Save Those Newspapers!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Newspapers are good for more than letting your doggie pee on them. You can use them for tons of things! I’m going to cover a few today. After that, your mind will come alive with things you can use them for. I am here to save you a little cash, so hopefully some of these tips will keep you from having to buy a few things here and there. You’ll be excited to get your Sunday paper for more reasons that just to get coupons…..although that is by far the best reason to get excited! Holiday weekends leave me bummed because there are no inserts, but at least I can use the paper for something else.

The winter is icky. I am not a winter person. I hate being cold….when I am cold, my body shuts down and I just shiver and whine.  I also hate winter because it’s so dirty. All it takes is one pass of the salt truck and you can kiss your clean car goodbye. You have to stomp around in the icy slush and the inside of your car gets super gross. If you line your floorboards with newspapers, it will soak up all the wetness and the salt residue. Then, when they get gross you can just throw them out! It beats having to wash your floor mats.Continue reading

How Cloth Diapering Can Save You $$$

How Cloth Diapering Can Save You $$$

Guest Post by Erin of The Humbled Homemaker

Part of this post is an excerpt from the eBook, Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert: A Simple, Comprehensive Guide to Using Cloth Diapers. Stacy Makes Cents readers can save 20% on the book this week only (through 11/18/13) by using coupon code: CLOTHSAVESMONEY.

It’s not hard to see how cloth diapering can save you money. The question is: Will you get passed the cloth diapering myths and let cloth diapering open up more room in your overall budget?!

When I was expecting our second baby and it was obviously that our firstborn was not going to be easy to potty train, I started to fret about how in the world we would be able to afford disposable diapers for two.

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Roam Free – But Stay Inside Your Fence


Where I live, we have a lot of small livestock farms.  There are a lot of cows on those farms and having spent a little time around those cows, I’ve learned they can teach us a very valuable lesson about money and money behavior – live inside your fence.  Next time you’re near a farm, take a moment to consider what I’m about to share – it could just change the way you handle money from now on.

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RSVP….No Really, DO IT

Image by sksquared

Most people don’t know what RSVP means. So, I thought I would do a quick tutorial for you all. RSVP stands for “répondez, s’il vous plait.” I don’t know French either – it means “please reply.” Even though you might not have known what it stood for, almost everyone over the age of 3 knows what it means you’re supposed to do. It means you’re supposed to REPLY PLEASE. Is it really that hard to understand?

I realize that I might be a tad bit bitter from all the events I’ve tried to plan in which no one RSVP’d. Since no one does it anymore, I have to assume that no one knows what it means. So, I’m going to tell you today and you can pass it along to all of those people you know who never RSVP. And you know it’s driving you nuts too.Continue reading

Freezer Cooking

As I’m sure you know, Freezer Cooking is not new. It’s been around as long as…………freezers. I talked a little about freezer meals in this post about Meal Planning, but I wanted to expand a little on the Freezer Cooking part. Basically, Freezer Cooking is taking one or two days and cooking all day long. All. Day. Long. The general idea is to give yourself meals for a month so that you don’t have to cook a meal each day. It’s a great idea for moms who work outside the home, or moms who are busy taxiing their kids all over creation (can I get a witness?!). The time that you invest may seem like a lot at first, but in the long run you’re going to save a huge amount of time……and lots of cash. If you’re the type of person to come home and order takeout or run to Applebee’s because you’re too tired to cook, then this might be a good alternative for you. Your pocketbook will thank you.

If you decide to try Freezer Cooking, you need to first consider how you’re going to freeze things. I love freezing things in Ziploc bags. They work great for soups and sauces (spaghetti sauce is a great freezer meal!). When you fill your bag with food, you’ll get all the air out. Zip it up and lay it flat on a cookie sheet. Stick the cookie sheet in the freezer, and when it’s frozen you can get your sheet back. Now you have flat Ziploc bags that stack quite nicely in your freezer. If you’re thinking about assembling a casserole, first line the dish with foil and then put the food in there. When it’s ready, sock it in the freezer and let it get firm. Once firm, pull the foil out and you have your casserole dish back! You can fold the foil over, stick the casserole in a bag and you’re done (used bread bags work great depending on casserole size!). When it’s time to cook, your meal will easily fit back into the dish and be ready to bake. Glad makes tons of different containers that work great for freezing (see left). Sometimes lunch meat comes in those containers and I save them for using in the freezer. Yay! Technically I paid for the food, so the container is just a plus…..the same goes for Cool Whip. Please don’t throw those bowls away! They work wonderfully for freezing stuff in and they stack really well. You can stack them really high! But if they get too high, then you might have issues……like them falling on you when you open the freezer door – or at least I hear that happens to some people. *Cough*Continue reading