding. A long time ago, people didn’t have trouble with heart disease and obesity when they ate butter and other fats. But “the man” tells us not to eat saturated fat and yet the cases of heart disease and obesity go UP even though America eats LESS saturated fat. Does that make sense? Nope. Saturated fat gets a bad rep even though we’re eating less and getting sicker. Seems like the Ingalls in their little house out there on the prairie had more sense than we do. Yep. Tropical Traditions is a great source for coconut oil. If you sign up for their emails you get notified if they’re offering free shipping.
I’ve also replaced Crisco with palm shortening. It sounds weird, right? I had never heard of it, but I read great things about it. Crisco is weird when you think about it….and let it sit a little while and it smells like something died in there. It goes rancid very quickly. Palm shortening is a really great fat for frying chicken or French fries. It leaves no taste. I’m using it for pie crusts and other things that I would use Crisco for. It does not go rancid when heated at high temperatures (neither does coconut oil), so that’s why it’s good for frying. Other oils go rancid when they are heated too high……and our body freaks out when rancid oil enters it. It says GO AWAY! And that’s why you end up in the toilet after a fish fry – hey, I’m just sayin’.I also buy my palm shortening at Tropical Traditions.
I buy olive oil by the gallon. It’s best to buy it in a container that is not see through so the light doesn’t harm it. There isn’t much disagreement about olive oil. Anyone will tell you it’s a great oil….and they used it in the Bible. And you can pray for someone and anoint them with olive oil – and then use the rest of the bottle to make salad dressing. It is good to try to buy organic olive oil.
So, that’s what I use now. And we’re loving the food I am making. It tastes so……GOOD. You’d be amazed at how tasty butter can make your food.As a side note, when I was in high school I went through this phase where I wouldn’t eat fat……I would run away from it. It got so bad that I would pick out ground beef from my mom’s soup and then eat a whole bowl of marshmallows because they were FAT FREE. Does that make any sense? Our body needs fat to function and absorb vitamins. I say, bring on the butter. And that’s my opinion.

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  1. Awesome post! Can you replace canola oil with olive oil?

  2. I have coconut oil on my shopping list for next trip!

    Regarding the margarine, I read one summer that I could wipe it across my horse stalls to keep the flys away!!! SO, if that is what it is good for, then I sure as heck don’t want to be eating it!

    WE.LOVE.BUTTER at my house. We go through more than I care to mention 😉 I want to try some grass fed butter….I hear it’s the cats meow 😉

  3. I like you’re opinions :)

    What’s the latest on lard? Supposedly it makes the best pie crusts…

    • Lard is really great for you…….but not the lard you buy in the store. :-) It has tons of additives. You can make your own lard or buy it from someone local. I haven’t found any yet.

  4. You can also use coconut oil for LOTS of other home remedies. Right now it’s our go to diaper cream- after 2 months with a rash, it appears this works better than just about everything else- and it’s cloth diaper safe! You can use it as an eye makeup remover. You can use it to help psoriasis and eczema! It’s good stuff.

  5. I use olive oil all the time – whenever I need some oil, it’s great. I also used coconut oil when I made some deodorant for myself – worked great – haven’t used it in cooking though.

    I was just telling my husband that I saw an ad on TV for a healthy cookie! Seriously, marketing a cookie as healthy shouldn’t be allowed. No wonder so many people are overweight. Keep up your good work! Oh and I haven’t had any sugary sweets since Saturday! :) It’s a start….

  6. We are both on the same journey and share a lot of the same ideas….our family has completely cut out HFCS, refined foods, white grains. Trying to get back to eating things as close to the way God made them as possible. The shocker was going back to full fat dairy…but oh, so much better. I’m so glad I get to read your post and gain from your research because it can boggle my mind sometimes…and seems far off from what we’ve always been taught.

    • No kidding. Makes you want to bang your head against the wall to listen to what most “experts” say. :-) Welcome to our group!

  7. Jennifer Kinsler says:

    Where do you buy your olive oil? Also, on the website for the coconut oil it says “gold label” and “green label”..I was wondering which one you purchased. Thanks!

    • I have ordered Gold Label, but currently I’ve been buying mine in Wytheville at King’s Produce. :-) I bought my last large jug of olive oil at Sam’s for a really good price. Hope that helps!

  8. Another fat that I love is bacon grease. If you think eggs are tasty fried in butter…

    I’ve also been saving the fat that drains off my ground beef and using that in small amounts to saute veggies, etc.

  9. The only use I have for shortening (Crisco) is when I bake a pound cake & to grease & flour the cake pan. Do you know if your palm shortening works just as well? Thanks

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