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Ask Barry

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My primary role at Stacy Makes Cents is to act as the quality control department for Stacy’s kitchen.  Yes, taste-testing all those recipes before she shares them with you is HARD WORK, but if I weren’t around, you might end up with a recipe that you wouldn’t like…and that’s just not acceptable.

One thing I found by attending Stacy’s workshops is that LOTS of people have questions for me.  People want to know things like, “What’s it like living with Stacy?” (answer: most of the time – it is lots of fun) or “Do you really get to eat all that food she makes?” (answer: I usually get at least some of it).  Then they learn that I’m a financial counselor and want to know how to apply all the stuff that Stacy teaches and writes about being frugal and stretching your dollar.  So…out of all these questions, “Ask Barry” was born.  There are really no questions you can’t ask, but there are plenty of questions I can’t answer!  So…fire away!  Ask your question if there’s something you want to know.

There’s nothing here because you haven’t asked me any questions! That’s okay; this is a BRAND NEW feature, so give it a little time and ask your question if there’s something you want to know.