A Look Inside Our New Home

A Look Inside Our New Home

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Some of you might have missed my Facebook post on Wednesday – but Barry and I closed on a house! Below, we’ve given you a video tour but I’ll give you some details up here in case video isn’t your thang. We wanted to show you inside…and then again when we finish (which will likely be over a year), we’ll do an “after” video.

We were able to finally purchase a house – a foreclosure from Wells Fargo bank. The house was a reverse mortgage and ownership had been granted back to the bank after the man passed away. The house has been vacant for two years as the bank went through all the legal processes.

When we first saw this house, we loved it. The neighborhood is great – very well established, quiet, close to the interstate, but still in the country…and everyone knows EVERYONE on the street. The bank was asking $115,000 which was out of our budget. Still, we went to see it.

We thought it would be silly NOT to put in an offer on it, so we did. But to be honest, we didn’t think Wells Fargo would accept our offer of $93,500. A previous offer of $114,000 had been turned down. Still, we made the offer.

At church one Sunday night, my dad asked the pastor to pray that the bank would show us favor on our offer…and the pastor did. He specifically asked that God would show us favor in three days. On the third day, we got the call from a Realtor – Wells Fargo accepted our offer. There is NO DOUBT that we’re in the house that God wants us to be in.

We purchased the house with 100% cash. We’re debt free homeowners!  I have plans to write more on that later.

The house needs a good bit of work – plumbing, electrical work, elbow grease, etc. So, we’re working a little bit at a time. Since we’ll be paying cash for repairs, we’ll be making them as we go along…but now it’s our goal to be in the house by June 18th. As we live there, I imagine there will always be a work in progress…but that’s how we roll.  ;-)

Welcome to our home! Come on in!


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  • http://www.nourishingtreasures.com Lea H @ Nourishing Treasures

    How exciting!! I love the kitchen!!

    • Stacy

      Me too! It’s so spacious! :-)

  • http://www.nourishingtreasures.com Lea H @ Nourishing Treasures

    Wow, LOVE THE MASON JARS! Lucky you! Totally worth the icky toilets :D

    • Stacy

      You are 100% right!! :-)

  • http://www.awalkonthesimpleside.com/ Rachel

    What a wonderful house with so much potential. The kitchen is my favorite part!

    • Stacy

      Mine too!!!!!!!!! :-) I can’t wait to get inside and LIVE!

  • Katjo Daniels

    Congratulations Stacy and family!

    I teared up just watching the video as with so many features just fit your family and new lifestyle!

    Our heavenly Father is SO AWESOME!

    May all that you need to fulfill the potential of that home rain down on you!

    • Stacy

      Thank you!!! What a wonderful blessing! :-)

  • Emily

    hmmm – separate bedrooms for the kids?
    House looks great, love the jar storage. And the pencil sharpener. Congrats!

    • Stacy

      Separate rooms because we didn’t know we’d have a house with three bedrooms. ;-) Quit your guessing. LOL

  • Christy

    Wow. What a neat house!! Congratulations. :) And I loved the video.. especially Barry’s hand gestures and him playing with the pencil sharpener! :)

    • Stacy

      LOL He’s such a doofus. :-) But, I love my doofus. Thanks Christy!

  • Shelly

    Very nice house, you’re lucky it doesn’t appear that it needs a lot of work before you can move into it.
    Your master bedroom looks a lot like mine, two closets and only a half bath. We took out one closet and extended the bathroom to add a shower to it, we only lost a few feet of space in our bedroom. With one teenager and two preteens we really needed another shower more than we needed two closets in our bedroom.
    Congrats on buying such a great house and not going into debt to do it.

    • Stacy

      The longer we’re there working, the more we find to do. LOL :-) It was SO dirty from lack of use…but we’re really going to enjoy it I think. :-) Thanks Shelly!

  • Beccy Glass

    Congrats on your new paid for home! So many folks wait 30 years for that paid off house! My favorite part of the video was feeling like we have now met and are already friends. You are welcome in my home anytime!

    God is good all the time!


    • Stacy

      And all the time, God is good! Amen! :-)

  • http://www.StrikingStone.com Lizard

    JUST FANTASTIC to hear about this new house!!!! So excited for your family – I will be watching for those updates. Barry with the pencil sharpener – he cracks me up *squeak squeak squeeeeeeeak*. Wallpaper can be a hassle to take down but hopefully it was a good quality paper that was put up properly – that always makes it easier to remove (I will keep positive thoughts on that part for you).
    Ohhhh a new kitchen to break in! Just lovely news…

    • Stacy

      It appears that the wallpaper was professionally put in…and there is only one layer. :-) Whew!

  • http://snailpacetransformations.com/ Victoria@snailpacetransforamtions

    Congratulations!!!! We too bought a foreclosure with cash but as a rental. Ours also did not look as nice as yours (first thing we did was side it, since it had peeling paint) Yours looks like a good and solid home.

    • Stacy

      It is good and solid…I kept reminding myself of that today as I was ripping down wallpaper. :-)

  • http://www.raisingmightyarrows.com Heather @ Raising Mighty Arrows

    Congratulations to you!!!! I’m still waiting for the video to load but hopefully it will before the night’s over. I love looking at houses. :) Thank you for linking up with us.

    • Stacy

      :-) I do too – I think it’s so interesting to see where other people live!

  • lisa.s

    Yay im very excited for u all,we have been looking to buy a home as well but we are haven trouble finding a home in the area and price range we need….congrates.i kno u will have wonderful memeries in ur new home.

    • Stacy

      I’ll tell you what everyone told me when I thought we’d never find one…be patient. The right one will come along in the right price range. And it DID. Pray as hard as you can and God will send the right one. :-)
      And if you’re like me, you hate hearing that as much as I did. lol I’m always in a hurry.

      • lisa s.

        Yes ,i was kinda in a hurry wanting right now lol but ive been thinking of how to cut back on how much we spend in hopes to put more and more money back and hopen we have enough saved up in 5 years that we can pay cash like u guys did.But i believe my brain is goen to fall out trying to go through and get the budget right lol so if u find a brain laying around its mine ha ha

        • Stacy

          Or mine…because I feel like mine is on vacation. LOL

  • Tracy

    Wow! I’m impressed, not only with the fact you paid 100% down but also that you were even able to find a house that cheap! You can’t get a condo for that price around here!

    • Stacy

      It really helped that it was a foreclosure. :-)

  • http://Www.lindamccaguephotography.com Linda

    Wow, good job on the house and being debt free. Im envious of the area you live in for such a beautiful large piece of land for such a great price. We just bought our 2nd home home near Vancouver,BC and it was $640,000 and needs huge renovations. Our lot is only 6600 sq ft. I want to be your neighbor! We are debt free other than our mortgage.

    • Stacy

      Come on down! :-) We love our area!!!!

  • Mrs. Jamie Garcia

    Gorgeous! We’re headed your way financially and physically (God willing)!

    Just think if you could open that living room up to the kitchen, wow-wee!

    have fun!

    • Stacy

      Ha! I asked. :-) It’s a load bearing wall. Bummer.

      • Mrs. Jamie Garcia

        Check into load bearing beams that will span the entire distance. My husband once did a job opening an outside wall into a breezeway to increase living space and used an engineered or steel beam to span a large distance in an outside load bearing wall. At the very least you can open a hole into it and put a counter with stools right ;)
        Congrats on being a debt free home owner!

        • Stacy

          :-) I’ll just leave this wall as is – I’ve given him too many other projects. LOL Poor man. I’ll have my HUGE kitchen/Family Room when we build. :-)