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Crock On Cookbook

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As I see it there are only a few reasons you’re on this page:

  1. You love to cook but can’t make the time to cook from scratch or using good, wholesome ingredients.
  2. You’re tired of the mundane, “same old, same old” dishes you’ve made your family for years.
  3. You hate to cook and wish you could just put decent food on the table without a lot of effort.
  4. You’re addicted to your crock pot and must have every cookbook ever released that mentions this essential kitchen tool.
  5. You did a Google search for “unicorn glitter” and somehow ended up on this page by mistake.

No matter the reason you’re here, I’m glad you came.  If you want 40 brand new, never-published recipes, straight from my crock pot to yours, you’re in the right place.  Download my new eBook – Crock On!  In it, you will find:

  • 40 all-original slow cooker recipes, from soups to desserts, and everything in between
  • high quality photos of every recipe
  • step-by-step instructions
  • reviews for every recipe by people who tested the dish


Why is it only a “semi-whole foods” cookbook?
Most of the recipes would satisfy even a hardcore foodie.  Nonetheless, in some recipes you will find an ingredient or two that may not quite meet the traditional definition of “whole foods” (i.e. soy sauce, hominy, etc.).

Do you use a bunch of strange or hard-to-find ingredients?
Not at all.  Just about all the ingredients can be found in your  local grocery store and many things you’ll already have in your pantry.

How can I get the book?
It is an e-book, so you can download by clicking any of the purchase links throughout this page.  When you check out, you’ll get an email from us with a unique download code for the file.

Can I get a printed version of the book?
Yes…sort of. We did a very limited run of a printed edition but sold those out and do not currently plan on printing any more for sale. However, if you purchase the digital edition you will receive a .pdf file from which you will be able to print as much or as little of the book and the recipes as you like.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes.  We offer affiliates through e-junkie, paying a 50% cut on all digital (PDF) versions you sell.  Check out our affiliates page to learn more.

Can I see some of the recipes that are in the book?
Sure!  You can see a complete list of the recipes here.

Give me an example.  Can I see a sample from the book?
No problem.  My readers voted and said they wanted to see my recipe for Cheesy Sausage Potatoes (click to download a .pdf straight from the book).



Want to know what some of the folks who have used Crock On! had to say about it?

I have a new favorite cookbook – Stacy Myers’s Crock On! If this book came in a hard copy, I would buy it and give it some of my cherished shelf space, which is a big deal for me. Every one of our Crock On meals has been very well-received by my ravenous crew of nine. (The only one who doesn’t like our crocking results is the dog, since there is no rejected food for him.) Because my family expects to eat every day, I’m thrilled that the wholesome recipes are simple and quick to prepare. I also appreciate that there are no “cream-of-foreign-substance” soups or other questionable ingredients; yet, I did not have to travel to a secret store in a hidden mine on the far side of Mars to find the ingredients. They’re “normal” foods you can find anywhere! In the real foods world, that’s huge! The cookbook is as beautiful to look at and fun to read as the food is delicious to eat. It’d be a great virtual coffee table book. You just can’t go wrong with Stacy’s Crock On! Now get the book and get crockin’!  –Christy – The Simple Homemaker

I have been cooking meals from Stacy Makes Cents for well over a year, and her recipes frequently show up on my weekly menu plan. When I heard she was ready to release her eBook, Crock On, I got really excited. With a busy hectic schedule, I’m depending on my crock pot to do the work for me while I chase a toddler, run a business, go on date nights, and manage to keep clean clothes in our drawers. But while I love my crock pot, I don’t like the ho-hum, same ol’ same ol’. Insert Crock On! Stacy’s outdone herself with this new eCookbook. The meals are easy, frugal, and incredibly delicious, which is no surprise seeing as she’s never led me wrong before! I am thrilled to have Crock On in my collection. It is quickly becoming my go-to resource when I need to set my maid to working (aka, my crock pot)!  –Leigh Ann – Butterfly Ministries, LLC

This is the perfect time of year to use a crock pot. I recently purchased a second crock pot (strictly for chicken broth) so I could free up the other one for meals. I was stumped for inspiration until I got my hands on Stacy’s Crock On cookbook. WOW. I am so impressed. Stacy had asked me to guinea pig her Swiss Steak recipe and my kids were begging for more. That should have been a clue the whole book would be filled with gems! I am super impressed Stacy also included some dessert recipes  – and peeved she didn’t have me test out her Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake! 😉 The bottom line: If you have a crock pot, you need this book. If not, then go buy a crock pot and the book! You won’t be sorry. –Lea Harris – Nourishing Treasures

In Crock On, not only does Stacy Myers equip homemakers with recipes that will help them spend LESS time in the kitchen, but she also arms them with meals made with real food ingredients that won’t cost you an arm and a leg! I’ve always loved Stacy’s ability to teach others how to eat healthfully on a budget on her blog, and this cookbook will have you putting your slow cooker to good use–without a can of cream-of soup ever having hit your grocery cart! –Erin – The Humbled Homemaker

Crock On is as close as you can get to the perfect cookbook: simple recipes made from wholesome healthy ingredients that practically prepare themselves. What more could you ask? It’s the answer for a busy mom who wants to get nourishing food on the table without wasting her whole day… and I think that describes most of us! –Anne – Authentic Simplicity

I have been cooking Stacy Makes Cents meals for almost three years now and our family has yet to have one that we didn’t love. The crock pot meals are by far our favorite. With two busy working parents to a toddler, we know that Crock On! will be a “go to” on a weekly (if not more!) basis. No longer is the crock pot for dinners, but Stacy Makes Cents has made it for desserts, side dishes, breakfasts, and so much more! Crock On! will give us homemade meals at our fingertips and allow us time for what really matters- our family! –Erinn – Embracing Everything Emma

I didn’t know what “busy” was until this year when 3 out of 5 weekday nights have “compromised” dinner hours that necessitate slow cooker or super-fast prep meals. My recipe repertoire was not prepared! It’s so comforting to have Stacy’s eBook to turn to to solve my dilemma – her chicken adobo (from the blog) is already a hit, and I think the Carolina Barbecue may be the way to get hubs to eat brown meat. Oh yeah – and Stacy’s super funny too. Consider yourself warned. –Katie – Kitchen Stewardship

To be honest, I’ve always had a rocky relationship with my slow cooker… I know it’s supposed to be the go-to appliance for busy moms, but I’ve only ever had a small number of slow cooker recipes that I actually enjoyed. It’s rare for me to feel so inspired after reading a collection of crock pot recipes, but Crock On did the trick! Stacy’s trademark writing style makes the book a joy to read and the photographs are mouthwatering. You can bet these recipes will be filling up my slow cooker soon! –Jill – The Prairie Homestead

I haven’t been so excited about a cook book in a long time!  I love using my crock pot, but I always forget about it.  Now with this cook book on hand, I have a whole arsenal of recipes that are both delicious and healthy.  I have never made a recipe of Stacy’s that didn’t turn out great, so I can’t wait to work my way through all the recipes in this fantastic cook book that she put together!  –Mindy – Creating Naturally

Crock On has taken far too long to get here. You see, I usually have to dash to the computer (and always end up on Stacy’s site) for recipes at noon when I realize I need to hurry and throw something into the crock pot. Now, I can print this baby out and keep it in my kitchen so it is always where I need it! Stacy’s book is amazing. I will admit I haven’t tried every recipe (yet) but I can still tell you every recipe is amazing. Why you ask? Because I have been cooking Stacy’s recipes for well over a year and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. turns to gold. Seriously. Stacy is a total Crock Star! This book is a total must-have for any and every busy mama!  –Nikki – Christian Mommy Blogger

I have a confession… I really like dessert, it’s no secret here but many people don’t know. So when Stacy asked me to review a recipe from her new book Crock On, I was delighted and ya know what, she gave me a dessert and I didn’t even ask for one. :) I have never ever cooked a dessert in the crock pot, didn’t even know you could do such a thing. The recipe used whole, real foods and is a healthier version of some store bought similar which are usually filled with a bunch of junk and I love trying to make healthier versions of everything. I don’t think you can go wrong adding Crock On to your cookbook collection… you’ll have plenty of dinners (and even delicious desserts) in no time a flash! –Rachel – Day2Day Joys

Confession: I never thought I’d own a crock pot cookbook.  You just throw everything in that you have on hand and hope it turns out well, right?  Wrong!!  Stacy’s eCookBook, Crock On, is delightful!  It’s full of main dishes, side dishes, soups, desserts and sandwiches.  Sandwiches!  The meals are healthy and frugal and will certainly help this momma out on those busy days when I can’t seem to get anything done.” — Lexie – Lexie:Naturals