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Crock Pot Meat Loaf

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****We have adapted this recipe to fit our whole foods lifestyle by using organic ketchup and homemade bread cubes.******Okay, I am about to blow your mind – did you know you could make meatloaf in the crock pot?! IT’S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 meatloaf. Yes, I know it’s scary to some people, but I like it all sorts of ways. I will tell you that I don’t order it at a cafeteria or anything like that – that IS sorta scary. Hairnets freak me out. Anyway, if you missed it you can see this post I did about making mini meatloaves. They are really fast! But, I like this one too…….because it cooks all day and is ready when you’re ready to eat! It’s like a miracle, I’m telling ya. If you have to work, you could throw this in the crock pot in the morning before you got ready and ate breakfast. Then it would be ready when you got home from work! You want to kiss me, don’t ya?

We need an egg, milk, cubed bread, salsa, salt, pepper, ground meat, ketchup, potatoes, and carrots.  This is almost like a roast in that you cook potatoes and carrots with it. Barry kept thinking I was making roast, but I surprised him with meatloaf. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!

Grab your meatloaf mixing bowl (yes, I have a bowl just for meatloaf) and mix up your egg, milk, bread cubes, salsa, salt, pepper, and meat. Use your hands. Just do it. Quit whining. They wash off quite nicely and your mixture will be better mixed together. I’m not sure why raw chicken gives me the freak out and I can play in my bowl of raw venison. Who knows?

I forgot to spray my crock! AHHHHHHH! That’s okay, it still wasn’t that hard to clean. But you might want to spray yours. Form your meat mixture into a loaf in the center of the crock pot. This was a 4 quart size, but you could use a larger one……you’ll need a larger one if you want lots of potatoes and carrots.

Meatloaf needs ketchup. Really, it does. It’s not meatloaf without ketchup. They go together like coffee and cinnamon. It’s true love……and your kids will probably eat anything with ketchup on top, so go ahead and load ‘er up!  You can spread it, but I just squirted mine on there all pretty like.

You could use small red potatoes for this, but I used what I had. So, I had to cut them into fourths to make them small enough to cook.  I didn’t peel them, because we all need a little more fiber in our diet. It’s good for ya! Surround the meatloaf with your potatoes.

Place carrots on top of the potatoes. You don’t need to season them……some magic is going to happen. I think I missed my calling as a magician.

Alrighty, put your crock on HIGH but only for one hour. I’m not sure why, but the recipe said it so I did it. I like to follow the rules…..sometimes……sorta…..well, maybe occasionally.

After one hour, switch it over to low and leave it alone for 7-8 hours. Mine went for exactly 8 hours before I turned it to “warm.” When I walked into the house after being gone all day, I thought a chef had moved in. It smelled GREAT! I smelled it all the way in the garage.

It looks like this. Hello meat! I love meat. This was the most moist meatloaf I’ve ever had. It was absolutely delicious and it would melt in your mouth. YUM! It’s not stiff enough for a sandwich though…..that led Barry to say “Bummer.” But he wasn’t complaining about eating it. This is definitely a repeat recipe!

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  1. Hi Stacy! Do you live in VA? I just looked at your workshop locations and two of them are in my neck of the woods! How fun :)

    • I live in Bristol, TN…..a hop skip and jump from Bristol, VA. :-) I grew up in Chilhowie. My cousin lives in Dublin, so that’s why I’m going there. You coming? 😉

  2. Lora Rasnake says:

    Question. The directions say to mix the onion, green pepper, yada yada – I don’t see the measurements for how much onion or green pepper in the ingredients . . .

  3. crystal odom says:

    just found your website….way cool! I live in bristol,va. we are a family of 5. my son(age 13) just suggested we do extreme couponing. I want to live frugal and get as many deals as possible but I never want to steal or take advantage of a company. So,it must be God that I found you! I can learn to be frugal,save money, and yet, do it with good character and intregrity. BTW, meatloaf receipe looks amazing.I cant wait to try it!

  4. How much do the carrots cook down? None of us like partially cooked carrots that still taste like carrots. LOL

    • Well see, in your case I would just say to double up on the potatoes and cut the carrots out….even though that would be very sad indeed.

  5. Crock Pot meatloaf is awesome! So moist. I’ll never make it in the oven again.

  6. what would happen if i only cook it on low? the reason that i’m asking is because i have a programmable slow cooker & start it before i leave work in the morning.

  7. Elizabeth Ham says:

    Thanks for the 1 lb recipe! Here is a tip from me. I noticed you mentioned spraying your crock. Instead of using a cooking spray, use a little bit of olive oil and lightly coat the crock using a brush or paper towel. The sprays have an acclerant that will leave a residue on your pot and if use on a non-stick surface, it will deteriorate the coating that makes it non-stick!

  8. Nickie Smith says:

    Have you made this with venison?

  9. Margaret R says:

    Hi Stacy,

    I put this in my meal plan (I have just started trying to plan meals eating from my pantry and freezer). I made it last week. There is just me, my hubs and my 18 month old grand daughter to eat it. There was very little left over. It was awesome. I will be making again. Thanks for sharing all your great recipes.

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