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A Look Inside Our New Home

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Some of you might have missed my Facebook post on Wednesday – but Barry and I closed on a house! Below, we’ve given you a video tour but I’ll give you some details up here in case video isn’t your thang. We wanted to show you inside…and then again when we finish (which will likely be over a year), we’ll do an “after” video.

We were able to finally purchase a house – a foreclosure from Wells Fargo bank. The house was a reverse mortgage and ownership had been granted back to the bank after the man passed away. The house has been vacant for two years as the bank went through all the legal processes.

When we first saw this house, we loved it. The neighborhood is great – very well established, quiet, close to the interstate, but still in the country…and everyone knows EVERYONE on the street. The bank was asking $115,000 which was out of our budget. Still, we went to see it.

We thought it would be silly NOT to put in an offer on it, so we did. But to be honest, we didn’t think Wells Fargo would accept our offer of $93,500. A previous offer of $114,000 had been turned down. Still, we made the offer.

At church one Sunday night, my dad asked the pastor to pray that the bank would show us favor on our offer…and the pastor did. He specifically asked that God would show us favor in three days. On the third day, we got the call from a Realtor – Wells Fargo accepted our offer. There is NO DOUBT that we’re in the house that God wants us to be in.

We purchased the house with 100% cash. We’re debt free homeowners!  I have plans to write more on that later.

The house needs a good bit of work – plumbing, electrical work, elbow grease, etc. So, we’re working a little bit at a time. Since we’ll be paying cash for repairs, we’ll be making them as we go along…but now it’s our goal to be in the house by June 18th. As we live there, I imagine there will always be a work in progress…but that’s how we roll.  😉

Welcome to our home! Come on in!


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About Stacy

Stacy is the author of Crock On: A Semi-Whole Foods Slow Cooker Cookbook and Keep Crockin': A Poorganic Slow Cooker Cookbook, and a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom to her three children, Annie (June 2009), Andy (August 2012) and Eli (September 2014). After an “awakening” in March 2011, her family switched to a more natural, whole foods diet. She likes to blog about how to live on less than you make and how to eat good food while doing it. Her passion is teaching others how to save money and she tag teams with her husband in this endeavor. At Stacy Makes Cents you’ll find information on how to save money in the kitchen, how to have fun with your kids, and how to be thrifty in all areas of life. Her passion is teaching others how to live debt free. Make sure to follow her on Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and more to keep up with her daily antics.


  1. Becca C says:

    Love it! Keep those wall bar things in that first bathroom until you give birth. It’ll be easier for you to get up!

    • The one beside the toilet has to come down….because it knocks everyone in the knee while you’re sitting there. LOL :-)

  2. Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama says:

    Congratulations! Cute video (and house)! Somehow your accent is thicker than I thought…lol. Suits you. :)

  3. Congratulations! That is awesome!

  4. Hi Stacy!
    Congratulations on your home, it is so pretty!

    Where can you find listings of foreclosed homes? I have looked online but quickly realized that there are many websites out there that charge a fee to view the homes. Any advice? (Sorry if I’ve missed this info before on your website!)

    • Bonnie, we actually found this one listed on The reason it was still available was because the previous buyer backed out when they found out the heat pump didn’t work.
      You have to really be on top of looking for foreclosed homes, because they sell so quickly. We were going to buy a house on the courthouse steps, but never found that one that suited our family. You see those listings in the classifieds under “Legal Notices.”
      We did use this site for the free trial period and when it was over, we cancelled before we had to pay:
      But, it wasn’t really a good help for our area.
      Also, you might consider buying a house on auction – in person or online. We have a friend who buys homes at online auctions (

      • Stacy, Thank you for the information and for replying so quickly. We’d like to move in the next 6 months and this is helpful information. You and Barry are truly an inspiration! Enjoy your home!

  5. Congratulations!! So exciting!! I love your new house, and I know it will be a happy home!

  6. Congratulations! I love your house. It’s really spacious with an lot of “hidden space”. Doesn’t look that big from the outside. Good luck deciding to tear down or paint over all that wallpaper. Can’t wait to see your home emerge. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love, love , love it! Congratulations!

  8. CONGRATS, Stacy, Barry, Annie, & Baby!! The house looks great!! I’m so glad you did a video tour because pictures just do not do justice. If we were closer I would lend you our Wagner steam cleaner/wallpaper taker downer – In the meantime, I believe my mom scores the wallpaper with a box cutter, sprays vinegar, waits a few minutes, and then peels it right off. I can’t wait to see the after pictures!! BTW…love, love, LOVE the backyard!!

    • That’s what we plan to do…but I had NO IDEA about that machine. Maybe I should post on Facebook and see if someone has one we can borrow. LOL

  9. I have only just discovered your blog and this is the first post of yours that I have read! How exciting! I am still a student but I have been thinking lately about what I want from my future and hearing how you approached buying your new house and what you plan to do with it sounds just so practical and yet so exciting! I hope that I will be as lucky in a few years! Congrats!

    • Thank you, Brenna!!! You’re VERY smart to be thinking about this stuff in advance – I wish we had done more of that. :-)

  10. Julie ORear says:

    Congrats on the house looks great. What a great yard.

  11. That is an awesome house! Yes, it needs work but that is part of the fun. You get to turn it into YOUR house. I hope, one day, to be able to say I own my home debt free! Can’t wait to see the posts with the updates. Congratulations to all of you!

    • I can’t wait to see them either! Because that means we’re done. LOL I feel the pressure with this baby coming….

  12. Congrats Stacy!!! Is this home in Virginia or Tennessee? Oh, recruit family and friends to come with the fixing of the house…you need to take it easy until that baby gets here 😉 I don’t know if you’ve dealt with removing wall paper, but it can be a big ol’ pain in the butt if it wasn’t put up right to begin with…in our first house, someone has wall papered, then painted, then wall papered again…it was a huge mess!!!!! Good luck!

    • There is just one layer of wallpaper and it was done professionally….so we’re blessed about that. :-) So far, I’ve done most of the work – with the help of Mama watching Annie and cleaning blinds. Most of our family and friends just don’t have the time to help.
      It’s in Virginia…off exit 39. :-)

  13. Great house! Yeahh! Laundry.. shoot… jealousy!
    We have a laundry in basement, laundry tossing down steps becomes a new sport!
    We also can bang our head on baesment door frame, you learn to duck!
    So awesome to get all those jars.. and Space space space…Congrats!

  14. I am so happy for you and your family! You have an AWESOME house. You might want to rent a steamer to help remove the wall paper. You can mess up the sheet rock real easy trying to remove wallpaper. cough cough…

    • I’ve never done it….I think I should do a post on all the different options for taking it down. It would be a great resource! :-) Until today, I didn’t know about a steamer. We’re looking into it!!

  15. Congratulations! How wonderful! I’m very happy for you and your family…. Moving into a new home is work, BUT so exciting at the same time, and the fact that it seems to be very clear that God has given his blessing…that’s just awesome!

  16. Shannon says:

    Congratulations on your house! I have to watch the video in little segments because I have bad motion sickness, but up to the bathroom looks great! :)
    I love the laundry shoot and wish I had one. I remember having one when I was little and loved it.

  17. Rats! I can’t get the video to play! Will try back later! I’m on the edge of my seat!

  18. Terri Suggs says:

    What an exciting time for you and yours! You are just too adorable in your video and if I lived in your neck of the woods I’d be over in a heart beat to help you out! You continue to be an inspiration to me and I wish you all the best in your new home!

  19. Penny. Thompson says:

    How exciting for you. Congrats on Gods blessing on answered prayer. He is a mighty God!

  20. Tina Whitman says:

    You got a GREAT deal! Congrats! I love the corner cabinets! You need some wallpaper? (Just kidding.) I’m happy for you guys!
    You are SO funny. And BTW, you look great!

  21. delloraine says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the changes you intend to make. What a great space. That canning room is a find;all those jars will come in handy. Maybe you will get a paper tiger for a housewarming gift. I have removed several borders and rooms of wallpaper(that I put up myself) and the tiger and a spray bottle and spatula worked quite well. What a blessing to pay cash; I’m very excited for you. Cute video.

    • Thanks Delores! :-) We had plans to borrow a paper tiger, but I’ve gotten tons of feedback here already on removing wallpaper. I think I might try ALL the methods!

  22. Tabitha says:

    Congrats!!!! It must be so exciting to own your first home debt free!!! I can’t even imagine that!!! It is a very lovely home!!!! I love your video!!! You make me laugh!!! Very happy for you!!!

  23. Lisa McMullin says:

    Very nice home! Much luck and happiness to you all!!!!!

  24. Nice! It has a lot of character! I bet you guys are sooooo excited!

  25. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful home you have!!! So, my two favorite things: the laundry chute (woohoo!!!) and the canning jars. 😉
    P.S. Can I have dibs on the old-school pencil sharpener?

  26. carol mattaliano says:

    Congratulations!!!! I love it!! I love the kitchen and the basement :)

  27. Eileen Price says:

    Omg I’m so jealous of your canning space! I know its like one of the worst parts of your house but seriously the site of all those jars just about made me scream! Your house if very beautiful. We are currently looking at houses too but unfortunately it will not be paid for in cash. Our credit isn’t the greatest either but the Lord is working on it so we are hoping it is his will our score will be good enough to get this house. I wish you guys the best of luck in your house. You really got a great find there!

    • Thanks Eileen! It’s not the worst part of the house….just the dirtiest. LOL I hope to tackle that room tomorrow. :-)

  28. I want your basement with the room that has all the canning jars. Where I live in northern Louisiana we don’t have basements. Nobody does I guess because of the water level. I see a garden in your future with your spacious yard and you may even have a space to put a chicken coop if you so desire. Congrats! I am sure you are going to have fun fixing it up in the upcoming months. Just be sure to let your husband do all the painting since you don’t need to be breathing fumes expecting a little one.

    • We’re going to get low VOC paint and I might do some painting outside in a well ventilated area. :-) But, I hope to have help….funny though, most people don’t volunteer to paint. 😉

  29. Hooray! God was definitely in that. :-)

  30. Congratulations! What a great little house! Lots of potential which is fun b/c you can really make it yours. Definitely look into a steamer for the wallpaper. We had an old house with awful wallpaper everywhere. My dad had a steamer and stripped it all down without messing up the sheetrock. Good luck fixing everything up!

  31. Veronica says:

    Love it! & love your accent 😉 What a beautiful backyard! Do y’all get snow where you are? It’d be a perfect hill for sledding :)
    And all those jars for canning! 😀

    “Woooo, Jesus!”

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    • LOL Thanks Veronica! Yes, we do get snow here…and I’ve already told Barry it’s the perfect yard for sledding! Wanna come over? :-)

  32. Stacy, You sound like me, a Southern girl! Love it! How awesome! A debt free home! It is perfect for ya’ll! You’ll be surprised how quickly you use up those canning jars, too! When I was removing wallpaper at our old house, I just sprayed a bottle mixed with water and vinegar on it, let it sit for a few minutes, then proceeded to remove it. If it becomes too difficult, use pure vinegar. It really wasn’t that bad! I guess the humidity of the South helped too! Will you be able to have a garden there? I believe Barry could build you a tier system that would work. Can’t wait to read more updates! Blessings from Bama!

    • Well, I’m so close to my parent’s house that we should be able to do all our gardening here on the farm. :-) Thanks Bama! Southern girls rock!

  33. Wow! Your home is fantastic! I can’t wait to see how you fix it up and decorate!!! Congrats!!!

  34. WOW!! What a deal,,way to go Barry and Stacy. The neighborhood looked lovely and I know the neighbors will love having you there….can’t wait to see more of it. Congratulations!!
    Sorry will have to pass on the wall paper removal party….lol

  35. Rebekah says:

    Yay!!! So happy for you! I have heard (but never tried) that you can use fabric softener after you score the wallpaper as well. I’ve never had wallpaper (sooooo thankful about that!!) so I’ve never had to take it down. Good luck!! Enjoy your new home! (I wondered about the hole in your half bath – do you think it could also become a laundry chute? I don’t know where it is located but I thought, yay-a second laundry chute!) Can you post about what you use to get the rust stains out of the toilets?? Hard water stains are the WORST!!!

    • Rebekah, that hole in the half-bath is access to the back of the bathtub. :-) So, there isn’t any room for a chute – shoot. lol
      I tried SEVERAL things to get those stains out….they were so bad a pumice stone wouldn’t cut it (…I was about to give up, but my mom had some Easy Off Toilet Bowl Cleaner that I tried. I squirted it in there and left it for a long time….then I was finally able to brush it with the toilet brush. :-)

  36. Rebekah says:

    Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you guys!!!!

  37. Missable says:

    Love the house and video tour! I was able to watch it on my phone, but I had a giggle when you showed the goose border. On my phone it looked like a bunch of bras in a row!!! Lol that would be where I would start. Wonder if it looked like that to anyone else. Happy remodeling my frugal friend. I have been married to a serial remodeler for 30 years and I can tell you it always takes longer than expected when you do it yourself and pay as you go so be patient with each other and yourself and you too will live happily ever after. I promise.

    • We’re a “pay as you go” kind of couple – and we’ve been that way since the beginning, so we sorta expect it from each other. LOL We just want to be finished with the BIG stuff before the baby gets here. :-) Thanks!!!

  38. It looks wonderful, and I’m sure you’re very excited. I’m a little envious of you paying with cash. And it was so wonderful to get to know you through the video.

    • :-) I should post more videos…I have a few on here from Daytime Tri-Cities, but I haven’t been on there since we moved up here. I hope to post more videos in the future. Thanks Annette!

  39. awesome place!!! I can see why it’s yours by God’s grace – canning jars, pencil sharpener, but you can’t say He doesn’t have a sense of humor – stair bump. If you can’t readjust the stairs, then put some padding on that thing!!

  40. Cynthia says:

    Congrats!!!! Loved the video, especially Barry’s input. I did not read all of your replies, so I may be repeating a question….will you be able to have chickens???? I hope Barry plans on getting a riding mower, otherwise he will become a beanpole if he has to push all that!

    I’m really happy for you guys! The house is great, it has soooo much potential!!! I can see you two making it very cute and homey.

    • Yes, we’re saving for a riding mower. :-) I’m not sure about the chickens. This place is only 3 minutes from the family farm, so if I get chickens they’ll be stored at the farm. 😉

  41. Holy cow! You have a southern accent…I never would have guessed! I have been following you for about a year now and my world is completely flipped upside down. Haha! Congrats on the house…sooo awesome that you could pay cash, be debt free, and get an amazing house such as this. God has blessed you so abundantly! Praise HIM!

    • Yes! Praise Him indeed! :-)
      And I’m sorta surprised….I would have thought my southern style came through my writing. 😉

  42. That’s possibly the cutest video tour ever! The house looks great. “Jesus lives here, woo!” and your hubby introducing he’s the camera guy with an “I get to fix that” just totally cracked me up. God’s blessings on your new home!
    P.S. Love the yard and the bonus canning jars!

    • Thanks Jamie! :-) I just say things as they come to me…and I was actually worried someone might take offense at me saying that. LOL

  43. Oh my goodness, SO excited for you guys! On this side of the internet that seemed so fast (from sale of your townhouse to closing on this house) but I’m sure for you it felt much longer. The house looks perfect for you guys! I mean come on, a canning room!? I know, it’s not Biblical, but I am going to go ahead and covet that just for a minute. There seems to be so much room in that basement. What is the square footage like in this place compared to your townhome? I can’t wait to follow the progress of the renovation over the next year. SO exciting!

    • You know, I’m not sure….there is the main floor, a full basement, and then a full attic – plus the room off the carport and the storage building in the back. I had no idea we’d ever have this much space. I guess I’ll have to have lots of babies. LOL :-) Thanks Janise!

  44. Wow Stacy!! That’s fantastic!! So happy that you were able to pay cash, what a blessing!! And wow…we need to move where to live, lol! A house for under $200,000!!! You can barely buy a crappy fixer upper for $200,000!! lol that is great :)

    • This one is a foreclosure, hence our better deal. :-) Still, at 100%, they say it will be worth $120,000ish. Thanks Jami!

  45. TracyDK says:

    Congrats! That’s so exciting! 😀 I’m jealous of your laundry chute. :( My 3 year old son would make it a point to use it for a jungle gym though.

    • And that’s exactly why I will be getting a child lock on that door. LOL I’ve already had toooooo many thoughts on what it can be used for. Ha! Thanks Tracy!

  46. shirley says:

    Stacy, We bought our house 7 years ago. It is an older home that had awful wallpaper in it too. Please let me recommend painting over the paper. We thought we were making a grear decision taking down the paper.When we starting taking it down we ended up with walls behind that looked awful, so we had to purchase new drywall and redo several walls. We did not take down the paper in our master bedroom, we painted it instead and it looks beter than the other rooms. The walls in the master look more like they go with the house. We ran into more expense than we planned on and wish that we had just painted over all the walls. I hope this helps with your decision, GOOD LUCK, congratulations on your new home.

    • Shirley, we do plan on painting some of it….the parts of the walls that you can see that has the chair rail molding? We’re painting the top of that wallpaper and putting wainscoting on the bottom.
      We DO have to take the paper off in the master bedroom and living room…it’s starting to peel off anyway. :-( BUT, we have found that it’s the only layer and they did prime the drywall.
      Thanks for sharing your tips! Keep them coming! :-)

  47. Rebecca says:

    It looks great! It reminds me of our first house, it must have been built about the same time. (Late 40’s early 50’s?) I had to take down so much wallpaper, too. How exciting not to have a mortgage! I hope when we move again we can do the same thing. We may be living in a rental for awhile but even with doing that we could save to buy a nice house. I would love to do it now, but we have decided to wait until our 3 teenage daughters move. (They will all be in college by fall 2013.) Congratulations!

    • Thanks Rebecca! It’s such a cute, quaint house – which totally fits my personality. :-) It was built in 1965. Good luck on your endeavor! And make sure you keep me posted!

  48. Awww … so happy for you all. :) Congratulations! Looks like Barry’s got his work cut out for him, and you too – lots of elbow grease!

  49. Love your video Stacy! You are hilarious. (WOOO! Jesus lives in this house!) Teehee. ^.^
    Your new house is so wonderful, I’m so excited for you guys! 😀 & I if I wasn’t on the other side of the country I’d totally come help you take down that really “lovely” wallpaper. 😛

  50. Sherrie says:

    Congratulations on your new home and paying in cash!!! Amazing story of answered prayer!!!

  51. Suzanne Christian says:

    Sooo happy for your precious family!! God has heard and answered prayers! LOVE HIS choice of homes for you all. It is beautiful and will be perfect when you get through all the updating! I love all the basement room you’ll have for crafting, canning, laundry… and the chute is something every Mom wants! Fireplaces rock..wood stove to keep warm in the winters.. whooo hooo!! Awesome! You look so good Stacy and love the joy and smile you shared! Hugs to everyone!

    • :-) Thanks Suzanne! I was feeling VERY pregnant that day, so I really appreciate you saying that. As always, love you!!!

  52. Kristine A says:

    Congrats! It’s always so exciting when someone gets a new home….but even more exciting when it’s 100% paid for!! You and Barry are great inspiration. Thanks for the tour. I can’t wait for updates on how the home improvements go.

    • :-) We’re excited about showing our progress as well – right now Barry is just fixing the important stuff and I’m cleaning up spider webs. :-)

  53. So nice to see your new home. It will be perfect! I must agree with others, I was not prepared for your southern accent. Funny, my relatives have thick accents and if I spend any time around them I end up sounding just like them. lol

    • LOL :-) I feel southern and country all the time, so I thought it came through my writing. I guess I’ll have to try harder. 😉

  54. Your new home has so much potential. You got such a great deal, and that yard, oh my!

    • I’m still in a state of semi-shock. :-) It doesn’t seem like ours…I asked Barry “When do you think this will feel like my toilet?” LOL

  55. You are a doll!

  56. Christina says:

    It’s cute! I can’t wait to see it as you work on it! What things are you planning on having done before you move in next month?

    • Well, the wiring has to be replaced – the guy comes to start on that this weekend. Barry had to fix a lot of the plumbing – it was leaking into the basement. My wash tubs in the basement also leak. There are spider webs EVERYWHERE….it’s just basically dirty from 2 years of non-use. We have to take down all the wallpaper and paint. And the outside needs some weeding and pressure washing. :-)
      Also, the heat pump does not work (but I’m used to not having that)…that will take a while to save for though – we were given an estimate of $5,000-10,000.

  57. Ha! I didn’t get to watch the video yet! The kids were asleep and I didn’t want to wake them up with the sound. I’ll do that later today, though. :-)

  58. How exciting to see God work it out for you! Praise the Lord!

  59. I am so happy for you! And debt free…congratulations! I am a southern girl too but I never guessed you were…. I look forward to reading more as you get settled.

  60. So excited for you and Barry. Looking forward to seeing your process of your remodel. I haven’t heard you say what Annie thinks of her new room.

  61. How exciting!! I love the kitchen!!

  62. Wow, LOVE THE MASON JARS! Lucky you! Totally worth the icky toilets 😀

  63. What a wonderful house with so much potential. The kitchen is my favorite part!

  64. Katjo Daniels says:

    Congratulations Stacy and family!

    I teared up just watching the video as with so many features just fit your family and new lifestyle!

    Our heavenly Father is SO AWESOME!

    May all that you need to fulfill the potential of that home rain down on you!

  65. hmmm – separate bedrooms for the kids?
    House looks great, love the jar storage. And the pencil sharpener. Congrats!

    • Separate rooms because we didn’t know we’d have a house with three bedrooms. 😉 Quit your guessing. LOL

  66. Christy says:

    Wow. What a neat house!! Congratulations. :) And I loved the video.. especially Barry’s hand gestures and him playing with the pencil sharpener! :)

  67. Very nice house, you’re lucky it doesn’t appear that it needs a lot of work before you can move into it.
    Your master bedroom looks a lot like mine, two closets and only a half bath. We took out one closet and extended the bathroom to add a shower to it, we only lost a few feet of space in our bedroom. With one teenager and two preteens we really needed another shower more than we needed two closets in our bedroom.
    Congrats on buying such a great house and not going into debt to do it.

    • The longer we’re there working, the more we find to do. LOL :-) It was SO dirty from lack of use…but we’re really going to enjoy it I think. :-) Thanks Shelly!

  68. Beccy Glass says:

    Congrats on your new paid for home! So many folks wait 30 years for that paid off house! My favorite part of the video was feeling like we have now met and are already friends. You are welcome in my home anytime!

    God is good all the time!


  69. JUST FANTASTIC to hear about this new house!!!! So excited for your family – I will be watching for those updates. Barry with the pencil sharpener – he cracks me up *squeak squeak squeeeeeeeak*. Wallpaper can be a hassle to take down but hopefully it was a good quality paper that was put up properly – that always makes it easier to remove (I will keep positive thoughts on that part for you).
    Ohhhh a new kitchen to break in! Just lovely news…

  70. Congratulations!!!! We too bought a foreclosure with cash but as a rental. Ours also did not look as nice as yours (first thing we did was side it, since it had peeling paint) Yours looks like a good and solid home.

  71. Congratulations to you!!!! I’m still waiting for the video to load but hopefully it will before the night’s over. I love looking at houses. :) Thank you for linking up with us.

  72. Yay im very excited for u all,we have been looking to buy a home as well but we are haven trouble finding a home in the area and price range we need….congrates.i kno u will have wonderful memeries in ur new home.

    • I’ll tell you what everyone told me when I thought we’d never find one…be patient. The right one will come along in the right price range. And it DID. Pray as hard as you can and God will send the right one. :-)
      And if you’re like me, you hate hearing that as much as I did. lol I’m always in a hurry.

      • lisa s. says:

        Yes ,i was kinda in a hurry wanting right now lol but ive been thinking of how to cut back on how much we spend in hopes to put more and more money back and hopen we have enough saved up in 5 years that we can pay cash like u guys did.But i believe my brain is goen to fall out trying to go through and get the budget right lol so if u find a brain laying around its mine ha ha

  73. Wow! I’m impressed, not only with the fact you paid 100% down but also that you were even able to find a house that cheap! You can’t get a condo for that price around here!

  74. Wow, good job on the house and being debt free. Im envious of the area you live in for such a beautiful large piece of land for such a great price. We just bought our 2nd home home near Vancouver,BC and it was $640,000 and needs huge renovations. Our lot is only 6600 sq ft. I want to be your neighbor! We are debt free other than our mortgage.

  75. Mrs. Jamie Garcia says:

    Gorgeous! We’re headed your way financially and physically (God willing)!

    Just think if you could open that living room up to the kitchen, wow-wee!

    have fun!

    • Ha! I asked. :-) It’s a load bearing wall. Bummer.

      • Mrs. Jamie Garcia says:

        Check into load bearing beams that will span the entire distance. My husband once did a job opening an outside wall into a breezeway to increase living space and used an engineered or steel beam to span a large distance in an outside load bearing wall. At the very least you can open a hole into it and put a counter with stools right 😉
        Congrats on being a debt free home owner!

        • :-) I’ll just leave this wall as is – I’ve given him too many other projects. LOL Poor man. I’ll have my HUGE kitchen/Family Room when we build. :-)

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