Annie’s Birth Story

Annie’s Birth Story

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This new little one on the way has made me think – I never wrote down Annie’s birth story. Since I’ll likely post the birth story for The Bean, I thought I might go ahead and write Annie’s down too…before my mind becomes complete mush and I mangle the two together – and so that later she won’t ask me why I didn’t write hers down. ;-)

Uhhh, Honey?

Two days before my due date, I was out walking around our neighborhood at about 7am. Walking uphill toward the townhouse, I felt something weird run down my leg. My first thought was “Good grief! Now I’m peeing and I can’t even stop it.” But then I had a realization that my water had just broken. My next thought was “Thank God everyone is asleep and doesn’t see me walking around the neighborhood in wet pants.”

I went home and woke Barry up. I said “I think my water just broke.” I swear, I’ve never seen my husband move that fast. I wasn’t in a hurry though. I took a shower, got ready, put on my make-up and everything. Then we headed to my OB office because my appointment was that morning anyway.

An examination confirmed that I wasn’t ready to be in labor. They were worried about infection so I was sent to the hospital for pitocin…after being ordered to start walking for a few hours. Already this birth was NOT going the way I had planned it. Not at all. I did NOT want to be induced.  I was a little mad, especially later when I found out they didn’t even need to induce me yet.

Not as Planned

They started me on a pitocin drip as soon as I got to the hospital. I had the BEST nurses…they really made things a lot easier to bear. Let me tell you something…pitocin contractions are PAINFUL! I had hoped to hold off on an epidural for a long time…but no, I got it right away because I hurt so bad. (I’m hoping to do things MUCH differently with this new baby – post coming soon.)

So, here’s my most embarrassing moment…epidurals sorta make you all, well – loose. I kept hearing someone passing gas. Finally I said to the nurse, “Is that ME?” She laughed and said, “Well honey, it sure ain’t me.” Yeah….

My labor did not progress all day. There was talk of a c-section, but Barry and I resisted. The pitocin was messing with me, so I had to have oxygen…and that was SCARY. Finally, around 10:30pm, it seemed like the baby was finally ready. I had my feet up in the air, I was naked from the waist down, and everyone was looking at my lady parts…and you know what, I didn’t care one lick. Labor takes away your sense of modesty for sure.

Annie Arrives

I labored a while longer and pushed for about 10 minutes. Annie was born at 11:40pm. When she came out, my first thought was “WOW! That came outta me?! That is HUGE!”

Barry really enjoyed telling everyone that she was a girl and giving her name – AnnaLeigh Joy. We had kept it a secret (the name), but we were all surprised that she was a girl…even my doctor was convinced she was a boy. Even today, she keeps us guessing.

All in all, things went well…even if it didn’t go how I thought it would. But, most of life is that way. :-D  We Mamas just have to go with the baby flow.

Even though it didn’t go as planned, Annie still arrived. She and I were happy and healthy, and I feel blessed. I’m so grateful that things turned out the way they did.

How did YOUR first birth turn out?

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  • Kendall

    My first and only birth (so far) was not exactly what I had planned but it all worked out in the end. I was placed on bed rest at 30 weeks for preterm labor but my daughter was breech. At 34 weeks I started having what I thought was back labor with contractions every 5-8 minutes and really intense pain. I called the dr and they had me come in. It turns out I had a double kidney infection that was causing the contractions. I was already high risk because of type 1 diabetes so they hospitalized me and put me on magnesium. I spent the next 2 weeks in the hospital (including Christmas) and finally asked for an amnio to check her lungs at 36w 4d. It came back all clear and they scheduled the c section for the next day because she was still breech and I was already high risk and the placenta was in a bad place for trying to turn her. I actually had a very fast recovery and overall the birth and recovery was a pretty good experience.

    • Stacy

      That’s wonderful! And that’s the important part – that you and the baby are just fine. :-)