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Dollar Tree Shopping

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Someone asked me to write a post about Dollar Tree. I <3 Dollar Tree! Do you know how much stuff costs there? No really, do you? Because apparently it’s not well known. I’ve been in Dollar Tree tons of times and heard someone ask an employee, “Excuse me, how much is this here pair of rubber lips?” So, as a public service announcement “Hear ye! Hear ye! Items at The Dollar Tree cost $1.” Thank you. (Some items cost less than $1, but if that is the case there will be a sign or a sticker – think 2/$1.)
CAUTION!!!! If you have no self restraint, please do not visit The Dollar Tree. Really. Since stuff only costs $1, you might find your cart will runneth over with things that “only cost $1.” You might go in to get one thing, but if you leave and your bill is $100 then you sorta defeated the purpose of going into the store…..and plus, you have to go home and find the room to put those 100 things. No thanks.  Also, beware of the “Only $1 Syndrome.” Just because it is $1 doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Some of the items in the store will actually be cheaper at your regular grocery store.
They do not accept coupons at The Dollar Tree. Yes, it’s sad but true. However, most of the time you’ll find that the brands/items in the store wouldn’t be something you would find a coupon for anyway.There are a few things I go specifically to The Dollar Tree to buy. I know they’re there and the price is good. I usually avoid the food aisles all together. They are too tempting, and full of mostly junk. The rubber lips are pretty intriguing. Just say no.Update 10/22/12 – Dollar Tree now accepts coupons! See this post from Deal Seeking Mom.
If you’ve been to one of my workshops, you know I use Oxi-Clean. If you buy the name brand stuff, it’s pretty expensive and can add up quickly. I buy the Dollar Tree version and it works great for me! I’ve seen absolutely no difference in it versus the name brand. Just a tip, here is my “recipe” for getting stains out. Wash your load with regular detergent and add a cap of oxi-clean to the washer with the soap. Put white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. If the stain remains when the load is done, spray the wet stain with white vinegar and let the item dry in the sunshine. It’ll come out almost every time. Oh, and at The Dollar Tree things only cost $1.
You might not have heard my tip before about squeegeeing the shower since I posted it on Facebook. If you do it after each use (sides and bottom) you’ll have to clean your shower a LOT less often. It really keeps soap scum at bay. Soap scum is the devil. I bought my squeegees at Dollar Tree. I also buy buckets, brooms (if they have them) and dust pans there. The quality isn’t as good, but it works for me.
I love getting wrapping supplies at Dollar Tree. If you didn’t know, wrapping paper and bows are EXPENSIVE at other stores. God did not gift me with the ability to make cool bows and wrap stuff really nicely…….so I just cover gift with paper from the Dollar Tree and go on with life – and tell everyone that Barry did it. Or better yet, just put the gift in a bag. Dollar Tree has GREAT gift bags in about a zillion different sizes for all occasions… tissue paper. They also have really cute Mylar balloons. I’ve found tons of party and decorating supplies at Dollar Tree. You just have to visit the gift section and let your creative juices flow. And no, that is not my box of gift wrap supplies…..that’s just too neat for me. Mine are in a box, stuffed in the corner of Annie’s closet. Honesty is the best policy.

Okay, my last favorite thing to get at Dollar Tree is greeting cards. They are 2/$1 which is a really hard price to beat. Plus, they have funny ones too. I usually don’t give serious cards…..unless someone dies. Then you probably need a serious one. Anyway, I like to look through them and pick out the best ones. If I laugh out loud when I’m reading it, I know it’s a good choice. Serious cards are not my thang…..but if they’re your thang, you can find those kinds there too. Plus they have serious sympathy cards.  Did I say that? What’s your favorite thing to get at Dollar Tree? Oh, and it’s not a good idea to visit if there is a full moon – I’m just sayin’.

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  1. I almost always get stuck in line behind the person that has purchased 60 items or more. I often get 12-pack hamburger and hotdog buns there.

  2. I get part supplies and gift wrap there too, plus cards. My favorite thing are these things called cover ups. They are like shower cap but in all different sizes for bowel Co wring. The large size fits my largest mixing one that I use to raise bread. The smallest size is perfect for covering halves of fruits and veggies.

  3. Jennifer Kinsler says:

    I am doing something a little different this year for Christmas. I am wrapping all our gifts with the comics that come out of the Sunday newspaper. I have been saving these each week. Usually, the Knoxville paper has 2. I am hoping to avoid buying any gift wrap for Christmas!

  4. Batteries-Sunbeam has either a 6 or 8 pack of AA’s. They sometimes hide them and they are not usually with the other batteries!!! But if you have kids with toys-they are worth the dig!!!!

  5. Batteries also…only we get the ones for our keyless entry for our cars. They are usually around $6-8 at Walmart, but there you get 3 for …… ((You Guessed it)) $1!!!!!!!

  6. Stacy I have started with a new company it is callled Chartreuse Products (cleaners,detergents,shampoo,make-up and alot more all made with natural oils and items) check out my site at I hope you had a great fourth of July!


  7. Toothbrushes! With 5 kids, we go through a TON! The kids “misplace” them, drop them on the floor, torment siblings by telling them they dunked the brush in the toilet, or someone gets a cold. They have 5 packs of kids toothbrushes, in 5 different colors (so we can tell them apart)there, it sure beats the $2.59 each at the grocery store!

  8. I homeschool my four children and Dollar Tree has an awesome selection of teacher’s supplies.

  9. They also have lots of plastic flowers, baskets, candles, colored stones, vases, etc. When we buy plastic flowers to put at my grandparents graves.. they are expensive at WalMart and even not that cheap at Dollar General, but at Dollar Tree.. Yep, $1 a bunch! The other day I wanted a new vase and colored stones for my bamboo, which had grown way too tall for the vase it came in. At WalMart the vase size I needed was around $5 and the colored stones were nearly $4 a bag – I needed five bags. The cost would have been over $25 plus tax.. At Dollar Tree they had lots of sizes of glass vases and a good selection of colored stones and river rocks. I got my vase and five bags of stones.. for $6 plus tax. What a savings!! :) They sometimes even have those stick on phrases that you put on walls – at WalMart and other stores they can be around $15 but at DT.. Well, you know.. $1. :) My kids like the selection of beads and felt stickers in the craft aisle.. Lots cheaper than anywhere else. :) And it’s where we buy all our batteries for kids’ toys. We love Dollar Tree.. I can’t wait to go next time and try the Awesome Oxygen.

  10. Dollar Tree is also a really good place to buy pregnancy tests. They work just as well as the expensive ones.

    I also buy all our birthday party supplies there. Why pay $3 for a pack of colorful plates if you don’t need to? And the mylar balloons! $1 vs. $5 at the grocery store! Bubble soap at 1/3 the cost of Walmart! :)

  11. I LOVE the spray foam window cleaner The Dollar Tree sells. No streaks, and the foam means it doesn’t run onto the window sill when the kids are doing the cleaning. It’s also a great place to get candy for sneaking into the movie theater. :)
    One trick my sister taught me is an ‘everything bag’ as a birthday present. When kids are younger, to them more is more. So I’ll take my 3 kids there before a party & let them each pick 2 or 3 things for the birthday kid. Then we throw it all in a gift bag. The moms always know where the stuff comes from, so when things get broken before the party is over, no one feels bad. :)

  12. Christina says:

    Actually, instead of a squeegy, I spray any ol’cheap vinegar on the shower glass (malt vinegar @Asda 13p/bottle– I live in the UK). Works a treat and keeps the scum off. I also use it on the sink and mirrors.

    Keeps my bathroom very clean and very green!

  13. Puzzles! They have kids puzzles for $1. GREAT price and you can get all sorts of levels: 24pc, 48pc, 50, 100, 300, 500… Dirt cheap and good-for-your-brain activities!

  14. I think you are so fun!! I love reading your posts and it feels like you are right here with me “chatting” in my ear. Thank you so much for being such a great encourager. God is using you my friend!! How awesome is that?
    Big Hugs coming from Seattle…

  15. Giess what?? Dollar Tree now takes manufacturer coupons!!! Now THAT is a deal you cannot pass up!!! We love getting items for those amazing Pinterest crafts at DT. love love love that place!!!!

  16. Stacy, After reading that you use the generic oxi clean from the dollar tree i sent my husband out to get some.I love it i used it to shampoo my carpets and did it do a awsome job i was totally impressed!!!I also used it to clean our shower,needless to say goodbye soap scum and i barely had to do any scrubbing,having 3 kids i don’t have much time to devote to long cleaning chores.This product is a life saver,i’m going back to buy more tomorrow!All this for a dollar,I love good deals,but then again who doesn’t?And Stacy thanks so much for recommending this,I love your web page somedays its a lifesaver!!!

  17. I never would have tried “cheap” laundry detergent thinking it would not work. In a local magazine an owner of a laundry facility was interviewed and he buys totally awesome laundry detergent for use at his home. I thought if it is good enough for him it is good enough for me and it really works- just $1 a bottle- amazing!

    • We love Awesome Oxygen!

    • The Totally Awesome LA cleaner (yellow liquid with a million ratios on it) is an AWESOME cleaner! It’s one of the few things I still use that isn’t homemade because I just cannot beat it. It takes stains out of everything… every time, and the best part? Like Stacy said, “It’s only a $1.00!” The refill is even bigger & still just a buck!

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