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In Which Stacy Eats Crow: Finding My Way With Food

In Which Stacy Eats Crow: Finding My Way With Food

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WARNING: Another long post because I’m airing my brain out.

From the very beginning, I’ve always been 100% real with you all. And you’ve stuck with me – you were there when we ate a Standard American Diet. You were there when I switched to whole foods. You stayed around when I was trying to clear my brain and figure things out about soaking grains (I have since changed my tune on that as well, but more on that later). And now I’m here with you again – keepin’ it real and having you keep me accountable.

We quit Trim Healthy Mama

Yes. I know. It’s hard for me to eat crow. I sang THM’s praises and posted as often as I could. I was in whole hog…but then some things happened – I got some bad advice – I read some stuff – and Barry and I REALLY talked. It was best for our family to quit this way of life.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

Some of you are rather new around here, so you might not know that I struggle a little bit with an eating disorder. In short – I try to control food as much as humanly possible. It becomes an obsession for me – I drive everyone around me insane. God brought me through that and he’ll bring me through again – but through THM I felt myself sinking down into that same black, dark pit of food obsession…and honestly, y’all – I can’t go there again.

We are letting our family heal. We’re letting go of obsessive food counting (how long since you ate your last fat?! Did you eat ½ cup or 1/3 cup?) With THM, there is too much focus on food – you cannot escape it. There is no freedom in having to monitor your food that closely and worry about a tablespoon of peanut butter on your apple.

I cannot think about food all day. I cannot worry about eating out with my girl friends because there might be milk in something. Too. Many. Rules. If you’re like me, those rules will rule your life. And mama…life is too short for that.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

Through this last thing we’ve been through, we have really screwed up our metabolism. I find myself cold all the time. My hair was falling out a lot. I was nauseated several times a day. I can’t live like that – I don’t want to live like that.

I want to eat real food. I want butter on my BREAD. I want to eat a banana without feeling guilty. I want my joy over food back. And I’m getting it – I’m getting my joy back. I’m laughing again.

I’m in recovery mode – trying to heal my metabolism…and yes, gaining a little bit of weight because I ate too many Fuel Pulls (low fat + low carb) and so did Barry.

Skinny does not equal healthy OR happy. We choose healthy AND happy.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

You must do your own research and find your own way – like I’m doing. I’ve read extensively on how carbs and fat SHOULD be combined – and about how people actually do better health-wise when they do so.

And honestly, I don’t think low-fat items are good for anyone. If they take the fat out, it has to be replaced with some other type of filler.

And yes, I know – “But you don’t have to eat those low fat things.” Sure you don’t – but it’s really hard to stick with THE PLAN and eat your E meals without including low fat items.

Too many rules. Too much counting. No freedom – no joy in being held bondage by numbers on a scale.

Healthy does not equal skinny.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

I’m feeling a calling back to my roots…back to my whole foods lifestyle. I will heal my metabolism. I will feed my family whole foods without freaking out. I will continue to learn more and grow. All of life is one big, huge lesson.

So, let me just tell you one thing as I try to wrap this up – there is no ONE healthy way to live. Everything you find that is “healthy,” someone else will have information to contradict that. Do I think Trim Healthy Mama works for some? Yes – but I also know a ton of other ladies who it hasn’t worked for.

Does it work for us? No. Being obsessive about counting and hours and measuring is not the way to live for us. Low fat is not the way to live for us. We like butter. And carbs. Together. Barry and I both lost weight with THM – weight we hadn’t been able to lose otherwise.  But the way we were doing it wasn’t a good long-term plan for us.  It just doesn’t fit for us.

For some other reading for you, check out the articles below. And let me also tell you this: Thank you. Thank you for sticking with me. I’m finding my way…and my way changes a lot – just like yours. My life is a journey – yours is too – and I will have JOY IN MY JOURNEY!

I like a little butter with my crow. 😉

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