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Crock Pot Chicken Fried Steak

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Chicken Fried Steak is to the South like “Eh” is to Canadians (okay, I’ve never been to Canada, but Barry has and I think the analogy works). You cannot separate them. And buddy, does this family love Chicken Fried Steak. Yummo! So, I wanted to make some in the Crock Pot. They turned out fabulous but the next time I’ll do them a tad bit differently. I made the mistakes in advance for you. You’re welcome. You’ll need minute steak (also known as cube steak), flour, salt, ground mustard, garlic powder, oil, cream of chicken soup, and water. You could serve this dish over mashed potatoes or rice. We just had mashed potatoes on the side. I like to dip stuff. Yeah, it’s a disease.

In a shallow dish, combine the flour, salt, ground mustard, and garlic powder. Mix it up with a fork. Spill some over the side because you’re a messy stirrer. Thanks. Dredge each steak in the flour mixture.

Melt some butter or shortening in a skillet. I used coconut oil but you could use butter or olive oil. Now, just fry the steaks until they start to get brown on the outside. You don’t need to fully cook them. We just want them nice and crispy on the exterior and we’ll cook the interior in the crock pot……slowly.

When all the steaks are done, put them in your greased crock. Please grease it. I forgot…..and I had to let mine soak for HOURS. Yes, hours. I probably could have waited less time, but I wasn’t feel very scrubby. I was feeling more soaky. So, it soaked. Moral of the story – butter that baby down.

Combine the soup and water in a small bowl. I use this measuring cup to do most of my small bowl mixing. It’s starting to lose all its numbers on the side. I have to guesstimate if I use it to measure……maybe that’s why some of my dishes don’t turn out. Yep! That’s TOTALLY it!

Pour the soup mixture evenly over the steaks. In all things, gravy is awesome. You can put gravy on anything and make it taste good. It’s sorta like ketchup. It heals a multitude of sins.

Put on the lid and cook on low for about 4-6 hours. Yes, 4-6. Here is where I messed up. Mine cooked 8 hours. Okay, okay! GOSH! So maybe it cooked like 9 hours. Good grief. Give me a break. I was um……busy. Yep, busy.

*How long you cook it depends on how done you like your steak. I like mine sorta crispyish.

Let me tell you. It looks scary, but it’s not as burned as it looks. Really. Yes, they stuck to the bottom. And yes, some of the edges were crispy, but that’s how I like it. And I like my pizza crust burned too. But no one – and I mean no one – complained about eating these. They were so tender they fell apart. Okay, so maybe they fell apart because they were stuck to the bottom of the crock. There wasn’t much gravy left, but I think that’s because it must have evaporated around the 8thhour. Uhhh, oops?

They were really very good. I will be making this again (Barry loved them!), but next time I’ll only cook them for 6 hours. I think 3 extra hours was a little….much.


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  1. Brings back memories of Sunday dinner my Mom made! She used cream of mushroom soup. I haven’t tried ground mustard in my breading, but will be sure to do this next time!

  2. Yuuum! I can’t wait to try this…and I’m still waiting for your cowboy beans recipe 😉

  3. Judie Ryman says:

    I prepared this last evening for my hubby and I plus three hungry grandsons. Used two pounds of meat and only had cream of mushroom soup, so added a can of chicken broth and thickened it a bit at end of SIX hours. Spooned over mashed potatoes…and everyone enjoyed the meal SO much! Can’t wait to make it again whenI can have leftovers:). Thanks much!

  4. cynthia says:

    Do you have an easy recipe for Chicken and dumplins? Have you ever heard of Strawberry dumplins?

    • There is a recipe on the site for Strawberry Grunt. It’s like dumplings. I don’t have a good chicken and dumplings recipe. I’m looking! :-)

  5. So when are you going to compile a crock pot cookbook? I want one! I’m going to try this the nex time I see cube steaks on sale! Yummy!

    • Maybe someday. :-) I made come changes to this recipe today, so make sure you take note of the time. They should cook 4-6 hours. I cook mine for 6 hours because I like them DONE.

  6. When you have a really bad pan to clean, fill it with hot water, add 1 or 2 USED Bounce dryer sheets and let it sit. After a few hours or overnight swish, empty, wash with dish soap & Voila’ – really clean pan. Just thought I should pass this on since you gave me a great recipe!

    • Good tip Anne! Thank you. I like keeping those things in the back of my mind. :-) I use dryer balls, but a lot of people always have dryer sheets on hand!

  7. Sandy Speed says:

    When I wore the red paint of the side of my plastic measuring cup that I love more than any bowl in my kitchen, I simply took a Sharpie brand permanent marker and reprinted all of the markings on the outside of the measuring cup. It’s going on five years now since I did that and the writing has stayed on longer than the red paint ever did!

  8. Gonnna try this today! Can potatoes be added to recipe and cook along with the steak?

    • I have not tried that – I think the steak might get done before the potatoes….just make sure you don’t cook it too long or it gets crispy – ask me how I know. LOL Check after the 4 hour mark if possible.

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