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December 2011 Clicks

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I was a little busy this month……but I think everyone else was pretty busy too. I didn’t get as much time to read as usual, but I did find five really great clicks for you this month. Let’s proceed!

I’ve been a tad bit obsessed with thinking about all the things I could laminate since I made those awesome storybook placemats. But alas, I don’t have a laminator and I’m trying to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. Then I came across this rocking awesome article from My Little Alberta Family about how to laminate without a laminator! SCORE! And the Mommy rejoices! I see a lot of laminating in my future.

Y’all, I just love the Duggar family. I realize there are lots of people out there who don’t like them…..but this is my blog and I love them. Michelle Duggar has been a HUGE blessing to me as a mother, and I know that Christ uses her on a daily basis – and I like to show them some support when they mostly get condemnation. I’ve seen enough nasty comments about them to last many lifetimes. I really enjoyed this article from Your Thriving Family about a little prospective on what Michelle Duggar is going through at this point in her life. She deserves our love and prayers, nothing more. As Christians, that’s our job and we should put our condemnation in the trash can where it belongs.

Y’all, if you don’t click on any other link, click this one. I’m serious when I tell you it’s a complete HOOT! Connie from Smockity Frocks put together a little short video with her diaper changing tips. Even though Annie is past that stage, I just had to watch this….and laugh all the way through. I think this Connie is a kindred spirit.

Barry and I both enjoyed this article from about the 5 best toys of all time. It is SO true! Makes me embrace my anti-battery policy even more.  Love the box…..hate the “batterized” toy. I played with all of these toys when I was young. I loved mud – I made mud pies on a regular basis…..and I bet you’re not surprised in the least.

I just loved this idea for a button bracelet from Homestead Revival! I love keeping ideas in my Pintrest file for gifts to make all year long. I think people enjoy homemade gifts more than any other type – because it means you put love and effort into it. And plus, it doesn’t involve batteries….I think I might be on an anti-battery kick. While this does involve glue, it’s not hot glue – so it’s definitely a project for me!

What was YOUR favorite click this month?

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  1. I like the laminator idea! We were talking about getting one some time, but we always have an iron. 😉 And you know I like the top five toys.

  2. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for posting on my button bracelet! Glad you liked it. FYI… do this project outside in the fresh air. That glue is potent stuff – but not hot. :-) I thought it might not adhere well, but I’ve been wearing my bracelet and it seems really solid.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Thx Stacy great links. Thx for all u do. As always I love ur site and ideas!!!

  4. Thanks for linking to my video!


    I have a question I am sure one of your many friends will be able to help with.

    I had a daughter and now have a grandson that is 20 months old. He lets you know when his diaper needs changing. Sooooooooooooo that is a clear clue to me potty training is in order. How and what is the best method to potty train a male child? Any suggestions will surely be appreciated.

  6. That laminating idea is awesome!

  7. I love the last line in that paragraph!

  8. Hi! Thanks so much for linking about my laminating with an iron! I was thrilled to see that you liked the idea and that you have sent so many visitors my way. Love your blog!


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