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20 Delicious, Whole Food Meals To Feed A Crowd

20 Delicious, Whole Food Meals To Feed A Crowd

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I had way too much fun compiling this post. Also, I got way too hungry. Does anyone else need a snack while they’re browsing Pinterest? Anyone?

And somehow, foods for a crowd sound especially delicious. But I’ll tell you one thing. Hosting a large group of people may be fun, but it is not easy!

I mean, I’m great at cooking, and I’m great at being friendly. But being friendly while I’m cooking. Oh, man. My brain is just not big enough for those two tasks at the same time.

That’s why these meals (in addition to being super-yummy, and whole-foods) require most of the work to be done earlier in the day, so you can focus on your guests. No one wants to make small talk while whisking a demi-glace reduction for a dozen people, do they?

Hope you enjoy this list for twenty delicious, whole-foods meals to serve a crowd! Here they are:

Homemade Pizza

SMC white chili

What’s your favorite “whole-foods” meal to serve a crowd?

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Having people over for dinner? Here's the list you've been looking for! 20 crowd-pleasing Whole Food Meals! Real-food, delicious ideas PERFECT for company and parties. A must-pin!

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  1. Thank you so much for this list! I have had company over twice since I started THM, and was pulling my hair out trying to think of what food I could feed us all without having to make separate food for me.:o) I appreciate all your great ideas!

    • Jessica Smartt says:

      Hi Penny,
      Not all of these are THM! I’m a contributing writer here, and I don’t eat THM…although so many of the recipes sound amazing! Stacy would be the one to ask as far as compatibility for this diet! Hope some of them work for you and your guests!

  2. Jamie Garcia says:
  3. My Malaysian curry,, is probably my favorite go-to when we’re having company. I like that I can control the spiciness so that people who don’t like spicy food can experience a cuisine that is normally quite spicy.

  4. Marianne Kay says:

    This is a yummy looking list!

    And my husband can fix anything too :)

  5. How did you know I needed the inspiration today?! We shared with our FB readers at

  6. Rosevine Cottege says:

    Wow!! Thank you so much for these recipes, what wonderful meal ideas. We are here from New Life on a Homestead’s blog linky party. We really enjoyed your blog! We are sisters and we blog over at and We are currently having a link up and want to invite you to come over and link up some of your posts. We will follow your blog and look for you on FB

  7. Rosevine Cottege says:

    We tried to follow you buy email but keep getting a Mad message and error. ;(

  8. thecreativeprincess says:

    Absolutely LOVE these ideas! I feel like I am constantly feeding an army! lol Thanks for linking this up at this weeks Make Bake Create Party!

  9. Amber EasyGreenMom says:

    Great list! I like to serve mac n cheese or Chili for big crowds!

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