Five Minutes on New Year’s Resolutions

Five Minutes on New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are stupid.  I could stop right there and you’d know how we feel about this topic, but you’d miss the point of today’s post.  The reason New Year’s Resolutions are dumb is because they don’t work.  How do I know this?  Well, just about every news story from December 28th – January 2nd or so will have something to do with how to keep New Year’s Resolutions and the rest of the stories in that time frame will be about how no one actually keeps them.

Now that I’ve unashamedly bashed New Year’s Resolutions, let’s talk about resolutions that actually DO work.  Continue reading

Kitchen Tip Tuesday (2/28/12)

Today I’m tickled pink to be hosting Kitchen Tip Tuesday for Tammy’s Recipes. Kitchen Tip Tuesday is a weekly link up where you can share links from you blog with kitchen tips that you’re applying in your own kitchen.  At the end of this post you’ll be able to link up posts from you own blog so we can all visit and get some fabulous tips!Continue reading

An Introvert and a Baby Go to a Conference

My baby’s first hotel trip

I know the title sounds like the beginning of a joke…but I don’t have a witty line to follow it with…except, if an introvert takes a baby to a conference, she might be losing her mind.

A week and a half ago, I packed Andy and myself up and we hit the road to Pennsylvania to attend the Allume Women’s Blogging Conference. I got to ride with Creating Naturally and The Humbled Homemaker and it’s a good thing too, or otherwise I wouldn’t have left the house.

See, I didn’t want to go. I like being at home…I don’t go ANYWHERE without Barry. Okay, so I go to the grocery and the bathroom, but I don’t go on trips without Barry. Why? Well, because I’m an introvert and he’s not – so I can hide behind him and feel safe. Also, he’s just good at traveling and I’m not – I’m secure with him. I felt like I was traveling naked to this place…and I am not a nudist.Continue reading

Crock Pot Applesauce Cake

I’ve finally started delving into the world of sweets in our Whole Foods journey …and boy is it fun! Barry is relieved. I think he thought I’d never make another dessert. Now I’ve got dessert ideas churning around in my head all day long. It’s a happy place to be. Applesauce Cake has always been a favorite of mine. I like the strong cinnamon flavor and I love how it pairs so well with vanilla ice cream. Seriously – what doesn’t pair well with vanilla ice cream? I tried this version in the crock pot because I thought it would help for the holidays since it would free up your oven for doing other various things – like baking turkeys or ham. It turned out great! Let’s crock.Continue reading

Grinding Flour In Our Nutrimill

Meet my new kitchen “tool.” Hi Nutrimill! I say “tool” loosely because it’s currently still a toy – I like playing with it. I get giddy……I wake up early and I get giddy with excitement over a mill – I think I was born after my time. So, I thought all of you should get acquainted with our new family member since you already know everyone else. The Nutrimill grinds grain into flour. Remember I said we were making all our own bread products now? This is just the next step in Healthy Eating for us. I did tons of research before I bought this baby. I read everything I could find and I picked my friend Stephanie’s mind. I’m sure that she’s wishing Stacy would just go away. I’m like a boomerang that keeps coming back. We decided on the Nutrimill instead of the other various mills on the market because it was supposed to be the quietest, have the biggest storage container, and you can turn it off while it’s grinding (unlike some of the other models).  By now you know that only crazy things happen when I’m trying to cook, so I needed that option – Dottie will throw up or Annie will “clean” the toilet. Continue reading