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An Introvert and a Baby Go to a Conference

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My baby’s first hotel trip

I know the title sounds like the beginning of a joke…but I don’t have a witty line to follow it with…except, if an introvert takes a baby to a conference, she might be losing her mind.

A week and a half ago, I packed Andy and myself up and we hit the road to Pennsylvania to attend the Allume Women’s Blogging Conference. I got to ride with Creating Naturally and The Humbled Homemaker and it’s a good thing too, or otherwise I wouldn’t have left the house.

See, I didn’t want to go. I like being at home…I don’t go ANYWHERE without Barry. Okay, so I go to the grocery and the bathroom, but I don’t go on trips without Barry. Why? Well, because I’m an introvert and he’s not – so I can hide behind him and feel safe. Also, he’s just good at traveling and I’m not – I’m secure with him. I felt like I was traveling naked to this place…and I am not a nudist.

Creating Naturally, Me, and The Humbled Homemaker (left to right)

I got bullied into the trip by Barry and my blogging friends. Barry thought I needed to get out of my comfort zone…and my blogging friends just wanted us all to be together. See, I’m a member of an online group of wonderful blogging women. We’ve been “together” for over a year now and this was a chance for us to all meet in real life. It wasn’t something I wanted to miss…so after I was cajoled and bossed around, I bought a ticket. I’m a pushover.

My ticket and trip were sponsored by More Than Alive.

Mindy (Creating Naturally) and Erin (The Humbled Homemaker) came to my house the night before we left and spent the night – we wanted to leave early because we had TWO newborns in the car with us and a long drive. We made the long trek to Pennsylvania and we had a great time.

My blogging sisters :-)

When we got there, I got to meet all my girls in real life…and it was AMAZING! Even though we had only been friends online, we knew each other. It was as though we had all just seen each other yesterday – we knew each other online – and now we got to see each other IN REAL LIFE. It rocked my face off.  I knew they loved me already, so I didn’t have to worry about making a complete idiot of myself – because if I did, they would just expect it. 😉

The Humbled Homemaker and Authentic Simplicity (left to right)

Anne from Authentic Simplicity is a kindred spirit. She’s just as wonderful and rockin’ in life as she is on her website. She’s a genius…and she laughs at me – which gives her extra points. I knew her the second I saw her…an instant real life friend.

Erin from The Humbled Homemaker is a true blue friend. She’s always there when I need her–whether I’m spouting off about something that made me mad or if I’m needing a pick me up because someone has been mean. She’s the social butterfly of our group…and we need her. She stretches us beyond ourselves.

Christian Mommy Blogger and Intentional by Grace (left to right)

Leigh Ann and Nikki are our group “bouncers.” If we’re doing something wrong or just need a reality check, we can count on these two girls to get us back in line. Leigh Ann blogs at Intentional by Grace and you’ll be truly blessed by her blog. She and God are tight, yo. I love Leigh Ann like a sister…she and I have very similar personalities. I just think she’s great! And she loves to hug. She’s a hugging ninja.

Nikki blogs at Christian Mommy Blogger. There is just something about her that makes me smile. She’s absolutely beautiful from the inside out. She’s a blogging genius! When I saw her for the first time, I squealed. I’m blessed to know her.

The Young Wife’s Guide and Day2Day Joys (left to right)

Jami blogs at The Young Wife’s Guide and she’s the only one who threw me for a loop. I expected her to be shorter and very timid. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was very tall and not timid at all! She always has something funny to say and we were never bored when she was around. I loved her! Even if she did put her foot in my chocolate rice krispie treat.

Rachel blogs at Day2Day Joys and she missed her calling as a model. She’s one of the prettiest ladies I’ve ever seen – her joy shines from the inside out. She always, ALWAYS has something nice to say…I want to be more like her.

Creating Naturally

This is Mindy from Creating Naturally. She let me ride with her…and she didn’t even mind when I had to keep stopping to feed. :-) Mindy is so gentle – Andy loved her. When I needed a baby holding break, Mindy was right there for me. She’s dependable. And in this world, that’s hard to find. She’s a gem.

Our Allume table

I learned a lot at Allume. I learned that crowds are definitely not for me. I learned how to make my blog grow, how to do my best, how to allocate tasks, and how to make sure my family doesn’t fall out of my priority list. But what I think was the most important thing I took away was this:

Online friends are awesome – but when you can meet in real life, talk to each other, laugh together, eat chocolate, and stay up until 1am, there is no better thing. It’s priceless…and worth more than money can buy.

Meet your online friends (unless they’re stalkers, then stay away). You’ll be glad you did. :-)

When have you met an online friend??

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  1. BEST.POST.EVER. This made me laugh out loud…and almost cry. Still can’t believe we all did this. Was it a dream? <3

  2. Online friends ARE awesome! It’s pretty rare that I meet someone I’ve gotten to know online and found that I really didn’t know her after all. I’m sure the internet is full of crazy people misrepresenting themselves, but everybody I’ve met is true blue. Thank goodness. Imagine showing up at a conference and meeting your “friends” only to find that they were fat, bald, 55 year old men who smoke cigars and tell dirty jokes. Someday, I’m gonna meet you, too! :-)

  3. What a great post, Stacy! :)So glad you were so blessed (and I’m sure everyone else was, with you!) You kinda, sorta made me jealous – I want like-minded girlfriends to hang out with in person!! 😀 I also have a bunch of other blogs to go check out now. ;)(love the pics)

    Oh, your question. heh Yep, I’ve met online friends before. It’s so great, and yet kinda odd: you feel like you know each other, but you don’t. I always feel like just staring for a while to match up the voice, physical appearance and body language with the picture I had in my head from just being online. :) Skype helps bridge the gap tho’.

  4. I am soooo jealous! I have been blogging three years and have *still* not been to a blogging conference. :( I really, really hope to go to something next year!

  5. Lucy Berry says:

    Yea for YOU! I am introverted and “hide” behind my child as well. Trying to break out of the rut.
    Glad you had a good time, rock on!!!

  6. Way back in 2000 I met my best friend online…then I married him one year later. I felt like we were able to get to know each other better over the internet because,i think, you can really open when you are not looking someone in the eye or you can’t see their reactions on their face. It worked for us anyway! It’s going on 13 years now and we love each other more now then ever.

  7. That was a great post~ you are blessed to have such a group of ladies. So wonderful meeting all of you and so many amazing women and bloggers. I am glad you made the trip to Allume with your cutie!

  8. Oh Stacy, what a great post! We ha such a wonderful time. Thank you for your kind words about me!

  9. I’m part of a small crafting group online, and we’re hoping to meet up for a get away sometime next year. These ladies are closer to me than anyone but my own family- they have been there to teach me, encourage me, pray for me, and even just joke around and share their lives with me. I cannot wait for us to finish planning and go meet these women- I’ve met one so far because she lives not too far away and was going to be passing through, but unfortunately we weren’t able to spend much time together before she had to be on her way. These ladies are the first people I run to when I need prayer, or have a question. They are more than my friends- they are my sisters, forever, and I can’t wait to meet more of them!

  10. Stacy,
    Please tell me what <3 means. I am not computer literate and do not know all the symbols and meanings. I have seen it in your blog quite a few times and think it means love.
    Thanks for teaching a "Nana" new tricks.

  11. Ya’ll come to Boone and play with us, then! Either way, I’m happy.

  12. Stacy, I love this post! I’m so glad you think I’m a genius! Would you do me a favor and tell my children and my husband? 😉

  13. Aaaw Stacy! It was so lovely meeting you in person. You were exactly like I thought you would be! So funny and so fun to be around. Lol I don’t know why everyone though I would be short!! Haha!

  14. Great post Stacy! I can just imagine all the laughter…<3…you make me laugh reading the blog! And when you respond and laugh…I do too!!!

  15. Ok…you are so sweet! I was totally overwhelmed at the conference too. There was a LOT going on! But gathered together on our couches in the lobby was such a comfort zone! The ladies have truly become my comfort zone in the crazy blogging world! You are amazing online but even MORE amazing in real life. I was truly blessed from the moment I saw you :) Thanks for your kind words Stacy :)

  16. Hi there,

    I have yet to meet an online friend in person. However, I’ve talked to a few of them on the phone. :) Looks like an awesome bunch of ladies and a great time was had.

  17. Stacy, that was a great post! How awesome that you got to meet your online friends! It was fun to see pictures of these women as well, after reading their posts all the time. All of you ladies are amazing! I don’t spend too much time online but when I do, it’s spent reading all of your wonderful blogs. Keep up the good work ladies!!!!!

  18. Proud of you :)

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