What is Kefir?

I’m sure most of you are like “huh?” You’ve never heard of kefir…..and I hadn’t either, until two of my friends told me about it. They were both using it and hailed the benefits of it. I shook it off myself, thinking, “nah, this is not for me.” I was wrong!  I was sick a little last year, and I had to take antibiotics. If you know anything about antibiotics, you know that they are hard on your stomach. I had problems with them, and my friend told me that I needed to eat lots of probiotics – she was right. Once I upped my probiotics, I got better fast. Now I’m making kefir every day…….do I have your attention now?What is kefir? Basically, it’s fermented milk. That sounds pretty nasty, right? When I was told what it was, my first thought was “Ew!” Kefir tastes somewhat like buttermilk. It can be used as a substitute for buttermilk, plain yogurt, or sour cream.  It’s chocked full of probiotics – it’s really, really good for you. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, and it is very easy to digest since it’s already partially broken down. It will keep yeast infections at bay…..sorry guys. Pretend you didn’t hear that. Some people who are lactose intolerant are able to drink kefir without a problem. There are TONS and TONS of health benefits. Go here to Dom’s Kefir Site to read them all. You can buy kefir at the store, usually in the health food section, or you can make your own. I am making my own, so let me show you how. It is very cheap to make once you get started.Continue reading

Keeping a Simple Home with Children (Yes, you can!)

Brandy is my hero. Every time I go to her house, I want to be more like her. I love her simple life…and her house always looks so nice and welcoming. I want to be like Brandy when I grow up. I think you’re really going to enjoy her post today….

When I was younger, my bedroom was such a quagmire, I had piles and paths instead of a clear floor for walking and play.  Now, I can tidy up my whole house for company in five minutes (and I have two children three and under!).  Somewhere in the middle of this happy story was years of work, hours spent packing stuff into bags for Goodwill and yard sales, contemplation over clothes and books and toys.  Was it worth it?  YES!

I think it’s a common assumption that if you have small children your house must be overrun with tiny socks and loads of toys.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The lessons I learned from a cluttered 19 years have carried over into my own home and I see that childhood (and parenthood!) can be experienced without piles and paths.  In this post, I’ll write a little about the how-to’s of toy decluttering and setting up a toy library, of which mama is the librarian.Continue reading


I have photophobia. No, it’s not a fear of having my picture taken. Ok, so I don’t like that either but this is much more serious. Very, very serious. I have a fear of losing all the digital photos that I’ve taken of Annie. I know they’re on Barry’s computer, and on the World Wide Web (Thank you Al Gore). They should be safe, right? Well, in the words of Dave Ramsey “That’s just not good enough.” I don’t trust Al Gore with Annie’s pictures. I don’t trust Barry’s computer either. Computers are mean. They’ll turn on you like a rabid dog.Continue reading

Babywearing in a Woven Wrap

Babywearing in a Woven Wrap

I must admit I was quite excited when Stacy told me she had a woven wrap for me to review.  I had heard of Dolcino, but hadn’t seen one.  That’s one of the things about woven wraps – they’re not often things you can go to a brick and mortar store and pick one off the shelf.  I’m used to mail order, though.  Finding wraps in a store is much more common in Europe, where babywearing is more of the norm, but they’re generally pretty expensive.

A woven wrap is long piece of fabric made specifically for babywearing.  They vary in length, anywhere from 2.7 meters to 5.7 meters (quite long!).  They’re used to wrap around your baby and yourself so you can carry your child as you go about your day.  They’re likely to be the most challenging carrier you can use, but also the most versatile.  They are one size fits all and can be used on the front, back or hip.  There’s a perfect carry for the age and temperament of your baby (such as ones who like to lean out of a carrier).Continue reading

Dryer Sheets

So, we’ve talked about how to save money with our fabric softener, and also how to make homemade laundry detergent.Now, let’s talk about dryer sheets. I’m always looking for a  good deal, you know that. I can’t recall any time that I got dryer sheets for very cheap. That makes it a non-necessity for me. Yes, I use them occasionally but not every time. Even when I do use them, I will use the same sheet two or three times. So, I knew there was probably a way for me to make my own….or at least make a cheaper version. Ta da! There is! So, let’s get together and save more money in the laundry room.

We used this already to make cheaper fabric softener…..so now we’re going to use our Downy again to make fabric softener. We’ll kill two birds with one potato. This bottle is just an old perfume sprayer that I had kept for some reason. I knew I would have a use for it eventually. It’s like I can see the future or something. You can use any type of spray bottle that you might have handy – or that you might find at the Dollar Tree. Do you know how much they’re charging for things there?Continue reading