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In Which Stacy Eats Crow: Finding My Way With Food

In Which Stacy Eats Crow: Finding My Way With Food

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WARNING: Another long post because I’m airing my brain out.

From the very beginning, I’ve always been 100% real with you all. And you’ve stuck with me – you were there when we ate a Standard American Diet. You were there when I switched to whole foods. You stayed around when I was trying to clear my brain and figure things out about soaking grains (I have since changed my tune on that as well, but more on that later). And now I’m here with you again – keepin’ it real and having you keep me accountable.

We quit Trim Healthy Mama

Yes. I know. It’s hard for me to eat crow. I sang THM’s praises and posted as often as I could. I was in whole hog…but then some things happened – I got some bad advice – I read some stuff – and Barry and I REALLY talked. It was best for our family to quit this way of life.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

Some of you are rather new around here, so you might not know that I struggle a little bit with an eating disorder. In short – I try to control food as much as humanly possible. It becomes an obsession for me – I drive everyone around me insane. God brought me through that and he’ll bring me through again – but through THM I felt myself sinking down into that same black, dark pit of food obsession…and honestly, y’all – I can’t go there again.

We are letting our family heal. We’re letting go of obsessive food counting (how long since you ate your last fat?! Did you eat ½ cup or 1/3 cup?) With THM, there is too much focus on food – you cannot escape it. There is no freedom in having to monitor your food that closely and worry about a tablespoon of peanut butter on your apple.

I cannot think about food all day. I cannot worry about eating out with my girl friends because there might be milk in something. Too. Many. Rules. If you’re like me, those rules will rule your life. And mama…life is too short for that.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

Through this last thing we’ve been through, we have really screwed up our metabolism. I find myself cold all the time. My hair was falling out a lot. I was nauseated several times a day. I can’t live like that – I don’t want to live like that.

I want to eat real food. I want butter on my BREAD. I want to eat a banana without feeling guilty. I want my joy over food back. And I’m getting it – I’m getting my joy back. I’m laughing again.

I’m in recovery mode – trying to heal my metabolism…and yes, gaining a little bit of weight because I ate too many Fuel Pulls (low fat + low carb) and so did Barry.

Skinny does not equal healthy OR happy. We choose healthy AND happy.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

You must do your own research and find your own way – like I’m doing. I’ve read extensively on how carbs and fat SHOULD be combined – and about how people actually do better health-wise when they do so.

And honestly, I don’t think low-fat items are good for anyone. If they take the fat out, it has to be replaced with some other type of filler.

And yes, I know – “But you don’t have to eat those low fat things.” Sure you don’t – but it’s really hard to stick with THE PLAN and eat your E meals without including low fat items.

Too many rules. Too much counting. No freedom – no joy in being held bondage by numbers on a scale.

Healthy does not equal skinny.

Finding My Way  Through The Food Maze

I’m feeling a calling back to my roots…back to my whole foods lifestyle. I will heal my metabolism. I will feed my family whole foods without freaking out. I will continue to learn more and grow. All of life is one big, huge lesson.

So, let me just tell you one thing as I try to wrap this up – there is no ONE healthy way to live. Everything you find that is “healthy,” someone else will have information to contradict that. Do I think Trim Healthy Mama works for some? Yes – but I also know a ton of other ladies who it hasn’t worked for.

Does it work for us? No. Being obsessive about counting and hours and measuring is not the way to live for us. Low fat is not the way to live for us. We like butter. And carbs. Together. Barry and I both lost weight with THM – weight we hadn’t been able to lose otherwise.  But the way we were doing it wasn’t a good long-term plan for us.  It just doesn’t fit for us.

For some other reading for you, check out the articles below. And let me also tell you this: Thank you. Thank you for sticking with me. I’m finding my way…and my way changes a lot – just like yours. My life is a journey – yours is too – and I will have JOY IN MY JOURNEY!

I like a little butter with my crow. 😉

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About Stacy

Stacy is the author of Crock On: A Semi-Whole Foods Slow Cooker Cookbook and Keep Crockin': A Poorganic Slow Cooker Cookbook, and a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom to her three children, Annie (June 2009), Andy (August 2012) and Eli (September 2014). After an “awakening” in March 2011, her family switched to a more natural, whole foods diet. She likes to blog about how to live on less than you make and how to eat good food while doing it. Her passion is teaching others how to save money and she tag teams with her husband in this endeavor. At Stacy Makes Cents you’ll find information on how to save money in the kitchen, how to have fun with your kids, and how to be thrifty in all areas of life. Her passion is teaching others how to live debt free. Make sure to follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and more to keep up with her daily antics.


  1. Well, I do think you’ve found the ONE healthy way to live, which is don’t turn your body into your idol and food into your means of worship. Often when I read the passage where Paul condemns those “whose god is their bellies”–their appetites–I think not of drunken feasting partiers, but those who think so much about food and health and long life that they crowd out every human and spiritual truth in order to come to their ONE TRUE WAY TO EAT. It’s all about what they ingest, all day long. I have seen a woman break fellowship with a church over soda pop because “God would never have his people poison each other that way”. And that’s just one example. It’s everywhere. It. Has. To. Stop.

    And you have stopped it, though it’s a recurring problem for just about anybody in our image-focused world. Just eat well and praise God for your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t make it big stuff. <3

    Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.–Phillipians 13:9

    • Yes. Yes. And yes. Thanks be unto God, he can bring us out of our pits! Let’s have CHURCH UP IN HERE!

      • Kimberley O. says:

        GAHCindy…. This is so true and is even more difficult to not allow food to take over when there are digestive and other medical issues within the family. It does become such a focus especially around celebrations and holidays. But when it becomes a legalism issue and separates God’s people, that is very sad indeed.
        Stacy, I only know thm from what you have discussed on your blog, so I am not that familiar but it sounds like you have made a good decision for your family. Several of us are on gaps for health reasons and it is very difficult, but not as hard as counting and measuring and definitely not low fat!
        I noticed that you mentioned reducing grains in one of your posts. I just wanted to share for anyone considering this or anyone who has pain issues, cutting grains from my diet so greatly reduced my joint pain and headaches that I can’t possibly imagine adding them back in.

        • Hi Stacy
          I’m a new subscriber that found your site through my interest in THM. I have found that eating plan to be a life saver for me. I have lost 33 pounds in 4 months and feel better than I have in YEARS! I’m so thankful to have found this plan BUT we all need to realize that there is no silver bullet here and one size will not fit all. So we all have to move on sometimes and I hope you’ll find the eating style that is right for you and yours. God bless.

    • Amen! Food has become in idol in this country and in my own life and i so commend Stacy for being bold enough to share her struggle.

  2. Applause, applause. I so appreciate your honesty and humility…and friendship! Glad we can joyfully journey on together!

  3. Jill Svirida says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have only heard of THM and have never done it myself. But I am always reevaluating my food journey and it helps to see that I’m not alone in that!

  4. I completely understand where you are coming from. That’s how I felt when I was on WW. THM has left me feeling more free than I have in long time. I’m still learning the ropes, but I don’t feel the need to be quite so strict. I have to be able to live my life. If I have a day that I eat fat and carbs together…oh well that is life. It’s gonna happen. I just try not to let it happen every meal, every day…and so on.

    You have to do what is best for you and your family. I’m sorry that you are struggling. I remember those days well. I just want food to be food. Eat it when I’m hungry, stop when I’m full.

    I admire your honesty. You are not alone!

  5. I’ve had many of these reservations — too many rules, low-fat foods, metabolism. It seemed like another fad diet, despite what they said. I shared it with my readers, because they’ve asked about it and I hadn’t officially read it and didn’t know what to say, but you do!

    Now I’m going to go enjoy my soaked whole wheat waffles with butter. 😉

  6. Thanks, Stacy, for your wonderful post. I’ve been trying to do THM for a couple of months and keep getting overwhelmed with all the rules. The ‘real food’ lifestyle is just that, and shouldn’t be so complicated. There are wonderful recipes and experiences shared at THM, though, and I continue to glean what I can from all the posts, but I also do lots of researching on the internet, and use what I can from every plan I come across. In the end, what works for me is simply whole, real foods, and plenty of healthy fats, keeping the grains and starches to a minimum to control my diabetes. I love your blog, and you certainly did not disappoint with this post. Thank you!!!

  7. Good job, Mama! We’ve learned a lot from THM, but we don’t count carbs or hours. We eat whole food from our farm and enjoy it! I learned that the hard way when I was so wrapped up in eating THM that when I couldn’t figure it out, I got frustrated and didn’t eat…ain’t nobody got time for that!! My hubby and babies deserve better, and me, too! Love reading about your changes and your joy!!!

    • LOL I love that quote. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      • Countrylivingmama says:

        YEP! I love that quote too! I couldn’t have said it better myself. :)
        I got the book in the mail, flipped through it… a couple of times and at this moment I couldn’t honestly tell you where it’s located in my house.
        It scared me to death! I have 11 children and can hardly remember where my brain is let alone remember what to eat when… yadda, yadda.
        The funny thing is, when I stopped focusing on food and ate sensibly, cut back on my sugar I have dropped 11 pounds in 2 months! It’s not as fast as I’d like but hey, I’m okay with that.
        I enjoy your blog and your transparency Stacy. Keep up the good work sister!

        Janet… mamachildress

  8. Chantel Poisel says:

    Thank you for keeping it real! This is applicable to soo many things other than food… I appreciate you sharing your heart. You could have been quiet about it and few would have known. The bigger lesson here is that you recognized something that was an issue in your life, You talked it over with your husband, and strive to honor God with your choices and behavior. THAT is worth so much more than a number on a scale! (And so is your sanity!)

  9. Great post! Good on you for “keeping it real”. Bravo !

  10. Lisa Young says:

  11. KelLee Gray says:

    “Nourishing Traditions” is wonderful. I source of massive information about true healthy eating without being obsessive about things with recipes and directions. I have always been raised with whole foods, usually raw just due to farm life and being very poor. But now that I am almost 50 and I have 7 kids, it has become even more evident to me how whole foods and specific fats are necessary for good health and clear thinking. I commend you, this is a tough path and your humility is refreshing. I don’t know it all and I am continually searching for the truth. Good luck and you will be in my prayers. :)

  12. susanwatson says:

    Amen and amen! THM did not work for me either. I gained instead of losing. A journey it is indeed! Perhaps someday you can write on how you healed your metabolism. Thanks for being real.

  13. Rachel Judt says:

    Applause! Applause!! I totally agree with you on the food control issue, and I’m glad you had the guts to say something. We haven’t been doing thm, although we do try to stay relatively grain free at home. Like you, though, I don’t want to worry when I go out of something I want has carbs in it. I used to count everything, and I became the controlling monster that everyone hates. This is better for us. I really did love your thm – friendly recipes, though. The S ones (I think?). The pumpkin cake was so amazing we have been eating it weekly!

    Anyway, I fully support your decision and your reasoning. Do what is right for you! You go girl!!

  14. Sarah Rhodes says:

    Thank you for being so honest, Stacy. :) I couldn’t keep up with the plan either. I still try to do some of the things they suggest. But honestly, I just don’t have time for all that planning and what can go with what. Its too much and it does begin to control you. And I want my whole family to enjoy what I’m making not just me. I still love them though and can’t imagine how they find time to do all of that. He he.

    • My time is so limited – I choose to focus on my family instead. :-) Thanks, Sarah!

      • Stacy, I know a lot of people will be helped by your honesty. My son has food issues and is gluten/dairy/free and we follow Feingold. With my husbands diabetes, and me seeing that grains caused heartburn and dairy some digestive issues, I was looking for something that the entire family could follow. I am sooo happy to say I found paleo. What I love about it, is after following it closely for a few months to get your metabolism in check, there is the 85/15 rule. So when we go out to eat, or go to a party, I can cheat a bit and not feel guilty. The best part is the recipes I have found have been more amazing than when I was just looking for gluten/dairy free recipes. They are not only nutritious(a lot of gluten free stuff has substitues that aren’t) but amazingly tasty, so it is so easy to stay on it, I don’t feel like I’m giving anything up. Most importantly, I feel amazing on it. Like you, my food addictions do not need extra help with obsessing! God bless in your journey and healing!!!!

      • I think anyone who evaluates their family and life honestly and wants the best for it should be commended. I respect what you’ve said and even though I’m new – I’m sticking with you Stacey cos you are the!

    • HI Sarah, I keep hearing about all the planning and time it takes and I am baffled. What specifically are you talking about? I mean, I menu planned before THM, so I am not sure there has been an increase in time. Thanks.

  15. I started THM several months ago and had to stop 2 months in. I have issues with dairy, which makes this diet almost impossible! I lost little weight on THM. Then I went on another “diet”, in which I lost almost no weight after restricitng everything but meat, fruit, and veggies, I stopped all the dieting. I am also going back to whole foods. I think I have ruined my metabolism and I need to heal. Thank-you for being honest. I look forward to future blog posts.

  16. Good for you. I used the old points system (not point plus) and lost 35 pounds. My husband lost 60 and my son lost 70. It took us 5 months but because of it we were able to enjoy our weekends at the river not being so self-conscious of being seen in a swimsuit. My husband and I are 64 years old so losing weight is harder then when we were younger but this worked for us and now our eating habits have changed. We don’t have to count points or look in the list of foods. We KNOW what we can and can’t eat to maintain our healthy weight.

  17. Kudos, Stacy on bravery, truth plus your wonderful sense of humor! I bought THM and like it mostly but also observed women nearing hysteria about timing, combining fats and carbs, etc. at 60 and having lived in the food wright uncontrolled eating measuring obsessing hell for over 40 years, I can relate. At my age, I realize that eating at scheduled times, eat organic, eat it only the way God made it, eat from local sources, eat a lot of good fat, know proper portion sizes, eat a huge salad, minimize sugars and MOVE = peace with food! peace with my head and life in a healthy body. Common sense, listen to how we feel and then go and be useful in Gods hands. We love you. Go forth in joy and peace with all this.

  18. Carrie Hutchison says:

    I was thinking about THM but after reading this and a few other things about it I’m not sure it’s what I should do!! It sounds time and money consuming… With a tight budget it would be very hard and add more stress which I don’t need lol!! I stay at home with our 4yr,3yr and 1yr old so we live off what my hubby makes!! Wouldn’t have it any other way!! I have been looking for a healthy way to get rid of the weight that I have gained with haveing three kids!!

    • It’s hard with littles – I’m only averaging 15 minutes of exercise…but it’s better than nothing! :-)

      • True!! We only have one car too so I have to rely on hubby getting off at a decent time or my parents coming to town once a week!! We live in a military town so I do my best to not shop on pay day weekend.. More stuff on shelves and less people in the stores!!! Pay day in a military town is well a word I don’t want to use lol!!! But I also love living in a military town because it helps me to not forget to pray for them!! My husband was in the Marines for 8 years!!

  19. I think that it is important that you make it clear that there is not a “problem” with THM, but that, because of your food disorders and OCD issues, it just was not a good fit for you. I am concerned that without that being made clear, you may negatively impact another ministry, and that isn’t OK. Many have found healing and freedom while following the THM lifestyle, and don’t find it to be restricting as you do. Blessings to you on your journey toward healing.

    • I feel like it was pretty clear why we had to quit – obsession is not okay.

      • I think you totally made that clear, that it wasn’t the plan for your family but might be for others :)

        • Julieanne M says:

          I have wondered over the last few months why you and your husband might be using THM. You seem very thin (you are blessed!), and didn’t seem to mention having blood sugar problems, so while I loved your recipes you developed, I wondered why you had switched to THM. I love your website and all that you share with us, even if you aren’t doing THM anymore. THM has totally worked for my family; I no longer need to take any medication for my blood sugar problems I was having (pre-diabetes), and we have all lost weight and trimmed up, although I still need to lose more. One of our teen daughters has an extremely sluggish metabolism (always has since birth), and even when eating carefully and working out, it’s tough for her to stay trim. Of course, I don’t make a big deal about it and don’t even talk about it with her, but she loves eating the THM way because it’s the first thing that has made a difference for her with her weight. :)

      • Jennifer Magee says:

        Re-read it…Stacey was very clear why it did not work for her family. While others might be able to live the life style.

        Research is so important. Speak to dr’s and nutritionist.

      • Heather Terry says:

        It’s not ok to obsess, you are right, but to me, your post did read anti-THM not just for you but for the plan overall (case in point: “With THM, there is too much focus on food – you cannot escape it. There is no freedom in having to monitor your food that closely and worry about a tablespoon of peanut butter on your apple.”) With what diet is there not a focus on food, but the authors of THM realize this kind of obsession can happen and that’s why they encourage you to learn the basics then freestyle it, not follow point for point every minute of the day. And because I haven’t been a follower for very long I could be way off and I definitely apologize if I am, but haven’t Pearl and Serene been helpful to you along the way, encouraging your recipes and blog? That’s the only issue I have with this post. I highly applaud you (and love that your hubby is right by your side helping) for getting out of something that is definitely not working for your family and is not healthy for you, but your words didn’t seem very grace filled and it has hurt the feelings of others who have encouraged you and followed your positive posts in the past. Research is key, as you have stated and I’m thankful we have the options out there, not one of them is perfect, but as you said, we can all find the one that works for our lifestyles. Maybe just admit it’s not for you and let it end at that instead of making it seem like a negative thing for others too. And please realize, this is all coming from someone who has done it all, but I also do not stick whole-heartedly to any plan. I love THM and I think it’s working for me b/c I’m not counting or obsessing, but I don’t have those tendancies (althought my husband wishes I did when it came to house cleaning). I can see where that could be a problem. Praying you find what works and your family finds the healing you need :-)

      • Donna Moon says:

        I agree you were clear that it was your issue with the program, not necessarily the program itself. Each person has to find what works for them. Sure, THM works wonders for some, but not for all. This plan just wasn’t good for you.

      • I think it was clear why you quit, but you maybe overstated/overgeneralized some of the THM “rules.” For example, crossovers (i.e. bread WITH butter) is definitely part of the plan, just not if you are wanting to actively lose weight. I do understand your having to quit though. I went through a similar experience with “BabyWise” where I tried to control my baby’s eating and sleeping to such an extent that I had to throw the whole book system out and go more attachment parenting. Nothing is perfect. This diet has actually been very good for me–as I was a previous Drive-Thru Sue.

    • I do think it was made really clear. She said thm works for some and doesn’t work for others!

    • I am new to THM and have a wheat allergy and Celiac. THM works great for me and has given me some great bread recipes that I can spread with butter anytime. As well as many other great choices. 1 in 3 people have Celiac and most of the recipes work great for us. All this bread and butter talk and counting hours sounds silly. Numerous doctors agree that eating every 3-4 hours helps stabilize blood sugar levels to avoid over eating and poor food choices. There also aren’t processed foods involved. Its a natural way of eating. I prep on Sundays so I can grab and go during the week even though I am a home schooling stay at home mom. Stscey I am sorry that you are still in search of the right plan for your family. But I do feel the comments are a bit harsh concerning THM. It is healthier than most plans out there but the reason there are so many plans is that we are not all created the same.

    • Charlie, I totally agree with you!! I feel Pearl and Serene have been stabbed in the back. Many are finding success and health with THM, and this could cause some to stumble in their success! Sad!

    • I think Stacy was clear that it didn’t work for her. What I got from it is that she has to be honest with why it didn’t work for her but she also knows that lots of people follow her closely. That can be scary–knowing that you may unknowingly lead someone down a path that’s not the right one for them. The take away from this is that you need to be sure it’s right for your family before you jump on the bandwagon. (She’s not saying it’s bad for everyone.)

    • Eva Worthing says:

      I have to agree with this (still love you Stacy!) :) The very first article you send us to is extremely negative about THM and doesn’t find one good thing about it. I’ve lost 40 pounds in four months and am 8 weeks pregnant. This would not have happened if I hadn’t found THM through you, Stacy. My fertility came back after the weight loss and for that, I am extremely grateful! I understand why you can not do THM anymore. I truly do. BUT, I understand Charlie on this one. I hope this post does not discourage anyone who is on the plan or thinking about it. Compared to Weight Watchers, THM is extremely freeing and I have not been obsessive at all. I have always cheated at least once a week on THM and had an ice cream or other not on plan food so I never felt too constricted. I will admit that I’ve been STARVING on THM since I got pregnant and I’ve cheated quite a bit but I plan on getting right back on the bandwagon once the thought of Greek Yogurt doesn’t make me gag.

  20. Thank you SO much for this. I had been trying to force my body into following the THM plan and I just couldn’t do it. It was starting to make me feel as if there was something wrong with me because so many people had such great success. Stevia powder gave me terrible migraines and made me nauseated, I don’t do processed foods so the fat-free/low-fat foods were NOT an option (my daughter has a dairy allergy that allows her to only consume raw dairy). I found myself depressed and felt like a failure because I just could NOT make this work for our family….not to mention we LOVE our sourdough bread around here and to give that up…well my husband was NOT on board with that. Thank you for being so honest and for allowing me to see that I too was being controlled by the idea…this idea/plan was becoming an idol to me – I was spending more time trying to make it work than reading and studying scripture (or playing with my babies!!). Thank you a million times over!

  21. I just quit THM myself after a visit to my circuit yesterday. She had referred me to a nutritionist and our focus will be on reducing inflammation which is best accomplished through avoiding animal products. Not sure I’m ready to go back to vegan lifestyle but keeping an open mind. Good luck Stacy. I love your blog. THM is great for those needing discipline, it is not good for those that will obsess…I am an all or nothing girl so this isn’t my first time off plan

  22. I actually bought THM because of your recommendation. After reading it, I immediately knew this is not the diet for me. I, too, like butter on my bread. I think it’s more important that the bread be whole grain and healthy. I will still continue to enjoy reading your humorous blog. Glad you are feeling better.

    • I’m sorry, Susan. :-(

    • Nobody said you can’t have butter without bread on THM…I have been doing THM for over a year now and have butter and bread quite often. Don’t blame THM, it is so adaptable that it looks different for everyone. If you are not indulging in something that you certainly can, then it’s not the lifestyles fault.

  23. I am so glad to read this! I was able to follow THM for about 4 months…when I was home full time during the summer and able to obsess over recipes, recipe planning, cooking everything, etc. Now that the school year is in full swing, I just don’t have the time. I took a break for several weeks (and admittedly stuffed everything I could into my mouth) and am now having a very difficult time getting back into it. I’ve been thinking about going back to using MyFitnessPal or counting Points. Thank you for your refreshing honesty!

  24. kimi b@seethebluesky says:

    Thanks for you honesty and for being upfront.
    THM works for me for the same reasons that it isn’t working for you. I’ve lived before where I counted every gram that I ate and now I am able to not give things much thought. BUT I know what you mean and how miserable of a life that is. I’m glad you have the courage and sense to change things that aren’t working for you.
    I also do not believe that one plan is right for everyone. You know your body and what you need as well as what is best for your family.
    Find it and live it. I love what you put out there for your readers and appreciate all you do!

    • Thanks, Kimi. :-)

    • DeborahBee says:

      Yes me too, Kimi – THM has been a deliverance from thinking too much about food. I always fail the diets with calorie counting or too many no-no foods. THM has worked for me because I can “fail” without guilt and easily go right back to this way of eating without feeling like I’ve “fallen off the wagon” and because there isn’t much that is truly listed as a “no-no” (I eat butter on my bread every single morning – it’s called an S Helper so I don’t feel like that’s cheating! Couldn’t eat my eggs any other way, LOL!) Mostly I love that I am not addicted to sugar, have access to yummy low-glycemic recipes, and know how to get more protein into my diet now…my body, metabolism, and energy levels thank me for the changes too!
      But I do TOTALLY understand how horrible it can be to be in bondage to food! It’s interesting how we can all obsess about different things. Human nature I guess! May we all learn to use diet and health books as our servants and not become servants to them!

  25. I completely understand. I belong to a ThM group on FB but I’ve never followed the plan.Like you, my past includes an eating disorder and, like you, I feel this plan focuses too much on specific food combos and time intervals. It sets people (like us) up for falling back into an obession with food again. I will continue to use some of their recipes but I will never follow their plan. It’s just not for me. God bless you as you find a way to feed your family healthy foods and be at peace.

  26. Bravo for having the courage to speak clearly about what was happened to you. I suspect there are a lot of other ladies having similar issues with this food plan. In fact, with most (if not all) food plans, but I do think that this one is a little more problematic for many women due to the fact that it is a ministry promoting it and since the food tastes so good. I don’t mean to disparage the ministry but that’s just the way things work, you know?

    I liked the premise of the book, but not the fake foods (I know–it was only 1/2 of the perspective but from what I saw on the THM pages it was really really tempting for many ladies to buy a ton of fat free cool whip and make all that they could with it), the tendency towards obsessing about food portions, and some other reasoning concerns I had with the book. Again, not meant to disparage the authors, but writing that just b/c God made it means that we should drink coffee isn’t a rational argument. God made a lot of things we shouldn’t partake of and caffeine is and can be a huge problem for many many people, especially women in today’s “do it all” society.

    Anyway, just wanted to affirm you and put my virtual arms around you and give you a big hug. Blessings as you sort through all of this.

    I still think that maybe it’s a good idea for some folks to try eating some meals without fat and carbs together. Maybe. If losing weight is crucial for them. I like the premise. But it’s totally OK to not do it all the time and it’s crucial to do it without obsession.


    • Thank you, Adrienne. :-) I’ve learned a lot from you.

    • I’m glad you recognized that following the plan was wrecking you. It has been the opposite for me. Freedom to eat real food, freedom to eat until I am full, and finally able to loose a few pounds. I am probably pretty far on the other end of the spectrum from you personality wise and I imagine that factors in. I buy and consume more real food now than I did for years but I am not a slave to time between eating, carbs, or fat. I mix it up sometimes. I eat a piece of junk food if I’m out with friends. It’s not all or nothing. I accept that for you and your family but hope that it can continue to be a blessing for other people.

    • Erin Boyd Odom says:

      I agree–I like the premise–but something didn’t sit quite right w/ me. I am already so overwhelmed with food allergies as it is!

    • Interesting….fat free Cool Whip has never been on plan with THM, nor has it been suggested and approved of on their website or Facebook page. Some people choose to use fat free Rheddi Whip in a can, but many don’t.

  27. I’m sorry, Stacy. I hope that you feel better soon!
    I admit that I didn’t ready many of your THM posts; it sounded like too much work for me. 😀 I think that I fall into the poorganic camp, but I’m not going to stress too much about food. And I am planning on eating some things that are soooo bad for me this holiday season. 😉 I am going to attempt to make a red velvet cake, it was my favorite cake that my Mom used to make, and I love it!
    Wishing you and your family the best!

  28. Hollie Dermer says:

    I really appreciate this post Stacy! I too struggled with eating disorders and obsessing over my weight/body and THM didn’t help those tendencies. Oh and I love butter on my bread! :)

  29. Congratulations to you on focusing on what is best for you and your family. I imagine this post was hard to write and don’t envy the anxiety and doubts you must have felt. I’m a big fan of your posts but this is my first comment. Just want to encourage you on your path of happiness and healthfulness. Way to go!

  30. Melanie Robinson says:

    Amen. Amen and amen!

    I just can’t express how thankful I am for you and your honesty. I was sure something was bad wrong with me. I was an obsessed person who became very full of “food fear” with THM. I was very much in bondage. Freedom is good. Butter and bread is too. :)

  31. Thank you so much for posting this. I was trying to make this work and becoming even more obsessed with food than I already was. I LOVE your blog and look forward to seeing your posts!

  32. I’m happy you shared this with your readers. I pray for the lords continued healing!

  33. Diana@My Humble Kitchen says:

    Amen, Stacy. I’m so, so glad to see this. I’ll be praying that God can see you through this time. Much love, Diana

  34. Nicki Veenstra says:

    Thanks for this. I hve the THM book and live using their ideas but never really “read” the book just used a few of the recipes I knew my crew would enjoy. I’m much more of a toss it together, make sure it’s a “well rounded meal” and call it good. Getting all worried about measurements, avoid this, add that is just not my style and after reading this I’m feeling so much better about that.
    Blessings to all!!

  35. Maggie Esch says:

    Finding the right diet and foods can be so difficult! Currently I am reading Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon on my quest to find the right way to eat for my family :)

  36. I appreciate your honesty Stacy. I too, jumped on the THM bandwagon several months ago, but then found myself burnt out in no time. I have felt like something was wrong with me because I felt deprived by all the rules and I also was counting down hours until I could eat again. I then found myself on the other extreme, devouring everything in sight because I was tired of being deprived of things I loved and missed. I think there is a better way and I’m still on the journey myself. I look forward to hearing and learning from you and others. I am just really appreciative that you can keep it real and admit when something doesn’t fit.

  37. Thank you for your candidness. Is refreshing to have someone be so open and honest about their experience! Just a thought, your “metabolism” issues sound very similar to my daughters thyroid issue. Might want to check your thyroid level. :)

  38. Stacy, I’m going to be real with you. I’ve been following you for several months now and I love how you healthify recipes and I get a lot of great ideas from you. But when you started writing about trim healthy mama, you lost me. as a working mom, I didn’t have time for all that nonsense. Plus, I REALLY like butter and I REALLY like bread too! lol! I’ve been trying to find my way through the food maze too. Everyone has to find their own way, but for me its been limiting processed foods filled with crazy ingredients and trying to make dinners from scratch as best I can. we can’t control everything, trust me….every morning my toddler goes to grandma’s house for daycare and i don’t even want to know how badly he’s being spoiled everyday! :-)

  39. I completely understand where you are coming from. Been there, done that! Low carb eating messed up my metabolism as well and that is not a rare event! I’ve read many stories of others who’ve had the exact same issue. I’ve been on a journey for two and a half years, reading about how food affects health. And I’ve read many, many different perspectives. The bottom line is that we know very little and there is a ton we just don’t know! After all of my research, my best understanding leads me to conclude that the best thing anyone can do to improve their health is to cook from scratch as much as possible using real food ingredients and ditch the highly processed food that comes from boxes and cans loaded with preservatives, food dyes and other artificial garbage. Beyond that, I avoid gluten grains, PUFA’s and GMO’s and try to limit sugar and grains in general. Currently, I loosely follow the “Perfect Health Diet” mixed in with a little bit of WAPF but it is not a religion to me and it may not be how I am eating a year from now. Best wishes as your way of eating evolves and know that there are many others of us out here on similar journeys.


    • Just a note to Patti, THM is not at all a no, or even low carb diet. And there is no counting, so I am actually confused by this blog, but I haven’t followed her journey. But I do agree with what you are saying, we know too little and sticking with real food is the key (also what the book says).

  40. RD Shugart says:

    It’s hard to be honest. :) In that spirit, I rarely include E meals. My hormones are crazy (I need the fat!) and I’ve been working for almost a year on healing from adrenal fatigue. I don’t stress about what I’m eating or what time I’m eating. I honestly, have enough to consider during the day with homeschooling, a child with food allergies (no gluten/grains). There are some recipes in the book that I love – Waldorf Salad – and I will continue to make them. I think the important info in the book is really healing from a sugar addiction. We do a hybrid Paleo/GAPS trying to heal my youngest and me and frankly, that’s quite enough to think about. The book contains great information, but we can create an idol out of anything. We’re darn good at that. Blessings to you guys on your journey. On another note, thanks so much for your comment on my Asian Stir-Fry link yesterday! My ugly little blog had a comment! :)

  41. Becca Carroll says:

    Love you, girl. You know I got your back 😉

  42. Cindy Jackson Morton says:

    You must have been reading my mind! I have tried very hard to adapt to the THM lifestyle. I learned a lot from it. Cauliflower is a wonderful, under used vegetable! But, I was spending so much time planning, preparing and OBSESSING over meals, I became crazy. Thank you for being so up front. I so enjoy your posts and recipes. I will keep some of my THM ideas, but will add a lot of apples and honey! We had chili, cornbread, butter and honey on Saturday night. Cloud 9!

  43. Rachel Biesbrock Kasinger says:

    Stacy girl, You gotta do what you gotta do. I am also struggling with THM. I am 8 weeks pregnant and find I can eat nothing on plan at all. But more importantly, my hair is also falling out at an alarming rate, and since starting THM my digestive system has not been working well. I got a diagnosis of diverticulosis, and had my first diverticulitis attack, and ever since I have been unable to “go” regularly at all. I have been struggling with what to do about all of this, because none of the suggestions seem to work for me in the “No Go” department. This week our whole family has been on the American Standard Diet, because I am a mess and hungry and, and, and………there are many reasons. Most just boil down to me being sick and tired. I am happy for you that God has led you to an answer that is good for you and your family. I do enjoy a good “S” meal and am glad that you will be keeping some of those around. Wondering too, will you and your family be coming back to the use of honey for a sweetener??

  44. I sat down to read your post thinking, how dare she?! THM is awesome! Why would anyone not want to follow a diet that for most people, and for me works amazingly well! But by the end of the post, I realized, you were right…THM has become an obsession for me…I was totally freaking out about the upcoming holidays, and while I have lost a good amount of weight, THM is not going to work for me long term. I’ve forced THM down my family’s throats, and made them miserable for it, all for the sake of weight loss. I stopped making them foods they once enjoyed…good, wholesome foods, and treats that they loved for the sake of my vanity. What I truly need to learn is moderation. I will take a lot away from THM, like the fact that carbs do not need to run the show, but I need to get back to living…thank you my dear for your honesty!


  45. Everyone is different like you said and some things work for someone else that won’t work for you. I’ve had issues with food for as long as I can remember. I’m not on a “diet” for lack of a better word. I suppose you could call it a life change maybe. It’s a lower carb diet. That doesn’t mean no carbs and it’s not as severe as other low carb diets. It’s working for me. Overall I have lost over 30lbs. My doctor and I set out with a plan thinking that it was something else my body was doing but turned out to help anyway even though it wasn’t what she thought. (insulin resistant) The point is that it might not work for someone else. Find what works for you and your family. I’m sure you will. Good luck.

  46. Thanks for being so honest and open about your changes in life. It is important that you set a good example for your kids. If you are obsessing over food (what to eat or not eat etc.) it becomes an idol and that is not right. I didn’t try THM but when I heard they didn’t want you to eat honey I found that unbiblical. Honey is what we use for natural sweetener.

  47. I’m so glad you are jumping off that ship! I had a friend a few years back who was so food and exercise obsessed and telling all of us how we were doing everything wrong. She was breast feeding but on such a restricted diet that her baby was failing to thrive! We could all see it but she couldn’t! Eat! Eat for health! Eat sometimes for pleasure! I try to eat as healthy as I can but sometimes I want that piece of cake. Sometimes I don’t want the piece of cake. It’s all okay. And as you’ve said before that food is not God. Not to be mean but you were looking way too thin. It’s great to be thin and trim but there is so much more to life. I did pick up the THM book at the library a few weeks ago and it was way too much information. My philosophy is try and not eat very much sugar and white breads. Every thing else in moderation and you do just fine. All of our days are numbered. Some of us expire earlier than others. I’ve been watching Angelina Jolie have her breasts removed because she carries the cancer gene. Next it’s going to be her ovaries that she’s going to get taken out. You know you can do crazy or not so crazy things like that but God’s going to take you when he wants to take you. What I’m getting at is to just live your life and enjoy every moment! Our lives are fleeting and there are too many things we take for granted and instead of obsessing with food love and hug your babies! They really grow up too fast. Take them out every few weeks for a frozen yogurt and know that it’s okay. It’s all about the everything in moderation. I just so glad that you see it Stacy! Keep it real!

  48. Tricia Kristoff-Rampata says:

    Stacy, thank you for making me feel better about myself… I am a diet junkie! There, I said it. And it is wrecking my body. I am going to go back to listening to the wondrous body God gave me and eat the things that make me feel healthy. Bless your honesty!

  49. Helen LaRue says:

    Have you heard of Thin Within? It is a grace centered program with the focus on God and not on food. Here is the link to the website.

  50. Thanks for putting it out there. Your honesty is wonderful, I would rather read about something real in a life than just posts promoting a program. You are on your way to healing by following your instincts about food/family.

  51. Cynthia Carter says:

    As I have told you before, I don’t read all your post, so I didn’t know what THM was about. Everything in moderation! We eat butter, whole milk and so on. Our bodies need the fat to be able to absorb nutrients, plus like you said, if fat is removed it is replaced with something else, and that usually is not good stuff. Life IS a journey, I’m still learning that.

    Keep up the great work, Love ya!

  52. While I am a trim, healthy, mama I am not a THM. When the book first came out I bought it, read through it, laughed out loud and sold it. There was no way that would be sustainable for my family long term, nor did I think it was healthy. Eating butter with my bread, frying eggs in coconut oil, eating hash brown and bacon together! and drinking raw milk are things that have kept me healthy and trim! And you know what, I indulge on occasion, yes chocolate cake with icing made from honey is so darn good and gives life more pleasure. Because honey is better than stevia, can we all admit that?

  53. Sara Gaskill Daugherty says:

    I love that you are so open with your followers. Have you figured out what caused hair loss? Mine is falling out, & I’m wondering if stevia is the culprit. I’m considering coconut sugar. Opinion please?

    • I think I went too low carb. Reading up on that now.

    • Kristin Shawver Forsyth says:

      I replied to one other post concerning this, BUT, as a mama of 5, I know that in the year (or so) after having a baby, my hair ALWAYS fall out in droves, only to regrow full and strong (with new baby bangs, lol). It looks like you (and of course Stacy) have had a baby in the past year or so. I have a 9 month old and my hair is falling out, like it always does :)

  54. Awesome, Stacy! I have been reading your blog since your couponing queen days, and have seen you change and grow while finding your way on life’s journey. THAT is why I continue to read. You always seem to come back to the middle of the road, which (I think) is the best way to live :) I find it so cool that just last week, some friends and I were discussing your blog, and I was telling them how I felt that your recipes and eating style doesn’t fit my lifestyle, because I tend to focus on cutting out junk in the diet and eating more whole foods~ and lo and behold, the Lord was dealing with you to come back to grace, and the middle of the road. I’m so excited for you, and to see your growth through the coming years and blog posts!! Thanks for sharing and being “real”.

  55. Wow…thanks for being up front about this ! I did TMH too, and had to back away from it. I realized I was not enjoying food, and the only way I could get some of the things down was with fat free whipped cream ! It took several weeks to get my taste buds back. I’ve gained a bit of weight, but I am enjoying food again ! Thanks again !!! BTW…your blog is THE BEST !!

  56. Thank you so much for this. As someone who struggles with food, it helps me to hear that I’m not alone. Bless you for your willingness to share and your grace towards yourself.

  57. I love your blog & will continue to stick with you girl! :)
    I agree, stressing over my food intake is not what I want either. Eating a whole foods diet is what we try to do, it’s hard sometimes, but we are progressing away from processed foods. Thanks for your honesty & of course all the great recipes you share. :) God bless

  58. I applaud your choice!
    My hubby and I are 63. He has never followed any type of food plan. I on the other hand have been in one weight program after another since 1970. I was even a program leader for a couple of years. I was really heavy…over 330 pounds and via the last program group, I did losre140 pounds. But I quit groups in 2007…and sadly gained 60 pounds back. But my life during that time was too hectic/stressful with home and elderly family to care for and didn’t need the stress to count food statistics.
    But this year I have been slowly getting back to some food “control” to started losing again, but not like I use to. Hubby had heart problems this past summer and ended up with stents. He went to my old way of writing down every morsel of food and with 30 minutes of treadmill walking a day has lost 40+pounds and is off blood pressure meds. However, I quit counting stats several months ago..
    Long story to get to our conclusion on food control. I can no longer, after 44 years, track every morsel or serving that goes into my mouth…I am done and yes still 100 pounds over weight and still working and succeeding to get rid of the excess. We are returning to as natural foods as possible and old fashioned cooking in a healthier way. But no more chemically laden fat free or low fat.unless pure ingredients. I am losing slowly but am much happier. Hubby says he will continue to count and learn all I have learned about foods as he needs to learn limits and control years habitiual snacking. But hopes to lessen the counting after first of the year. He has always refused to join me in the weight lost program knowledge over the years and has paid for it.
    My point is…we each need to learn what works best for” ME”. Support is necessary, but in the long run, choices have to be yours for what works for you as an individual. Know the value of foods and portions (knowledge is power) healthy, but it can’t control your life.It’s not healthy to obsess over food. The choices just need to be a natural part of your life, if that makes sense.

  59. I love your blog! I still love THM, but I am a very laid back person and I find less strict and regulating and so many other things I’ve done. :) I’ll continue reading you! I have friends that eat all different ways, and I introduced some to THM but I also have friends that love their way of eating and I always tell them, you have to find what works for you, and it very well may not be THM!

    Thanks for posting! 😀

  60. So glad to hear this as I had stopped reading many of your posts because we eat real whole foods but not THM. I still subscribed but deleted many of your recent posts. One day I was seriously considering deleting the subscription because I felt you were going all THM. Glad to have you back in the “REAL” world! ha Praying for the healing of your bodies!

  61. Thanks for this post, Stacy! You are awesome! I bought the book and jumped in with both feet while pregnant,, but my husband was questioning some of the products suggested (We are Farm Fresh Tess all the way, eating whole grains and healthy fats, and he did not understand the low-fat, processed side.) Now I’m 35 weeks, and just trying to not eat a whole bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (my poor husband) until I deliver! We are praying through and contemplating what to do after delivery, and your article really gives me food for thought. Thanks for your honesty!

  62. All I can say is THANK YOU! Someone is finally saying what I’ve been thinking! I gave up THM a while ago, I just didn’t know how to articulate my issues with it, other than I was so bound by the rules. All I thought about was food, and it was pretty much idolatrous. Not saying THM is, but that lifestyle didn’t work for me. And I feel so much better now, mentally, physically, and especially spiritually. I had resisted doing THM because of the separation of fats and carbs and all the low fat food, and ALL the rules. But being desperate sometimes overshadows common sense. But when I started paying close attention to that little voice that says “you know better than this,” I began to feel free again. Thank you for your courage to say what I think MANY are discovering. I don’t know you except through a few emails and reading your blog, but it is apparent that you are a kind, honest, humble, giving person – you are the real deal and a breath of fresh air!

  63. Thank you for this post! We went through this exact same situation and I felt like such a failure. But after being back to our regular whole food diet, joy is back and I’m feeling more like myself. Thank you for sharing, and helping others find their voice.

  64. Good for you, Stacy! You rock…and I still love that spaghetti squash recipe! :)

  65. Stacy,
    I AM SHOCKED!!! But that said, I’ve come to realize that THM isn’t for everyone. And that just happens to be your family, which totally shocks. To be kinda honest, Stacy Makes Cents is one of last people (besides Serene and Pearl) that I could imagine quitting THM. But best of luck to ya! Now, as for me quitting THM, I don’t think that will help me, really.Because I think that I would end up going the wrong way – a nasty way. With THM, I’ve found a way to feed my body healthy food in a healthy manner. Because I also think that this way is best for me and my future family, if the Lord ever blesses me with those people in my life.

    Now that said, I have had times where I felt a little obsessive and I had to reign it in and I did fine then. But to each his own.

    I truly believe that I will be a THM for life – because its my happy spot! But I really LOVE your baked oatmeal and I will certainly check your blog occasionally. Again, good luck to ya!

  66. Stacy – I feel short of breath and punched in the stomach. I am even sorry to tell you that because I like you so much. I started THM because if you and Gwen even though there were things about it that made me go hmmm. I don’t know what else to say, except you are my friend and I really want to know more. I hope you can share more on this if you are able to. I think this took a lot of courage for you to write. You are brave.

  67. Stacy, at 47, I have already come to realize how much life is truly a journey. Kudos to you for your grace!

  68. I’m really happy for you. This is a courageous decision and I could not agree more with your instincts on this!

  69. Thank you so much for being honest with us! After I had my fifth baby in March, I read the book and tried to implement the “plan.” For awhile it was fine, but like you, I got tired of constantly having to think about what went in my mouth and whether or not I had put too much fat in my E meals. In July I finally just decided to join weight watchers to help me lose the 15 pounds I need to lose(yes I still have to think about portions, and what I’m putting in my mouth, but it doesn’t feel quite as stressful as THM.) I just wanted to eat granola and an occasional cookie(with real sugar lol) and not have to freak out! :) Besides no one else in my family needs to lose weight, so I had to do a lot more planning..not exactly something I have a lot of time for with 5 children under the age of 6. I really appreciate this post, thank you!

  70. Tonia Wilcox says:

    Good for you for recognizing that you were suffering for it and making the change! :) That’s what life is about right? Change? :)

  71. I started THM back in the spring and made it about two months, before I started “cheating”. I started a new job and found I just couldn’t focus on it the way I had before. The franken foods they suggest aren’t available in my area so everything was made from scratch. I, too, feel it consumes too much of my focus.

    I agree with other commenters who say the premise of the book is good, and there are certainly principles to be learned from it. I have been part of their FB community and have read all of the testimonies of people who love it and “never feel deprived.” I have always felt a little deprived. I was a whole foodie, probably more of a poorganic :) going into THM so I was used to REALLY good food. Most of the THM recipes were not REALLY good and I missed the yummy foods we used to enjoy as a family.

    I have actually been struggling with whether or not I should continue with the plan or just take the principles I have learned and combine it with my real food diet. Thank you for posting this, Stacy! You are an inspiration and the timing of this post couldn’t have been more perfect. You are a blessing to your readers.

  72. Thanks for being real.

  73. I’m an eating disorder survivor too, Stacy. I struggled with anorexic behaviors from the time I was about 16 until I was about 20. I 100% relate to everything you just shared … I get the obsessive food counting, the endless weighing and researching and the terror of enjoying food, lest it cause me to gain weight. Sounds crazy to someone who hasn’t struggled with this, but having that feeling of perfect control is addictive. Knowing my history is why I steer clear of any sort of strict, rigid eating plan. For some of us, it’s a trigger. It pulls us back to a very dark, scary place. Now that I’ve been in recovery for 10 years, I’ve learned my body’s natural, healthy weight range – the weight I’m at when I’m eating full, wholesome meals and not trying to lose – and that number is significantly higher than any number I tried to attain while dieting. But that number feels good to me … I never feel either hungry and obsessive or sluggish and slow when I stick to it. It’s my new healthy, happy place. I am SO PROUD of you for sharing this intensely personal part of your life. It’s not easy to be honest about an eating disorder. And it’s so very easy to fall back into, if you’re not vigilant! I’m so glad that you saw the danger signs and pulled back AND that you had the courage to publicly acknowledge your struggles! Long distance *HUG* from me to you!!

  74. Wow. I have gone through EXACTLY the same thing. My new motto is “just eat real food” and that does not include low fat items. I am loving the freedom. I am enjoying the information provided by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

  75. Susan Smith says:

    Totally blessed by your honesty.

  76. Thanks for your post Stacy- I have a lot of weight to lose, and I am ‘thm moderator” – I started an Ohio group months ago. Truth is, most days I feel like a hypocrite because it is so hard for me to stick with THM. My problem is meal spacing, and sugar addiction, and overeating/portion control. I am an emotional eater. The other issue is that I went from ‘drive thru sue’ to THM, never having baked anything ever, and now I’m baking stuff with expensive ingredients that no one wants to eat. Hence my toddlers mostly feel like I can’t cook. I was watching some pioneer woman episodes a few weeks ago, and just thought “I want to make really yummy stuff for my growing kids.” I know I need more protein and greens in my diet- I just am not really sure how to navigate this season and not pack on the pounds!

  77. Midwesternmommy says:

    Stacy, I did the EXACT same thing to myself and I am still trying to get back on track. My metabolism is nil after 8 months of low carb. I have gained nearly 50 pounds I can’t lose. Thank you for acknowledging your mistake. I am so happy to know I’m not the only one.

  78. Your post made me cry. I don’t cry easily. The reason I cried is that I’m struggling with the same thing. I’ve had problems with food since I was a teenager. I was a scary low weight when I was 14-15 years old. God got a hold of my heart and changed me! I have been on THM for a year and feel myself getting way to OCD about it. I talked with my husband last night about this very thing and have prayed nonstop about. God answered my prayer through your post. Thank you so much!!!! I too have ruined my metabolism and am seeking how to change that.

  79. Deborah Wynn says:

    Bravo, for choosing whole foods over man-altered foods. It saddens me to see all the hype over eating this plan or that plan. Everyone of them is restrictive in some fashion. We should strive to eat in order to fuel our bodies and give them “whole”some nutrients to make them healthy. Yes, there are those with sensitive’s to certain components of food. Who may need to avoid a certain food item for awhile, until they can heal their bodies response to the offender. But in no way does that mean the named food item is BAD and needs to be left out of the diet for ALL.
    Truly natural food with whole nutrition has not been altered or tampered with. It doesn’t need mankind’s interference in trying to make a perfect food better. Eating crow is never tasty, hence why we try not to, Being real is always applauded and will benefit not only your family but the families of your readers. As I always tell my granddaughter ~ “Way to go, good job!

  80. I did buy THM at your recommendation and have taken baby steps toward starting it. As I have gone down the path, I did have some concerns. My main concern is watching many, many nursing mothers having low milk supply. I am still nursing my toddler and I didn’t want to end up with that problem. I also feel uncomfortable when pregnant women talk about how “little” they’ve gained. I don’t think pregnancy is an excuse for gluttony but I do believe your body requires more at that time. I don’t want to worry my (future) baby isn’t getting the nutrients he/she needs.

    As of right now, I’m going to use up the few specialty ingredients I have and follow the basic plan: don’t overdo both fats and carbs at one meal. Seems simple enough. I’ll keep my coconut oil, though. 😉

    Thank you for your honesty!

  81. Jessica from SimplyHealthyHome says:

    Good for you for paying attention to your body and what it needs. There is no “end all be all” in the food world. Our bodies are so unique and we need to treat them that way.

  82. Pretty much all I know about THM is from your blog and a couple comments around the internet. It always struck me as off because there were so many restrictions of good foods. But my main issue with it was the “Mama” part. I think we all need to be healthy, but if so many women have trouble jumping right back into their old clothes after pregnancy, maybe there is a reason for that. I don’t think doing an end run around the way God designed our bodies is the answer. I have lost the pregnancy weight plus some after (but not right after) both of my kids so I don’t feel like much of an authority here, but I have friends who have struggled with milk supply for years only to learn that they can feed a baby fine if they don’t try so hard to lose the weight. Sometimes we need that extra padding to keep two bodies thriving. In my own life, I have seen the weight really come off after the first 10 months to a year of breastfeeding – then I find myself waking up at night to eat with the kiddo . . . 😛 Extended breastfeeding may be hard sometimes, but it is way easier than dieting!

    I am happy for less stress for your family! And I like the part about really talking with your husband – these guys in our lives have such great ideas sometimes :)

  83. Yay for you!! Love your honesty and willingness to take a step back and look at a situation. I am a firm believer in healing the metabolism and even though I whacked mine out from too much stress and perfectionism in areas other than eating I am constantly amazed at how amazing our bodies are to be able to heal themselves with *food*!! We truly are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and you have made an excellent decision to feed it well.

  84. Cindy ( says:

    I am still happily following THM, but I really love your honesty and openness on this post. THM works great for some, but as you said, there are many who struggle with it. I appreciate your willingness to share why you are making changes, and I really love that even though you lost weight, you didn’t decide you’d do it forever even though you were obsessing – that’s no way to live!

  85. Stacy, I love the posts where you air out your brain! :) You are one of my favorite bloggers and I’m so glad you are finding the right way to eat for you and your family.

    I learned a lot from THM but it didn’t really help me lose a lot of weight. I feel better eating mostly on plan, so something in it must be what my body needs.

    I was always bothered by whole foods like grapes, bananas, potatoes, etc. being on the “not so good for you” food list. I refused to believe that the potato that I grew in my very own garden was bad for me. I ate it anyway….with lots of of butter. 😉

    So I am going to do what I usually do….take what works and leave the rest, combining it with what I already learned in the past.

    I am moving on from following the plan fully. I do enjoy the desserts, so I am going to keep using some of those. (My DH has a tremendous sweet tooth…. ) But like you, I’m going to think more in terms of whole foods, just like the good Lord made them, and buying organic when I can. And to try to do better at “all things in moderation.” 😀

    God bless you, sister. Thanks for helping us all endeavor to keep it real.

  86. I got into THM in July and have lost weight and even kept most of what I lost off when not eating “on plan.” However, it has indeed been a struggle for a not so organized person and it has been hard to not have the funds for the special items that make it “easier.” I’ve told a friend that, just due to a tight budget, I’m doing what I can, accepting what’s made available to me, thanking God for it and trusting Him with the rest. I don’t plan to forgo all I’ve learned and the tasty recipes I’ve discovered (although I won’t miss the expensive recipe flops I’ve encountered!). However, I think I resonate a lot with what Karen said about gluttony…. guilty right here. I can eat all I want? I’m in. And that’s not healthy- body, mind or spirit.


    On a more technical point, I would love to hear how/why your metabolism has been adversely affected.

    Finally, I am thankful for your candidness and honesty. And thank you for your willingness to share with us your time, efforts and knowledge. You are a blessing!

  87. Stephanie Somers says:

    I appreciate your candor. anything done to the point of obsession is no good. (I should know). I personally am thankful that there is WAAAAAAY more to the Trim Healthy Mama book than just recipes an diet advice. They tone and handling of the material was extremely encouraging to me, to say nothing of the ideas in the fitness and relationship advice sections. I’m not a die-hard THM fanatic, but when I’m nursing and can’t fast for health like I want, THM will certainly be my go-to book for simplifying and “cleaning out” my diet to get back on track. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water . . .hasn’t there been a great deal of benefit to THM for you along with the parts that did not fit? :)

  88. Thank you. I like many of the little points that make up THM. I learned a lot from the book. I can follow the plan halfheartedly and be happy, but when I follow full on I become depressed and irritable! It’s awful! I also have 8 kids and a non-THM husband, and I DO NOT have time to cook two kinds of side dishes for evening meals!!! I don’t see the family-friendly side of this plan for MY family. Others will, I know, but not me!
    Thankyouthankyouthankyou for giving me permission to just say “Not For Me”. I’ll always use some of the wisdom and new products they brought to my attention, it’s a book I’ll keep and use, but not as law. I just want to be HAPPY! : )

    P.S. I don’t lose weight on THM! Major bummer!

  89. Hi Stacy. I would love to share coffee with you. I so wish that could happen. I have deleted, re-written, deleted more, started over…and finally I am going to settle on how to comment. I want to start of by saying you are one of my favorite bloggers and my husband and I love to learn from you and yours on how to parent (we don’t have kiddos yet), save money, and much more. I love your recipes and I love your style! I also love bread and butter…together :) But I have been a “follower” of THM since May. I hate that…follower? Scratch that, I am a follower of Jesus, not a diet. So I value some THM principles. Yes, lets stick with that. I didn’t start THM to lose weight, I didn’t need to lose weight at all. I came from a paleo lifestyle and needed something more sustainable yet still “whole foods” for my highly active, athletic lifestyle. I don’t have a background of obsessive behaviors or food control, but I did have a time in my life when I ate anything and everything. I gained quite a bit of weight, then realized what was happening and I lost it the old fashioned way (work out 1.5 hours a day and portion control). I love the idea of getting back to your roots and eating real food, so I fell into the Paleo circle…but my husband and I found that it wasn’t quite right either. I stumbled across THM because my sister is type 1 diabetic and I went to visit her for 2 weeks and just ate whatever and however she ate. I was intrigued! And so I bought the book. Long story short, my ideas and knowledge of what is healthy for me and my family are ever-changing and ever-growing. And I like it that way. I want to be clear that my experience with THM was not the same as yours. I didn’t find it restrictive but freeing, but I can definitely see where it could become obsessive. I do not think that’s what the authors set out to do, but for some it could become a problem. I think what is important with ALL things is moderation. By the way I don’t think I have ever eaten a fuel pull meal, and I eat mostly crossovers. I don’t stress when I eat with my girlfriends and on occasion I love some Ben & Jerry’s. And I still love THM and I have taken away some valuable principles. I think it’s important to decide what is best for you as an individual- as a family, and decide what your goals are. For some people, THM has helped them find LIFE again, losing 50, 80, even 100 lbs has brought them JOY again. For me, it gave me some new perspectives but it doesn’t have to be law for me, and as I become a mama or go through changes my perspective will change and maybe I will incorporate more S, E, whatever…but it will not consume my life. I really don’t think the authors meant for it to consume anyone’s life or become THE LAW. I don’t know…that was just how I took it and I have read the whole book. I also KNOW that nowhere in the book does it say you can’t have bread and butter together. However, if you have 100 lbs to lose, you probably want to wait on that for awhile. And that’s okay. Our culture sometimes can baby us and cater to our every desire and whim because “it’s hard”. That’s why there are so many pills and powders and ACT NOW ads and fads. Anyway I am getting off topic here…that’s a whole different story and topic for a different day. I just want to remind you that at one point you also said that THM was “freeing”. So I am shocked to see such a 180. I read this post multiple times, I read the blogs you referenced, and I read your old and new comments on those blogs. I totally respect you for making a hard decision for your family and deciding you were “wrong”, but I am a little disappointed that you seem to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. You are awesome, I know that you know what is best for your family, so we will leave it at that. Thanks for having the courage to post this. :)

  90. Belovedarae says:

    Thanks for your honestly Stacy. Ironically, I started THM after reading your blog and seeing your posts on Instagram. I am doing well on it, but I can totally hear where you are coming from. Congrats on being brave and doing what is best for yourself and you family. God Bless.

  91. Thank you for your honesty and for keeping it real. I bought THM based on your recommentation (I don’t mean that at all to sound as if casting blame. It was my decision to purchase THM.)…but several things there just never made sense for me, my family.
    Though too much weight has most always been an issue for me, it wasn’t until our children were born that I started really questioning many things we were eating….and man, oh, man were we eating just whatever. It’s hard to admit that. I understand that there are some things our children can and should eat that maybe a mama shouldn’t if she’s trying to keep the waistline in check (or even trying to find a waistline as I am!) but after much prayer and consideration, we want to stick with as many whole foods and real foods as possible. I’m still trying to figure out what all of that means and how it should look for us. But I know we want to approach food in a healthy manner and without obsessing over it because I see struggles about food within myself and throughout our family (and really in most places I look for that matter). I felt like THM was a wrong path for us for several reasons but one of those included the obsession I could see happening there.
    I want our kids to make good food choices that come naturally to them and I want them to do that with peace and knowledge. I’m trying to avoid passing down my food issues and struggles. We have so very much to learn and sometimes that feels like two steps forward, one step back and it is not a pretty process. But we are trying.
    Hats off to you, Stacy, for keeping it real and for being honest. Blessings on your journey through the food maze!

  92. Thank you for your honesty Stacy. I don’t have an eating disorder, well maybe I do – there are times I just hate food. I hate having to eat. But what I was going to say, is that like most women I don’t love my body.
    I thought about doing THM, I joined the group. Then I saw the rules and control and knew I couldn’t handle living like that. It would take over my home. And while I need to loose 5 pounds (and hubby many more) I feel like we just need to eat well, eat healthy.
    Can’t wait to see where you go from here! Congrats on your freedom, I bet that feels WONDERFUL!

  93. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have struggled my weighfor a really long time. My mom does as well and so I grew up with the understanding that healthy was low fat low calorie. When I had baby #3. I had an awakening that if I didn’t change my kids were going to live their live feeling if they couldn’t eat anything without getting fat. So I did a ton of research and have struggled with dragging my family into whole food. I still struggle with if I am not loosing weight then I am fat. I have been so cautious trying to teach my kids that food is for us to be happy and healthy. And hoping and praying that I am doing what Heavenly Father wants from me. Good luck with your journey and thank you for your honesty and being so open with us.

  94. Don’t eat crow….they do not have enough fat!! :-)

  95. I’m so proud of you for being willing to change your eating habits as needed and of Barry for being so supportive! Your honesty is always so refreshing and inspirational. It’s why I keep reading.

    On a selfish note, aside from being so happy for your recovering health, now I get to look forward to whole foods recipes which are much more my style than THM. Although I’d eat anything you cooked because man can you cook! My only rules are no corn syrup and no hydrogenated oil. Unless I really need a Coke and some fries, then all bets are off!

  96. Dear Stacy…

    Please read this book

    You are Not What you Weigh by Lisa Bevere

    It might help you on your next step of your journey. :) Hugs.

    Keep Christ the focus. Obsess about Him.

  97. Stacy, I commend you for being so open and honest. I understand how easy it is to grow obsessed with foods, and it was one of the reasons I was hesitant to change to a THM lifestyle. I am still eating and feeding my family whole foods and I continuously go to your recipe archives for ideas as I think your meals are excellent and my family loves them. So in other words, you have at least one friend who will continue with you through this shift. Best of luck and thank you for all the help you’ve given me since I began my whole foods journey.

  98. Christine Wipson says:

    Thank you so much for your honesty! I am working on “finding my way” and “joy in the journey” as well. I love that you talk to your husband, lean on the Lord, and make changes and adjustments where needed. May the Lord God bless your journey with peace and joy.

  99. I have to be honest back :) I have wondered where you went to and what happened that you disappeared from the THM FB page (I found THM through your blog originally). I have been TRYING to follow THM. I do like it better than any other diet I’ve tried to follow. I have a good bit of weight to lose and I’m a very emotional eater, so it’s hard for me to get a grip on the whole food thing and just eat less. It’s been an addiction for me, I guess. Lately I have found myself obsessing about foods again and being fearful. When I first started THM I did not like the idea of the lowfat foods or never having honey and maple syrup or homemade bread again (with butter!!!) I told myself that I could make myself do it if that is what it took to get the weight off. Then I could try to return to my whole foods way of life and would hopefully have a handle on things. (This is all over the place, I apologize!) This week I’ve gone back to thinking and feeling that for me, food is such a heart issue. I’m tired of being afraid and tired of obsessing. I’m tired of spending my day in the kitchen and eating different foods from my kids if I want to stick “to plan”. My adrenals are a mess and I’m trying to work on healing them. I think there are things about THM that I really like and I will keep, but I also think that for me I need to work on the heart issue that is there. I don’t believe God created things like milk with the thought that it wasn’t perfect as is (I REALLY miss my raw milk!). Can I try to avoid white sugars and flours, etc? Yes! Absolutely! They do make me feel lousy. Mostly I just need to work on letting God fill my empty spaces instead of trying to get food to do it. So, thank you for being honest. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I’m glad to know that it’s OKAY to say, hey, great plan, but maybe not totally for me. Thank you, Stacy, for keeping it real.

  100. Starr Lockhart says:

    I am a new reader and and have to say that I like your honesty. I am 53 years old with 7 children but I have always felt that we can all learn from each other no matter what the age.

  101. I have to admit that I was confused by your implication that THM was all rules, rules, rules. Um, no it is not. It is only one solid rule: IF you are trying to lose weight, separate your fats and your carbs but make sure you get both throughout the week. If someone with an obsessive personality takes it too the extreme, one unfairly blames the plan. The authors purposefully avoid the formulas and numbers because of this. I agree that the THM plan should not be a “for life” plan; it is a weightless plan after all (with some people finding other health healing from it). You state it screwed up your metabolism, well, it healed mine. My concern is, after reading several of the comments here, some ladies are saying they “bought the book because of your recommendation” and now others are saying “they won’t buy it because of your critique”. You have a lot of sway, Stacy. Okay, THM, didn’t work for you. And, you briefly say THM will work for some. But, your overall tone is anti-THM, even linking to other anti-THM articles. The negativity of this post is frankly disturbing. If you honestly believe THM will “work for some” you certainly appear to have done your darndest to discourage any searching reader away from THM. You may have just discouraged the very person who needs THM away from it! The reality is, THM is working for tons of people. Again, I agree with you about it not being a “for life” plan. You are at goal weight; you SHOULD stop. Eat your bread with butter because it IS good for you, but do not imply this is some rebel move and freedom from THM. You’re at goal weight for goodness sakes. Eat freely! Gosh, eat your bananas, honey, and maple syrup, etc. THM doesn’t tell you not to eat them when you are at goal weight. They are GOOD for you. The only thing “for life” to avoid is white sugar, white flour and processed junk.

    • Holly,I totally agree with your post.. Thank you for putting this out there.. The slant on her wording in regards to what to eat, what time to eat, wrong food, right food, no butter on the bread, no banana’s etc etc she makes it sound like someone or the actual book was putting her into some kind of restrictive prison.. Her prison is her own mind, body and spirit, blaming it on THM is not the answer, and to publicly make the statements that she has is a down right shame.Pearl and Serene have given us all guidelines and outlines to follow along with the freedom to make tweaks and changes along the way..If she chose not to follow their advise, why blame the program now?? I understand that we all must do what is right for us, our husbands and our children, that point is a given, she could have just said that and been done with it, but it is the fact that she had to take it to the next level, cast blame, and then include links to inflammatory blogs in regards to THM.. That was quite distasteful, in my opinion.

  102. The Bookinista (Trina) says:

    I gotta say I am feeling a little uneasy!! I have been using some of your awesome recipes for THM for a little bit now and it’s making me think hard about continuing with this “diet.” Now I’m reading all this stuff from other people and I’m just not sure what to do. Good for you for putting it out there…I’m sure it was hard to do.

  103. Samantha Hodges Hatcher says:

    The first time I heard about THM was on your blog. I struggled with finding the money to buy the book,so I saved up and made the plunge. I spent some time reading it and made it to the Earth Milk section and stopped. I purchased the expensive “needed” supplies. Most of what I ate I hated. The hardest part for me was dessert. I HATE chocolate and peanut butter together or separate. I also found I was craving potatoes like crazy. I’m not a big potatoe eater so this was odd for me. I found myself hungry constantly. I would go to bed hungry and wake up sick because I was up hungry. I attributed this to the fact that my baby has been nursing 3 to 4 times a night. I started her on solids hoping this would release my craving for constant food, but nothing worked. I was so hungry that I would eat junk just to fill the space. I gained weight like crazy as became the biggest I’ve ever been. I was ashamed. I would read posts and hate myself, and then the cycle of eating bad food would continue. I won’t tell you how many vanilla oreos or cookies with LARGE amounts of icing I ate, all in the name of hating myself. Last week I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t keep doing this, I’m still a nursing mom and need to eat well. Thank you for this post. I was beginning to feel like I was the only woman who it wasn’t working for.

  104. Thanks Stacy…i have been going back and forth for quite a few months on whether or not to part with $35.00. To me, it seemed as if there was too much of a focus on being able to eat all sorts of desserts and I was a little leery of soo much stevia. I know it has worked for many and I love the Above Rubies ladies, however, I was really feeling the Lord saying that for wasn’t the answer. I need to cry out to Him and seek Him and what His personal answer is in my life….but that is so hard when “everybody else” is doing it. You post caught my eye and feels like a confirmation of what my Sheperd is speaking to me. Thanks for your honesty.

  105. Dorothy Miller says:

    Wow! you are such an inspiration with your candid honesty. I too jumped on the THM bandwagon, even opened my own group page and then my whole foods, Whole grain Jane style proly 😉 kicked back in and I really started researching. My hair was falling out in clumps and another friend was experiencing severe heart palpitations. I have seen people lose weight and feel well and I never want to be critical but it is not for me and it makes me feel not quite so loony and foolish about jumping off the bandwagon now that you have so nicely spoken your heart! THANK YOU!

  106. Stacy, I like you! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! We are still on our THM journey – but I’m realizing it likely will not be a lifestyle for us. To us it’s a tool to lose weight, but once we’re there, I’ll be stepping back and examining things. Thanks for the encourager to be free. I needed that. I actually had… juice with my breakfast this morning. (Gasp!) 😉


  107. Stacy,
    Just for the record: if I understand you right, you are not saying THM is wrong for everybody, correct? It just happens to be wrong for you.
    If so, I can respect that.
    There have been some popular books on child rearing out there (whose titles I will not mention) which turned out to be *very* detrimental for our family because of my own controlling tendencies. I regret the years that I followed them. I needed to saturate myself in child rearing books about grace!
    The “Managers of Their Homes” and “Managers of Their Chores” books were also a stumbling block for me. The Clock can be an idol for me, and I become a slave – and slave driver! – to it! I found that I am much more comfortable and our family runs more happily when we have a nice routine and flow to our day – but NOT a schedule. Yet, I know other families that have thrived under this system! So, to each his own. It was a hang-up for me because of my unique personality!
    I think the same is true for THM. It has really helped me. I was eating really healthy before, but I was 20 pounds overweight and so frustrated. Through what I have learned, I have shed most of those pounds and am so happy “free styling”. My bondage to sugar is broken. :) I plan on having a NORMAL Thanksgiving meal with all the works! And no guilt. It’s a holiday, for Pete’s sake. In my case, it hasn’t enslaved me, it has freed me. I am thankful for that!

  108. Praying for you. I was talking to God about balance this morning as well. It so hard to find balance and stay there.

  109. Thank you so much for this article. I too have had or am always working on an eating disorder and was eating low carb so I decided to look into the THM book thing that is all over the place. As soon as I started reading it I have once again become obsessive with my food and have spun into a sugar binge to beat the band! I am mostly vegetarian so the whole meat issue was huge, plus I just cannot get or afford all of the items needed to follow the diet. The whole 3 hour issue felt ridiculous for me from the start and I too love butter on my homemade sourdough bread!!! I feel relief that I do not have to follow this diet any longer, that it is okay to be chubbier than I was and that I am enjoying life. This morning I was just thinking “life is too short, I am now 48 years old, I will eat what I want when I want it!” otherwise the eating disorder “mind’ pops in and life is miserable once again. You really made my day!!!

  110. Tanya Miles says:

    Stacy! Thank you so much for your well-timed blog entry. I have been trying and trying to justify the $35 cost and the MASSIVE amount of time it will take me to read that many pages. I do not like to over-think my food, but I was getting ready to take that leap, in the interest of losing weight. You have never steered me wrong before, and I think I will keep on the whole foods path and trust it to bring the weight down with it.

  111. Awesome! I feel the same way about diets and restrictions. God gave us real food, so let’s eat! With butter! On our bread!

  112. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For this post and to everyone who commented. I bought the book and read every word. I bought the gluc, the truvia, etc… and no matter how many times I started doing this, I couldn’t do it! And I really thought something was wrong with me… because I kept seeing people posting pictures on the FB page and it felt like everyone was having success with this except me! I love whole grains — I even grind my own wheat flour and make my own whole wheat rolls! And I just can’t seem to live without cheese toast! Or bananas! But I really do appreciate all the recipes that were in the book – I still consider the book to be worth every penny I paid for it! I have learned to satisfy my sweet tooth without terrible ingredients. And I learned that I probably could live a sugar-free life and be very happy. It just won’t be with stevia (because that made me sick), but I discovered how much my body loves xylitol! I’m grateful for all I have learned, and I feel very relieved and happy that nothing is wrong with me because this plan didn’t work for me…

  113. I agree with you on this completely I had bought the book after reading your posts about it and read only the first few chapters of the book and I thought “Lydia you work 40 hours a week you get home at 5:30 and you have a 2 year old to tend to and a husband” I didn’t have time to even process all this information about how to cook food and what goes with what. Now I do try to not eat as many processed foods do to having a stomach problem with the wonderful MSG, but then I can’t feel bad about myself because I don’t have time some evenings to fix anything but chicken nuggets and fries so I am just praying about how to eat correctly and what fits for my family. And I had made my husband a cake in a mug from the book with stevia and it tasted so bad he actually thought I was trying to poison him lol so I am behind you on your decision to quit THM because I didn’t even want to try it, it was so complicated and llke you I love MILK and BUTTER on my BREAD :)

  114. So as I read your blog post along with the others you linked, I am just in a puddle. I need to lose weight, my health needs me to lose, my 6 kids and my husband need me to lose because if I don’t I will not live very long. I have been unsuccessful with WW and every other diet I’ve tried because I have PCOS and it is HARD to lose weight.
    I have been trying to start THM but it is SO OVERWHELMING!! SO.MANY.RULES. I am just thinking, how in the world am I going to remember all this junk I have 6 kids to homeschool and a life to live. Why can’t I just eat a bit more healthy and move more and lose weight?

    After reading all these posts, I’m thinking maybe God brought me to these for a reason. I am supposed to be lessening my stress but this “lifestyle” feels so stressful I have not even gone into it much.
    Thank you for your honesty and sharing. Each person has a different experience and I know some things work for me while others don’t. If it seems like too much for me, then maybe it is.
    Thank you all for being real!

  115. Wow, Stacy. You’ve given me a lot to think about, as well as the other ladies you linked up to. I don’t know that I can whole-heartedly recommend the diet to my friends now. The whole time I’ve been on it, I’ve done my best not to tell everyone about it. I wanted to try it and see what would happen in my body. But the more weight i lost, the more people were asking me to share. I personally had feared for them, in the back of my mind. I was afraid that although I was willing to “follow the rules”, I wasn’t sure anyone else would be willing to. Yet I found great solace in the Facebook group because they all could speak the language and were following the same rules.

    I, too, was having fear of food, mostly when I went out to eat with friends or had carry-ins at church. I was extremely strict but did my best not voice it in front of friends. There has to be a balance, and you’ve really made me think hard about that this week.

    So the question for me is… now what? I go on to the next leg of my journey and figure out where the balance is with food and how to take off the last few pounds I want to. I also have to figure out what I’m going to say to my friends because I’m not sure what’s right at this time.

  116. Really helpful post–thank you! It helps to hear this from someone else instead of feeling like I “should” be doing this plan.

  117. I read your post with a sigh of relief. I have been trying so hard to use the THM book and it’s been a struggle to get it to coincide with our beliefs (why would God bless us with honey if we shouldn’t eat it?) and our budget (I never could afford the whey powder, almond flour, etc. and we have milk goats but I wasn’t supposed to drink the milk?). But I did learn a few things. I do much better if I am not eating sugar, so I’ll keep the Stevia. I’ve heard negative things about it, but white sugar is processed as well… And Stevia allows me to be on an even keel while still using a sweetener.
    I’ve learned to snack and eat lunch better. For lunch I’ve been having a big salad with tuna, cheese, veggies and dressing on it. It’s very satisfying and helps me feel better as far as my energy goes. We have also added more veggies as sides to accompany our evening meal.
    I’m trying my hand at sourdough breads, it seems like a healthy way to make bread whether I use THM or not.
    I think there are a few other aspects I will take from the book, but I can stop feeling bad about myself because I can’t seem to “get it.”

    Thank you!

  118. I can’t agree more. When I read the book there were definitely things I chose not to do. I don’t use anything but real sweeteners, and stevia only rarely. I don’t buy low-fat/sugar-free anything.
    So I went about it using only whole foods, but it was difficult to figure out how to do E meals, so I was basically back to primal. And my metabolism dropped again (like it did with primal!), but since I chart BBTs I can tell right away if the foods I ate the day before were keeping the heat or allowing my BBT to fall. And with my adrenal fatigue I needed mostly crossovers anyways…..and crossovers are basically the same thing as eating my whole foods diet! 😀

    And while I do like to chart the foods I eat once a year or so helps me get a handle on how much I’m eating and where my nutrients are coming from, I found that constantly tracking was getting to be a bit much. And even after following THM for 4 weeks and another few weeks half the time, I still hadn’t lost a pound and was tired of feeding my family differently than I was eating! It just wasn’t for me at all. Though I do think they have some decent ideas mixed in that huge book of theirs and there really is no reason that we can’t mix up our meals a bit more, but there is no way I’m going to stress about how much butter I put on my oats.

    I was also seeing many women losing too much weight. Honestly, I’m not a fan of “skinny” anymore and a lot of the success stories seemed to be showing women that were getting way to thin, like they needed to go eat a cheeseburger! :-)

  119. I swear, I think I love you more with each post. This one is my fav. BAM! There you go.

  120. I found your blog recently while looking into THM. I loved this post! I *thought* about doing THM for about 2 days and like you, it’s just too much work and thinking about food all day to deal with. I was going to have to do something separate for me while feeding the other 6 people in my household regular REAL foods. Not enough time to do that and enjoy life. :) God created foods for use to eat and enjoy. Real foods. I want to be able to fellowship with family and friends and not have them dreading having to feed me! Here’s a couple of sites I found recently that you might want to check out, both based on Biblical eating…. and

    Bless you and your family! You’re doing a great job. :)

  121. I have been doing THM since June. I have lost so much weight that I am now underweight. My problem is that my former eating disorder has reared its head and I feel like I have no freedom or liberty with my eating. I am now bones. My husband is concerned and I am trying to find a way back to a right path. Your post this morning is causing me to think.

  122. Thanks for being honest! I’m like you…trying to work with whole foods. You have been a huge help to me on that journey. I mostly remember my mom cooking from boxes when I was growing up. Scratch cooking is something I’m trying to teach myself. I have definitely come to love my crockpot, and I recently bought a dutch oven I’m itching to try using for the first time.

  123. Amy Cardinal says:

    Wonderful post!!! I have struggled with the same compulsion when it comes to food and I agree with you. What works for our family is eating as whole as possible without making ourselves crazy. Any step we take in that direction is better than the way we were eating. And we don’t beat ourselves up if we slip now and again. Keep your head up! And thanks again for your honesty. I’m sure there are people out there who felt the same way but were too afraid to speak up.

  124. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    Stacy- I don’t think you have to feel badly about finding that something did not work for you. Although THM has been the exact answer to prayer for me and I find it makes my life easier because now I don’t have to obsess about food anymore and it has restored my hope, your post reminds me of something I’ve learned over and over. NO ONE THING WORKS FOR EVERYONE. The longer I homeschool, I see this to be true as well…no matter how highly touted something (whether it be an eating plan, a curriculum, an exercise program, parenting/marriage books, the list is endless), nothing works for every single person, no matter how strongly someone tries to convince me otherwise.
    The only thing we can all agree on as Christians is that trusting in Jesus is the SINGLE thing that does work for every single person, which makes Him even more Precious. :)

  125. Alix St.Amant says:

    Great post. I love your honesty. I’ve never been comfortable with being hardcore THM. Too much low-fat stuff (I never use low fat foods), too much flax seeds (high in estrogens!), and too obsessive. It has surely been a huge blessing to many women, but it’s not the end-all beat-all way to eat.

  126. I’ve just got the book and started reading it. I am not planning to ‘strictly’ follow it but figure out what works for our family and do that! I think that is what everyone needs to figure out and stick to that. I would say that if you are trying to do anything else it is a personal problem and not Serene and Pearls fault. This plan may work for their family perfectly and so they are just putting it out there for what its worth. If I feel really for eating something a little off plan I am waay to involved. Just my opinion.

  127. Seven of Us says:

    Good for you! I think all moms try to to do the best we can and sometimes we make mistakes. I have been where you are before. A few years ago I tried the Atkins diet for a week or so. I like you have food obsessions and refused to cheat or eat anything I wasn’t supposed to. One night I drove my three little kids 25 min to town and parked at chick fila to treat them to dinner and ice cream. I blacked out just inside the restaurant (Thankfully) and didn’t remember how I got there. Somehow I was able to order some fries (the best of my life) and contact my husband. It was so scary and I vowed to never do anything like that ever again.

    I must admit that I have been following you since before your little one was born and have always enjoyed your post…But, recently when you started posting about THM I was thinking about removing your page. I actually clicked your link for THM and considered buying the book, but then I realized that it wasn’t a good choice for our family.

    As a mother of 5, I have to do what is best for my family as a whole. Most of the new ways of eating are just a bit out of reach for us, and that is probably a good thing. We eat lots of meat and veggies (organic when possible) and treat ourselves to pizza and ice cream too! I hope and pray not to pass on my food obsessions to my children.

    Keep up the great writing, and pat yourself on the back for finding your own
    way. No need to eat crow :)

  128. I too have an eating disorder. I wouldn’t eat anything but popcorn and wheat thins because I was afraid I would get fat. I was introduced to THM and thank God that I was. I have the freedom to eat real food and am not gaining weight. I have learned so many healthy alternatives. I’ve learned what types of foods to pair together. It’s been a fabulous blessing in my life. Of course it’s a lot more work than popping popcorn. And I still go out to eat with my friends but I just make healthier choices. I no longer obsess about my weight. I finally feel free. I no longer feel restricted! I’ve learned in my long life that NOTHING works for EVERYONE so you find what works for you and run with it. I’ve never felt like THM plan was restrictive. I don’t count anything. It’s all about making healthy choices. Is it more fun to order that plate of nacho’s with a side of cheese fries? YOU BET but it’s not better for ME. SO, I think it’s fabulous that you blogged about what you’re going to do in your family and I applaud you for making the decision that’s best for your family, that’s what every Mom should do, what’s best for them and their family, but THM has been a life changing experience for me and there’s no turning back. =) God bless you.

  129. Erin Boyd Odom says:

    I’m so proud of you!! :) I love many of the concept of THM, and I’m glad it introduced me to stevia. I also love the low glycemic/anti-diabetes factors, but I felt like it was so legalistic. I don’t think I even put it into words myself until I read your post today. I never went whole hog or even got on the full plan–and I’ve been feeling guilty because of it. Like another commenter, I am recovering from adrenal fatigue. I also already feel so incredibly constrained by all of our food allergies. THM just put me over the “food” edge, and I threw my hands up in the air. Like many things, chew up the meat, spit out the bones. Great post!!

  130. Loni Gofran says:

    I’m pregnant and earlier in my pregnancy, I told the midwife I was seeing that I had been finding myself craving/eating a lot of fats and comfort foods. Her response was that They aren’t concerned with too much fat, but that usually when someone was eating a lot of fats, they were eating a lot of carbs as well to go with them. My (in my head) response was “well, duh! That’s how they taste best!”
    At the time, i think it’s just what the baby needed- mac n cheese, homemade Swedish meatballs over noodles for 3 days straight, bacon. Granted, almost everything we eat is from scratch, so, comfort food or not, it wasn’t full of processed chemicals and was much healthier than their storebought counterparts. And now that I’m farther along, I’m actually able to stomach vegetables and am moderating what I eat better :)
    I’m going to be honest, I didn’t even read most of your THM posts, since I’m in the process of gaining instead of losing! I’m glad you’re finding your way though, and no matter where your family finds itself in the coming days foodwise, I’ll be sticking around. So long as you don’t lose your humor and your recipes continue to be mostly whole foods, that is :)

  131. I am a THMer since last September. I’ve lost a lot of weight. I loved the interaction & support from Pearl on the forum. This plan has changed my life…until about May or June when my weight loss stopped, my hair is falling out, my energy level has dropped, & I’ve gained back 12#! I’ve been blaming myself, I must be doing something wrong. After a lot of prayer & honestly looking at my weight loss over the past year I believe my initial weight loss was due to eliminating sugar & refined foods. Your post is so timely for me, it really is the support I needed to not feel like I failed or somehow did it wrong. It just isn’t working for me anymore and the guilt of it is not healthy. Thank you for being honest, I know it wasn’t easy.

  132. Good for you, Stacy, for posting this! I’m sure it was hard. And good for you for realizing this wasn’t working for your family and not being afraid to make some changes. That can be hard, especially when you have to admit you were wrong! I never got on board the THM train – I read all your posts about it, but it just seemed way too stressful for me. I’ll be curious to see where your journey takes you next! God bless. ( :

  133. Kimberly Luker says:

    I am so, so glad you wrote this. I had to say goodbye to THM last week, because trying to implement it full-on made me just want to curl up in a ball and cry. Girl, I *like* potatoes. And rice. And BUTTAH on my REAL BREAD. I also have issues with low-carb (I tried paleo for a while last year and got depressed, cold, and my hair started falling out) and with any food plan that makes eating so much work. I love Pearl and Serene, and I love the success that people are having and that it’s freeing for them. But it doesn’t work for me or my family. Some of the special ingredients — we don’t like them. I will be forever grateful to THM for helping me find an alternative to sugar that I love (homemade Truvia) and for leading me to your blog. :-)

  134. Good for you! I too become obsessed with *new* ways of eating/lifestyle but also have decided the whole foods approach works best for us too. Thanks for having the courage to be honest with us.

  135. Stacy!
    Firstly—I honor and respect you as a sister in Christ. I am eating the THM way and have been for a month or two. For the past 9 years I’ve been EXTREMELY disciplined in my eating—I Somersized for the duration previous to THM. When I felt the Lord leading me to THM—did I blog and make some things about Somersizing sound true—in which they are not? THM coined the phrase Skinny does not equal Healthy—but in your article it appears as if they had said the contrary. There are a few other things that was listed n this post that did not go along with THM—but was worded as if it did. No—I am very thankful for somersizing and that way of eating, but the Lord has given me a new season. I’d be super careful about this situation. Titus 3:10-11, Romans 14: 1-23, Romans 16:17, Titus 1:9, Ephesians 4:31, Leviticus 19:16, Exodus 23:1–the Lord gives us choices —and obviously you’ve made some—awesome:) I don’t want to see either of my sisters go through this –especially publicly. You are super precious and I am so excited for you and your family for what your new venture entails—only I wouldn’t drag my heels in the mud. be so blessed

  136. Stacy, I wish you and your family all the best on your journey to health. The reasons why you have quit THM are the main reasons why I have a hard time recommending the book to people who ask me about my weight loss. I read the book last spring and liked a lot of the ideas in it, but there were also things that I couldn’t see myself doing. (I’ve always been very health conscious. Organic, homegrown, non-gmo, etc. I’m a “purist” and so, as you can imagine, there are some things in the book I can’t really get behind.) For me, because of my personality, it was easy to implement the parts I agreed with and completely skip over the things I didn’t agree with. I never switched flours of sugars or completely stopped eating crossovers. And it has worked fantastically for me! I was able to get down to my goal weight pretty quickly, and I feel better than I have in years. I am thankful for what I got out of the THM book and I certainly have nothing against Pearl and Serene. (Never met them, but I know their mother and she’s such a wonderful lady.) But what I’ve noticed on the Facebook page is a lot of women completely stressed and completely obsessed with their diets. Women sincerely worried about what to do when friends invite them to dinner (Seriously? Be gracious and enjoy your fellowship!)… beating themselves up when they make a mistake… trying so hard to stick to every single rule… putting themselves in financial stress. Nothing is worth that, in my opinion. And I don’t believe that’s what the authors intended at all. So when people ask me how I lost the weight, I’m honest with them. I tell them about THM… but with a disclaimer that I don’t follow it “religiously”. That I just took some of the basic principles and implemented them into an overall healthy lifestyle.

  137. We ask our children when we pick them up, “Did you have fun?” We ask our spouses when they return from work, “Did you have a good day?” We ask our children when we pick them up, “Did you have fun?” We ask our spouses when they return from work, “Did you have a good day?” There’s nothing inherently wrong with those questions, but they each have as their main concern the person’s enjoyment of that which occurred. If those are the only questions we’re asking, then we’re missing the best ones we could ask. What about “Were you a blessing today?” “Did you point people to Jesus?” “Did you offer hope today?” God’s main concern isn’t our happiness. Happiness is temporary, fleeting, dependent on the circumstances or the moment. No, He’s concerned with our holiness. Because when we are holy, we ascribe glory to Him which is the entire reason we were created. You see, God sees the big picture in our lives, and He can use anything to make us more like Him.

  138. Jennifer Davis says:

    Thank you for being transparent. We have found our own” healthy plan” for our family. It works. I have to be honest, when I read your posts talking about THM, I wondered if we were doing things wrong. I respect your opinion so I was curious as to how it would work for your family. It seemed like too much for me and my brain all fuzzy trying to figure it out! 😉 I am glad you are finding what works for your family. We eat a whole foods diet, but we limit dairy and grains. We still eat them, but we don’t consume as much as we used to. It works for our family. We feel good. Happy to know you are back to finding your happiness and joy! It is worth fighting for!!

  139. I totally understand! I have tried it, but could never fully get on board.. I have the book but it just hasn’t felt right.. At all.. Praying for you! Eating right is so hard.. And finding the right way to eat has gotten so complicated.. I have a doctor appointment Friday for something I found and have to get checked out at the cancer center.. I was ready to through out every thing in my kitchen and go on a juicing kick.. But I like food to much. There is so much going on around food.. So many thoughts and ideas.. Ideals.. I am glad you are doing what you need to! Thank you for being an example to us!

  140. Seriously, when did food and eating get so darn complicated? I’m sure when God brought forth ever good seed bearing plant and allowed us animal proteins he didnt want it to be this confusing. From the get go I haven’t been able to wrap my head around THM. Its claim of not being a “diet” or “plan” but all the counting and measuring and separating madness just didnt work for me. I know it has for so many othet women but for me, not so much. Its not really about THM as it is like you say, an obsession or even idolatry with any diet. Thank you for your honesty and blessing in your recovery!

  141. I had to eat crow too after several months. Not so much to people, because I didn’t really tell people in real life, though I was very active on the Facebook group. But, I personally felt foolish after so long heavily promoting it and helping with a lot of the work to help spread THM, because I no longer agree with THM.

    It’s very much a diet, no matter what is said. I had a lot of experience with it and was looked to for advice by others. But, there’s a lot of measuring and counting time since last meal. And you can have this many strawberries whenever, but a lesser amount of blueberries. There are A LOT of rules for eating. It’s not at all natural.

    Also, I never liked the desserts. Ever. Even without eating other foods. I could find some acceptable stuff. But, almost nothing was good. I tried stevia, erythritol, truvia, and it all still tasted off to me. I could enjoy a hot drink sweetened with approved sweeteners and have it taste pretty normal, but not much else. And I tried a lot of recipes over a lot of months. My tastebuds are too sensitive.

    They don’t outlaw carbs and bread, which is good. But, they do very much restrict and limit them, even within the carb meals. It does end up being a low-carb diet. There’s too much emphasis on Fuel Pulls. I no longer believe it’s wise to try to trick your body with low-calorie fluff food when it’s trying to tell you it’s hungry. My metabolism was damaged before THM and got worse with it, and I didn’t even do FP as much as most people with stubborn weight. When I decided that I felt hungry and needed to skip the FP and listen to my body and eat, I quickly discovered I couldn’t manage that with the THM restrictions. So, I left it behind and just started to *eat.* My hormone levels improved within a few months; my body temperature rose, and I’m healing.Thin isn’t everything.

    I’m also concerned by the fact that as I recall Pearl and Serena are only able to eat 1 crossover meal a day to avoid gaining weight. That’s not normal eating, especially as active as they are. That tells me they’ve either slowed their metabolisms down or are trying to maintain a weight too low for their bodies which are fighting to get it back up. There are also some issues with low hormones, which from my research has found can result from dieting and metabolism slowing. My mom has maintained a very skinny frame on 1200 calories a day for years. I don’t want to go there.

    Interesting article about how dieting to force weight loss your body doesn’t want does not result in a slimmer healthy person, but in someone whose body shows the signs of starvation, even if at a “normal” weight. Definitely much of what’s in here has proven true for me. Also research has shown that 5 years after dieting most dieters weigh more than they would have if they had never dieted. It’s not because they don’t “stick with it.” The body starts to fight against you and slow metabolism so you have to eat progressively less, and then you gain back extra because it wants a cushion. Interesting stuff….

    Anyway, I no longer support THM. I don’t think that everyone will experience great harm from it. Many might use it to lose a few pounds and be fine. But I think there are serious problems with the underlying premises.

  142. I read the other day that you had stopped (on the 4 reasons I am not a THM by Faith) and I was sort of shocked. Glad to see the reasoning. Thanks for sharing. And, I agree btw.

    I have struggled with an eating disorder too… and I find myself (for the first time ever) needing to lose weight. It scares me, because I need to balance trying to lose weight without slipping into disordered eating again. Just eating a real food diet does not seem to be working, which is frustrating. I have done not eating and I have monitored everything I ate with extreme obsession.

    I am trying very hard to lose weight while not eating differently from my family (especially my daughter). I just do not want her to see me obsessing about food, My mom and several siblings struggle with past, or present, eating disorders, and I am trying so hard not to pass that down to my daughters.

    Praying you get this all worked out. Thanks for being real and honest.

  143. katie lapierre says:

    awesome! you put into words so much of what I have been thinking.

  144. Awesome post! I think a diet is a set amount of time where you do something to ‘shake things up’ for a set amount of time. It is not a permanent lifestyle. That’s just MHO! Glad to hear your abandoning that lifestyle to true living. I almost bought that book so many times but ultimately didn’t agree with the price $35 is steep. That alone was a turn off – glad I waited because you are not the only one that is changing their mind. Just check out the reviews on amazon. 😉

  145. ALL of my friends are on THM and always suggesting that I do so too. Just from reading a handful of recipes and samples from the book, I was already overwhelmed. I have three children and a husband to enjoy, not obsessing over food. Well not the fun kind of obsessing….anyway, thank you for coming clean and being my virtual guinea pig. This just seals the deal for me.

  146. I need get all your THM recipes before you take them down!

  147. Jeanna Rice Morgan says:

    We must be on the same wave link. I quit the two Facebook groups I was in for THM yesterday. The exact thought that went through my mine was that I could not listen to all the obsession whether it was an E or S meal. I had never fully went on the THM. I made the decision yesterday that I would spend my time cooking whole foods from scratch and if I slipped up from time to time it would be OK.
    Thank you for being so honest.

  148. Stacey Bass McPherson says:

    I hear you, Stacy! I’ve also come to terms with many “diets” in this way. You don’t want to spend your life measuring and counting (I’m already compulsive about counting EVERYTHING anyway). I’ve learned to take the bits and pieces of different eating plans and make them work in my real world. My husband will not stop eating some of the garbage he eats, but I can at least make sure that when I’m in the kitchen, he’s eating healthier. So we do what works for ourselves and our families and our way of life. I think the important thing is just sticking with foods that are as close to what nature gives us as possible and staying away from the processed stuff. So good for you!

  149. Amen! EXACTLY where I’ve been at the last month. I finally let go and said I was tired of it all. Doesn’t matter how skinny OR NOT I’ve been, I’ve never been happy. I’ve never been at peace. It’s ALWAYS consumed me. And, I’ve lived CONSUMED one way or the other for YEARS. I’m not weighing myself. I’m not counting calories. I’m cooking for my family and friends and enjoying it again. I’m not eating twinkies and soda every day, but I’m letting loose. And, guess what? I feel good. I feel happy. I have some pounds to lose, but as long as my husband is okay, I’m okay. A friend told me several years back to let my husband’s opinion be my standard-if he’s okay with me, I need to be okay with me. If he’s not, then I need to do some changing. He loves me, he’s happy. And, I’m finding freedom finally. Thanks for this post. Hugs!

  150. Here’s my thoughts;

    I’ve been moving towards a WAP, traditional style diet for a few years now. I’ve been hypoglycaemic for as long as I can remember. I love using food to heal and nourish. I started a degree in Dietetics before I got married, and gave it up before the birth of our first child, so food is truly a passion for me. I’ve never been much good at losing weight, simply because I can’t ‘do’ a low fat/calorie restricted diet. I give up on day #2 always. Feeling good, and albeit a bit chubby is always more important to me than struggling to stay slim on low fat yogurt 😉

    I like to go into things ‘head first’ and really ‘do’ what I feel is right. After 3 babies in three years and a extremely stressful year I was up to a unhealthy weight for my small frame. My husband and I welcome children from God as they come, which can be a bit nerve racking regarding weight gain and loss.

    This year I finally prayed about losing weight and within a week I read your post on Trim Healthy Mama. After reading your post and then many other testimonials I decided that THM was for me! I decided that I was going to ‘do’ whatever the book recommended, since at 175lbs (on a 5’3 frame) I was no where to critique diet perfectionism.

    After reading the book I did have a few reservations that I decided to put to the back of my mind. They are:

    – The use of stevia, xylitol, and erythritol

    – This bothered me for a few reasons. A big reason is that I like to consider how food would have been used traditionally. When considering sugar, unless you are living somewhere quite warm, where sugar cane and such grows, sugar is not in abundance. I live in Canada. Here our natural sugar resources are honey and maple syrup. Honey involves dealing with bees, which is fine, *but* if we only relied on our local honey farmer for our honey then we’d find that in order to attain enough honey for the year we wouldn’t be eating sweets too often! The same with maple syrup. It’s harvested only once a year. In Quebec a tradition is to make ‘candy’ out of freezing the syrup on the snow and rolling it up. This was a once in a year type treat. Treats used to be ‘treats’, they were special. When i consider my Grandma as a child, living on a farm on the prairies, sugar from the store was expensive. A treat was to have a pie or a cake made with very little sugar. Maple syrup was probably not something my Grandma tasted until she was elderly. Furthermore fruit was only in abundance during the summer and early fall. Another good reason to ‘check in’ with how much sugar we allow ourselves on a regular basis. As a side note, those living in warmer climates where sugar is in more abundance probably NEED more sugar. Sugar is excellent for those who sweat a lot and it makes sense why when I buy a ‘texas watermelon’ in the summer it’s nearly as big as texas 😉 Up here our watermelons are ready at the end of the summer (a short summer) and they are generally pretty small. Since I take our health quite seriously I stopped buying regular sugar a few years ago. Since then our sweets have been made with coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup. For this reason we’ve had very few. I simply cannot afford to make sweets on a regular basis, much like my Great Grandmother.

    A ‘red flag’ for me with ‘diets’ has alway been their chapter on sweets. I find that if people ‘have’ to have sweets so often then I usually begin to think their diets are a bit lacking for other foods. I also did not like that stevia allowed for people to not check their sweet tooths back to where they should be and allowed their sweet servings to soar! Since I, as I said decided to go ‘head first’ I did take part in the stevia sweets and I’ll be honest, it was the first time in years I had eaten so many sweets.

    After 3 months on plan I started seeing the end of my honeymoon with stevia. I couldn’t pretend any longer that it didn’t really taste like sugar… aaannndd I noticed that I went from eating sweets rarely (and craving them rarely) to craving and eating sweets every day (by the end of the summer)! Big red flag for me! I also found myself ‘comfortable’ with sweeteners that have to be created in a lab, which is something I’d previously never been before.

    – It REALLY bothered me that one of the authors, who was probably a tad underweight during a pregnancy was so ‘full in’ with this diet that she only gained 13 lbs during a pregnancy and later blamed it on ‘loving fuel pull snacks’. I couldn’t understand how it would be so difficult to still enjoy the fuel pull snack but to also throw on a buttered piece of homemade bread alongside it (or heaven forbid, a glass of raw milk). I can understand if she were very overweight, or on the verge of being so, but not at such a tiny weight already. That I just ‘couldn’t’ ‘get’. It definitely kept me from allowing my whole mind to ‘love’ THM.

    – After reading several resources on nourishing your metabolism with real food I was worried that this plan *might* be low carb enough to damage the metabolism.

    – I have also read a few opinions on being cautious on how much fibre we eat. After having 3 super fast (like an hour folks) labours I have enough err ‘issues’ back there and even 1 tbsp of ground flax was enough to have me in tears! I also worried about the inflammation associated with too many nut products, namely almond flour and store bought almond milk. I found myself recommending the book, but with so many disclaimers (Please be careful with the fibre, nuts are inflammatory, especially if not soaked, many foods listed are ‘franken foods’ and not for eating for ‘health’, etc)

    I was albe to do very well with this plan during the summer. I enjoyed many fat strapping frappe’s, fresh salads, and bread in mugs (the muffins in a mug just never did it for me). With green beans being my favourite food and plenty growing in the garden (plus a freezer full of steak) I was in purist (ish) THM heaven. I quickly lost 20 lbs. The only sweets I ate were the skinny chocolates, but with coconut instead of nuts, since I love any good excuse to eat coconut oil! But by the end of the summer I noticed that the one or two little sprinkles of stevia I was adding had increased to four or five! The plain greek yogurt I’d always eaten plain, now needed to be sweetened. This REALLY bothered me. You see I’d chalked up my apprehension regarding the sweeteners to the fact that I hardly used them, but by the fall time I was starting to become concerned that maybe it was too much, and did I really understand what it was doing in my body?! Has there really been enough research on white powder stevia? I also found that I was no longer satisfied with a S type meal. I felt I ‘needed’ a cab with it. So I’d make up a quick batch of something sweet and chocolaty. I’d also gone from eating a balanced breakfast and not being hungry until the next meal, to being hungry after only 1 hour! Then my mind starting worrying about all the miscarriages the pregnant and nursing group seemed to be having. Was it JUST that there is a high percentage of women in the group and that miscarriages are common, or is it something more? *I have no answer to this, it’s just a question in my mind*

    Then last week when I went to enjoy a rare afternoon nap I noticed that I was shivering. I was so cold! Our heat is up higher during the day then at night. I even added extra blankets, but my feet were like ice cubes. This was another red flag for me. I was eating one E meal a day and I know many on THM are only eating a few a week! I was also cheating at least once a week with carbs, so my carb count was higher than many THMers.

    To be honest, other than my FSF’s this summer and a few puddings I haven’t really ‘got into’ the fuel pull snacks and I’ve never done one as a meal. They just seemed to ‘diety’ for me.

    At this point I find it a struggle to continue with THM. I do appreciate how it brought back to reality my serving sizes of carbs for a meal, however I think I need more of these small servings WITH my fats. I did find that my hypoglycaemia greatly improved and that I had no fuzzy feelings after a meal with carbs (I get a headache from eating a apple, I’m super sensitive).

    I have also, after many miscarriages over the past few years just leaned that we are expecting baby #4!!! I do want to keep my weight in check, since I am 30 lbs to my goal. I do *think* I will keep with the portion sizes of carbs suggested for a E meal, but I will not be afraid to have them in a S setting if I see fit. I will also bring potatoes back to my life. I’m irish through and through. Also, Cauliflower is quite expensive and I get sick of it. I will continue with the full fat dairy ( I never really switched to low fat, couldn’t do it) and will work on returning my sweet tooth to it’s former idle state. I will enjoy a homemade apple pie, made with healthy lard and butter, and sweetened only with apples, just the way I like it. I will make a weekly dessert for my family with healthy real sweeteners and I’ll enjoy it, in moderation, as I should (and just like my Great Grandma taught my Grandma to do to keep her weight trim and healthy).

    I will continue with some of the wonderful foods I’ve grown to love through THM, like red palm oil (now I eat it daily), gulucomman powder (I prefer my gravy this way), and my very pricey premium whey protein (from grass fed cows) that I use as a supplement as it is damaged in a blender.

    I will also have to *gulp* re-focus on portion control, which I’ll be honest I’ve never been much good at (hence the 175 starting weight.. yikes).

    Thank you Stacy for your honesty. I am very grateful for THM for what I’ve learned, but I’m ready for my next chapter too.

    I too am going to start reading up how to heal my metabolism and raise my temperature. To be honest Stacy I find you so refreshing. I’d love to sit and chat over coffee if that were possible!

    God Bless,

    Your friend up in Canada,


  151. Gabrielle Daigle says:

    One of the hardest things about being a blogger is that when we make decisions about what’s best for our family, we are often doing so publicly. It’s always a challenge when we then have to go back and say “I was wrong,” but I think that our readers respect that human (and hopefully humble) side of us that can say that. I’ve had to do this before too and while it’s never easy, it’s certainly the wise thing to do.

  152. Glad you are making a choice that works for you and your family. THM works for me I don’t count anything and I am definitely a whole food cook from scratch mama. I think any eating plan or non eating plan can be taken to an extreme and obsessing or even constantly thinking about food is just not the way to be. I wish you peace in your journey :)

  153. I really think you’re wonderful. And to be truthful, I’m right there with you on many points. Hence, my lack of activity on the THM FB group. The plan worked for me for a good 20 lbs, but it changed from easy to stressful and ineffective. I could go on and on, but I would never intend on bashing the wonderful ladies of THM. :)

  154. Amen–well said!! I have been in the ‘obsessed with food camp’–no fun!! Glad you are getting your joy back!! :)

  155. My head is spinning now!! I just started following you back when you first started talking about THM. I LOVE your posts, you are so funny and real!! I ordered the ginormous book and have been picking through it and starting to make changes to what my family eats, but it’s been a super slow process because our life just moves too fast and there was NO way with the learning curve to just immediately implement the whole plan. I haven’t tried all the recipes yet, but almost everything I’ve tried my family has really enjoyed. I have about 75lbs to lose and I have finally reached a point where complaining about it wasn’t enough, I’m ready to do something about it too!! I was just about to jump in with both feet and then today I read this post. I really don’t know what to do now!! THM was the first eating plan that seemed like it made sense to me. Now I’ve read all of these posts (the links you provided) that say that it isn’t good and is not a truly healthy plan!! AAhh crumb…I really don’t want to be this heavy forever!!

  156. Thank you so much for your honesty and humble spirit…so refreshing! I looked into THM as well and couldn’t do it. Like you said too much focus on food when I was trying to release that to God. Have you ever read “Weigh Down”? I finally found that book and their website and resources really helped me. It is biblical based and you eat everything…because Jesus declared all foods clean! It is how much we eat that is the real root of the problem. Thanks again!

  157. I did THM for a month and a half. I started having really bad heart palpitations and couldn’t figure out why. Then someone else posted on FB that they too were havingthe same trouble. Several mentioned that Stevia bothered them. I found too that the Stevia was the problem particularly the liquid form. I quit Stevia and did a little research. Stevia can act as a vasodilator in some people (opens the blood vessels wide) and that people with high blood pressure need a vasodilator, but healthy people like me do not. Not only can the Stevia cause heart palpitations, but it also depletes the body of potassium. Potassium regulates the rhythm of the heart. THM recommends that you cut out a lot of foods rich in potassium. So, between the stevia and the depletion of potassium, I am in a bad way right now. I’m upping the potassium which seems to be helping, but anyway I’m praying that this all gets figured out and that my heart heals. Hope you feel better soon. I feel a bit disillusioned right now and not quite sure what’s safe to eat and what’s not. I did loose weight, but at what cost. I wish I had known about stevia before I tried it. THM is great for some, but not for all. It really surprised and encouraged me that you quit. I really enjoy your blog!

  158. Stacy, if you were really overweight and unhealthy, I think your perspective of THM might have been different. It seemed to me that THM was focused more towards those people and I know you are not one of those people! I found that I had to include at least half, if not more, crossover meals and I did not do fuel pulls. I’d love to lose about 5 pounds, but it is not worth it to obsess about it. But THM really helped me to be able to stop gaining weight and maintain what I am, which is a healthy weight for my height and body type. And I LOVE some of the recipes. I am big on majorly limiting sugar in our home and THM helped so much for us to have yummy desserts!

  159. Wishing you the best on your journey to health! We have tried to eat as much pure, whole and organic foods for 15+ years now. One of the biggest frustrations for me was trying to weed through all the “do this, do that” information that is out there. For many diets that claim to be the best way to eat, there’s others that completely contradict them. I truly believe that different things work for different people. My husband and oldest son both have high metabolisms and can eat whatever they want whenever they want, without any issues. But, two of our children and I can’t. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, irritable bowel/spastic colon, PCOS, migraines, chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance, and twice my doctor of many years thought for sure I had MS. I was in constant pain, had join and swelling issues, had to always know where the closest bathroom was, and felt like I was going through life in a fog of sleepiness. Some of these issues improved some after going gluten free 3 years ago (the inflammation and pain in my joints improved but didn’t completely go away). I have always been a moderate exerciser (walking, hiking, biking, workout videos, some strength training) and never saw any weight loss benefits from it. I continued to do it because I felt it was simply good for me. I’ve learned through the years that there are some foods that simply aren’t healthy and others that absolutely are. Then there are some that are in more of a “gray” area. They may be okay for some, but others can’t tolerate them. All of our bodies are different! But, when it comes to truly eating in a nourishing, healthy way, it takes effort, money, and time. We don’t have a large food budget for our family of 6. So, we have had to be “crafty” in providing healthy food for our family. With all this being said, I have to admit that I love THM! Since being on plan my swelling/ inflammation is gone, I’m not constantly tired, my monthly is more predictable and not painful and I get almost no acne anymore, I haven’t had any headaches after the first couple of days (due to sugar detox, I think) and, even with it being very cold here, I don’t have pain from fibromyalgia! After the first month or so, I understood the plan enough to not have to obsess over the food. I enjoy eating out when I get the opportunity and have figured out short cuts in the kitchen that work well for us. I did WW (both old and new), Physicians Weight Loss, counting calories, Adkins, South Beach, the cabbage soup diet, low fat, low calorie, and several other diets that drove me nuts with point tracking and counting. THM has freed me of all that. I don’t measure portion sizes, either. I have found some bread substitutes on the plan that I actually like (which has been hard since eating gluten free). And, after a couple months, realized we are spending less on groceries (although, it did take some trial and error to find meals my whole family likes and that fit into our budget). Sometimes we even eat pizza (I just enjoy the toppings, I can’t have the crust anyway :-). I have to be honest, when I started THM I was most interested in loosing weight. I needed to drop 60 pounds and couldn’t seem to do it any other way. Now, I’d stay on plan even if I stopped loosing. My body feels so much better, and for the first time in years people think I’m younger than I actually am. I love that you honestly shared your heart in regards to THM and pray that you find what allows you and your family to enjoy excellent health. At the same time, I pray that it won’t discourage someone like me from giving it a try. I have thanked God for it everyday and feel so blessed that He allowed me to find it!
    1 Samuel 25:6 “Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!”
    <3 Tiffany

  160. Oh my gosh. I love you more than ever. there is so much truth in this post. such awesome advice (“do your own research!”} and delicious authenticity. Once again, your being real with us has impacted me hugely. I think this may be one of the most important posts I read this year.
    enjoy your butter. Oh, my goodness. I’m so excited for you. I just cannot wrap my mind around a low fat diet, and am so relieved you don’t have to anymore. 😉
    I remain your biggest fan.

  161. Kim Janak Norwood says:

    Thank you for being honest with your struggles. I believe that there is a lot of people out there that struggle with the same issues. I pray that you will be able to heal and find the best options for your family.

  162. Thanks for your honesty and being willing to share your journey with all of us! We have been following the THM plan loosely for the past several months, and while I have lost the few extra pounds that I could not lose by counting calories and restricting my food intake, there were always things that I could not resolve myself to do. I still had my coffee sweetened with real, organic sugar (ALL other sweeteners except sugar and honey give me horrible migraines or stomach upset) and a good amount of real, raw milk. I make the muffin in a mug sweetened with honey. And honestly now that I have lost those few pounds, I eat mostly crossovers, which goes back to eating real food, made with real ingredients. There are many things in the book that can be helpful and beneficial. But when it becomes an obsession and an idol, then it can’t be healthy for you. I think that with any eating plan, you have to hold it loosely. One of the first posts that I read of yours mentioned food not being our god and if you can eat healthy 80% of the time, then that is a great goal to shoot for. That is what I still hold to. Keep up the good work!

  163. Sarai Wilson says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I’m another long time reader that had started ignoring your posts since you began THM :(. I’m so sorry, but I read the first few, and just knew it wouldn’t work for us (for many of the reasons you listed just now!). We find such joy in our real diet as a family, and the idea of raising my little girl to be afraid of anything that is real, whole, and God-given seemed like a bad idea to me. I’m so proud of you for coming out and admitting that you changed your mind! I know that can’t have been easy. I’m happy that you and your family are getting your joy back… and I CAN’T WAIT to read your food posts again :)

  164. Oh how i needed this today! I keep feeling that my inability to do THM and keep up with all the rules, makes me a failure. Like you, it’s all I ever think about, I don’t want to be food obsessed, worry that something I eat is going to be off plan or wrong, or “hurt” my body in some way. (Yes I know some food some but that’s ALL I think about lately, I don’t truly enjoy ANY food bc of it) I hate stevia for example, we are on a really strict budget, more so during this holiday season. But it’s not a failure, is just not MY way of doing it, that doesn’t mean I’m a failure.
    Thank you for this. Thank you.

  165. Making anything an idol is not a problem with the idol itself, it is a heart issue.

  166. Just keep doing that thing you do and be healthy. I have been on every “diet” known to man. I have yo yo’ed up and down for years. Finally in 2007 I had Gastric Bypass and lost 200 lb. I have kept most of that off, but what I’ve danced around the bush to say is this. Be Happy with yourself. If you are comfortable in your own skin be happy. I am not now nor will I ever be anything but the size I am. I am just now at 53 realizing that’s ok. Just be you. <3 Kim

  167. Real Food Eater says:

    I had to leave THM, too, because I got obsessed and then felt tremendous guilt when I would eat something off like having some butter with my bread. This would cause me stress and I did not lose following this plan. Stress prevents you from losing weight. I gave it a few months. It did not work. I have thought about going back and then those feelings of pain and guilt resurface. NOT going there. I want to eat real food. I like some of the recipes and I will continue to use them because they are real food. But I will not be tormented by guilt and stress again. I am not going there!!! I do have a way of eating that I do lose when I follow it. It is flexible and lets me eat what I want to. That is what I am sticking to. Thanks for sharing!!!

  168. Aleah Cronk says:

    Aww. I had been missing you in the THM fb group and praying for you. :(
    God bless you and your family’s journey, Stacy.
    As for me and my house, we love THM. It has ressurrected my metabolism and I do very little counting. :)
    But, may God lead you in healing.
    I really appreciate you, and your blog.

  169. trueindigo says:

    Good for you! Healthy living includes not having ridiculous amounts of stress in your life! Generally it seems like the more complicated food gets, the less healthy it really is. Nutrition workers teach people with little education to “eat a rainbow,” and that’s what I tell my kids. (Yes, they wanted to know if Skittles counted). I tell them to each as much of the rainbow as they can each day (pomegranites! apples! carrots! bananas! avocados! spinach! kiwis! grapes! blueberries!), plus lots of whole grains and nuts, and you’re doing great–don’t sweat the rest. (And skip the diets that leave out whole groups of foods, I think.) There also needs to be wiggle room for your sanity.

    I’m a relative newcomer to Stacey Makes Cents (got here via Food is Not Your God post), and love the blog in general, but THM just hasn’t made sense to me–it just doesn’t seem all that “real”. So I for one will enjoy the THM-less SMC. :) Thanks for the fun blog!

  170. Can you leave your recipes up for us to still access?

  171. That takes a lot of spiritual maturity to recognize when something is taking over your life that way. Food is a false idol to so many people, on so many different levels (eating too much, eating too little, or just obsessing over food in any regard). Luke 16:13. Good for you for quitting! Bless you, sister! :)

  172. Thank you for being so open and honest. I am sure that this post was not an easy one to write. While I find it hard to understand how THM can keep someone in bondage when I have found so much freedom eating this way, I do realize that there is no one thing that is perfect for everyone and every family. I also do not suffer from an eating disorder, unless you count (a former) addiction to sugar and soda. I pray that you will find the freedom you are seeking and that the Lord will heal you from your eating disorder.

    May God bless you on your eating journey!

  173. I’m really saddened to see you slam THM, it’s disheartening. I don’t know you, but this post is false in my opinion. You really didnt know the plan if everything is low fat, that’s just not true. You can have good healthy oils, that’s not low fat, at all. All plans are based on what works for someone, obviously this worked, you just don’t want to continue to follow, fair enough. I guess in the world of blogging you have the right to say what you want, even if it is just not true. In my words I would call it lying, untrue. Opinion is one thing, falsehood is entirely different.

    • Hi Lena. If you look back at the post, Stacy didn’t say that the whole plan was low fat. She said it is very hard to avoid the low fat items.

    • I don’t understand where you got that she has slammed THM. There is an account of how it affected her and why it didn’t work. In fact, the statement was clear that what works for one may not work for others. These are Stacey’s reasons and feelings.

  174. I was just telling

  175. thank you for posting this. I started in the spring and took months to loose 5 pounds, then moved cross country over the summer. Over the past 2 months I have been sticking to plan and NOTHING! so I finally ate a few crossovers and quit stressing and I lost a few pounds. I found so much freedom in the plan because I too get into food bondage. but lately I have fallen back into it. Worrying if I got my E today, did I eat to much fat ect. To the point I was stressing about my DH bday months away because I knew he would want dessert. I hate the MIM and eat them anyway. I don’t mind doing it if I loose but nothing. So back to eating healthy whole foods, cutting sugar and keeping somewhat on plan, because in general I really do eat healthier, but you know what I am making fresh bread for the family and I will have a piece (a small one) and enjoy it. Good luck on your journey!

  176. I totally appreciate all that you shared, here, Stacy! And I totally agree. I’ve benefited from a lot of THM principles, but I just could never do it perfectly. I enjoy whole {real} foods too much to eliminate them forever. Especially raw milk and honey, and butter on my bread. :)

  177. Thanks for sharing, Stacy. I am new to THM and don’t have much weight to lose, so I have been taking a “pick and choose” sort of approach. I basically want to cut out a lot of the refined sugar I’m eating, so I enjoy the recipes for desserts, mostly. (And I appreciate the encouragement to eat more veggies and good protein sources instead of being so carb-heavy.) I would love to know what you think about stevia and if you will continue to use it. Have you found what you think are any negative effects from it? Thanks so much.

  178. Dear Stacy, Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles with THM. I can totally relate to your struggles and have been having to hash some things through in my own heart and mind as well. As someone else shared, we have to be so careful to not allow “things” to become gods in our lives. THM can be one of those “things” if we let it. Anyway..just wanted to thank you for your honesty and to let you know I will be praying for you as you heal. Love ya! – Sheri

  179. Heather Siebert says:

    Thank you for sharing, Stacy, and for linking to the other articles on THM. I enjoyed reading about everyone’s experiences with and perspectives on the book. THM did not work for me; I have strong will power and have no problem sticking with food rules. But I found the food rules they described in the first half of the book to be quite limiting, especially the E style meals —- and then when I read the meal plans of what they eat in the second half of the book, I thought the meals included more fat and carbs than they advocate for each S and E meal…and I got the feeling that crossover meals were like cheating the rules. Clearly I didn’t get the full picture of how to implement the E, S, and crossover meals. And I didn’t want to break the rules! As a result, I felt like I didn’t know what I could eat and so I ate hardly nothing except for when I could find a “safe” recipe out of their book. I was hungry all the time! Within a week, I knew that I had to stop because I had very little energy, was having trouble producing milk for my breastfeeding 3-month old, and could barely control my temper with my lively 2-year-old son. I went back to my WAPF roots. Honestly, I thrive on raw milk, real butter on soaked whole wheat bread and in my oatmeal, lots of vegetables, even including corn, carrots, and white potatoes, and cheese. I have some weight to lose from two close pregnancies and unhealthy eating before them, but I know the excess weight (like 20 pounds) is due to too many desserts made with white sugar and white flour (family favorites, hi Mom and Grandma!). When I focus on eating whole, nutritional foods, I feel good and I stay at a good weight too. THM didn’t give me enough freedom to accomplish that.

  180. I was a reader before you tried THM, and was surprised that you had gone that route, given you were already pretty Trim in my mind! I’m glad you are working toward what is right for you, just please remember that what works for one and fails miserably for another is not necessarily bad. It is the difference between the people, and that is a GOOD thing.
    I don’t stress about the food at all, and aside from skim milk and cottage cheese, I don’t buy things that are low fat. I eat more S (fat oriented) meals, with a few E thrown in, though breakfast is usually an E due to old habits I enjoy. Since I’m a scratch cook, I just adjust recipes accordingly. It has been an easy transition for me, and I haven’t felt this good in ages. But I don’t do many fuel pulls, I started eating crossovers early in the plan just so I could enjoy certain family meal events without any guilt, and I don’t count much of anything, it’s sort of a gestalt thing for me. I’m just going for the trends, as they recommend. I definitely am not on any low fat or low carb sort of diet, and I don’t buy any convenience foods with those labels, just as I never bought convenience foods before. I’m a traditional foodist, and with a few small adjustments to my dairy purchases (yes, I use milk, don’t like that nut milk stuff, but I still make my own yogurts as always), I just combine my nourishing foods with a little extra care. And I don’t follow the biblical ideas of the plan.
    I’m not losing fast, but at a good speed for me, and it is the first time I have found a truly nourishing way to actually lose. All of that said, you have to do what fits your body, and if you have trouble keeping it relaxed, then it probably isn’t the right thing for you. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years and will continue to do so, and I enjoyed our brief interlude on THM together, though I now wish you Godspeed on the next part of your food journey.

  181. THM has been around EVERYWHERE that I frequent on-line – FB and blogs – so I looked at book snippets, joined the FB group, read through 100s of reviews. The success stories are wonderful, but it’s the “drop-outs” that offer the most insightful look. THM seems like just another fad diet to me and I haven’t found anything to conflict MY opinion thus far. (I know many will not agree with me and I could be missing out on not reading the book…) Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t have to be complicated: eat a variety of unprocessed, healthy foods in correct portions, drink water, sleep well, and exercise daily.

    • Jessy, I would like to think that were true, but it is just not. Have been doing it for years, I’m 47 with menopausal hormones. Not everyone can just eat right and exercise, if your not there you will not understand.

  182. I have been following the plan and don’t feel like it’s super restrictive. However, I really do have a problem with the way people seem to think the authors know everything and if they say xyz then that’s the only it is. I’m an adult just like the authors and I do my own research. For example, I use a protein powder that I’ve used successfully for a long time and it’s healthy and stevia sweetened and not plan approved 😉 oh well. I just don’t like the almost “worship” that I feel some people who follow the plan seem to heap on the authors. Like, “Don’t say you thought a recipe was disgusting. That isn’t nice to the authors….” stuff like that 😉 makes me roll my eyes. As always, I take what I can use and discard the rest. I just sometimes would like to shout, “The authors are just people…..not doctors or nutritionists, but people just like you and me–use your own noggin once in awhile.” ;0

  183. I had to laugh when I read your post first thing this morning because I just got my copy of THM delivered yesterday! I already had some reservations that my husband and I will be able to follow all the “rules”, but my hubby is very motivated to lose some weight! Anyway, I still want to learn everything I can and then see what parts to take and what to leave. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like you did! I’ll be anxious to hear more about your new food journey and what you find works well for you and your family! By the way, I think you rock! :)

    • Amy, please don’t let this scare you. I still don’t know what everyone is talking about when they keep mentioning “ALL THE RULES”. it boils down to one, really, from my observation, if you want to lose weight, don’t tandem fuel. Pretty simple. If it is complicated, it is user error, not the plan.

  184. This may be a dumb question, also irrelevant to the topic, but how do I subscribe to your blog? Will I get emails notifying me that the new blog is up?

  185. Thank you for your posts. I always learn so much, and love your humor. I also was struggling w/ THM, and was never able to embrace it 100%. I am a full time working mom (2 jobs) (unemployed husband) of 7 kids. One of my jobs is at a midwifery office, and I’m a birth assistant. So I can have crazy hours, and odd eating times if I’m not going to bed until 8 a.m. after being up all night at a birth. The effort to try to plan meals that are usually different then everyone else, and make sure I’m eating the right fuel or not combining fuels was too much for me to keep up with. I love cookbooks, and would get sad to see them, knowing I couldn’t eat those recipes (I’m not good at converting recipes to other ingredients). I also missed most fruits and white potatoes. Food wasn’t a blessing to me anymore. I love cooking and for me it’s an expression of love to my family. I felt too much guilt over what I was eating or what I “should” be eating. I still need to find what works for me to lose weight to be healthier (20-25 lbs), but being perimenopausal and inconsistent sleep/eating times, it may just take a while. Your being real is a real blessing to me and others. We are so busy trying to look good to others, that instead of encouraging others, we make them feel like they are lacking. I think life is all about learning/growing as we mature. What plan works at one point in our life, doesn’t work later. I’m constantly re-evaluating what I’m doing in all areas of life to see what doesn’t work anymore (even if it worked wonderfully before). Thanks for all you do for us!

  186. I really hope you and everyone here reads Serene and Pearl’s response on their facebook page. My heart goes out to you Stacy, you are obviously trying to work through your pain and issues, but I for one did not like the tone of this blog post. And I used to be a serious fan of yours. You really weren’t saying “it just isn’t for me”, you sound very critical and negative and are using your issues to slam a way of eating that didn’t work for you – because of your issues. You didn’t just decided not to follow THM – you felt the need to degrade it and take your followers with you. They never told you to not eat whole food. They warned us not to do too many fuel pulls. They told you that skinny wasn’t healthy. So I don’t think this is a fair representation of their plan. Their whole philosophy states that there is no perfect plan for anyone. We’re all supposed to find our tweaks. I think you should search your heart and see if you like what you see there and if you would want to be treated the way you’ve treated them. I really hope you find the peace and healing you are searching for. I wonder if you will even post this.

  187. Tammy Espino says:

    I admire your candor. THM sounded interesting when I read your review of it, but I know myself and how I have a hard time sticking to something that is so regimented, so I never tried it. I really appreciate you writing what is basically a retraction. I’m glad that you are honest enough to share your experiences!

  188. melissa alder says:

    You are such an inspiration…keep on doing what you are doing. What’s the saying,” everything in moderation?” I too like to eat and it can become a big crutch for us..not all of us but some of us :) So just relax girl and do your thing Gods not gonna put more on you than you can handle, so just let HIM take care and guide you. We your readers love your honesty and you help us to keep it real too. Have a Blessed day :)

  189. The beauty of life is that we are allowed to be different. THM changed my life and has set me free of cravings and food obsessions, but one must always do what’s best for oneself and family, and besides THM is certainly not a religion. I find all this animosity towards you for quitting a little odd. May you strive ahead in victory! 😉

  190. I stopped thm after only 3 months, 6lb weight gain, blowing my family food budget by £££s, buying really weird stuff that wasn’t even real food (gluc, protein powder!!!) and trying to live in the most ridiculously faddish way with food is ever encountered. I joined slimming world, lost 1st in 8 weeks, no longer stress about food, save£££ on my grocery bills and still eat butter, coconut oil, avoid low fat rubbish and “fake food”. I hope you and your family heal quickly.

  191. PRoud of you and I don’t even know you! It is hard to eat crow, but harder to change course and admit it all around while doing something about it.

  192. Sad Stacy, you are only allowing people who post in agreement, shows the bias in journalism. As I said, it’s your blog, you can be untruthful.

  193. Stacy, I will admit this was a bit disappointing for me to read. I’m glad you’re happy and finding what works for you, but you were the one who pointed me to THM, and I have been so thankful for that. I tried for years to lose weight by eating healthy foods, whole grains, etc. I kept gaining. This is the first time since college that I’ve lost weight, and I’m loving it. However, I think I take a different approach–I never know the exact number of grams of carbs or fats I’m eating, and I don’t measure except in recipes. I do understand the principles, so I find it is easy to make it work. I don’t think about it all that much (don’t want to)–the main thing that has changed for me is that I spend more time in the kitchen. But I did wonder why you were THM since from your pictures you don’t need to lose any weight. At any rate, I wish you the best and am glad you’re enjoying your food more again.

  194. To each her own I suppose. I’ve been following THM for nine months and I and my family have never felt better! The thing about healthy eating is that in this “convenience” day and age, we don’t want to be bothered to take the time to do what’s best, unless it is easy. That’s why so many people are overweight and have health issues controlled by meds, rather than eating healthier and exercising. It takes time and effort to be healthy because there are too many choices that are easier than “healthy”. I work full time with three kids and there are days I really struggle, but I ask myself if I would like to go back to feeling like a slug and that usually motivates me to chop up some veggies or bake some homemade healthy muffins! I found that by eating the way THM promotes I am satisfied, have more energy and eat more whole foods than I ever have including when I lost and gained the same 20 pounds on Weight Watchers for ten years…let’s talk about obsessive there with converting everything to points and tracking all day not to mention all the money I spent! Wishing you the best as you embark on this next chapter and hopefully you will continue to be clear that because THM wasn’t a good fit for you personally, doesn’t mean it has not helped thousands of others.

  195. Dorothy Huyck Civitillo says:

    I’m all about keeping it real. This post saddens me as I think you are in the minority. THM doesn’t have me counting anymore than my Weight Watchers days. It’s a guide. I can become obsessed about anything. That’s not THM’s problem. If THM isn’t right for you, step away from it and be gracious about it. You are responsible for your own health. I’ve seen you posting links to your blog for several months now on the THM fb page. You owe them a thank you for helping you promote your page, as I’m sure your following has grown as the THM page has grown. We are all trying to figure this health thing out together but each one must make decisions based on their individual and unique circumstances. THM doesn’t have all the answers. I’ve tweaked and made adjustments to THM for me. My concern is for the stir this has caused and my sisters who’ve been spun into a state of confusion. Bless you w continued healing.

  196. Like most others here, as a busy mom of 4 I don’t have time to read blogs, but I read yours anyway! (one of only 2 I ever do) I love the honesty, sense of humor, and the various recipes (though I often combined the S and E in one meal or close meals they were still yummy :). I love reading various diet books, when I can find the time, and THM is one I read recently…and the more I read the more I realize that most have some good information and advice that are taken way to the extreme. It would be so lovely if a set “plan” worked for a whole family for a whole lifetime, but each person, each family, and each phase of life is different. It’s a journey that’s always changing. With each new trial and error we learn, we adjust, we gain wisdom and experience that we can’t gain any other way than by living through it. Like most moms I talk to, after trying something new I just keep returning to wholesome, natural, “real” food, (at least the majority of the time) to feeI great and keep my growing kids healthy and happy. I think you are the greatest and I will continue to read the blog often (especially on crazy days because it always makes me smile)!

  197. Thanks Stacy! Great post!

  198. I totally know where you are coming from. It’s all about balance and finding what is best for you af your family. I have learned some great things from THM and will continue to use many of the information and principles. I have a recently diagnoses type 1 diabetic 3yo, and THM has helped immensely by giving me an education about different foods and how they affect our bodies. Are we religious about it? No, but I appreciate those guidelines that will stick with me. I love your awesome blog and can’t wait to follow you on your journey. (As a side note, I hope and pray that as a moderator, you were able to depart on good terms and that people will not be offended. Sadly, people often just react, but I would pray for grace for all!)

  199. Dana Lynn Hilton says:

    I just use the Low carb recipes I have determined that is what my body needs. Not saying every now and then I don’t have a slice of cake but the longer I look at this the stranger it seems. You do what is best for you! Oh and sushi I love sushi.

  200. Thrifty Frugal Mom says:

    Honestly, this is why I’ve not jumped on the THM bandwagon. There are parts of it that we’ve applied to our diet but some of it just didn’t seem to make sense to how we eat. And it has always felt like if I jumped into it whole hog I’d become obsessed with it. It looks like so much work to try to figure out if we would be eating correctly (S, E, how many hours since we last ate etc.) I hear you and totally understand where you are coming from. I know various people that love THM and I’m okay with that. But I do not think that it is for everyone. Thanks for being brave enough to post this!

  201. I loosely follow the THM lifestyle. I’m glad you did it for a while. It is how I found your blog and I love it!!!! :) What works for one doesn’t work for everyone. :) We still love you!

  202. Thank you for this post. You validated many of the feelings I have had and felt guilty for. I love bread!

  203. Wow, this was a blog post I never thought I’d see! But, after reading it, it’s very clear you’re going in the direction that’s best for you and your family.

    I have to be honest too–I started THM because of you, although I had seen it in the Above Rubies magazine for a while and had thought “eh, who needs another diet?” But. It’s working for me. For two, no three reasons.

    1) I wasn’t a sugar addict. So I really don’t use most of the fancy stuff and go hog-wild on the Stevia-based drinks, etc. I’ve still never tried that Singing Canary! LOL It’s easier when you are just worrying about yourself and the foods you like. I would never put my teenage boys on ANY meal plan.

    2) My problem was not eating, and it makes me remember to eat. For me, that’s probably more important than the crossover issue.

    3) I had done The Zone Diet after my youngest Manling was born, and it was very good for me. I got rid of all my books and stuff after I lost the weight, and all the weight came back (’cause I’m a stress eater too). Plus that was focused more on “lose the weight” not “eating for life”. That also emphasized the need to have occasional “cheat days” too–once a week or so. The goal was not to deprive yourself completely, or you’d backslide in a heartbeat. I still follow that principle, which is probably another reason THM is working for me.

    I just wanted you to know that I am very grateful that you DID recommend this–because even as God is leading you in a different direction right now, He made sure I read your posts recommending THM. Whether or not He’ll continue to lead me in that direction will remain to be seen–but I am thankful He led me to your blog for sure! *HUGS*

  204. Alicia Grupico says:

    Thought this was relevant to your post. Just written by Pearl and Serene :)

    and I are sitting here together. We are about to write a response to
    some blog posts that were released today that we feel misrepresent the
    Trim Healthy Mama plan. Serene sits here sipping from a big old quart
    jar that contains her whole food, high fat smoothie. While I begin to
    write she is going on and on to me about all the “whole foodie, purist
    style” ingredients in it. I need her to quiet down so I can think and
    type… ha ha!

    But she is worried that our plan is being
    represented as one that does not celebrate whole foods, seeing she is a
    whole foods vigilante herself. “Okay Serene… it’s alright, I’m about to
    write about all your crazy purist stuff…”

    She wants you all to
    know the smoothie that she sips right here, right now contains raw,
    pastured, whole milk double fermented kefir, includes a golden egg yolk,
    cod liver oil, coconut oil, berries, maca, turmeric, handfuls of
    greens… the list goes on. I think the color of her smoothie looks quite
    disgusting actually… ha ha. “Serene, stop yelling about your
    ingredients!” You get the picture; it was chock full of whole foods and
    nourishing fats.

    Serene is on a roll, she just mentioned for
    breakfast she’d eaten a large slice of sour dough bread WITH BUTTER,
    topped with sautéed venison, cheese and extra coconut oil drizzled on
    top… oh, plus a creamy coffee. Tonight for supper she is planning to
    have a sweet potato with BUTTAH again and a whole can of sardines packed
    in Olive oil. Personally, I don’t like sardines, but more power to you

    You see, Serene is nursing and is at goal weight.
    Nursing women at goal weight should absolutely be eating crossovers and
    we make this very clear in our book and in our posts on this group and
    when we talk to people in person. Goal weight girls must eat crossovers!
    That’s why we designed them and stressed their importance in our book.
    We cannot control whether people will choose to do this or not but if
    they do not, this is not Trim Healthy Mama protocol.

    We wish
    only the best for people struggling to find their way through food
    confusion. Everyone has their own journey. Trim Healthy Mama has helped
    thousands of women regain health, food freedom and hope when they felt
    like they could never find these again. Those who have many pounds to
    lose have been and continue to do so healthfully with the whole foods
    eating plan that THM encourages. Every food group is included. We don’t
    ditch grains, meats, dairy or fats. Unless there is a real food allergy,
    we encourage eating from all the wonderful foods God has provided for

    THM is not a low fat plan, most of our meals have ample
    fat, even on the weight loss part of this program. Our E meals (which
    are lower in fat) are advised to be eaten with a certain amount of fat
    (although a smaller amount than S meals). We advise against naked carbs
    which is like having bread without any fat at all. Just because some of
    us on THM enjoy some recipes made with egg whites and low fat cottage
    cheese, this doesn’t mean we don’t eat our fats too. You bet we eat our
    egg yolks and our full fat dairy. We are just into balance.

    Let’s talk about food freedom – chocolate cake for breakfast anyone?
    Cheese cake with friends over coffee? Date night at the steak house with
    hubby? Yes, Yes and Yes! And find you’re trim while you enjoy all of

    THM is not a letter of the law plan. If you don’t like
    low fat cottage cheese, choose naturally low fat Tilapia or Mahi-Mahi or
    chicken breast for one of your E meals, they are absolutely as natural
    and pure as the snow. You can do this plan with your own convictions
    about food intact. And now that we’re here at this point, let’s clear up
    the misconception that you have to eat Dreamfields pasta to be a THM???

    Serene is yelling out that she has never… not
    once, let a Dreamfield noodle touch her lips. But her husband eats them
    once a week and this enables him to be happy on plan and lose the weight
    without feeling deprived of his spaghetti fix. I take a little
    different approach to Serene in that I use Joseph’s pitas, Dreamfields
    now and then and yes I’ve been known to buy Truvia and enjoy it in my
    treats. Do I force my way onto Serene? No way – she wouldn’t let me! But
    THM is for all women from all walks of life… from the most stringent
    food purist to the most laid back Drive Thru Sue. We can all get along
    and we don’t have to point fingers at people that do the plan
    differently to ourselves.

    THM is here to support women through
    all the seasons of her life. In one of the blogs THM was blamed for hair
    loss. There are natural phases in our lives as women that all of us go
    through. Both Serene and I are familiar with the year after our births
    when hair sheds, and sheds a lot no matter what sort of eating plan we
    were on. This shedding usually starts at about four months and by about a
    year it gets back to normal. Even when Serene did a complete Weston A
    Price pregnancy and post-partum year, her hair still fell out. Currently
    Serene has a seventeen month old and Serene’s hair is getting back to
    its regular fullness But we must say here, please… if you are nursing
    and back to goal weight, don’t eat too many Fuel Pulls. We caution in
    the book that they are to be treated with respect and not be overdone…
    even by those with lots of weight to lose, make sure they are never the
    majority of your meals. Fuel yourself with the healthy fats and carbs in
    S and E meals no matter how stubborn your weight.

    My own hair –
    not a problem. In fact, it used to fall out a lot when I was a teenager
    and in my early twenties, hormone swings I guess. Weight loss itself
    can cause hair shedding sometimes. Regrowth occurs once the loss slows
    down and hormones that may have had to adjust through weight loss find a
    natural rhythm again. This is another reason we stress over and over in
    THM that this is not a race to be skinny, in fact we advise against
    ‘skinny’ and this is why we named the book, Trim Healthy Mama. A trim
    woman is well nourished and is not seeking to be ‘shredded’ or bony.

    So to summarize, THM was written by a food purist and a short cut queen
    who merged two polarizing sets of women with a plan that keeps both
    happy. We are not about constantly counting fat, calories or carbs. We
    are continually amazed and humbled at the testimonies that come in day
    after day from women who had lost hope and are now shining with it
    again. We want to thank so many of you today who have offered us
    support, your own affirming testimonies and prayers. You don’t know what
    it means to us. We’re just two stay at home Moms whose book has reached
    far beyond where we ever thought it would. We believe God has had his
    blessing on it – there is no other explanation for the spread of this
    message. We sought Him for wisdom after throwing all our preconceived
    notions and fad diets out and turning to His word. We have shared our
    own journey so others could find this freedom we enjoy. Love you all,

    Pearl… (with Serene right next to me)

    • I would like to add one thing. Wowee. What a LOAD of comments. It seems that THM is getting the amount of attention that the Essential Oils wars do. I hope that we can all get our minds and heart to where they should be and stop attacking.

      Stacy might have and might not have written the perfect post, but she brought up some really valid points. There are some really balanced reviews on the plan and the plan has its pros and cons.

      I personally think that the frenzy I have seen in some THM arenas validates Stacy’s post and her concerns. I personally get really stressed on the THM boards where ladies seem so stressed out trying to figure out which plan a food falls into, if they can eat such and such food, and finding foods that look decadent but are “on plan.” It is very clear that there are many many ladies who are obsessing over foods as a result of this plan.

      Now, is it true that some of the excitement is from losing weight? Of course. And that is fine. However, some of it (much of it) seems to be over getting empty calorie foods that fill one up and taste yummy. The “fat free cool whip”, and other fat free foods are really bad for you and it is a huge red flag to see them all over the groups.

      One last point. While I so appreciate the intent of the authors, to declare that it is clear that God is behind this THM since it is spreading so much is problematic thinking. It could be the case, but Islam is growing in leaps and bounds so you just can’t make that kind of claim. You can say that it appears to be such and such but one must be very very careful making claims about what God is smiling on. To quote the above “there is no other explanation for the spread of this message” [other than that”God has had his blessing on it (THM)]

      Here is a source on religions growing:

      This is a complicated topic but I personally feel that any meal plan is a real temptation for obsession. This one is no exception. Eat real foods. Eat when you are hungry. Try to be at peace with your body. I think that is the best plan ever.

      • AMEN!

      • Well said, Adrienne. And to all those criticizing Stacy for publicly stating her opinions on this diet – since when did it become wrong to speak up about something you feel strongly about? That’s part of what having a platform is really FOR, after all.

        She didn’t even say that everyone should throw it out the window – only that her family had to. She promoted it enthusiastically and publicly at first, and no one had a problem with *that*. Now that she’s changing her mind and humbly admitting that she was wrong and letting her loyal readers know it – she’s shamed for doing it publicly? That’s just not right, people. Not right at all.

        This is a big internet – there will ALWAYS be people disagreeing with something you feel strongly about. If you don’t like what one person has to say – then say your piece with kindness, gentleness, and respect, and then move on, if you so desire.

  205. Stacy have to disagree with you on this one.. I think that one can be obsessive about food without even knowing about THM, you really can’t be serious can you… blaming THM for making “one” obsessive about food..NO… that comes from within, from your own “who you are on the inside”, not an eating plan, a diet regimen, etc etc. Is your blog post today really about eating crow or is it something else?

    • Briana, I have struggled with this issue before. My post today is about falling back into that same pit. I linked my struggles in the post.

      • Struggles are one thing, but what you did was misrepresent a very successful program and that’s kinda wrong, don’t you think? This isn’t a South Beach or Adkins-type of diet! I think what is upsetting the THM community isn’t that you quit following it, but that you misled your readers by describing it as something that it is not when so many women are healthier because of this lifestyle! I think that in an attempt to be honest, you were careless and confusing when justifying your reasons for quitting and the links at the bottom just seem mean-spirited…sounds more like it is personal and not just you sharing about your struggles.

        • In agreement with you Melissa!! Very well said, and if you notice closely, Stacy does not have any comments at all when posed with your opinion or others that are in disagreement with how she handled this situation of the use of her verbage. I find that very interesting as well.

          • Should Stacy have to comment to everyone who attacks her?

            She’s bared her eating struggles to the world, trying to be honest and open about her views and thoughts – and then she’s criticized for it. Stacy is being REAL and giving her opinion just as she would with a friend over coffee. Don’t criticize someone for not responding to every negative comment that appears. In truth she’s probably restraining herself from saying something she shouldn’t and I give her credit for that too. :)

  206. I do wish you would have more clear on this: fuel pulls are for ppl trying to lose weight, and pregnant/nursing ppl should be eating crossovers on a regular basis. Having followed your blog for some time, I know that you have been breast feeding. So you SHOULD be eating butter with your bread. You shouldn’t be eating many fuel pulls. if you want to go back to whole food eating, as you put it, fine. But don’t put THM down, if you didn’t follow its principles, as they applied to you, please. They are very specific about breast feeding/nursing guidelines.

    • I ate a majority of FPs for almost two months – all the while maintaining weight and breastfeeding successfully. I didn’t eat a “crossover” until I quit.

      • But you chose that. You were going against THM suggestions, and then leaving THM because “it wasn’t right” Not fair. Not honest.

        • Missy, this post is about my food struggles. I’m not addressing anyone else here.

          • You are a blogger. You know you have followers. It would have been one thing if you had said “this is a great option for some people. There are many true principles here, but because of my food control issues, I was unable to follow the THM plan.” You didn’t say that. You insinuated that you now have to heal from the damage THM did to you. If you had actually followed their advice – you would have been fine. But to mislead people about what their advice actually was – is what I am referring to. I get it that you have struggles. My heart goes out to you. I fully support you saying that THM doesn’t work for you because of the struggles you have. But you didn’t say that – AND – you didn’t leave it at that. You didn’t post blog links of people who were successful with THM. You only posted links against it. I have NO link to THM. I’m honestly not very good at following them myself. But that is MY issue. And i wouldn’t dream of pushing people away just because of my issues.

          • Dineen Ford says:

            I feel Stacy did adequately share her issues with how food control issues played into how she used THM. There are plenty of followers of THM singing its praises to be found without her needing to offer them.

      • Stephanie E says:

        That’s not what THM is about at all. Why complain about doing FPs for two months when they would never recommend that??

  207. Safe to say there will be a lot of THM books on ebay? :)

  208. Stacy, my hair has also been falling out like crazy. Did you figure out what was causing your hair loss, specifically?

  209. Something tells me comments are being held today. NO negative comments and the last one was 9 hours ago? Hmmm.

  210. Way to go for staying true to the needs of your entire family! I do want to say a big thank you for introducing THM to your readers so that we could determine if it was right for us, though I’m terribly sorry for the grief it ultimately caused you. It was the tool for me and mine to eliminate/reduce sugars and less-healthy carbs and to get a better understanding of how food fuels our bodies. Love you and your blog :)

  211. Megan South Benninger says:

    I think it was clear why you quit, but you maybe overstated/overgeneralized some of the THM “rules.” For example, crossovers (i.e. bread WITH butter) is definitely part of the plan, just not if you are wanting to actively lose weight. I do understand your having to quit though. I went through a similar experience with “Babywise” where I tried to control my baby’s eating and sleeping to such an extent that I had to throw the whole book system out and go more attachment parenting. Nothing is perfect. This diet has actually been very good for me–as I was a previous Drive-Thru Sue.

    • Yep – I had to ditch Babywise too. :-)

      • Funny you said that, your article made me think of Babywise. My kids are teens now, but when they were babies I followed that book with grace and flexibility and it worked fine for me. If my kids were hungry I fed them. I learned to recognize their cries. I remember lots of controversy surrounding that book and felt that it might be detrimental for certain personality types to follow a book like that. I actually discouraged a friend from following it because I knew it wouldn’t work for her personality. I think it is the same thing with THM or at least the Facebook page. People get caught up with the numbers and that was not the authors intention. Certain personalities make it way harder than it should be. If I had to count numbers, calories or points I would die, for me that is bondage.

  212. Thank you for the honesty and the links at the end. I looked at the book and decided it wasn’t for me even though the energy and weight loss touted would be awesome. Like you, I don’t want to have food rules ruling my life.

  213. Donna Moon says:

    Good for you for knowing your limits and having the guts to spill it all out! That takes a lot of courage, and I always appreciate your honesty. It’s one of the things I love about your blog (plus the recipes!).
    Like some of the other responders, I also picked up THM on your recommendation just as I did with TTapp, both of which have helped me tremendously!
    I have this habit of never taking anything exactly as it is presented (it got me in a lot of trouble as a kid). I have to consider it and turn it around to make it work and make sense to me. Having been through gestational diabetes twice (insulin dependent the 2nd time around), I seriously never want to go there again. THM helps me to be more aware of what I’m eating and keeping my blood sugar balanced, even though I follow the plan VERY loosely!
    I understand the all or nothing mentality and know how I used to beat myself up when that side of my personality took over. It’s just not worth the stress. I’m an 80/20 gal now, though it took me a long time to get there! (80% striving for perfection / 20% grace with no guilt)
    Best wishes to you and your family as you sort your way through the food maze. There is so much data out there it’s amazing. I was laughing to myself just this morning considering 2 different eating plan books I’ve read that both are biblically based- one says not to eat any dairy or grains (those are for the animals) and eat lots of honey because it’s so energizing, and THM which says just the opposite. Go figure!

    It’s important to find what feels true and right to you and run with it.

  214. THM was not for me either. Thanks for sharing.

  215. Whew!!! I am back and forth on this! I saw some results when I started THM, but I can’t tell if it was just from quitting sugar and eating loads of Coconut oil. I have friends that want me to tell them all about the book, which I think is a good idea, but I don’t follow it to a “T” and I never have. I hate almond milk so I never made the fat stripping fraps but I loved the bullet proof coffees. And I miss bread with butter. BUT- I don’t notice a difference when I eat bread, only when I eat sugar. I also felt the book was a bit too meat-centered. /i love meat (and bacon) but it is ok to not eat it every day. (Bring back meatless mondays!) I am still going to do some THM mods (like not eating rolls with pasta or potatoes) And watch my carbs and sugars- but I want homemade bread again and stew and roast beef. And DH is so tired of hearing “not on plan”…I agree with you Stacy- this is a food journey, lets toast over a tall glass of raw milk LOL.

  216. Thank you for this post. Really. I was so skeptical when you started posting about THM, but I thought I’d hear you out anyway. :) Eating crow is never fun, but eating it publicly must be nerve-wracking. But you were honest! Thank you for being honest!

  217. Melissa Warren says:

    I love you! You are literally my favorite blogger and I read and follow a lot of blogs! I found you because of THM :) I adore your honesty and genuine spirit. I’ve laughed, cried and been convicted through a lot of your posts. For that, I say THANK YOU! When I read your post this morning, I was shocked. I was first sad, then jealous, then happy, then confused…..I woke hubby up and told him “we have to stop THM because Stacy is” He asked for more details. So I let him read your post. Then, my husband, my “keep her grounded” counterpart said “If you just follow whatever Stacy does, how do you know that will be right for you? How is that not just bondage TO STACY?” Very good advice from my very dear husband. :) So, we will continue at this time, but will continue to pray about it. I appreciate your blog and Christian perspective more than I can express. So, thank you so much for being so open to the world. I know that it couldn’t have been easy for you to write this, as you don’t seem to have a mean bone in your body and have no desire to hurt/offend anyone. I also know that to continually be so open and real with all of us, means you have to be prepared for the “backlash” of people that disagree or get offended regardless of your clearly laid out “this is what’s best for me and my family” not “this is the Gospel truth and everyone should follow me” posts. I just want you to know that there are a lot of us out here, reading, cheering you on and incredibly blessed by your posts. Your style of writing makes me feel like we’re actually friends not just a blogger and her crazy fan/reader. :) Praying for you and your family, I know God will fill you with peace and strength as you endeavor through this crazy journey of life. <3

  218. Angela Chernoff says:

    Stacy, thank you for your honesty about your food journey. It is very timely for me and greatly appreciated. As another ready aptly put it, you “lost me” too when you started to write about THM. I was tempted for a time to get the book and try it, but waited and after some time, found some negative feedback from people who tried it. The worst being how someone aged really quickly and started to loose their hair. In the last three years I have gone vegan, tried Paleo, cut out grains, gone gluten-free, amongst various forms of extreme exercise and it’s all been terribly unsuccessful in loosing the baby weight from my now 3 year old. I also had a c-section which was a huge game-changer in my recovery. My hormones were a nightmare when I cut out grains and this has been a common complaint among those who have done gaps for longer than three months. Women need carbs! I have actually gone back to my roots so-to-speak. The way I grew up eating and the gentle exercise that has worked for me in the past. I too don’t believe that one-way of eating works for everyone. Two of my daughters eat a lot of meat and little grains, my middle daughter eats more vegetarian with little meat just like myself. This has been key in leading me to believe that each person has to figure out what works the best for them. I also don’t feel well eating high fat foods and that includes a lot of coconut and avocado. I think that’s okay. I like getting my fats from fish and olive oil. Eating mostly from scratch (we’re poorganic too) is fundamental to healthy eating. That’s just what works for me. As for exercise, hydraulic resistance in a cardio circuit and pilates. It’s been a long journey for me too but I feel like I’m finally finding my way and becoming immune to fads.

  219. I struggled with orthorexia 6 years and completely identify with this. Even though I have recovered, it is VERY easy for me to slip back into my “hole”. I cursed myself today for 5 minutes after eating a couple spoons of almond butter out of the jar, before I finally said, “No, I won’t go there again.” It is really hard for me to get away from that, but by being actively aware that I can’t become that unhealthy or miserable again, I know I can. Thanks for keeping it real Stacy! We love ya and love your food, no matter how many calories it has!

  220. Thanks for sharing, I agree with you. I think THM is a great diet for a lot of people, but it was incredibly hard on my body. I couldn’t handle the artificial sweeteners, Stevia made me so tired I thought I was going to die. My hair started falling out as well, I would nap for 2 hours a day and hardly be able to get out of bed. And yes, it was too much obsessing about what was or was not on plan. I have prayed a lot about this issue and what to do that’s best for my family and feel called back to the makers diet. I don’t feel its a religious thing at all, but that God made our bodies to function best when we give them the right kind of things to eat!

  221. Stacy, I have posted several comments that I guess you do not see fit for your blog, as they are not showing up. I think there are many others that you have offended by including those 4 links at the bottom of your latest post about THM. It is one thing to explain your opinion and your choice to quit THM, that is all well and good, but the inflammatory links, you could have done without.

    • Rachel, none of your comments have been deleted – I moderate all comments and I’m just now getting around to them.

    • Rachel, links that have a different opinion on THM are most certainly NOT inflammatory. Are we not entitled to our opinion? This kind of reasoning makes for a very imbalanced view and causes division. It is okay to disagree right? THM may be wrong. Stacy may be wrong. I may be wrong. But how we treat others IN our disagreement is what needs to be kept in check.

  222. I’m sorry to see how you have struggled so much with food. I can relate as I’ve had my own struggles and lifestyle changes. Have you ever heard the phrase. “Wherever you go, you will always be there”? It means that until you work on surrendering your will, troubles and issues to God, no matter where you go or changes you make you will always have the same struggles. You cannot run away from what’s really eating you up inside. I speak from experience. So while you may think that THM placed you in bondage, really it is you. I don’t say this with any malice but hope that you will see you can get help and experience true freedom that no matter how many diet changes you make you won’t be cured. I would highly recommend a recovery program for eating disorders. Preferably one that is God centered. Prayers for you as you work toward wholeness. As for me, my freedom has come through recovery and the principles of THM. I’m so very grateful for their book. I pray you find the shalom your heart not only desires but needs.

  223. Stacy, Thanks for being so honest about this! I was feeling left out by not having the book, but every time I would go to buy it, the Lord would tell me no. Very tangible words! I have weight to lose, but don’t want to be caught up in being a cycle of food and what not to eat! Life is hard enough. Blessings to you all!!

  224. Caroline Matteson Werner says:

    I can not imagine how hard it is to post this! :) I do love your blog so much. I hope your week is going well for you and yours.

  225. Laura N Kaczmarek says:

    Thanks for this Stacy! I stuck with it for some time and then life got crazy and I deviated. I did gain weight back, but it was so nice to not have to count hours, etc. I only lost 14 pounds which is small potatoes to what some had lost. I have been trying to do this again, but something doesn’t sit right. Also, since eating this way, my thyroid levels have gone way up where as the whole foods way of eating kept this under control. Thanks for being bold enough to share what is on your heart and “eating crow”!

    • RubyRedCachers says:

      My thyroid got all out of whack for the first time ever on THM. I know the author’s stress the healing power of this “lifestyle” but I have always had normal TSH levels. My T3 and T4 were always off and I was still symptomatic, but I have never had a hypo score since starting my meds. Following THM I became very symptomatic and my TSH went back into hypo mode. Was it the diet? Who knows, but I stopped doing THM and my levels are back to normal now. I was concerned because I did loose about 25 lbs on the diet, but it wasn’t worth falling back into the daze of hypothyroidism, and I’m sure you know what I mean. Part of me thinks the stevia had something to do with it, but I think it goes beyond that.

  226. Stacy, my heart breaks for you simply because I get the becoming obsessed with something and realizing you are and need to cut it out to recover. It was exercise for me and that obsession cost me (and will have life long effects I am afraid) a very painful year and a half of my life! I will pray that God delivers you completely from being obsessed about anything except knowing Him! :) I loved your recipe ideas for THM so I am sad you will not be contributing any more to those! I will hurry and print them all before they are gone! :) I am sad that you weren’t able to find freedom with THM and that it caused you to fall back into the obsession. I felt that way with every diet plan I have tried because lets face it, if we are constantly trying to lose weight or feel better or have more energy, then no matter what we are doing to get there it can easily become our constant thinking. (And of course the authors of THM would never desire for anyone to be obsessed with numbers or food or time or anything else other than living for God the way He has called you to be.) When I was on WW it was the same way except I was thinking constantly about how many points does this have? and how many have I already had today?. But it wasn’t until God knocked me on my behind (quite literally) and started me on a journey of spiritual healing that I was able to have freedom with food and weight and energy etc. He led me to THM when I was ready for it and therefore it was exactly what works for me. Know that my heart goes out to you in your search! Praying God gives you wisdom as you continue on your journey to finding freedom from it all! Blessings!

  227. I am a THM failure. It just wasn’t feasible for my family, like you said just too much work and thinking and planning. I know there are many people who make it work and I applaud them. Maybe some day we can try it again and be successful.

  228. Thank you for this beautiful post. I wish you well in your endeavors! I think your “food evolution” is in a wonderful place right now. I really hope you’ll think about reading Matt Stone’s book Diet Recovery 2. It talks about so many things that you have mentioned, about moving beyond food obsessions and nourishing your metabolism and giving yourself a break! I’m excited to hear more about your journey. Love the website!

  229. I do appreciate your candidness. Thanks for the information. I do enjoy your blog and five minute videos. :)

  230. I have to say that it is refreshing to hear of others who don’t find the THM diet easy. I will say that in some ways it has helped me finally get that last bit of a grip on food, but i do not like most of the recipes, low-fat or fat-free anything, and honestly I LIKE FOOD! I like ice cream and potato chips and potatoes. I do not eat these all the time, and I do not eat a lot of breads, but I hated feeling quilty about eating a bun on my hamburger, or eating full fat ice cream. I am trying to do the best I can with the pick family, budget, and my abilities, mixed with some portion control. I really like your blog Stacy and thanks so much for this post. I have promoted THM as it does work, but it isn’t for me as a lifestyle. :)

  231. Stacy,
    Thank you for being so transparent while knowing what you had to say would make some people very unhappy. It is a hard thing to hit post when you know that some will be upset with you. I appreciate your balance and honesty in sharing your experience. That’s all anyone can ask of you. I look forward to seeing where the Lord directs you and hope to find some more great recipes along the way!


  232. Here is my thoughts about all this, if you take the bible and distill it down to its simplest broadest level it says this “moderation in all things”. You go girl and I will meet you back here in the middle (((hugs)))

  233. Loved your post! I have struggled with the THM thing for months. Cooking and meal planning (and grocery shopping) were no longer fun for me. I’ve quit THM not that long ago…it just wasn’t for me or our family. I took a few pieces from it and will incorporate that into diet….our whole foods diet. I still have weight to lose…but not being stressed about having to think about food all day long will be nice. Thanks for being honest and just giving us your opinion and how it worked for you. THM may still work for certain people and if it does, good for them. Hopeful people can respect another persons opinion. I’ve love it that you are just a regular wife and mom trying to figure out what is best for her family! Continue on my friend!

  234. Hi Stacy, Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey. We love you and will miss you at the THM facebook page!!! =) You said “You must do your own research and find your own way – like I’m doing. I’ve
    read extensively on how carbs and fat SHOULD be combined – and about
    how people actually do better health-wise when they do so.” I am going to look into this more, but I was wondering if you could share a resource or two that backs this up, so I can do some research for my own family please?

    • Honestly, after 2 hours of moderating comments and emails, my mind is complete mush and I can’t even remember my phone number.

    • I know the Zone diet talks about this. A moderate amount of fat can help slow the rate at which carbs are turned into glucose. For instance, regular (high-fat) ice cream has a lower glycemic index than low-fat ice cream because the fat acts as a buffer. By the way, Dr. Barry Sears, the author of the Zone books, is a molecular biologist.

  235. Anne @ Authentic Simplicity says:

    Stacy, I love this post! I hope you don’t let any of the negative comments bother you – I don’t think your post was written in an offensive or derogatory tone at all. I have been wanting to write a “Why I Don’t Do THM” (or paleo for that matter) post for a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time but I haven’t because I’ve been afraid of offending dear friends. So maybe I will write it anyway because at least I know I won’t offend you, lol! Thanks for being authentic and truthful and humble. And, hey, if we ever get together IRL again, let’s make a pact to enjoy some not-so-whole food together. 😉

  236. Vanessa Lorentzen says:

    This is the FUNNIEST post I’ve ever ever ever read. If only the average American could be so passionate! I wish I had this problem; Doing such a good job at “keeping the law” that I burned myself OUT. ha! No folks, this reader and probably many other’s can’t relate. We blow it just often enough to make “the plan” work and manage to live with the guilt of doing so. The silver lining? You get waltz on at goal weight. Nice. I’m hoping I can rant and rave at some point just like this. Trim, healthy and wallowing in victory as well.

  237. Stacy, Would you consider editing and removing the links posted at the bottom of this post? I can understand you’re own personal account on why it did or didn’t work for you but you got a little personal when you posted other links that then attacked the plan unfairly, very biased, and not all together truthful (out of context). I think that is what upset/angered people the most who have loved both you and “the sisters”. Those women who enjoy you’re writings but also feel THM is the best plan for their journey in weight loss. Just my two cents.

    • It’s information…and I think it’s good to have the opposing views in order to decide if the program is right for you. I’m not at all offended by the links. I’m glad they were there. BTW: I’m still doing THM…and it works for me.

    • Agree with you ST. Stacey is where she is at today due to her connection with THM and now she is going to throw them under the bus? Not all plans are for everyone and everyone must do what is right for their family but don’t bash them.

  238. marillyn@just-making-noise says:

    Great post Stacy! I understand the struggle and God has brought me through that too. Food can become a god, an obsession. Funny how eating whole foods in an restrictive manner can be soooo unhealthy. I am with you girl… there is NO ONE HEALTHY WAY TO LIVE… we are all different. Thank you for being open and real about all of it.

  239. Marsha 'Nana' Baker says:

    Way to go Girl! You expressed yourself and thoughts so beautifully. Thanks for your transparency. I appreciate your openness about struggles. We all gotta do what’s right for us, and I can breathe easier, knowing you feel ‘free’ from having to count everything…it is ridiculous! Thankful to know your laughter is back too. And WOW – that pie looks mighty tasty. Am thinking I’ll have to bake a pie tomorrow. =) You do a fine job sharing awesome recipes here. I will always be a fan.

  240. I have been loosely following THM. I’m not dropping weight like crazy but I have lost some. Probably haven’t lost more because of the “loosely” part.

    I noticed some of the same things that you mentioned. If I ever reach my goal weight, I will not be following this strictly. However, I will “chew up the meat and spit out the bone” so to speak (no pun intended). There’s a lot to be learned about health in this book. I’ll use that and reject the parts that seem counter intuitive.

    However, I will forever reject Xylitol, Erythritol, and powdered stevia as being “natural” sweeteners. Anything made in a lab is not “natural”.

    I also think honey, potatoes (white), rice, corn, milk and banana’s are good for you. That will return to my diet in the future, when I’m at a healthy weight.

    I find that I have food obsession. I think this contributes to my weight problems. THM has not helped this. I’ve only traded one kind of food obsession for a different kind. However, in all fairness, I think if I knew the plan better, then I wouldn’t have to “obsess” so much. I don’t want to have to think about food all of the time! I have to constantly be trying to figure out what my next meal is and if it’s on “the plan”.

    Which brings up another issue – “the plan”. The book seemed very doable and not so obsessive about fat grams or carb grams. The facebook group is almost militant about “the plan”. For instance, I asked for help with a recipe I wanted to try to convert to a THM friendly recipe and I mentioned I would be substituting “Hood” milk drink for the milk in the recipe (almond milk is nasty – bleh!) because it’s lower in carbs than traditional milk (but it has 2 gm of sugar). I didn’t encourage anyone to do the same, simply mentioned my plan. My whole post was deleted. I’m assuming it was because the “Hood” milk drink was not “on plan”.

    Militant plans will never be for me. However, my family is eating healthier. For that, I’m grateful!

    May the Lord lead you and guide you into good health!

  241. Helen Thomas says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have a good friend that swears by THM and my hubby graciously bought the book for me. I stuck with it fairly well for about a month and lost maybe four pounds. However I was obsessing over what was allowed in my coffee if I were eating an E mealmeal which just doesnt make it enjoyable 😉 mama needs her coffee!

    Anyway I agree that not all diet plans are for everyone, and I don’t agree when they say this isn’t a fad. I also think that these types of things can work for a season. Hubby did Atkins and WW to lose 135 pounds and has kept it off for 7 years now with mindful eating. I did WW after baby #1 and did quite well. And now I am reevaluating my own food journey once again.

    Hang in there. I support you! Our God is awesome.

  242. Love this…Thank you so much for writing this. I have felt such pressure with my food for so long. I am a 100 lb loser with weight watchers. I have since had two kids. It has been so hard on me that some of my weight has crept back up during this phase in my life, but I too believe that I need to find the healthy for me. Thank you for giving me permission to let go all the other judgement that is out there in this realm. I don’t think that I will go back to WW because by the time I was done there, my body was so tired from losing all that weight, and according to their charts, I never met what they thought my healthy goal weight was. WW also preaches a lot about the low fat/non fat, sugar free. My question is, how do they take fat out of fat, it just doesn’t make sense w/o adding something else into it to make up for it. So thank you for encouraging me today.

  243. Stephanie E says:

    Stacy, I am sad you chose to publicly “leave” THM, as if you were a mistreated employee and everyone needed to know. Your blog has benefited greatly due to the publicity you have personally gained (mostly posted by yourself) on the THM facebook group. You were clearly not following THM the way it was designed, so blaming it for your own struggles is not fair. You can be mastered by anything if you allow it, which is something we are supposed to guard our hearts against. However, I don’t believe it’s appropriate to blame the substance, resource, or other people. Even more so, you have misrepresented THM in your post by stating it is “low fat” and not based on “whole foods”. This is not true at all. I’m sad you haven’t posted an apology to Pearl and Serene yet and I hope you consider doing so.

    • In total agreement with you Stephanie!!!!! Many others feel the same way.

      • Desirae Clark says:

        I, too, am disappointed. I regularly cheat on THM and am losing weight. It has been a blessing to me and others who have not had success with weight loss. I think the issue is yours with you past history and I have only good things to say about THM…can one do THM without the specialty items??! Absolutely!! After investing in the specialty items, I find I rarely use them and mostly tweak whole foods to fit the THM plan. I do not obsess over exact measurements but do it “roughly” and doing the plan that way also leads to weight loss and I find I eat a very balanced sensible diet.

        • Completely agree with you Desirae….when I go out with friends I don’t worry about there being “milk in anything” I just enjoy the time with friends. People have made THM into a plan of RULES.RULES.RULES. So sad that Stacey has made this what it isn’t due to her past issues. Obviously, Stacey wasn’t happy with her whole foods approach which is why she went on a search for a new way of eating…now she is going back there again? Good for her, but don’t blame the plan that Serene and Pearl put together when all along she was following her OWN plan.

      • Totally agree! The plan isn’t being represented correctly. Too bad that she has chosen to publicly share this.

    • I am in agreement with you too Stephanie!!!!! Very well said. Backing out gracefully would have been much more honorable. Your fine to have an opinion but you have to remember they are real people behind your posts who have done the research not only from books and other research but from THE BOOK GOD’S WORD and you are blasting that as well. It really saddens my heart. Prayers for you and your family.

    • Why should she apologize for her experience and sharing it with others? She didn’t the plan wouldn’t work for everyone. It just didn’t work for herself and her family. Other people might have the same experience and benefit from her story. She did benefit from THM, but they also benefited from her during this time. She is not under bondage to them. I don’t think they would want her to feel unable to speak her mind in an open respectful way.

      • Stephanie E says:

        (Copying from the above reply!) :) She should apologize for misrepresenting and blaming THM because she wasn’t actually following it. She damaged her own metabolism because she didn’t follow it as intended, but she blamed this on THM in her post. Also, it was dishonest to say THM is not whole food-based and is low-fat. This is not true and should be clarified as a mistake on her part. If it didn’t work for her, that’s fine and understandable. She can absolutely share her opinions, but she should have evaluated it in the context of following the actual program, not what she made it.

    • Samantha Spade Frost says:

      Why would she need to apologize? She is stating her OWN experience, on HER OWN blog. I may be wrong, but I doubt she was under contract with THM, and therefore has a right to share her opinions about the program.

      • Stephanie E says:

        She should apologize for misrepresenting and blaming THM because she wasn’t actually following it. She damaged her own metabolism because she didn’t follow it as intended, but she blamed this on THM in her post. Also, it was dishonest to say THM is not whole food-based and is low-fat. This is not true and should be clarified as a mistake on her part. If it didn’t work for her, that’s fine and understandable. She can absolutely share her opinions, but she should have evaluated it in the context of following the actual program, not what she made it.

      • Her own experiences reads like she and her family were as traumatized by THM, as a victim in some horrific crime. Seriously, if the plan didn’t work for her fine. But no need to play the victim and blame the plan because either it wasn’t right for the author or she just couldn’t do it. (both answers are perfectly reasonable, IMO. But let’s just be honest about the “whys” not embellish it.) SMH.

  244. Cynthia Combest says:

    Bless you and Barry! Go easy and stay well!

  245. I am so proud of you Stacy. Good for you. You listened to that conviction and followed it. This is personal for you and no one can (or should) speak against YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. It is YOURS and yours alone. And it is REAL. (((Hugs))) and lots of love girl!!!!!! xo

  246. Stacy, can you give a little more info on the hair loss? What do you believe that’s connected to? I’ve been doing THM for awhile now and have noticed the same thing. Also, is there a link about info that says fats and carbs should be combined?
    Thank you!

    • I think the hair loss was due to lack of carbs, although I know some women also talk about hair loss after child birth. Fats + carbs is something I’ve read in NUMEROUS places. Google it and find sources you trust who discuss it.

  247. ChristineG says:

    I’m disappointed by your post, but certainly not by you. I think you are a wonderful blogger and a terrific mama with loads of fantastic information on your site.

    I just wanted to make one point about low-fat items that I think gets missed all the time. In my mind, there are two types of low-fat items. There are the sketchy ones (like fat-free Reddi whip), basically non-foods. I, personally, include virtually none of these, but I don’t judge mamas who do include them. Everyone is coming from a different place. If a mama has been a drive-thru Sue type and this can get her to a place where she is eating 90% whole foods, that is awesome.

    The other type of low-fat food, though, I think is very different. For example, 0% Greek yogurt. When I buy my raw milk, the milk separates itself in the jar! So, if I was to pour off the cream and use it, which we whole foods people love to do, no one would think anything of that. However, skim milk, the remaining product, gets a bad rap. Now, I realize that there are questionable practices in how something was skimmed, but aside from that — can you see what I am saying? If skim milk (or the 0% Greek yogurt made from it) is a questionable product because it is unnaturally low-fat since it was separated from the fat it came with, then the cream is the same thing — unnaturally high-fat since it was separated from the carbs it came with. Seeing as the milk does this on its own in the jar, I can’t imagine that it is a problem to use them separately as long as we are including both. <3

  248. Thank you! I’ve been following your post and a few others and was almost ready to jump on the THM wagon bunt it just didn’t feel right to me either and he fact that we just. Ought a grain mill to eat healthy grains! This last week I bought all THM recipe things just to try it out. It was a nightmare and expensive. The last few days trying to figure out have I added too many fats with this carb or carb to fats was confusing . I didn’t feel like my family was getting healthy foods either. I’m so thankful you helped me through this before I like you drove my family crazy. Thank you thank you thank you! Glad I didn’t buy the book.

  249. Megan Lois Martino says:

    Thank you so much for writing this and for also linking to the other blogs. I did THM for roughly 6 weeks and hated it the entire time. All of the recipes sucked, I had irritable bowels, and consistent headaches (even after not eating any sugar for that entire time). I’m sure some of it was the sugar substitute (which I now know is AWFUL stuff) but while I was losing weight I wasn’t feeling like the other woman. I was feeling deprived and my grocery bill wasn’t working out and I hated eating what seemed like the same thing over and over. Maybe it was because I didn’t “understand” this program but for something that is supposed to be so easy we found it extremely difficult. We’ve switched back to clean/whole eating and since then I’ve lost weight and exercised and found joy! You are a brave, wonderful woman! Keep on!

  250. So proud of you for being transparent! Diets can be such funny things and I tend to be more like you, to stick to them I have to be all-obsessive. Because of health issues there are many things I CAN’T do (like eat too many sweets or any gluten) but I work hard to keep even that in moderation. (of course, the headaches I get from gluten work really well at steering me away from that!) :)

    But so many times in life, we have to just take a few steps back. The ability to do that shows real maturity.

    As for the negative comments that keep coming, let them slide right off your back. I can fully understand from your post that you are sharing why something didn’t work for YOU. And that has value and meaning in it’s own right.

  251. Love your work lady!
    So honest and frank.
    We love your recipes and your blog.
    Keep it up (and perhaps a CrockOn2).
    Blessings to your beautiful family and your beautiful self.

    • Thanks, Emma! “Keep Crockin'” (the sequel to Crock On) will be done soon…Barry is finishing up the edits and prepping it for all the different formats right now. It will be ready in time for Christmas. :) :) :) :)

      • Amber Dawn says:

        Really? Yay! I love “Crock-On” and will ow look forward to the next one. Thank you SO much for all our hard work, Stacy. :)

  252. Oh my word, I read that book and it stressed me out! My husband finally said you are getting obsessed with this, and I took the book back to the library.

  253. You weren’t doing the plan properly if you were eating a lot of fuel pulls. I don’t think about food hardly at all, and I eat whatever I want to whenever I want. THM is helping me to make better choices, and it is saving me from a life of obesity. It is what you put into it. Probably starving yourself with all of those fuel pulls cause you to lose your hair. I don’t worry about when I eat or how much or how often I ate at all on this plan. Everyone has to do what they feel comfortable with.

    • Crystal Stone says:

      Val, it send like you missed the point. She clearly stays that it wasn’t right for her but mightrbe f others. I don’t think it is your place to tell her she is doing it wrong unless you live in her house & eat with her.

      • Kristin Shawver Forsyth says:

        In the comments, she clearly says that she ate mainly fuel pull for months. These are meals/snacks that are very low carb and very low fat, and are not recommended to be eaten regularly, especially for nursing mamas. It is not nourishing enough.

  254. Sarah Newman says:

    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog but it was PERFECT timing for me! I am almost 40 and finding that everything everyone ever told me about metabolism at this age is true. I was never concerned about my weight or size until a couple of years ago. Then my jeans started getting snug. And now I have little fluffy areas that were never fluffy before. Suddenly, food was no longer a source of nutrition and delight but a source of guilt. I have not struggled with an eating disorder but I, too, am sick of feeling guilty for what I eat and worrying about whether it fits into such and such plan. I say, GOOD FOR YOU for taking your life and health back and for saying it’s ok to eat sensibly without obsessing over it. Thank you for the encouragement. God bless you and your family as you find freedom and balance in your lives again!

  255. Jessica Abel says:

    Stacy, you and your husband have to do what is right for you and your family. I will continue to read your blogs and I enjoy your humor.

  256. Thank you, Stacy. I bit the bullet and paid the exorbitant price for the huge THM book. I tried gluccomannan. ONCE. And had intestinal bleeding and the worst pain of my life (worse than natural childbirth to any of my 5 children!). Never again. I LOVE raw milk. I don’t care for almond milk. (I’d rather just EAT almonds) I don’t wanna use Xanthan gum. I want to use foods in their natural state. I DID lose 20 lbs. on THM. But I lost over four times that using the Zone, eating whole foods, and just limiting my portions to what I actually NEED to eat, not how much I WANT to eat. I agree that THM could be great for some women. But for me, I don’t like all the artificial, highly-processed things recommended on the “plan.” A fad it surely is. And an expensive one. What shrewd business women!
    Many blessings to you and your beautiful family!

  257. Jillian Dicosimo says:

    A woman’s gotta do, what a woman’s gotta do! Only YOU know what’s best for you and your family. What works for you, might not work for me and vice-versa. Lighten up, people. :)

  258. Thank you thank you thank you. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Women were not meant to walk around with skin/bones. Our bodies just were not made that way. God gave us all food and told us it was all ‘clean’. But, everything should be in moderation. Yes, we need to exercise and reduce sugar in take – but goodness, what are we making an idol out of – food – eat it, don’t eat it.. Let’s just tell what’s working for us and how it helps us – we haven’t lived in a culture based on good food – so there has to be paradigm swings to bring us back to the middle and get our families back to the table – eating good food, together as a family (as much as possible) and running outside….for fun and yes, laboring a bit….

  259. Thank you for sharing yourself with us once again. It is post like these that keep me reading and you keep me challenging myself with my posts! I wouldn’t say you were eating crow…just sharing how excited you were to begin that journey and where that journey took you. It wasn’t for you and your family and most people wouldn’t have even shared that, they simply wouldn’t have posted anything about it again. Thanks again for sharing!

  260. Excellent!! Thanks for sharing from your heart!! I appreciate your honesty!! And I also happen to agree with your logic!!

  261. “I want to eat real food. I want butter on my BREAD. I want to eat a banana without feeling guilty. I want my joy over food back. And I’m getting it – I’m getting my joy back. I’m laughing again.”


    You should google the new studies they released this year about the eat breakfast like a king, dinner as a pauper theory. Turns out, not only is it a lot healthier to eat the majority of your calories in the morning / early afternoon vs evening, but you will lose a significant amount of weight as well!

    I lost 3 pounds this week, but cheated a few days. No one is perfect. Food is a blessing so thank God for it and enjoy it :)

    <3 jeni

  262. Thank you for your honesty. I followed your blog originally because of THM, I have since deleted THM because it didn’t work for me and I felt that the only responses to those of us that stayed on plan and didn’t lose weight, were you must be hormonal or have you joined the turtle or fluffies group. Basically rerouting us to other groups of women who it wasn’t working for either. I do understand that this kept the Main THM site looking great for those looking into the diet and those who it was working for. But did NOTHING for us that struggled with the fact that IT DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYONE! I will continue to follow your blog, because I like you and I think you are funny. God Bless You and I’m praying for you as you deal with these issues.

  263. You are amazing to share that. I also struggle with another focus, but food is at the center of it. If I eat good then I am good, if I eat bad I am bad. I too want butter on my bread. Like you God has brought me through and freed me and there is nothing better than to be free in Christ. God bless you for sharing because so many women are also falling into a trap of a trend and feeling defeated. We can’t be defeated because that is where Satan wants us to be. We need to be healthy and make good choices but that looks different for everyone. Skinny isn’t something we need to be, but healthy, having energy, loving our God, husbands and kids. That is what God desires for us. I also believe a slice of chocolate cake and a peanut butter and jelly on white bread! Thank you again for sharing, you are allowed to sing praises and then change your mind as seasons change. Thank you for being real. I found your site through Raising Arrows and I will be back!

  264. I understand that you may have tended toward obsession over food plans and therefore needed to quit, but I don’t think it’s necessary for most folks to follow a lot of rules on THM.

  265. First of all, I want to say, “Thank you!” for introducing me to THM. I first heard about it here. I have PCOS and need to eat a low glycemic diet because of it. I had gotten a book from the library, but it didn’t spell things out enough for me to implement what I needed to do. THM has done that for me, but I certainly understand it isn’t for everyone. Thank you, too, for having the courage to step away from it and do what is best for your family. Blessings to you!

  266. Good for you! The number and variety of ‘diet plans’ is both good and bad- you can find one that fits, but it may mean your life is turned upside down trying one thing after another until you do find the one that works for you and your family. It is hard to admit that we’ve changed our minds about something we used to be passionate about.

    It doesn’t mean that THM won’t work for someone else – but I’ll wager that anyone who is OCD about food needs to hear how to deal with food in a healthy way – mentally as well as physically. That was the message I took from your post.

    I’ve read about THM, and I know right away it is not for me, based on my family’s needs and my own physical makeup. I also know that I’m OCD enough that to use a very specific diet would be harmful to me spiritually and mentally. I use a food plan that is very simple and doesn’t require preparing special meals using special ingredients – just whole foods in the right proportions, and depending on the Lord for self-control and the discipline to get adequate exercise daily. I think some of the ‘religious’ passion for certain diets is NOT healthy, and the uncharitable responses to your post illustrate that, IMO.

  267. Nothing that takes your focus off God is ever a good thing. Being “real” Is ok, as a nurse, stress is more of a sin and disease, and truly from the enemy more than anything else. Many diseases etc, are magnified by stress….Don’t let anything stress you out, That emotion is not from God. He is the only answer for every question, in Him rest!… :)

  268. If you are intersted in eating healthy to lose weight there is a plan out there ( don’t let the title care you) It is called Lean and Free 2000 Plus by Dana Thornock . The book is very inspiring and it is about eating *healthy* and the way we were meant to eat. I have struggled with my wieght all of my life and I had at one time been so afraid of food that I stopped eating for about 3 months and ended up GAINING weight…then I started eating in small portions several times a day….drinking water when I was hungry ( to curb the hunger)….after a few years of being “ok” with food and not thinking about my weight and knowing that I wasn’t healthy a friend turned me on to this book and it was an eye opening experience for me….I could eat and lose weight the way God intended for me to eat….a NORMAL HEALTHY way…I was using the plan for about 6 months until I had the habits down…about how to cook NORMAL food in a healthy way…I lost so much weight using this and I had manged to keep it off for 5 years until the last few monhs until the stresses started to affect my metabolism…I am going to have to restart the ideas again.
    Any way I wanted to share with you that others have this same struggle and a little bit about my story as well. Good luck in your ventures and keep praying Dawn

  269. Thanks for being so transparent with your readers!
    I hope you find something that works great for your family! God bless!

  270. Oh yes, yes yes! I so agree – thank you – I have been on a similar journey – back to whole foods, no fuss. Well done for being so brave! blessings, Karyn

  271. Thank you for having the courage to share with complete honesty. I couldn’t agree more.

  272. wingsofpeace says:

    I know this has caused a HUGE outpouring of both positive responses and negative ones. I am sorry for the negatives. I have been feeling so alone in THM. After 6 months, I lost 7 lbs. My hormones are still completely whacky. I don’t feel good, I don’t have energy, I don’t have all the great side effects that so many rave about. No matter what I do, I am not losing. My hair IS falling out like mad! I have felt so frustrated. So, thank you for making me not feel so alone. I miss eating the way I did at one time (whole foods). I know that THM can be made whole foods completely, as Serene is a purist. However, I found it difficult to do so because many recipes included foods I don’t see as whole foods. I am not inventive enough or have enough time to devote to developing recipes and a menu plan based on whole foods THM style. For the record, I have also become food obsessed, thought it was just me.
    I still appreciate Pearl and Serene’s book, research and the huge amount of time it took them to bring all of it to us. I will take things from it to enjoy and learn from, but I too feel like THM is not for our family.
    Thank you for making me feel not so alone. :-)

  273. Stacy, I want to give you a big eHug and tell you that this is exactly why we love you – your honesty, transparency and your heart for sharing your life and your wisdom with us. As someone who struggles in many of the same ways, I am constantly finding that the only way to deal with my health issues, and my constant battle to want to control my healthy problems through my diet, is to just give it to the LORD! He is SO GOOD and it is the LORD alone who heals and when He doesn’t He promises He will be our source of strength. Of course God gives us wisdom and discernment, so we need to use that to make wise choices to take care of ourselves and our families. But our purpose here isn’t to live exclusively for the “here and now,” but to invest in the “then and there!” We can’t do that if we’re so obsessed with anything other than furthering God’s Kingdom and living for HIM. I pray that all of us will focus more and more on seeking the LORD first and entrusting all of our anxieties – whether it’s over what we eat, how we feel or the many other struggles of this life – to Him. And live in the freedom of knowing our perfect bodies and home are yet to come. With blessings in Christ, Kelly

  274. Sending out a large hug! Weight issues and trying to find a balance between food, exercise and life is not easy for me and its hard to admit when something isn’t working for you. Keep up the good work!

  275. I understand you choosing to leave THM. I don’t follow it fully myself. However, in our culture I’m so tired of people bad mouthing others under the excuse “I’m just keeping it real.” Really??? There are so many ways you could have tactfully handled this. Very disappointing.

    • Emily, speaking to you in love, so please don’t feel I’m being negative to what you said. I didn’t perceive that at all with what Stacy wrote. My eldest DD struggles with disordered eating (what her therapist has called it) and has to guard herself against getting too narrow and strict. It’s an ongoing challenge.

      While I appreciate your frustration with people’sexcuses, but I felt that Stacy’s sharing her underlying reason (slipping back into unhealthy eating mindset) was being frank.

    • With no disrespect to you, Emily, I didn’t feel that Stacy was badmouthing anyone but herself, just explaining the problems the program was causing to her specifically. Hopefully it will be an encouragement to others to be honest with themselves and step back from anything that’s not truly working for them.

  276. I noticed your recipes did not include E&S’s any more :) I appreciate your honesty. I was just thinking this morning about talking to my DH about changing a few things and straying a little from THM. It helps to know I’m not the only one anyway. Yes it has worked somewhat, but it’s becoming too much for me right now. I really wanted to have cornbread with the crockpot Italian cabbage and sausage I made for supper last night and not feel guiltily about it! (It was delicious BTW) Thanks Stacy!

  277. Just wanted to encourage you Stacy- you publicly promoted THM, so it was completely necessary for the sake of honesty and transparency with your readers to publicly explain the issues you’ve had that are leading you to quit. You were very gracious and tactful. I’m sad that people aren’t free to disagree politely. Hang in there!

  278. I just read this post after seeing a link on a friend’s blog, and wanted to say that I hear you! THM sounds like it can be great for some people. However, I too have struggled with eating disorders, and the Lord has brought me so much healing in my body and mind. I understand the need for food not to be such a central area of thinking, and in some diet plans, it is central. It has to be, in order to follow the plan. Your post mirrors a process I’ve been going through lately, realizing that I need to return to eating regular, balanced, whole-food meals.

  279. Tamara Wilkins says:

    I’m right there with you. I obsess over food as well, and my husband and I have decided that high stress diets, like THM, are not healthy for me and/or our family as well. It was a decision made together. Thinking long term is good as well; if the plan is not something you can stick with long term, make adjustments. We are trying to eat whole foods (what we can afford), the best we can as well. Our attitudes are what is important to God. Food can be an idol. He wants us to worship him alone and trust him and TAKE JOY IN HIM, not the weight we’ve lost and how healthy we are eating. There is a balance, but it has been so hard for me to find in today’s whole-food-organic-all-the-way-what-you-eat-will-kill-you-and-your-family world. Sounds like you are working it out too! God bless!

  280. I have been weighing the benefits of THM, but all I could see is that I’d be buying stuff that I’d never bought before and buying stuff that was much more expensive than my usual groceries. There was NO WAY my family of 7 was going to eat that way, so I know it would be an uphill battle for me to stay on it. I followed their FB page for about a day and was so overwhelmed! But everywhere I looked everyone was singing their praises. Thanks for the honest opinion.

  281. Stacy, thank you for sharing and being so transparent with all of us. This post blessed me.

  282. Samantha Spade Frost says:

    Life is one big learning experience! You should never feel guilty for trying new things that you believe will benefit yourself and your family. Thank you for being so real!! :)

  283. I have come to this exact place myself!! I was doing a Paleo lifestyle before THM and I felt and looked better than ever! I did THM for about 9 months and I could never get over the stevia or Truvia. I always felt guilty when I consumed them like I just harmed my body somehow. I’ve been back to Paleo now for the past month and I feel wonderful again! I missed my raw honey and my carrots and bananas! :)

  284. It seems you have a lot of positive comments and I’m happy to see that. I’ve been debating THM for months now. Your blog was one I would refer to when trying to make the decision. I’ve been praying for God to give me a clear answer on this food mess and a friend shared your post on fb yesterday. What an answer to prayer! The last thing I need is more bondage and I’ve been afraid all along that is what it would give me.
    This is YOUR journey. Don’t let anyone tell you shouldn’t share your opinion and experience. I have been shocked at the responses and hope you will be encouraged by all the supportive comments.

  285. Really encouraged by this post. I read THM and I think their are some biblical ideas in it, like marital intimacy being a priority, etc. However the THM eating plan is neither biblical or unbiblical, it’s a diet plan. Serene and Pearl are godly women with a ministry, this post did not attack their ministry or their persons. There was a chapter in the THM book that could be misconstrued as attacking other diet plans like grain free etc., but I believe the authors were simply sharing their honest opinions. I do not feel you were anything but honest in this post, and I understand completely about THM not working for all people. About a month on the diet I had a lupus flare (totally unrelated) and saw a variety of specialists and a ND who told me to stop THM and that carbs should only be consumed with fats and that some of the sweeteners and the gluccie could lead to leaky gut syndrome. So like you, THM isn’t right for me because of my condition. I still appreciate the above rubies ministry and am actually mailing a friend my copy of the book, maybe it will work for her. Blessings.

  286. Stacy, I know we don’t “know” each other but I keep up with your blog and I was getting worn out with all the trim healthy stuff. All it made me think of was eating real butter on real homemade fresh bread (although I’m missing a grain grinder… day…). I’m so happy that you are honest and glad to know you’re not perfect BC I certainly am not. Anyway, thanks so much & I look forward to continuing w/reading you blog. God bless you!!

  287. Bless you, Stacy! As a blogger, I know how hard this post was and I thank you for your honesty. My little family also tried THM for a month and came to much the same conclusion as you.

    I will have to say that I think it quite unchristian of folks to criticize you in your honesty. I don’t feel you were demeaning Serene or Pearl, but simply stating why it’s not working for you! You said it for the rest of us. :) I personally could not handle the stevia and that was a huge disappointment to me since that is a major component of this diet. That is not to say this diet doesn’t work for folks – I’ve personally seen some ladies it does work for and I’m happy for them!

    I’ve felt better since not following it except for suppers and much more freedom since I don’t have to think about food 24/7. Also, I have a family member that struggled with an eating disorder in her teens, and if she’s not careful, she struggles with it even now. So do what you need to do to keep yourself mentally and spiritually where you need to be! Some of us really understand.

    God bless.

    ~ Kendra

  288. Thanks!

  289. Just wanted to say “thanks” and to let you know that you are supported! You really had me thinking about THM and it just didn’t feel right for me. All the power to you in healing and moving forward and just eating. That is a challenge for me, too, to not overthink it.

  290. Well I have to say I bought the e book, then thought maybe I needed the real book to better understand the plan so I bought it, 3 months later I still don’t get it. I must be thick headed or an air head about the plan. I am not saying I don’t think it can work but I have a blockage somewhere in my noggin that does not, can not, will not get it all together. That said I have taken some very good recipes from THM and from your blog. I am eating healthier and will continue to read your blog and read all (well most) of the posts on the THM FB wall. Everything we do to make us healthier is a plus in my book. Real food is the answer no matter how you get there. Love you Stacy keep on keeping on!!

  291. Hugs to you girl today! I know this can’t be easy and as usual when you are a leader of sorts people can attack. Words can be so cruel sometimes. I just want to let you know that you didn’t do or say anything wrong. You could have kept it to yourself and never have said anything to your readers. No, you are brave! It took a lot for you to come out and tell everyone knowing that people would twist things and give you some backlash for it. Hugs again to you and know that this to shall pass!

  292. You may want to have your thyroid levels checked. The symptoms you are experiencing cold all the time, hair loss, lack of energy etc. Just a thought.

  293. I am not a blog reader- but Stacy- I read yours, I appreciate your honesty and biblical approach to things -especially food. When one has to think too much about “what we are to eat” then it is no wonder we become obsessive. There is much truth in only eating when you are hungry- and eating as healthy as possible when you do eat- bhut don’t go crazy over it!

  294. I’m impressed with your valor at posting about a turn about of thought on this diet plan. I read your initial post about THM and it left my head spinning with the rules of the plan, lol! I have Celiac and so I HAVE to eat gluten free. I also get a little tummy trouble with other grains so I eat them sparingly because of that. Paleo peaks my interest because the food sits right in my stomach. (I’m a creationist too so I don’t believe in the whole evolution thing either) However, I know that there is no ONE right way to eat for everyone. I’m a nurse practitioner and I promote a whole food diet to all of my patients. I tell them, if it’s white, leave it alone because it’s processed. Avoid refined sugars. and please, oh please, don’t eat margarine or artificial sweeteners!! I work with pts who have autoimmune disease and I’ve seen people be able to lower doses of medications as well as get of of them completely just by changing what they eat! So I know diet is medicine too! But because I’m gluten free for health reasons I know it’s also easy to go a little nutty trying to avoid foods that are “bad” for me and I can drive everyone nuts in the process. :) Talk about a pantry purge! But in the end you have to find what works for you. I’d give anything to be able to eat my friends homemade honey whole wheat bread with butter again so if it doesn’t bother you I say go for it! I’ll also say this-eating carbs without fat is a bad idea. your body can only usher so much glucose into your cells. Once they’re full it stores the extra glucose as FAT. Eating FAT with your carbs slows down this process. On the other hand, because FAT takes longer to break down to provide fuel, it rarely get stored as fat in the body. Same with protein. Besides, unless it’s a piece of fruit, low fat food generally isn’t all that satisfying or taste very good. And I’m all about enjoying the good food God provides! Bring on the bacon! Good work Stacy. Keep it up! It’s ok to change your mind. :)

  295. Andrea Bedford says:

    Good for you Stacy! We all have to find what works best for us individually, and for our families. Ultimately THM did not work for me either, although I appreciate how well it has worked for many others! I’ve just been blogging about it here…I had to start a new blog as my previous one was called NO ADDED SUGAR, and I’m actually eating sugar these days (gasp!) 😉 I think you’ll appreciate the irony of my new blog title 😉

  296. Trisha Eldridge Gilkerson says:

    Hi Stacy, I’m just now getting around to reading this. Wow, you have generated a few comments. I just wanted to say that I think your post was wonderful – love reading such a transparent post. I pray you and your family can find a healthy way of eating that works for you and nourishes your body! :)

  297. I’m so glad to read this!! I was worried about you and how you were always hungry. I’m glad you trusted your gut and chose health!!

  298. As Stacy’s husband, I’m going to claim the last word on this post and close the discussion. After reading and helping to moderate the over 450 comments, it is quite clear Stacy’s post hit a nerve. For those of you who love THM and all it stands for, WONDERFUL – enjoy it. For those of you who don’t, WONDERFUL – enjoy whatever method you prefer. For those of you who love Stacy and support the fact she is open, honest and REAL with you, WONDERFUL – we look forward to continuing to share this experience called life with you. For those of you who believe it was your responsibility to crucify Stacy because she wrote something you disagree with – GO AWAY. It is your right to disagree with someone, but doing so in a manner that is intentionally hurtful is unacceptable. Even after seeing the hate-filled comments from several folks, Stacy and I made the decision to approve ALL comments (unedited, just like with every other post she writes) so the community of readers could have an open forum for discussion. As this discussion comes to a close, I want to thank those of you who understood and appreciated Stacy’s heart in writing such an honest assessment of HERSELF – even if you disagreed. For those who had nothing positive to add to the discussion, I encourage you to find another hobby because being a troll isn’t very becoming. …And I mean that exactly as it is written.

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