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Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce

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Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce
Well, I know y’all love pizza. No, I don’t have ESP……every time I ask on Facebook on Friday what y’all are eating, about 80% of you say pizza. Is Friday National Pizza Day and someone forgot to tell me? Anyway, we love pizza too……but I checked out the label on the pizza sauce at the store – and then I put it back on the shelf. I’ll spare you what’s in it. It’s not pretty. So, I decided to make some myself to put in the freezer to have whenever we wanted pizza…..and it was EASY! I thought to myself: “Self, why not do this in the crock pot?” So, self did it in the crock pot.

Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce
I bought some organic tomato paste just for this very occasion. Then I realized I needed tomato sauce too. Oops. I’ll go organic with that next time. Because as we all know, pizza should be taken very seriously. You’ll need tomato paste, tomato sauce, water, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, olive oil, honey, grated parmesan, salt, and pepper. Everything is better with salt. It’s true.

Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce
In your crock pot mix together everything except the parmesan cheese…’s our last step. I used a whisk of course. I’m pretty attached to it. It should just stay out on the counter since I use it so much. It needs its own spot at the table.

Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce
Cover and cook on low for about 4 hours. It’s going to really let the flavors mingle. I just like saying “let the flavors mingle.” It makes me feel so Food Networkish.

Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce

Every thirty minutes you’re going to want to stir it…..or it will stick. Or so I hear from OTHER PEOPLE. I have this fear of food sticking to my pans. Maybe because it happens so often. You really don’t have to stir it every 30 minutes….you could stir it ever 45 or every hour….just stir it. Or else there will be stickage. FYI – stickage is not a work. Spell check says so.

Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce

When your four hours are over, turn off the crock and add the cheese. Cheese just makes everything better. Amen.

Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce

Look how beautiful! And it’s soooooooooooooooo good! Let the sauce cool until it’s room temp. Never put hot food in your fridge OR freezer. It causes upset in there….and that’s a no-no. I let mine sit out for about 1 hour. I transferred it to another bowl to help it cool down.

Homemade Crock Pot Pizza Sauce

When it was cooled down, I packaged it into smaller bags. I put a scant cup in each bag and ended up with 5 bags. That’s enough to do about 5 pizzas…..more if you like less sauce (I’m a less sauce kind of girl). I put all these bags down into a bread bag for storing in the freezer. Now you have pizza sauce when you’re ready to make pizza.Crock on!

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  1. Yummy. I wonder if you can can that? lol can-can

  2. Love this! I have been thinking about making my own because we never use a whole jar before it starts to grow. (no, I have not read my jar) I hate wasting it! I love that this will be far healthier than the “jar”! I might put mine in ice cubes because we really use very little, then I can get out just what I need. Thanks again for your post!!!

  3. Stacy, this is REALLY cool. I love it! Thanks for sharing it in SLT! :)

  4. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks so much for sharing this instructive post at FAT TUESDAY Hope to see you next week!

  5. This is great, Stacy! I’m heading to the kitchen to start a batch now :-) Thanks!

  6. Lea H @ Nourishing Treasures says:

    This looks great!

    Thank you for your submission on Nourishing Treasure’s Whole Health Weekend Link-Up.

    Check back later today when the new link-up is running to see if you were one of the top 3 featured posts! :)

  7. How VERY cool!! I am SO into making things from scratch and this, well, this is GREAT! I hopped over from Keeper of the Home where you guest posted and I will be bookmarking your blog…yippee! :)

    Many Blessings,

    • That was my friend Mindy’s article. She’s a sweetheart and that was a GREAT article! I hope you enjoy the pizza sauce – it’s soooooooooooo good!

  8. Krystal Austin says:

    Does the honey make it really sweet? not much of a sweet pizza sauce fan

    • Hmmmm. I”m not sure how to answer that – because I do like sweet. I might be biased. :-) You could try a batch since it only makes 4 cups and see? Maybe cut the honey down to half?

      • jlissar says:

        My family is Italian…I was always taught when you make a tomato sauce it needs a sugar to help the tomato taste be less bitter. Then salt to flavor.

  9. So, I said to myself, “Self, this Stacey is seriously funny!!” Thanks for the recipe.

  10. Marilyn says:

    On the same isle of the store as the Reynolds baking bags, they have Reynold’s crock pot liner bags. They are SO worth every penny. NOTHING sticks to my crock pot anymore. Put leftovers in fridge, toss the bag and wipe crock pot down and store…

    Marilyn in MS

  11. I just found your website. I am still in the beginning stages of transitioning to whole real foods. Do you use grated parmesan cheese from a can or fresh parmesan cheese an grate it yourself? Thanks!

  12. Could this be canned and put in the pantry? or should it be frozen until used?

  13. Recipes looks great. Love the idea of making it in large quantities and freezing it for later. I normally use this recipe. I find it a bit quicker. Thanks for posting.

  14. The recipe looks good, and I’d like to try it. However, my crockpot has the Hour settings: 4, 6, 8, and 10. My instinct is to use the 4 hour setting, but it’s also categorized as High and seeing as you say Low what would you recommend?

  15. Sounds good. One caveat, if you decide to can it, leave out the Parmesean cheese. Home canning with any dairy is a no-no.

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