Crock Pot Spiced Peach Butter

Crock Pot Spiced Peach Butter

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Peaches are a sign of summer. Peaches are delicious. Peaches are sticky. Peaches rot. I had a good amount of peaches in my fridge that were starting to go the way of the dinosaur…and I didn’t feel like canning them since there weren’t that many. And I didn’t feel like eating 3 pounds of peaches in one day either. While yes, I could do that…going to the ER to get my stomach pumped is not my idea of a good time. *Burp*

So, I think I had a stroke of genius when I decided to make this…I already had apple butter on the brain, thinking I could tweak my recipe and use stevia (which I haven’t tried yet). Then I thought to myself, “Self, I bet peach butter would rock my face off.” So, self decided to try it…and self was right. It DOES rock my face off. Self is a genius.

Crock Pot Peach Butter

To get this right, you’ll have to peel and pit your peaches. I just have to say that peeling peaches is about some of the best fun of all time. I really shouldn’t enjoy it so much…but it’s ROCKING AWESOME!

Have you ever peeled a peach? You just cut an X in the bottom of the peach, submerge it in boiling water for about 30 seconds, pull it out, burn the snot out of your finger, and use a knife to just peel that skin right off. It’s a miracle! It’s fun. I love it, have I mentioned that?

If you’ve never done it, here is a cool video about how to peel a peach. God bless You Tube.

Crock Pot Peach Butter

The process for this is much like the process for Strawberry Chia Jam and Blackberry Maple Syrup. You’ll cook and then when the fruit starts to break down, you’ll smash. Smashing is fun. I like to smash things with my potato masher. Except bugs. I don’t smash bugs with it. The holes are too big and it totally wouldn’t work. Not that I’ve tried. *Cough*

This cooks slowly on low for about 4 hours to really get the peaches soft. You could cook on high for 2 hours instead…but I’ll be honest, I don’t use high on my crock very much. I’m scared of it – kinda like I’m scared of the BROIL on my oven. It usually doesn’t end well…think smoke and fire alarms.

But yes you will use HIGH on this recipe and a few of my others. I try to break out of my comfort zone sometimes….like, once a year.

Crock Pot Peach Butter

After letting the peaches break down, we’ll have to let some of the liquid evaporate. We do that by propping the lid open and letting it cook for an additional two hours (see recipe at the bottom).

You’ll be cooking on high for this part. I know, scary. If something scares you, you conquer the fear by doing it. Does that sound as stupid to anyone else as it does to me? I hate snakes and I sure as heck ain’t gonna invite them to dinner, touch them, or even get close enough to see one in real life. The end.

Crock Pot Peach Butter

And because “butter” is supposed to be nice and smooth instead of chunky, when we’re done we’ll need to puree it. You can do this using an immersion blender (Dear Big Brother, this is my affiliate link if you’re in the market for an immersion blender) or a food processor…or a Blendtec. But after sending butter and milk all over my kitchen during the same day, I was a bit hesistant to use my Blendtec. So, out came the immersion blender! Which I really enjoy, by the way. It’s a nice little tool to have around.

Crock Pot Peach Butter

This makes a delicious spiced topping for sourdough bread…or pancakes…or a spoon. I ain’t picky. Annie kept begging for more, and I’m quite sure she would have downed the entire crock if I had left the room…you’d be surprised how fast a 4 year old can work. They’re like lightning.

Barry tried to convince me it was yucky – I think that’s so he could eat it all when I was asleep. The joke is on him though…I’m a light sleeper and I can hear the suction sound on the fridge door. BUSTED.

I put mine in a small mason jar for the fridge and then 3 other smaller 1 cup bowls for the freezer. I haven’t felt much like canning this year. The natives are wearing me out. You could can this if you are feeling froggy. If it lasts that long. Your natives might like it and then you’re outta luck.

Crock Pot Spiced Peach Butter

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    Stacey, I like you more and more every day! I am afraid of the broiler. If the recipe says “broil” I come up with a million different ways to NOT broil OR I don’t even make the recipe. I laughed out loud when I read you were afraid of Broil too – we should start a support group! And peaches…oh my! Love me some peaches! I am sooo making this! Thank you!

    • Stacy

      I don’t even know why Broil is a setting. It should just say “Burn” or “Fire.”

  • HandJ Cobb

    Oh man! I totally pinned this! I’m your newest follower as well, your blog is awesome! I can’t wait to try out this recipe, my husband has been making apple and pear butter for years, and peach butter…why didn’t I think of that before?!?


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      Thank you for stopping buy! :-) So nice to meet you.

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    Love this! Your writing style is awesome–you make me laugh every time! Everything is an adventure with you… thanks for spicing up my life! I am so going to try this… only thing is that I don’t actually have a “high” setting on my crock pot… do you think it will work on a lower setting? Keep up the awesomeness!

    • Stacy

      Yes – you will just have to cook it a bit longer. :-) Good luck and keep me posted!

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    Thanks so much!! I was desperate for a peach recipe! Perfect! Featuring for Wellness Wednesday tomorrow!

    • Stacy

      ROCK ON!

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    Ginger.. Do you mean fresh ginger? Should I shred it?