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Crock Pot Minestrone

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Y’all today we have a guest post by my awesome friend, Becca from Frugal Wannabe. I met Becca at a workshop and she’s been a blessing to me ever since. Crock on!

I admit, I’m one of those weird people who can and will eat and/or make soup any time of year, even in summer. So, yes, I am bringing you a soup recipe when it’s warmish weather! I also love using my Crockpot, because I have 4 kids to care for during the day, which means almost no free time, and standing over the stove leaves plenty of opportunity to forget and burn food. I am known for burning grilled cheese sammiches. Oh well, on to the recipe!

To make this yummy soup, you need lots of fresh, yummy ingredients. You could use frozen if you want, but why, when you can use fresh?! Look at all this goodness.

See that onion? Don’t mind that. I forgot that I was using leeks and stuck it in the picture. Oh well, it still looks good, right?

First things first, trim the stem ends of your leeks, then trim any grody parts from the green end, like if it’s brown or wilted. Then slice them in half length-wise, and slice thinly. Leeks are grown in sandy soil, so if you don’t soak them, you’ll be gnawing on grit, and that’s not cool. After you slice them, throw them into a bowl of cold water while you work on prepping everything else. Aren’t they pretty and green?

Next, you need to peel and thinly slice your carrots. I have to show you this carrot. Doesn’t it kind of look like a chicken foot? I like to make stock with chicken feet, it makes for a very nutritious stock! Stacy, maybe you shouldn’t have read that part. (Stacy – BLECH!)

Trim both ends of your zucchinis, then cut in half length-wise, then cut each half into thirds length-wise, as if you were making fries. Then, dice however you want. You can make bigger or smaller chunks, whatever you want.

Mine were on the larger side, and in hindsight, I wish I’d have made them smaller. Oh well! Now come the tomatoes. Trim the stem ends off, then slice into about ½ inch slices, then roughly chop them up. Just don’t roughly chop your fingers. That would hurt.

Now it’s time to throw everything into the pot! Add your Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper, then pour in the stock. I actually used a mixture of chicken and beef, mostly because I don’t often use beef stock.

I know it looks good enough to eat, but don’t, unless you enjoy raw veggie soup. I don’t, so I’m not eating yet!

Turn your crockpot on High, and cook for 4-5 hours. Then, add your pasta, I used veggie-colored shells. The kids love them. While the soup cooks, you can put on some John Denver music and chill out, or go check your chicken coop for fresh eggs. (I’m only a little obsessed)  Turn heat down to Low, then cook another hour. Just before serving, add in your spinach and stir around. You could add it sooner, but it’ll lose its pretty bright green color.  Serve with homemade crusty bread. Your family will thank you.

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Becca has been married to her insanely handsome husband Jeremy for 14 years, and they have 4 children ages 10, 9, 7, and 3.  She is a stay-at-home Mama and homeschools her kiddos.  She enjoys cooking, knitting, and raising chickens. She does not, however, enjoy washing dishes or cleaning anything.  You can find her at  Frugal Wannabe She doesn’t post every day, so don’t mind that.

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  1. Hi Stacy, I think I read on your site some weeks back about the CLEP test for students entering college. Would you mind directing me to the date that you posted that information? I am wanting my son to review it as he will be a freshman this fall. Thanks so much!


  2. Your minestrone looks delicious and I really like that it can be made in the crockpot!

  3. Great idea to make minestrone in the crock pot. This version looks delicious and very healthy! Thanks for sharing this with Sunday Night Soup Night, look forward to seeing you again soon.

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