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Five Minutes on Love

Five Minutes on Love

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Happy Valentine’s Day (almost)! Love is in the air, or at least all the cheesy greeting cards, candy and sappy love movies are making me think that’s the case.  Whether you’re five years old handing out little cards to everyone in your class or 50 years old giving a single card and some flowers to your one true love, there’s just something about February 14th that can’t be denied as a great day to celebrate love.  Buy why?  What’s the point of celebrating on that day?  Why not every day?

Stacy and I don’t do a lot of the commercialized holidays. That just not how we roll.  That’s partially why we’ve spent several of these “Five Minutes On…” videos talking about holidays.  However, Valentine’s Day is a little different.  While retailers want to convince you it is all about spending a ridiculous sum on jewelry, candy and flowers on one single event, Valentine’s Day is a pretty decent reminder of our ongoing call to love one another.  As Christians living in a deeply evil world, this is a reminder we need CONSTANTLY. For non-Christians, this is still good advice.  I don’t know that anyone can honestly say, “I sure wish I would have loved people less.”  Maybe that person exists, but I surely don’t want to meet him/her.

Anyway, back to my point – LOVE.  Even though there is a single day dedicated to its celebration, love is something we should practice every day.  I’m blessed to have a wife that loves me and shows it every single day without fail.  She is my constant companion.  She lets me sleep by her side (no couch for me!). We study, learn and play together. She is a mother, teacher and caregiver for our children. She even does the traditionally domestic stuff like cooking my meals, washing and ironing my clothes, etc.  All this is a demonstration of her love.  Notice, there wasn’t a single mention of jewelry, candy or flowers in there…  She was a little more specific in how she handles Valentine’s Day when she wrote a couple of years ago about five ways to show your husband love.

As you get closer to that overly-expensive, hyper-commercialized day that encourages you to indulge in your sweetheart – DO IT.  Indulge him/her.  Have a conversation and LISTEN.  Write an actual love letter…by hand. Spend a few minutes praying together.  Display just enough lovey-dovey affection in front of the kids so they give that, “eww, gross” look.  It will mean a lot more than candy or flowers, and probably more than anything else you could find in a store.

Want to know more about how we feel about love? It’s all below, compressed into roughly five minutes. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

One final thought: I’d sure love to read your stories about how you’ve celebrated this holiday.  Leave a comment with your sappy story or creative ideas of ways you can show love every day.

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