Baby #2 Is On The Way!

Baby #2 Is On The Way!

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This pregnancy took us a bit by surprise. We don’t use birth control, but we have desired to have baby #2 for a while…and it just hadn’t happened. On Christmas morning, I found out we were indeed pregnant. Good present, huh? ;-)  We’re rejoicing in God’s blessing on our family. I took four tests to make sure…I’m a cautious little booger. (FYI – I got the best result from the Dollar Tree test. Shocking, huh?) We waited to tell people because we wanted to make sure all was well – with ultrasounds and blood work.

“The Bean” (we called Annie Baby Bean) is due to arrive here sometime around September 6, 2012 – so I’m now in my second trimester. We’re in the process of trying to find a new home. My sister graduates medical school in August and then gets married on September 1st – and I’m her matron of honor. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy summer around here. ;-)

I told Barry by giving him a Christmas gift a day late. In a gift bag, I wrapped up the positive test and this awesome tshirt that I had purchased last summer from Jelly Bean Apparel. It was too perfect not to buy. :-D

When he opened it, he said “So, we’re not pregnant?” He didn’t know that TWO lines meant it was a positive test….guess I should have included the instructions.  :-D

We didn’t really do anything special to tell our parents. We just told each set on the same day. Barry’s parents were excited. I think I put my parents into shock…you know, the wedding and all – hard to fit a gigantic pregnant woman into a bridesmaid dress. ;-) But they’re tickled pink too.

I told my sister (who is away at school) by sending her a card with this picture on the front.  I made the shirt for Annie using the method that I told y’all about – with freezer paper. Jamey likes being an Aunt – she can hype Annie all up and then send her home…meaning the next day I have to do everything “like Aunt Jamey.” That’s okay – I’ll pay her back one day. ;-)

So far this pregnancy has been a lot harder than my first. I’ve been very sick – some days I didn’t even get off the couch. I struggled a lot with being sad all the time because I just felt so sick and tired. The sickness has subsided now, and I am starting to get very eager about this child.

We’ve decided that we WILL find out the sex of this baby, but we aren’t going to tell anyone….or tell names. We didn’t tell either of those with Annie – and just in case you didn’t know, it drives people BATTY.

We hope to do things different this time, because we have a little experience under our belt – last time we knew jack squat.  ;-)

There you have it – our big announcement.

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  • Acire

    Congrats, that is so exciting!

    • Stacy

      We think so! :-) Thanks!

  • Penny@Saving With Purpose


    • Stacy

      Thanks Penny! :-)

  • Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama

    Congrats! You are so funny though, because you know it’s big news and you include all the details, then you end with “so there it is” like it doesn’t matter, lol.

    • Stacy

      :-) Good point.

  • Alisha

    Congradulations, I also have baby #2 on the way, due Aug. 16,2012!!!

    • Stacy

      WOW!!! :-) That’s awesome! I was just thinking about you the other day. :-)