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Crock Pot Beans and Rice

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We really love beans and rice……rice and beans. And it’s not because they’re cheap either. We just really love beans…..and rice. It’s just a nice perk that they’re cheaper than meat. We have beans at least one night per week and sometimes more than that. If you eat here, more than likely you’ll have beans or pasta. Wanna come to dinner? I attempted to set out and create my own beans and rice recipe just for the crock pot……and the result was good. There were a few changes I’ll make next time, but I’ll note those for you. I mess up a lot – so therefore I make lots of recipe notes. It’s how I roll.

You’ll need cooked beans (I used a combo of black beans and pinto beans), brown rice, cumin, diced tomatoes, butter, salt, and garlic powder. I used canned tomatoes, but you could substitute 1 ½ cups of chopped fresh tomatoes if you like. My tomato plant isn’t really producing many tomatoes. But we’ve prayed for it… maybe that will help. Maybe it would also help if I wouldn’t look directly at the tomato plant since I tend to kill them.

Rinse and drain the beans you’re using. My beans were pulled from the freezer. They were leftovers from a big batch I made in the crock pot. Rinsing them helps with gas…..or so they say. I’m a skeptic.

I used short grain brown rice, but you can use whatever you like. Pour the rice in your crock and pour melted butter over top. Stir it together so the rice is nice and coated. Butter makes rice magical. I am happy with a big plate of rice with just salt and butter. Oooooooooooooooooh  baby!

Add the beans and tomatoes. Make sure you have NOT drained the can of tomatoes. We really need that liquid. If you’re using fresh tomatoes you might need to add more water than specified.

I added 1 ½ cups of water. In hindsight I should have added more water. Next time I’ll add 2 cups. The end result was great but not as moist as I like it. Moist is just a weird word.

Now, add your cumin, garlic powder, and salt. If you really want HOT beans then you can add cayenne pepper or hot sauce during this step. I like hot food, but I’m trying to introduce it to Annie gradually. If your nose isn’t running, it’s not hot enough – that’s my general rule. You could also add a can of diced green chilies.

Stir it all together well, put the lid on, and turn it on to high. Yes, high. Normally I cook at low, but I only had 3 hours before dinner was supposed to be ready – so I wanted to make sure the rice was done. Mine cooked for 3 hours. Barry said they were really done (I was at a workshop), so it might even be done after 2 ½ hours. It depends on the type of rice you use. So, I would check it after 2 hours and then cook accordingly.

There ya have it! They are very tasty….but then again, I just love beans and rice. You can serve hot sauce on the side if you like a challenge. The leftovers are pretty good……but a tad bit dry. Rice and pasta soak up moisture when you put them in the fridge. So, I plopped salsa on top of the leftovers and they were delicious. Annie LOVES them. We love beans and rice – have I mentioned that?Crock on!

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  • Dianne@Baking4Six

    …butter pretty much makes everything magical – at least I think so :)
    btw, you inspired my dinner tonight. I made my own version of beans, beef and rice using “crock-pot” beans from my freezer. I’m cooking them on the stove because I only had 2 hours until dinner, the smell is making me even hungrier!!

    • Stacy

      Share the beany love!

  • melissa

    this sounds yummy – can’t wait to try it!

  • Kia

    Is beans and rice the main dish? if so what do you serve with it?

    • Stacy

      Yes, it’s the main dish…but it could also be a side. :-) I usually serve it with a salad.

  • Carli

    I just wanted to comment on your skepticism on rinsing the beans. I am currently a culinary student and my teacher elaborated on the gassiness of beans. She recommended rinsing the beans right after the initial cooking of them, then before you use them again rinse them once more and then bring them to a boil once more to activate the beans and then rinse them once more. If you do this you will have no gassiness. It is crazy! We were all shocked when she made refried beans for us and we all commented on how quiet the next day of class was. We thought that it was hilarious because it is such a little thing.

    • Stacy

      Wow! That’s great information! :-) Thanks for PASSING it along. HA!

  • Stacy

    Pearl says that occasionally this type of meal is okay – where you rely on the beans for the protein. You just don’t want to do it every day. :-)

  • Stacy

    Made this for lunch yesterday. It was amazing!

    • Stacy


  • Jacqueline Snell

    Making these for dinner!

    • Stacy


  • laurke

    How many people will this recipe feed? Up to 10?

    • Stacy

      No. It won’t feed 10 as a main dish. Maybe as a side.

      • laurke

        Thanks! I doubled it today :) I made it before a while back and didn’t get the rice done enough, but it was still good, lol. Cooking longer today!

        • Stacy

          Hope it turned out fabulously!

  • Carina Thursby

    Could you could this on low? If so, how many hours would you recommend?

    • Stacy

      Usually low is double the amount.