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A Food For Togetherness – German Pancake

A Food For Togetherness – German Pancake

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Brandy’s guest post for February…and as usual, I know you’ll enjoy it. :-)

Sometime before last Christmas, I read about making a Dutch baby, or German Pancake. While the name did not appeal to me (who wants to eat a baby?), the idea of a giant pancake did, so I made one. It was a great hit with my family and a way for me to use up eggs before we went out of town. 

We’ve made it several times since then. It is a simple dish that is easily made by both parents and children, a great activity to ease into the morning after a long Winter night. Since it’s eaten by tearing pieces from one big pancake, it encourages sharing from start to finish. 

*Recipe credit to Angry Chicken.

Brandy spends her days watching the skies and tending her children on her little homestead in town.  She lists “sticking it to the man” as one of her favorite hobbies and is not above putting a frozen pizza in the oven when the day calls for it.  Together, her family hikes, creates, learns and grows.  She shares her journey at Young in the Mountains.

German Pancake. Since it’s eaten by tearing pieces from one big pancake, it encourages sharing from start to finish.

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  1. I LOVE German Pancakes! One of my favorite breakfasts!

  2. Mmmm this sounds YUM!

  3. We love these as well. Plus they are so simple to make that my 9yo often makes it for us.

  4. The name “Dutch baby” makes me laugh…and no< I don't want to eat a baby…BUT this pancake is really, really good, especially with lemon juice and powdered sugar on top :) :) Thanks for the recipe :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. We call this a Hooligan pancake! Actually, my kids call it Grammy Susan’s Hooligans because it’s what their Grammy (actually my sister’s MIL) serves them when they go over there. We serve it with honey and cinnamon. Sometimes, we’ll cut up a couple of pears and make a kind of pear syrup to put on top. SO yummy!

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